25-Year Vs 30-Year Amortization

Today we’re going to be talking about the difference between a 25-year and 30-year amortization for investors and homeowners.

Which amortization schedule you should use really depends on your individual goals.

What you need to do is find out which one is best.

So if you’re an investor and you’re really focused on building your cash flow, you are going to be better off with a 30 year amortization because it has a lower monthly payment, which equals better cash flow.

However, if you’re really concerned with the interest rate, the best way to get the best interest rate is to get the 25 year amortization for your mortgage.

25 year amortizations are common amongst homeowners who plan to stay in their home’s for an extended period and just want to build equity.

So it really depends on your personal goals.

Talk to a Mortgage Professional

If you are not entirely sure which amortization schedule you should go for and what your amortization means for your mortgage, I suggest reaching out to a mortgage broker for more information.

In fact, we want to help you by offering a free strategy call to discuss your investments and personal mortgages.

That way regardless of whether you are looking to get a mortgage for a new property, or change the amortization schedule on an existing mortgage, we can help you.

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