Bathroom Renovations - How to Add New Value to a Tired Bathroom in 2023

Almost every real estate investor has experienced it: you find a property that appears to be almost too good to be true. The exterior is pleasing, the pricing is reasonable, the location is desirable, and the interior finishing seems to be outstanding!

However, you do get a glance into the restroom: It's small, dirty, suffocating, and seems like a closet. Suddenly, your perspective of the entire house changes radically. This seemingly insignificant feature could turn off potential tenants and reduce the amount of money you can charge in rent each month.

Unfortunately, in most homes, renovating the bathroom isn't feasible. In reality, in the majority of cases, physically bathroom renovations are just too difficult and expensive.

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Don't Overlook the Possibilities For Bathroom Renovations

Be aware of some ideas and tactics that can help you optimize the bathroom's existing space and make it look larger than it is before you pass up on what otherwise seems to be a terrific real estate opportunity.

Putting up the time and money to repair the bathroom in your rental property is almost always a wise decision. People use their homes' water closets to prepare and get ready for the day.

People may be hesitant to rent your property if the bathroom is small or unpleasant. Learning tricks to make your bathroom look more appealing will go a long way toward increasing the appeal of your rental property.

Bathroom Renovations to Make a Small Bathroom Bigger

Many bathrooms that appear vast and luxurious are not much larger than a standard restroom. Instead, they're arranged and designed to make the most of the space they have. To make your bathroom appear nice and inviting, you'll need to learn how to use décor and light to maximize the available restroom space in your rental property. Here are some simple improvements and bathroom renovations you can try.

Remove clutter

The simplest approach to make more space in your bathroom is to get rid of any clutter. Consider shifting the towel bar to the opposite wall if it is currently clustered close to the vanity. Consider using elegant, unnoticeable storage options to assist tenants in keeping the space clutter-free.

Lighten things up a little

Dim Rooms appear small and crowded. Make every effort to make your bathroom appear light and airy. Use a light, neutral color like a pastel yellow or an eggshell white to paint the walls. Consider replacing the bathroom's overhead lights to make it appear brighter and more inviting.

Use Glass

In your bathroom, clear glass should be used whenever possible. Replace the shower door if it is translucent or highly frosted. The use of clear glass connects the space and makes it more appealing to the eye. Clear glass windows and shower doors will make your bathroom appear much larger than it is.

Use More Mirrors

Mirrors are well-known for making rooms appear larger than they are. There's a possibility you already have a mirror over the sink in your bathroom. Consider replacing it with a more oversized mirror or adding more mirrors on the opposite walls. This improves the overall look of the bathroom and also enhances its utility.

Use Lighter Tones

If you have a lot of space to work with, a bathroom with pale walls and black tiling can be appealing. Smaller bathrooms, on the other hand, should choose lighter floor and shower tiles. Lighter shaded tiles reflect more light, giving you a better sense of space in your newly redesigned bathroom.

Get rid of the vanity

If you have a small bathroom, consider replacing the vanity underneath the sink with a compact, attractive pedestal sink—or perhaps a wall-mounted sink. This increases the amount of floor space in your bathroom significantly, compensating for its small size by maximizing available square footage.

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Renovation Ideas for the Bathroom

A complete renovation is sometimes the best solution. When it comes to upgrading your rental property's bathroom, every decision and every dollar counts. It's critical to get the most out of both. A bathroom renovation should be approached systematically to avoid spending too much money or not getting the return on investment you want from a remodeled bathroom.

Depending on your budget and other needs at your home, you'll need to prioritize various bathroom renovation projects. Check out below a few things to consider before upgrading the bathroom in your rental property:

Budget costs in advance

Above all, budget the renovating expenses you forecast to encounter in advance. This will keep you from overspending on the water closet of your investment home and ensure that you're only spending what you can recuperate through higher rental fees.

Porous tiles should be avoided

Surfaces made of porous stone, such as limestone, can be appealing and cost-effective. Because they're so porous, they're prone to attracting mildew and even degrading prematurely. When shopping for flooring and shower wall solutions, choose hard stone, ceramic, or composite tiles.

Keep in mind dimensions

Before buying a new tub, sink, or toilet for your bathroom, think about the dimensions. While the tub may fit in your bathroom, you must also consider how you will transport it throughout your home.

Consider moisture control

Keeping the moisture in your bathroom under control should be your priority during your renovation project. It's incredibly challenging to keep moisture out of smaller restrooms. Consider adding fresh vents or installing a working window.

Completing bathroom renovations and using methods to make it appear larger and more pleasant can increase the value of your rental property significantly. Investing in a bathroom refurbishment may allow you to charge greater rents in the future.

Knowing how to redesign a bathroom properly and complete bathroom renovations can help you take advantage of additional high-quality investment opportunities. Remember to use these suggestions and to keep in mind that the bathroom is only one area. A spotless bathroom won't save a terrible property, and an unclean bathroom shouldn't sink into a potentially profitable investment.

Once again, if you are planning to complete bathroom renovations, click the link below for a free strategy call to learn how you can finance affordable bathroom renovations today.

Here's How To Make A Small Bathroom Seem Bigger and More Attractive