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Advertise with Canadian Real Estate Network
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According to a BDC study in 2019, the average small business spends roughly $30,000 per year in advertising expenses. 

The bulk of these advertising expenses are non-perpetual, meaning when the advertiser stops paying, the adds, billboards, bus benches etc stop.

Advertisers are finding themselves more and more questioning what works and what doesn't.

Pedestal Search found that one of the most effective types of advertising with a 14.6% conversion rate is Inbound Marketing. Compare that to Outbound Marketing closing rates of 1.7%.

What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound Marketing is an advertising technique to reel in customers via content marketing, social media and search engine optimization.

Does Inbound Marketing Work?

81% of people search online for a product or service.

The #1 organic search result on google gets 33% of the traffic.

85% of internet browsers skip results if they are not display in Googles top 10 results.

Inbound sales are so effective because people are ready to take action as they are actively searching online for their next step. 

We help them find you.

When you consider the facts outlined on this page, you can clearly see being visible in googles search results will naturally generate more business for you.

How can Canadian Real Estate Network help?

We have been creating content for years, and have hundreds of articles online and more added almost daily.

We have specialized in optimizing for SEO.

With that being said, we can help you by writing articles about you and your real estate niche and location. Whether your a Solicitor, Insurance Agent etc, we can create content that will help you to show up in the search results.

Or, we can add you to our already high ranking articles based on specific locations.

In fact, try these few examples.

Search Google for;

  • Real Estate Investing Windsor
  • Real Estate Investing Sarnia
  • Real Estate Investing St Catharines
  • Etc

You will see we show up #1, or close to for every search.

We are adding new cities monthly.

The best part of advertising with us, is you only pay once.

Here is how it works;

Advertise with Canadian Real Estate Network

How to get started?

Step one is to speak to contact us. We will create a strategy based on a location for you and help to create more inbound sales for you.

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