For those who have a keen interest in financial freedom through real estate, the name Pete Schnepp is synonymous with success. Based in Phoenix, AZ, Pete is a veteran real estate entrepreneur, marking his footprint in the industry since 2007. This full-time businessman wears many hats, including running a painting, roofing and pest control business. Yet, his prime passion remains tied to real estate, where he has undoubtedly proved his mettle. 

”Time-In” Not Timing Real Estate With Anthony Therrien-Bernard

Welcome to a new episode of our podcast, hosted by none other than Dave Debeau. We have an exciting episode in store for you today because our special guest is an asset to the world of real estate, someone who has revolutionized and shed new light on this industry. Ladies and gentlemen, let us extend a warm welcome to Anthony Therrien-Bernard. 

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”I Identify As A Real Estate Investor” With Olivia Greenberg

Welcome to another informative episode of our podcast with your trusted host, Dave Debeau. Today, we are privileged to host an exceptional guest, Olivia Greenberg, a respected personality in the world of real estate investment. Olivia is a real estate investor here to share some priceless insights from her wealth of experience. 

”Love-Money” - Investing And Family With Charmie Galang

Stepping into the investing world can feel like embarking on a thrilling yet daunting expedition filled with oscillating degrees of risk, excitement, and occasional frustration. Add family matters to that mix, and you have a labyrinth full of complexities. Having explored this, the relationship between love, money, and family can be intricate but not impossible to untangle. 

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