Brantford Real Estate Investing Success in 2023 

Brantford Ontario is a city sitting firmly within the Golden Horseshoe – the most densely populated region in all of Ontario. However, despite being located in such a high-traffic region, the city still stands to offer a relaxing, wide-open environment for its residents.  

The city is widely considered to be a college town with four major post-secondary institutions operating facilities within the city. These schools are Six Nations Polytechnic, Nipissing University, Conestoga College, and the Laurier Brantford campus of Wilfrid Laurier University. As well, the city’s close proximity to Toronto and other major cities in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) has led some students from other cities to live in the region and commute to their classes in exchange for a lower average cost of living. 

However, beyond its appeal to students, the city is also home to a strong labour economy with a healthy unemployment rate and a great deal of opportunities for workers to grow and expand in a variety of key sectors. 

So, if you are interested in learning more about how the infamous Telephone City in Ontario can become home to some of the best upcoming real estate investments, let’s take a look. 

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History is Calling 

Much like most cities, Brantford has a rich local history that bolsters the local culture and tourism markets. However, unlike other cities, Brantford’s historic development has undeniably impacted the lives of almost every single person on this planet. This is because in Brantford Ontario, at his father’s home, Alexander Graham Bell conceived his greatest invention – the telephone. This invention and its inventor are recognized in the Bell Memorial at the Bell Homestead National Historic Site. 

In addition to this amazing invention being conceived in the Bell Homestead – formerly the Melville House – the first transmission to a distance was made in the city. 

Brantford was also home to the first telephone factory and telephone business office. 

Strong Employment History in Brantford Real Estate

The job market in Brantford is incredibly healthy state at the time of writing this article. 

The latest estimate for the city’s unemployment rate is 4.8 per cent which is lower than the provincial average rate of 5.6 per cent. This means that Brantford has a lower overall risk of tenants being unemployed or being unable to find new employment if they were to lose their income unexpectedly. This allows the Brantford real estate market to stand strong in today's economy.

As well, the employment market in the city is incredibly diverse with five widely different industries dominating the workforce and driving the economy. 

The five main industries running the Brantford economy are: 

Advanced Manufacturing 

The advanced manufacturing industry in Brantford employs over 2100 workers across 22 separate companies. 

Film, Television and Digital Media 

Brantford is quickly becoming a popular place for TV shows and movies to film and work. Notably Amazon Prime’s ‘The Boys’ has filmed in Brantford multiple times throughout the show’s three current seasons. 

Food and Beverage Manufacturing 

The food and beverage manufacturing industry in Brantford employs over 2300 people directly and enables countless more jobs to grow from it in the city and beyond. 

Plastics and Rubber Products 

The city is home to 26 companies that employ a total of approximately 1100 workers to produce plastic and rubber products. 

Warehousing and Logistics 

Warehousing and distribution in Brantford is a thriving industry with over 1500 workers and over 40 warehousing companies operating out of the city. 

As well due to the close proximity to Toronto and other large cities, many Brampton residents are able to commute to work and explore out-of-town employment opportunities. This allows for people to bring in money from other cities and reintroduce it into the local economy. 

The Advantages of Investing in Brantford Real Estate Along Highway 403 

Brantford Ontario is located along Ontario Highway 403 – a highway known for branching off from Highway 401. This highway provides the city with direct access to multiple major cities and eases travel and transportation between key municipalities that previous did not have a direct driving route. 

Access to the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) 

In terms of Canadian cities, Highway 403 offers Brantford direct access to the GTA (Greater Toronto Area), this means that businesses and residents in the city have the ability to connect with the markets and opportunities in cities such as Toronto and Brampton while still enjoying the comfort of Brantford. 

Connecting Detroit to Buffalo 

The completion of Highway 403 marked the completion of a direct route between Detroit and Buffalo – the second largest city in New York State. As a result of this direct route being completed, many trade opportunities popped up between the two cities and a large number of truckers and courier companies use the route to transport goods. 

This meant that due to this connection Brantford became a city where these drivers will sometimes stop for the night or refuel on their routes, thus bolstering the local economy. 

Key Employment Sectors in Brantford Real Estate

The City of Brantford advertises five key industries that comprise the largest and most profitable sectors of its job market. These are sectors with high employment rates and strong returns into the local economy. By investing in these sectors, you would be moving into a market that has been proven to work, however that does mean that you would be facing higher amounts of competition. 

These five main employment sectors are: 

Advanced Manufacturing 

The advanced manufacturing industry is home to over 2100 employees and jobs within the city of Brantford. This is divided across 22 different companies. This industry and its success works directly in tandem with the warehousing and logistics sector. 

Warehousing and Logistics 

The warehousing and logistics sector offers a reliable investment for those looking to take advantage of the city’s location and local production efforts when making an investment. The sector employs over 1500 individuals across more than 40 different warehousing companies. 

In addition, some companies from outside of Brantford occasionally utilise warehouses and distribution centres in the city when conducting operations in the region which increases the potential avenue for business and the pool of potential tenants for your investments. 

Plastics and Rubber Products 

Another sector that works closely with the warehousing and logistics sector is the plastics and rubber industry. This sector employs a total of 1100 people across 26 companies and feeds directly into the warehousing and distribution industry in the city. 

Film, Television and Digital Media 

The film, television and digital media sector is one of the current upcoming industries in Brantford as local and provincial tax incentives increase the appeal for filmmakers to use the city as a backdrop for their projects. Notably Amazon Prime has used the city when shooting their show, The Boys. This results in a large demand for Brantford real estate amongst filmmakers.

Food and Beverage Manufacturing 

The food and beverage manufacturing industry are estimated to employ over 2300 people in the city of Brantford and directly creates further employment opportunities in additional industries. 

Low Unemployment 

Brantford is home to a healthy job market with below-average unemployment rates. 

Currently, the city has an estimated unemployment rate of 4.8 per cent. This is lower than the average provincial unemployment rate in Ontario of 5.6 per cent. This low unemployment rate is good because it indicates a healthy job market and thus a general positive outlook on businesses in the region. This increases the likelihood of retails and other commercial properties maintaining their cash flow and profitability because fewer businesses on average are expected to fail or go under. 

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A Healthy Housing Market in Branford Real Estate

The Brantford real estate Market is strong and reliable in recent years, making it a potential home for some incredibly steady real estate investments. 

Despite the slowing real estate market in Ontario, Brantford still maintains an average purchase price of $702,000 for a single-family home, which is currently a bargain in the province’s average markets. However, despite the current downturn, the city is projected to bounce back once inflation is reduced to more manageable levels. 

In terms of rent prices, the City of Brantford estimates an average market rent of $1640 per month on a single-bedroom apartment and $2300 for a three-bedroom unit. This provides plenty of room for a steady positive cash flow on the average rental. 

The city is also holds an average vacancy rate of approximately 2 per cent at the time of writing this article. 

Brantford Real Estate's Recognition is Growing 

The Brantford real estate market has been gaining recognition ever since MoneySense’s “Where to Buy Now” ranking put the city in the top spot on their 2018 list. Ever since, investors looking to take advantage of the city’s great potential have begun buying properties in the area. However, even though it has been four years since that ranking was put out, it is still possible to get bargain-priced properties in the city and maintain a strong potential for returns if you know where to look. 

Brantford Real Estate – The Telephone City 

Brantford is a city with plenty of room for growth and a healthy future ahead with a Brantford real estate and rental market that can service your investment future if you know what you are doing and keep a healthy strategy in mind. 

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