5 Bathroom Renovations You Can Make to Build a Better Bathroom 

When you are getting ready to renovate your home or update an investment property, it can be easy to overlook bathroom renovations. Bathrooms are rarely the most exciting or appealing room in a home. However, they are one of the most consistently utilized rooms, meaning you should be considering them a top priority when planning your bathroom renovations. 

So, now that you have decided to prioritize the bathroom renovations, you need to determine which updates and repairs will give you the most mileage and increase the value of your home in a cost-effective way. This means you will need to weigh and consider both form and function to create a bathroom that is both aesthetically pleasing, and easy to use. 

So, to help you get your bathroom renovations started here are five key improvements you can make to spruce up your bathrooms. But first, if you want to learn how to finance your bathroom renovations by using the equity you already have built in the home, click the link below to book a free strategy call with our team at LendCity.

Brighten Up the Space 

One of the quickest ways to make any room feel warm and welcoming is to update the lighting. Not only can you trade your old light bulbs for newer, brighter alternatives, but you can also opt for bulbs that are more energy efficient, which allows you to save money on electricity while also increasing the value of your home. While these lights may be more expensive than your traditional cheap lightbulb, they last longer meaning you will save even more money overall by not having to worry about replacing your bulbs as frequently. 

Furthermore, you can also replace the light fixtures in your bathroom for ones that allow the shine from your lights to fill more of the room. If you are really feeling creative, you can even purchase more stylish fixtures to give the space a personal charm and character. 

For a more expensive way to achieve a brighter washroom, you can also redo the windows and replace them with larger ones that allow more light to enter the room. However, if you are doing this just make sure that you factor privacy into the updates. You do not want to make people feel vulnerable by adding large open windows during your bathroom renovations.. 

Add a Fresh Coat of Paint 

Yet another classic improvement that can make any room feel brand new is a fresh coat of paint. Over time the paint on your wall tends to fade and become less vibrant, making the walls appeal dull and dirty. As well, sometimes previous property owners may have gotten carried away with their choice in paint colours and selected something that is over-saturated and jarring to look at for their wall colours. By redoing the paint you create the opportunity to make the bathroom feel complete, while also establishing a colour palette for the room that you can follow when completing other improvements. 

It can also be increasingly important that you repaint the room if your previous tenants or past property owners smoked inside of the unit. This is because the residue left behind on surfaces from cigarette smoke can result in health concerns and complications after a prolonged period. So, by thoroughly cleaning and repainting the walls, you are eliminating the potential health risks due to the house previously being lived in by smokers. 

Finally, make sure you remove any cabinets or wall features you can from the walls while you are painting to get a cleaner overall finish. 

Experiment with New Tiles and Backsplash 

Another under-appreciated way to increase the value and appeal of your bathrooms is laying a set of new tiles or applying a new backsplash to the walls. Regarding tiles, not only will you have a nice, clean new floor but you can also opt for non-slip tiles to increase the overall safety of the washroom at the same time. These tiles can be coloured or detailed if it ties into the overall theme of your bathroom. Similarly, a tile backsplash can be used to add some colour behind your sink or tie the colour of your walls down into your bathroom appliances. 

However, when it comes to backsplash, it may not always be necessary to include it in your bathrooms. Afterall, the role of backsplash is to add an extra layer of protection between your walls and your sink to prevent mold, mildew and rotting because of water damage. That means if you have a pedestal sink you will not need to apply a backsplash as your sink does not rest against the wall. 

Update Old Cabinetry and Hardware 

If your washroom is full of old cabinets and hardware, it can potentially make the room feel old and worn down. Sometimes, you can use finishing kits or fresh paint to restore these elements and make the room feel new again, but this is not always the case. So, do not be afraid to replace your old cabinets to improve the overall look and feel of the room. 

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Replace or Restore Key Features During Bathroom Renovations

Lastly, it is important you consider your key bathroom features when completing your bathroom renovations. That is you sink, toilet, bathtub and/or shower. These features should be well maintained and operational at all times. If you cannot restore or repair one of these features, do not hesitate to replace it. As well, if you are replacing them, take the time to consider new ones that are more water efficient. That way you can save money on your water bill while raising the value of your home through these bathroom renovations. 

Overall, updating a bathroom can be an incredibly valuable way to improve the overall quality of your home and increase the value of the house. However, much like other major bathroom renovations, some of these areas of improvement can come with a hefty price tag. So, if you are buying a home that needs improvements, it may be worth your time to consider seeking a purchase plus improvements mortgage to receive some of the money needed to complete the work as a part of your typical mortgage. 

To learn more about how you can finance your home purchases and improvements, call us at LendCity. We can be reached at 519-960-0370 or found online at LendCity.ca. Contact us and a member of our team will gladly help you assess your options to assist you in receiving the funding you need. Alternatively, click the link below to book a free strategy call to learn how you can use your home equity to finance your bathroom renovations.

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