Buying Windsor Investment Properties – 4 of The Best Locations to Look Out For 

Buying Windsor Investment Properties

Are you a real estate investor looking to dive into an affordable market while still generating high returns on your investments? If so, look no further than Windsor, Ontario. 

Windsor is a relatively under-appreciated market in Ontario, making it a great investment for individuals looking to get on board early before upcoming developments cause the market to truly take off. 

So, let’s take a look at the Rose City and uncover why you may want to consider buying Windsor investment properties.

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Why Windsor Investment Properties? 

Why should you consider buying Windsor investment properties? There are plenty of reasons. 

Not only is Windsor widely known as the automotive capital of Canada, with a strong focus on the local tool and dye industry. It is also home to Hiram Walker & Sons Distillery – an industry leading distillery known for producing some of the top-rated alcohol products in the country such as Canadian Club whiskey. 

While the city has gone through a rough patch with unemployment and low-property values, these are both on an upswing and are expected to recover to much higher, healthier levels. This has set the stage for investors to come into the region at an affordable price to take advantage of the current market for Windsor investment properties. In fact, Windsor Ontario is currently known for having the third cheapest housing prices in the province. 

Windsor Ontario Investment
Buying Windsor Investment Properties - 4 Of The Best Locations To Look Out For  5

Upcoming Developments in the Region 

On top of the natural recover Windsor has been experiencing, there are also a wide array of new and upcoming developments that are poised to bring a ton of new jobs and residents into the city. 

The Gordie Howe International Bridge 

While Windsor is already known for having multiple border crossings into the US in the form of the Ambassador Bridge and the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel, it is also set to become home to a new crossing in the form of the Gordie Howe International Bridge. This $5.7 billion investment into the city has created an estimated 2500 on-site jobs and will continue to employ many new border service workers and maintenance staff. 

Canada’s First Electric Vehicle Battery Plant 

It was recently announced that Windsor was going to become home to a $5 billion electric vehicle batter manufacturing plant – the first one in Canada. This venture set forth by Stellantis and LG Energy Solution, is set to produce batteries for electric vehicles whilst employing roughly 2500 people. This step into the EV market is groundbreaking for Canada with the current push for consumers to purchase electric vehicles over gas-powered cars. 

Windsor Mega Hospital 

Finally, Windsor is set to receive a new hospital. This “mega hospital” is estimated to be constructed and operational by 2029. Currently estimated to be a $2 billion investment by Windsor Regional Hospital, this hospital boasts new state of the art facilities with approximately 500 beds. This is combined with additional investments in acute care facilities in the city’s downtown core, further expanding the city’s healthcare industry. 

Locations to Look Out For 

In real estate, location is one of the key factors in determining the value of a property. Various neighborhoods come with differing property values based on local business and living conditions. So, here are some of the Windsor neighborhoods that you should keep an eye on in upcoming years if you plan on buying Windsor investment properties.

Windsor Investment Properties
Buying Windsor Investment Properties - 4 Of The Best Locations To Look Out For  6

Ford City 

Ford City, occasionally referred to as the Douillard Neighborhood, is one of the most affordable neighborhoods in the city. This is partly due to high-crime rates and low household incomes in previous years. 

However, recently this area has quickly shown to have outgrown this reputation, with business owners flocking onto Douillard Rd and the local crime statistics indicating Ford City to now be one of the safest parts of the city. This has resulted in property values to begin rising and they are not expected to stop. 

Sandwich Town 

Sandwich Town is a historic part of the city located nearby the University of Windsor and the Ambassador Bridge. While the years have not been kind to the area, recent investments in affordable housing and student rentals have begun to turn things around for the neighborhood. Property values currently remain relatively low but are expected to rise as local developments continue to expand. 


Walkerville is a history-rich neighborhood known for the legacy of Hiram Walker and his family. While the property values in this neighborhood can range from moderate to high, recently a new focus has been put on highlighting and rejuvenating many of the historic buildings are elements of the neighborhood – a development which is expected to also increase local property values. 

South Windsor 

South Windsor is known for its consistently high property values. While investing in this area may lead to a larger initial investment, properties in the neighborhood are very likely to produce a consistent, healthy cash flow

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Which Properties are Currently In-Demand 

Windsor currently has a strong demand for new single-family housing and student rental properties. This is largely fueled by the influx of international students attending the University of Windsor and St Clair College as part of their expanded international student programs. This has also increased the demand for commercial amenities that are affordable to students such as diners, restaurants, and entertainment venues. 

Getting Your Mortgage for Windsor Investment Properties

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