7 Great Real Estate Apps for Every Real Estate Investor

Real estate is a high-tech world. Today's investors stay ahead of the curve by putting technology to work for them. Every real estate investor has a portfolio of trusted apps, just as they have their portfolio of properties. Here are 7 real estate apps every investor can and should explore.

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Real Estate Apps investors use for buying real estate

If you're looking to buy, there are a few excellent real estate apps for that here in Canada. Both Realtor.ca and Homicity are well known for the wealth of information they provide to investors. Both applications can also be helpful if you're selling a property, but we're going to focus on their helpfulness in the buying process.


If you're looking for property in Canada, Realtor.ca is the place to start. You can search by max price, location, property type and more. Using Realtor.ca, you can easily find properties that fit your criteria, locally or nationwide. You can find a realtor in any market you're interested in. And when you sell, you can use realtor.ca to connect with buyers.


Homicity is a real estate platform built to connect sellers and buyers. Homicity listings are extremely informative and usually have a large number of photographs. You can even compare properties to similar listings to get a good feel for the overall market. As with Realtor.ca, you can search for property according to several criteria to find exactly what you're looking for.

Real Estate Apps for selling and renting real estate

In some ways, buying the right property is the easy part. Keeping your properties rented, or selling your properties at a favourable price, is the part that takes work. The following real estate apps can help you connect with renters and buyers.


Matterport is software that allows you to create 3D digital tours of your properties. Potential tenants love using Matterport, as they can spend time in the property without anyone looking over their shoulders. And whatever tenants love, you should love. When landlords use Matterport, they often find potential tenants are much more ready to sign. They don't need a hard sale. Another great benefit of Matterport is that you can create properties tour on it's best day. Then, you will always have that ideal image to show tenants. So, even if they visit on a rainy day when there is no natural light, they'll understand the place's potential.


Zurple is a lead and customer relationship manager for real estate investors. Zurple is constantly catching leads, finding people in the market to buy or rent. Zurple then organizes the leads for you and helps you efficiently manage the process of turning these leads into sales and leases. When you're in any sales-oriented field, your lead manager is your best friend. It lets you keep track of what stage of the buying process your leads are in, how serious they are, and so on. If you don't keep track of this stuff, you're just flying blind!


Realeflow is a robust suite of power tools for real estate investors. With Realeflow you can manage every aspect of your real estate business. Realeflow has tools to help you analyze real estate deals, both purchases and sales. It also has a built-in lead manager. You can use it to easily manage direct-mail marketing campaigns, build websites for your listings, and match customers with ideal properties. If you're a serious real estate investor, Realeflow can make you better at doing everything you already do.

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An app for closing real estate deals


The value of Docusign cannot be overstated. For many real estate investors, Docusign is our go-to app to simplify the process of signing contracts. When you sell a property, as you know, the paperwork involved is monumental. Docusign significantly streamlines the process, meaning fewer headaches on all sides. If you're a landlord Docusign gives you the peace of mind that all documents are filled out correctly, safely stored and backed up. If you ever need to consult the lease, you can do so with ease.

An app for applying for your mortgage

LendCity Mortgages

For full disclosure, we own LendCity Mortgages. However, as we specialize in working with investors and the fact that we have a streamlined online application process we thought the inclusion was necessary. With our app, you can quickly apply online to get the fastest response and access our lowest rates.

Build your app portfolio

When it comes to real estate investment, your savviness, work ethic and sales acumen have a huge effect on your bottom line. This is part of what makes real estate investing so exciting. It's a genuine engine of wealth-building that rewards hard work. This makes it uniquely suited for people with a blue-collar mentality. If you bring the grit and the smarts, real estate apps will help make your life as a real estate investor a little easier.

Do you have any real estate apps you swear by? Share them with us and help other investors get a better handle on the investing process - From buying and selling, to renting and rehabbing, to researching and prospecting! To share your favourite real estate apps today, click the link below for a free strategy call today.

7 Must Haves Apps for Every Real Estate Investor, With Scott Dillingham