5 Best Real Estate Groups for Smart Investors

While the goal of real estate investors is typically to build their personal net worth and increase their wealth, the truth is that no one can become successful in this industry on their own. That is why real estate groups exist.

While it is possible to go out and search for real estate professionals, leads, and partners on your own, why would you ever want to take the time to painstakingly hunt for these resources when they are all together in the same place for you?

The Benefit of Real Estate Groups for Investors

There are plenty of incredible tools, resources and connections that can help you with real estate investing in real estate groups.

From realtors, mortgage brokers and contractors willing to offer you advice on your investments, to inspiring ideas and stories that can motivate you to continue investing in real estate in new and creative ways, the benefits are countless.

1 - LendCity Real Estate Investors Hub

As one of the latest real estate groups to hit the scene - the LendCity Real Estate Investors Hub was built to stand as one of the pillars of modern real estate connections.

This hub is already home a a variety of free courses to teach you some of the most important skills you need in order to invest in the Canadian real estate market successfully.

On top of that, the hub is home to a series of seminars to teach you about the world of investing. The hub's inaugural seminar "So, You Want to Be An Investor, Eh?" is current scheduled for Tuesday, June 6 at 7PM Eastern.

If you are interested in joining this group at no charge, you can register by clicking the link here. You can also join the sister "Home Owners Hub" here.

As well, the hub will soon become the home for an exclusive investing course that will help you achieve long-lasting success in as little as 6 weeks. If you want to stay in the loop for that, join the hub or click the link below for a strategy call to stay connected with our community.

2- REIN Canada

One of the long-standing pillars of Canada's real estate market and one of its most well known real estate groups, REIN Canada provides a network of information and seasoned professionals who are primed to teach you about the unique and dynamic world of real estate in Canada.

Ever since 1992, they have been providing articles, seminars and learning opportunities for those looking to dive into the market, or take their investments in a new and profitable direction.

The site also can help you connect with additional professionals who can aide you in your real estate journey such as legal professionals, accountants and more.

3- Rock Star Inner Circle

Located in Ontario's Golden Horseshoe, Rock Star Inner Circle built its reputation early as one of the fastest growing real estate groups in the country.

Their are known for providing realistic and practical information for their members to allow them the ability to make smart investments by assessing the risk and rewards of each potential investment option.

In addition to their stockpile of resources, they also offer excellent training programs for their members to learn and grow as a real estate professional.

4- Keyspire

Keyspire has one of the strongest focuses on transitions through real estate when compared to other real estate groups.

They have a vast system of information to help those looking to invest in property flipping, selling homes, or acquiring and launching new rental properties into the market.

They also offer great information to help renters who are moving on to homeownership and the steps required in making that personal investment.


Finally, another one of Canada's real estate groups that has stood the test of time and the trials of the market is the REINVESTORS.

Like other real estate groups, REINVESTORS teaches its members and community how to invest and navigate the market, but unlike many other real estate groups, they also put community as one of their key priorities and pillars.

So, on top of building wealth, this group highlights how that wealth can be used to give back and grow your local community in a meaningful way that not only supports your investments, but the people around you as well.

Other Networking Options For Canadian Real Estate Investors

Another popular option for real estate investors who want to network and build connections with other professionals in the industry is Facebook real estate groups. These are slowly falling out of favor over time, but for the ones that are still active, they are great community hubs to socialize and connect with other professionals.

If you are looking for a real estate investment tool that will help you learn and grow as an investor, we encourage you to leverage us here at the Canadian Real Estate Network. Our articles here are free for you to read and study in order to become a greater investor and explore new and exciting opportunities to build wealth through our favorite investment industry.

If you would like to learn more about real estate investment groups that you can join in order to become properly connected in the market, we want to help you. All you need to do in order to tap into our network of information and resources is click the link below for a free strategy call with our team.

From there, we can guide you into the best option for you and your investment goals today.

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