Build Your Own Table and Invite People To It with Lisa & Troy Michaud

Host Dave Debeau delves deeper into the entrepreneurial journey of guests Lisa and Troy Michaud. One glaring concept that resonates throughout their dialogues is "building your table." But what does this mean? 

Build Your Own Table And Invite People To It With Lisa &Amp; Troy Michaud

Host Dave Debeau delves deeper into the entrepreneurial journey of guests Lisa and Troy Michaud. One glaring concept that resonates throughout their dialogues is “building your table.” But what does this mean? 

From the perspective of Lisa and Troy, building your table is about creating your opportunities instead of waiting for them to come to you. It’s about recognizing the vast potential within oneself and using it to carve out a distinct path in entrepreneurship. It’s about making a space for oneself that welcomes innovation and growth and, most importantly, embraces the unique standout qualities that each individual brings to the table. 

Lisa and Troy Michaud didn’t just philosophize about “building your table”; they implemented it. So, how did they make it happen? 

  1. Seizing the initiative: The duo recognized the need to step out of their comfort zones to bring their entrepreneurial dreams to life. This means taking risks and having the courage to pursue ambitious initiatives.
  2. Cultivating a network: Networking is a powerful tool in business. By building relationships and fostering links, Lisa and Troy were able to develop opportunities and gain invaluable insights from peers and mentors.
  3. Resilience: On the road to success, there will be inevitable hurdles. However, resilience and perseverance will help overcome these challenges and move forward.
  4. Goal-Setting: To achieve success, it’s essential to have clear, well-defined goals. Setting objectives provides a focused direction, enabling them to measure progress and adjust their paths as necessary.

Through their story, Lisa and Troy Michaud prove that entrepreneurship isn’t just about running a business; it’s about creating an environment where potential can be nurtured, and dreams can come alive.

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The Journey of Lisa & Troy Michaud 

The story of Lisa & Troy Michaud is an inspiring example of entrepreneurial grit. Having started their journey with humble beginnings, they tirelessly worked to turn their dreams into reality. Their business venture represents a testament to hard work, courage, and belief in one’s abilities. 

An Inspirational Entrepreneurial Adventure 

During their podcast with Dave Debeau, the couple dealt with a wide array of topics, each offering significant insight into aspiring entrepreneurs’ lives. They shared anecdotes from their business journey, lessons learned, and pivotal moments that shaped their entrepreneurial mindset. 

The couple’s deep sense of entrepreneurship started at a young age. With the belief of “Building their Table,” the Michauds entered the challenging business world. Determined to set their own rules, the couple was driven by an unstoppable desire to create something of their own while inviting others to join them at their table. This philosophy helped them navigate the tumultuous landscape of entrepreneurship.

Embodying the Spirit of Entrepreneurship 

Lisa & Troy Michaud’s story is a beacon to everyone who dreams of starting their venture. They urged aspiring entrepreneurs to leap of faith, even when things seemed uncertain. Their journey is a testament to the importance of hard work, relentless drive, and resilience in even the most challenging circumstances. 

The couple also emphasized the importance of building an actual, loyal network. Despite their success, they’ve maintained their down-to-earth approach, regularly making time to help their employees grow and develop in their careers. As entrepreneurs, the Michauds felt it was their responsibility to create a positive, supportive environment where everyone felt valued and inspired to achieve their best. 

Charting the Path for Future Generations 

Throughout their journey, Lisa & Troy Michaud have demonstrated that the road to entrepreneurial success is paved with challenges. However, through their podcast with Dave Debeau, they have also shown that it’s a journey worth taking. 

Rather than being discouraged by obstacles, they saw them as opportunities to learn and grow. Their story exemplifies how determination, perseverance, and a clear vision can lead to success in entrepreneurship. Indeed, Lisa & and Troy Michaud have built their table and opened seats for many others to join them.

Overcoming Challenges and Embracing Opportunities 

In the fascinating episode, Dave Debeau, the host of the show, fosters a meaningful discourse with Lisa & Troy Michaud about how they dealt with their professional challenges and capitalized on the opportunities that came along their way. 

Strong-willed and resilient, Lisa & Troy explained that struggles are inevitable in any entrepreneurial journey. They learned to perceive them not as insurmountable obstacles but as lessons and avenues for growth and evolution. They successfully transformed these stumbling blocks into stepping stones by adopting a positive mindset and determination. 

Embracing Challenges and Negative Experiences 

Both Michauds viewed their challenges as integral parts of their journey, without which they would not have tasted success. They imparted that entrepreneurs should instead embrace these negative experiences and utilize them to deepen their understanding of business dynamics and strategies. The key lies in learning to turn these negatives into positives and using them to progress in their endeavours. 

The Opportunist in Entrepreneurship 

One of the profound aspects that Troy shared is his ability to find opportunities amidst hurdles. He acknowledged that the entrepreneurial journey is fraught with foreseen and unforeseen challenges. However, seasoned entrepreneurs do not let these hinder their progress. Instead, they develop a vision that helps them see through these difficulties and spot the hidden opportunities. 

In the words of Troy, “Challenges are the veils that cover opportunities.” A keen eye and an optimistic mindset can help reveal those opportunities.

Turning Challenges into Opportunities 

Troy shared an example of one of their initial endeavours when they faced a severe financial crunch. However, instead of capitulating to the situation, they looked for creative ways to raise funds and keep their business afloat. This experience taught them invaluable lessons about resource management, financial planning, and risk mitigation. 

In conclusion, the feats of Lisa and Troy Michaud epitomize one of the core philosophies in business – “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” The ability to perceive challenges as opportunities distinguishes successful entrepreneurs from the rest.

The Importance of Taking Initiative 

The power of initiative cannot be understated when discussing the success story of Lisa and Troy Michaud. As Dave Debeau, the podcast host, often points out, it is the ability to take action that differentiates successful entrepreneurs from others. Building on this idea, Lisa and Troy share their insights on this critical aspect of their journey. 

The Catalyst of Initiative 

For Lisa and Troy, the initiative was the catalyst that propelled them toward success. They didn’t wait to be handed opportunities but actively sought them. Anyone wishing to follow in their footsteps must understand that the first step must always be taken by oneself. As Lisa puts it, “Initiative pushes us to step out of our comfort zone and take the necessary risks for growth.” 

The Role of Initiative in Overcoming Adversity 

Troy reflects on how their initiative helped them navigate through challenging circumstances. “Guided by our initiative, we learned to welcome obstacles as they came. We used them as stepping stones to achieve our larger business objectives.” 

Persistence: A By-product of Initiative 

A crucial takeaway from Michaud’s story is that initiative breeds Persistence. Once the first step is taken, Persistence follows, ensuring continuous improvement and exponential growth. Troy explains that “Persistence is fostered by a continuous cycle of actions. And it all starts by taking the initiative.” 

Instilling Initiatives in Future Leaders 

Looking forward, Lisa articulates their desire to spark initiative among future entrepreneurs. “Our goal,” she shares, “is not just to inspire others with our story but to push them to take the initial step themselves. We aim to ignite that passion and initiative in the minds and hearts of those looking to carve their entrepreneurial path.”

Harnessing the Power of Networking 

In this episode, Dave Debeau hosted a captivating discussion with Lisa and Troy Michaud. This segment focuses on networking – a key component for any thriving entrepreneur. Lisa and Troy warmly shared their insights, providing invaluable tips and personal anecdotes about their networking experiences. 

The Art and Benefits of Networking With Lisa & Troy Michaud 

Lisa emphasized how networking is not simply about making contacts. It’s about establishing meaningful relationships and mutually beneficial partnerships. It demands sincerity and a genuine concern for others’ success. “Don’t simply look for what you can get from people. Instead, figure out how to help them succeed,” she advises. 

Troy, concurring with Lisa’s insight about sincerity in networking, highlights the importance of being relatable. People connect with people, not with facades. By being genuinely open and transparent, Troy insists that individuals are more likely to form bonds that result in robust networks. 

The Role of Networking in Business Growth 

The couple said networking played a significant role in their growth as entrepreneurs. Meeting other like-minded individuals allowed them to gain new insights, learn advanced strategies, and remain relevant in their industry. Networking paved the way for countless joint ventures, partnerships, and collaborations that enhanced their business model and diversified their portfolio. 

Cultivating a Networking Mindset 

Transitioning from a self-centred approach to a networking-centred mindset requires conscious effort, notes Troy. Entrepreneurs must understand that the benefits of successful networking can surpass personal gains. Furthermore, Lisa adds that cultivating a networking mindset means proactively seeking out and establishing connections. In their experience, every person you meet presents a potential opportunity – it’s all about being open-minded. 

Tips for Effective Networking 

  1. Build genuine relationships: Make your connection meaningful and long-lasting. Always approach networking to build a relationship, not just a contact.
  2. Be consistently helpful: You never know when someone might need your expertise. Always be ready to offer assistance, and do not expect anything in return.
  3. Practice good listening skills: Networking is not just about sharing your ideas; it’s also about listening to others.
  4. Be persistent: Good networking takes time and effort. Persistence and patience are both essential.
  5. Always maintain a network-friendly attitude: Keep an open mind and proactively establish connections. 

In essence, for Lisa and Troy Michaud, the power of networking lies not in the quantity of contacts but in the quality of relationships formed. By applying the same principles and committing to genuine interaction, anyone can unlock the endless potential that proper networking brings.

The Art of Perseverance and Resilience 

In an enlightening conversation with Dave Debeau, Lisa and Troy Michaud delve into the importance of perseverance and resilience in their entrepreneurial journey. The couple affirms that these two attributes have acted as driving forces in overcoming their myriad challenges. 

Fostering Perseverance 

Discussing the cultivation of perseverance, Troy Michaud states that it’s all about an unwavering commitment to your vision. For him, sticking to the end goal, despite the hurdles, is what faithful perseverance entails. He urges budding entrepreneurs to develop this resolve to stay the course and navigate the often turbulent waters of entrepreneurship. 

Building Resilience 

On the other hand, Lisa Michaud speaks on resilience, which she describes as one’s ability to bounce back from setbacks. In their journey, resilience has enabled them to withstand the various trials and tribulations that come their way. Lisa emphasizes the importance of developing a thick skin in business and advises that entrepreneurs constantly remind themselves of the “why” behind their ventures to foster resilience. 

Perseverance and Resilience: Two Sides of the Same Coin 

Combining these two attributes, Dave, Lisa, and Troy agree that resilience and perseverance can be considered two sides of the same coin. They serve as watchwords for anyone venturing into the entrepreneurial world. Where perseverance keeps you on track toward your goal, resilience allows you to remain buoyant amid the crash and crush of failures. 

Perseverance and Resilience in Action 

Michaud’s real-life experiences provide perfect demonstrations of these attributes. Their venture’s growth and success are a testament to their undying spirit of perseverance through thick and thin and their resilience in the face of adversities. Their story serves as an encouragement to budding entrepreneurs, demonstrating that with perseverance and resilience, any dream can be achieved. 

Summing up, Lisa and Troy Michaud, through Dave Debeau’s platform, motivate aspiring businesspersons to embrace the virtues of perseverance and resilience as they embark on their respective entrepreneurial journeys.

Setting Clear Goals and Taking Steps Towards Achievement 

In their conversation with Dave Debeau, Lisa and Troy Michaud, they emphasized the significance of goal-setting in the journey of an entrepreneur. The path to achievement becomes more defined with clarity in their shared goals. 

Goal-Setting: A Foundational Step 

Setting clear goals is about identifying what you want to achieve and understanding the reasons behind these desires. It gives direction and meaning to the efforts you put into your business. During their dialogue, Lisa and Troy elucidated how their own goals became the driving force behind their entrepreneurial success. 

The Journey Towards Achieving Goals 

The journey towards achieving one’s goals is rarely a straight path. It is filled with hurdles and detours. However, the combined force of resilience and perseverance, as Lisa and Troy Michaud highlighted, played a significant role in their path to triumphant business pursuits. They shared how meeting challenges head-on and staying the course despite difficulties were instrumental in turning their goals into reality. 

Breaking Down Big Goals into Manageable Steps 

One critical insight Lisa and Troy offered was breaking down lofty goals into achievable, smaller steps. They demonstrated how this approach simplified the growth process and gave tangible points of progress, boosting their motivation and keeping them on track. 

Constant Review and Adaptation 

Goals are not static. As business landscapes shift and new opportunities emerge, Lisa and Troy highlighted the importance of revisiting and adapting goals accordingly. This agility in their goal-setting approach, they believe, has been a vital component of their ongoing entrepreneurial triumph. 

Instilling a Goal-Driven Mindset in Future Entrepreneurs 

While discussing the influence they wish to have on future entrepreneurs, both Lisa and Troy expressed their aspiration to instill a goal-driven mindset in upcoming leaders. They hope to inspire them to set clear, achievable goals, pursue them passionately, and adapt as necessary to steer their entrepreneurial journey toward sustained success.

Paving the Way for Future Entrepreneurs 

Entrepreneurship is increasingly seen as a viable career option and a powerful tool for economic growth. Dave Debeau’s conversation with Lisa and Troy Michaud further highlighted the importance of preparing the young generation for entrepreneurship. Here is what the guests had to say about this topic. 

Lisa and Troy Michaud on the Importance of Youth Entrepreneurship 

When reflecting on their journey, Lisa and Troy Michaud emphasized the impact of having role models during their early years. They strongly believe these figures played a significant role in shaping their entrepreneurial spirit. With this in mind, they now consider it their responsibility to instill that spirit in future generations. They see it as an investment in a better tomorrow, stronger communities, and thriving economies. 

Teaching Entrepreneurship Skills 

For Lisa and Troy, entrepreneurship is not just about starting a business. It’s a mindset that involves creativity, critical thinking, risk-taking, and problem-solving. 

  • Creativity: Entrepreneurs need to see things differently and develop novel solutions to problems. Developing creativity begins at a young age and should be encouraged throughout one’s education and life.
  • Critical Thinking: Lisa and Troy believe that entrepreneurs must be able to assess situations, consider various solutions, and make intelligent decisions. Again, this skill must be honed over time.
  • Risk-taking: Lisa and Troy Michaud have had to take risks as entrepreneurs. They encourage future generations to understand and embrace entrepreneurship, which often involves stepping out of their comfort zone.
  • Problem-solving: Entrepreneurs face challenges regularly. Lisa and Troy Michaud recommend nurturing problem-solving skills from a young age. They suggest mentorship and practical experience as two effective ways to do this.

Involvement in Community Initiatives 

Lisa and Troy Michaud are committed to fostering entrepreneurship in their community. They are involved in various initiatives designed to nurture the next generation of entrepreneurs. Their goal is to make the journey more accessible for those who follow in their footsteps.

Final Takeaway 

In reflecting on their journey towards success, Lisa and Troy Michaud highlight the importance of hard work, perseverance, and passion. They hope their story and efforts to pave the way will inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs to build their tables and invite others to join them.

By promoting and supporting youth entrepreneurship, Lisa and Troy Michaud believe they are contributing to a future filled with innovative business leaders ready to tackle the challenges of tomorrow.

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