Character BRRRs with Elizabeth Milder & Cole Skelly

In this exciting episode, Dave Debeau sits down with Elizabeth Milder and Cole Skelly, seasoned experts in the field of the BRRR strategy. Together, they will share their insights, proven methods, and valuable tips to help you master the BRRR technique and maximize your property investments. 

Character Brrrs With Elizabeth Milder &Amp; Cole Skelly

In this exciting episode, Dave Debeau sits down with Elizabeth Milder and Cole Skelly, seasoned experts in the field of the BRRR strategy. Together, they will share their insights, proven methods, and valuable tips to help you master the BRRR technique and maximize your property investments

Elizabeth and Cole are passionate advocates for the BRRR method and successful practitioners with several successful BRRR projects under their belts. Their expertise, coupled with Dave’s years of experience in the real estate space, facilitates an insightful discussion around the implementation and augmentation of the BRRR strategy. 

As the show unfolds, Elizabeth and Cole delve into their journeys, narrating the strategies they picked up along the way and the lessons they learned from making mistakes. Replete with intriguing anecdotes, their shared experiences pave the way for budding investors to determine their path in the BRRR strategy terrain without hitting roadblocks. 

Recognizing that every investment strategy has its hurdles, Elizabeth and Cole also discuss some of the primary challenges investors face while implementing the BRRR strategy. From miscalculating renovation costs to overlooking the importance of the refinancing phase, they shed light on the common pitfalls and how to steer clear of them. 

Guided by the belief that knowledge empowers, Dave, Elizabeth, and Cole hope their talk inspires you to embrace the BRRR strategy and unlock its vast potential. More importantly, they instill the confidence you need to take that leap of faith in your property investment journey

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just starting, this episode is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the BRRR strategy, setting you on a firm path to achieving your real estate investment success.

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What is BRRR? 

In this episode, host Dave Debeau delves into a conversation with experienced investors Elizabeth Milder and Cole Skelly about the BRRR strategy. This acronym stands for Buy, Rehab, Rent, and Refinance. In essence, BRRR is a well-documented investment strategy that many real estate investors utilize to expand their portfolios without requiring large down payments, usually needed for property acquisition

Guests Elizabeth Milder and Cole Skelly share insights based on their practical experiences, emphasizing how this method can assist in turning a lump sum of capital into a continuous, self-sustaining investment strategy. They discuss various stages, including buying undervalued properties, rehabilitating them to increase their value, renting them to generate a steady income, and eventually refinancing based on the new, increased value. 

Their conversation not only focuses on what BRRR is but also on the pros and cons of this approach and how beginners in the real estate world can implement it to their advantage. Keep reading to gather critical takeaways from these experts to make informed decisions about BRRR.

Benefits of BRRR 

In this episode, Dave Debeau, along with guests Elizabeth Milder and Cole Skelly, delves into the manifold advantages of implementing the BRRR approach. While requiring a deep understanding of the market and a keen sense of forecasting, this strategy has helped numerous real estate investors expand their portfolios significantly and generate passive income. 

Financial Independence 

One of the primary benefits that Elizabeth and Cole enlightened the listeners about is the prospect of achieving financial independence. Through intelligent real estate investing using the BRRR strategy, investors can generate a steady income stream. This approach allows one to retire early or pursue passion projects without worrying about finances. 

Recycling Capital 

Another advantage that came under the limelight in this episode is the BRRR strategy’s ability to “recycle” capital. Investors can execute this process repeatedly without injecting new money into every property purchase. This is primarily accomplished through refinancing, which helps to recover the initial investment and use it for the following property. Hence, the cycle continues. 

Boosted Property Value 

Elizabeth Milder and Cole Skelly also elucidated to Dave Debeau’s audience how the BRRR strategy enhances the property’s value. Through ‘Renovate,’ the third step in the BRRR process, investors can increase the property’s equity. This happens by improving the property’s market value, amplifying the equity and increasing the rental income. 

Risk Mitigation 

Lastly and importantly, Elizabeth and Cole emphasized the risk-mitigation aspects of the BRRR strategy. Since the strategy involves holding onto properties for the long term rather than flipping them quickly, it provides a buffer against market fluctuations. The rental income becomes a consistent return on the investment, regardless of whether the property’s market value drops.

Understanding the BRRR Framework 

But, the BRRR framework is a strategy used in real estate investment. As per Dave Debeau’s podcast guest, Elizabeth Milder, the acronym stands for Buy, Rehab, Rent, and Refinance. Let’s take a deeper look into each of these actions: 


The first step in the BRRR strategy involves buying a property. However, instead of purchasing a top-tier, high-value house, investors focus on properties well below market value, often needing significant repairs. These properties provide an excellent opportunity for profitability because, with mindful renovation, they can significantly increase in value. 


The ‘rehab’ stage typically involves repairs and renovations. Following Elizabeth’s advice, investors must plan an effective renovation strategy. This could entail anything from minor repairs, such as painting and fixing, to full-scale remodelling. The goal is to increase the property’s appeal and, as a result, its market value. 


Once the renovation process is complete, the next step is to rent the property out. Cole Skelly emphasizes the importance of careful tenant selection. Securing reliable, long-term tenants minimizes vacancies and ensures a consistent rental income stream. 


‘Refinance’ is where the longtime investor benefits kick in. Once the property’s value significantly increases, investors can refinance their mortgage, usually walking away with more than the initial investment. The cash-out from refinancing can then continue the cycle by purchasing and rehabbing another property. 

Understanding this BRRR framework is crucial for anyone considering dipping their toes into real estate investment. Dave Debeau and guests Elizabeth Milder and Cole Skelly provide invaluable insight on this topic, making investing seem more achievable, even to beginners.

Mistakes to Avoid in BRRR 

In the thrilling world of real estate investment, it’s easy to fall headlong into pitfalls. Elizabeth Milder and Cole Skelly highlighted some common errors related to the BRRR strategy. Pay close attention so you can avoid these mistakes and progress smoothly. 

Overlooking Initial Research 

According to Elizabeth Milder, the fundamental step is often neglected – that is thorough research. Analyzing the market trends, neighbourhoods, property values, and potential for appreciation is critical before plunging into property investment. 

Skipping Proper Financing Plan 

Proper investment goes hand in hand with a robust financing plan. Not having a solid financing plan can land investors in hot water. Cole Skelly advises determining your financial capability and the limits to how much you can borrow before starting the BRRR process. 

Miscalculating Repair Costs 

Elizabeth Milder warns against underestimating the cost of repairs. It’s vital to accurately estimate the required repairs and renovation costs to avoid unexpected expenses. This misstep can erode your profits drastically. 

Ignoring Property Management 

Cole Skelly highlights the importance of property management. He indicates that many investors neglect this, leading to tenant problems and property maintenance issues. A professional property management company can handle these aspects efficiently. 

Failure to Refinance 

Refinancing is the crown jewel of the BRRR strategy, without which the cycle remains incomplete. Dave Debeau points out the importance of timely refinancing to retrieve the invested capital and move on to the next property. 

By understanding these, you can confidently navigate the BRRR process by common errors and learn from our guests’ experience; you can confidently plan, and patience is critical in this journey. 

“In the world of real estate, knowledge is power. Equip yourself with proper insights and avoid costly mistakes to reap the maximum benefits of the BRRR strategy.”

Success Stories with BRRR 

On Dave Debeau’s show today, we delve into a few inspiring stories centred around the BRRR strategy. Elizabeth Milder and Cole Skelly have had exceptional success and are here to provide first-hand accounts of their journeys.

Elizabeth fully embodied the BRRR strategy and has seen it pay off in a big way. She significantly purchased a foreclosed duplex. She boosted its value by putting in the hard work and dedication to rehabilitate the property. Ultimately, she could refinance to pay off the initial investment and then use the rest to acquire more properties. 

Like Milder, Cole has also implemented the BRRR strategy with successful outcomes. The profit from his first BRRR project enabled him to invest in another, larger property. This cycle has continued, creating a domino effect for his growing real estate portfolio. His journey demonstrates the sheer power of this strategy when applied correctly and consistently. 

Both Elizabeth and Cole’s success stories are a testament to the potential of the BRRR strategy. If you are willing to invest the time and effort, this strategy can open up new avenues for financial growth in the real estate sphere. As Dave Debeau always says, ‘Take charge and happy investing!’

Tips for Implementing BRRR Strategy 

In this podcast episode, Dave Debeau turns to experts Elizabeth Milder and Cole Skelly to gather tips on implementing the BRRR strategy effectively. 

Elizabeth Milder’s Tips:  

  1. Patience: Elizabeth explains that patience is vital. It’s not a sprint to the finish but more of a marathon.
  2. Budgeting: Make sure you properly handle budgeting for the property. It’s essential to account for unexpected costs.
  3. Location: Pay special attention to the location. Not every property is ideal for BRRR.

Cole Skelly’s Tips:  

  1. Team: Cole emphasizes the need for a good team. From contractors to bankers, you need people you can trust.
  2. Renovation: Renovating for the right tenants instead of over-renovating is critical.
  3. Rental Market Analysis: A thorough rental market analysis is crucial to success.

Implementing the BRRR strategy optimally becomes easier when you heed these expert tips from Elizabeth Milder and Cole Skelly. But remember, every real estate investment journey has unique challenges. Stay open to adapting and learning as you navigate your path.

Conclusion: Unlock the Potential of BRRR 

As Dave Debeau wrapped up the discussion with Elizabeth Milder and Cole Skelly, it became even more apparent how imperative the BRRR strategy can be for successful real estate investing. By understanding what BRRR is, its benefits, and the mistakes to avoid, you can position yourself for optimal returns. 

Understanding the BRRR framework is critical. Elizabeth Milder emphasized the importance of education in real estate investment, particularly with the BRRR strategy. She encouraged potential investors to take the necessary steps to learn about the spectrum of real estate investing before embarking on their journey. 

If you’re searching for inspiration, look no further than the many success stories shared by BRRR practitioners. Cole Skelly presented several instances showcasing how the BRRR method has transformed the financial portfolios of many investors. These narratives can provide valuable insights and lessons for those embarking on the BRRR investment path. 

Navigating the BRRR investment strategy effectively requires practical knowledge and keen insight. Our experienced experts offered several crucial tips to assist in your effective implementation of this system, ranging from meticulous budgeting to tenant management and everything in between. 

In conclusion, the potential of BRRR in real estate investment is immense, offering opportunities for both wealth accumulation and financial independence. As Dave Debeau, Elizabeth Milder, and Cole Skelly demonstrate, with the proper knowledge, innovative strategies, and a little grit, the world of BRRR is ready for you to conquer.

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