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Real Estate Investing Facebook Groups

Whether you are a social media pro or you are still getting used to using social media platforms, there’s no disputing that social media offers a lot of possibilities for savvy investors and entrepreneurs. Not…

A Guide to Virtual Real Estate Investing

These days, almost every industry has been shaped by new technology and the digital economy. Even the real estate industry, which was once dominated by in-person negotiations, phone calls and property tours, is becoming increasingly…

Can Landlords Require Renters Insurance?

We are all concerned with protecting our homes, our families and our belongings, and insurance is a great way to invest in an advanced degree of protection. For example. many Canadian tenants opt for their…

How to Develop a Property

The vibrant Canadian real estate market is in full swing and looking to carry on for years to come. There are now dozens of ways to transform your capital into a sound real estate investment.

Benefits of Real Estate Investing in Markham

When you’re looking into real estate investing, it’s easy to be drawn to the big cities. Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal: all of them offer real top-line opportunities, but those often come at a premium price. It’s…

Where Is The Money When Flipping A House?

Think about flipping a house? Here are some fundamentals that you should watch out for so that you're not monkeying around when you're buying your picker-upper stay tuned. I promise you it'll be worth it.