Broker vs Bank - Underwriting Fundamentals 101

Broker vs Bank

I know we ask this question a lot.

You know, why should you come to us versus the bank?

So here's the thing.

We have access to many of the banks.

You know, not all of them.

Not every one, but we have access to a bunch of them.

And then we have all these other lenders, too.

So what happens is coming from a bank.

So I used to work at a bank.

The bank has a certain amount of products that they offer the customer.

If the customer doesn't fit into those product criteria, then the customer has to go find another lender.

Now, it's a super ineffective way of applying for a mortgage because a client doesn't know what lender is best for them based on their scenario.

So it's like trial and error.

Each time they see one of these new lenders, it's another credit check and another credit check.

But it's just it's a nightmare.

So the benefit for a customer who's going to go to a broker versus the bank is that that broker will know the client's scenario and will shop around to get the best deal for her and make sure that the lender matches up with their scenario.

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I know you do not want to spend all day looking up the differences between working with a mortgage broker vs lender vs bank lending.

Its long, tedious and the entire broker vs bank battle is massively overdrawn.

I know that as a mortgage broker there is some real value I can offer you by having you comer here first.

So, before you commit to anything, book a free strategy call below and let me show you how we can help you get the financing you need quickly, easily and affordably - even if it is from a big bank at the end of the day.

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