Benefits of Real Estate Investing in Hamilton

Benefits of Real Estate Investing in Hamilton
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Welcome to Hamilton, Ontario, the halfway point between the US border and the thriving metropolis of Toronto, Canada’s largest city. Hamilton is no one’s roadside pit stop, however. The city is home to more than 750,000 people, and that number is trending upward every single day.

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Hamilton is located at the westernmost edge of Lake Ontario, one of the famed Great Lakes. That puts it right in the middle of Canada’s Greater Golden Horseshoe. This thriving industrialized area is home to more than half of Ontario’s population and 20 percent of the whole of Canada. One in three immigrants to Canada settles in the region. It is home to a massive variety of biotech, agricultural, financial and automotive giants and is considered one of the top three clusters in North America for the food and beverage industry. That’s just for the moment. Experts forecast that the population of the Greater Golden Horseshoe could increase by up to 50 percent in the next 20 years.

Then there’s the city of Hamilton, right in the geographic center of all of that opportunity. If you’re a real estate investor searching for your next opportunity, it’s time to think about Hamilton.

Grow your business in Hamilton

If you disregard all the myriad benefits of living in Hamilton, the numbers make sense on their own. The city is located directly in the middle of a vast economic network that spans two countries. It’s located an hour from Toronto and a short day’s drive to the US border. Unlike those two endpoints, however, Hamilton is ready to help businesses of every size grow.

The city has numerous municipal programs that defer the cost of business expansion, renovation and new construction. They also provide incentives for LEED-certified properties. Over the past several years, that attractive financial environment has invited investment from some real heavy hitters, like Amazon, IBM and Nokia. In other words, as more and more businesses head toward Hamilton, the need for commercial real estate space is bound to grow.

The tech explosion

In the last five years, the city of Hamilton and the surrounding area has experienced tremendous growth in the tech sector. At present, the city has nearly 20,000 tech jobs, which represents more than 53 percent growth in the industry within the past five years, the fastest rate among mid-sized Canadian cities. Thanks to Hamilton’s proximity to Toronto, Canada’s tech capital, that number is poised to continue rising.

As real estate services firm CBRE Research vice-chairman Paul Morassutti explains, “Mid- and small-sized markets are gathering major momentum because they offer tech firms greater availability of office space, operational cost savings, and untapped talent pools.”

Given that the average tech wage in Hamilton is higher than in Toronto, there is a compelling case for tech employees to consider moving to the city, too.

Population growth is refreshingly consistent

As the real estate market steadily becomes less hospitable in the Toronto area, several municipalities are gaining people left and right. Few are seeing the kind of growth that is common in Hamilton. In the last three years, growth has remained constant at 3.1 percent. In short, the real estate market in Hamilton is both consistent and attractive to insiders and outsiders alike.

Hamilton’s attractiveness isn’t lost on the experts. In a recent survey, Hamilton ranked number 7 on a list of the 35 best Canadian cities to purchase real estate. That’s even more intriguing when you consider that Toronto ranked at number 22 on the same list. Indeed, the word is out on Hamilton and the time to strike is now.

Diversity at its core

As the rest of the world starts to discover the beauty and joy of Canadian residency, they’re moving here in droves. As we stated earlier, one in three new Canadian immigrants finds their home in the Golden Horseshoe. A staggering number of those new imports land in Hamilton. In fact, a quarter of the city’s residents were born in another country. That makes it one of the most diverse cities in Canada.

That diversity creates a welcoming atmosphere in the area, contributing to an increasingly diverse cuisine and culture as well as an overall inviting atmosphere to outsiders.

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A reasonable cost of doing business

Whether you’re searching for new construction investments or attempting to buy your way into the existing real estate market, Hamilton is a much easier market to enter than neighbouring Toronto. For instance, the average cost of a home in Toronto is $989,000. In Hamilton, the average price for a similar-sized house is just $544,000.

Given the comparatively lower cost of property and the city’s close proximity to several other essential cities, Hamilton has become an increasingly popular choice for people in transit.

Skewing younger every day

Novice real estate investors can find a lot to love in the Hamilton region. With each passing day, more and more young people are leaving Toronto for the lower rents and burgeoning nightlife in Hamilton. The influx of immigrants and young people have created a rental market that is extremely attractive, especially for those investors without the capital to invest in a single-family home.

The influx of younger residents has also seen an accompanying rise in new businesses, which creates more opportunities for commercial real estate.

The center of it all

Among the numerous attractive investment opportunities throughout Canada’s Golden Horseshoe, Hamilton stands out from the crowd. As the crossroads of the thriving region, the city’s opportunity for growth is enormous. What’s more, it’s economic and ethnic diversity is an example to the rest of Canada that presents unique chances for investors to grow their portfolio in a massive variety of ways.

If you want to put your finger in several real estate pies at once, then Hamilton is the place to move your capital.

Real Estate Professionals in Hamilton

We have searched high and low for real estate investing professionals in Hamilton.  Below, you can find professionals we have researched and can confirm they specialize in working with Real Estate Investors.

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This list may not fully list all the professionals in the area, but the ones we have personally investigated and that we would refer our clients to.

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