Chatham-Kent Real Estate – Commercial Investing and Development Success in 2023 

So, if you would like to invest in a city that is expected to become a beacon for young people looking to start their lives in upcoming years, let’s take a moment to look at how Chatham-Kent Real Estate may be the prime place to begin investing. 

Chatham-Kent Real Estate

Chatham-Kent is a relatively quiet and low-key place for people to live. With relaxing natural spaces, a calm day-to-day lifestyle and easy access to busier cities via local highways and trains. For many, Chatham is an ideal modern rural community. 

For real estate investors, the city is home to some great opportunities to get in early on a growing market that is primed for expansion in the coming years. While this amalgamation of the communities of Blenheim, Chatham, Dresden, Ridgetown, Wheatley, Wallaceburg and Tilbury was only officially formed in 1998, the community has grown greatly in the past 25 years it has been united. With Ontario’s market expected to explode with new residents over the next ten years, Chatham-Kent’s real estate market is expected to become a destination for many new Canadian residents and young citizens who are looking for an affordable place to live. 

So, if you would like to invest in a city that is expected to become a beacon for young people looking to start their lives in upcoming years, let’s take a moment to look at how Chatham-Kent Real Estate may be the prime place to begin investing. 

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A Strategic Location 

Location is one of the most important factors when deciding where to invest in real estate. Fortunately for Chatham-Kent real estate investors, the area offers a very strategic position for business real estate investors looking to capitalize off of VIA Rail, and Highway 401. 

From Chatham-Kent, business owners, renters and investors have access to a variety of key markets across Ontario within a reasonable drive or train ride. This makes the city a key location for truck drivers, couriers and warehousing companies to call home. Within four hours of Chatham you are able to dive to the cities of Windsor, Toronto, London, Hamilton, and Niagara Falls. As well it is a short drive to the United State by way of the border crossings in Windsor and Niagara. 

Compared to other central locations, Chatham maintains the same competitive edge that other cities possess while also maintaining a more affordable real estate market, making this location very beginner friendly. 

Strong Local Economy 

As a rural community, Chatham puts a large amount of stock into it’s agricultural and agri-food businesses when prioritizing sectors within it’s economy. This means that farmland, greenhouses and food-processing plants are all strong investment options that work within the existing economic landscape in the city. 

Alternatively another major driving force in the cities economy is the manufacturing sector. Since the area has a low population density and plenty of open space, many manufacturers and tool and dye companies have set up shop in industrial Chatham-Kent real estate in order to avoid interfering with day-to-day life in larger cities or overcrowding their company in case they need to expand. 

As for the local unemployment rate, estimates from November 2022 indicate the city has an approximate 5.1 per cent unemployment rate, which is lower than the provincial rate of 5.8 per cent, indicating a strong labour market. 

Developing Housing For New Canadians 

Canada’s population is project to increase by over 1.5 million within the next ten years, with many of those new Canadian residents expected to be moving to Ontario. Naturally, with such a large increase in the population, residents are going to be on the hunt for the most affordable rentals and housing solutions in order to get by. Fortunately, Chatham is currently an incredibly affordable market. 

However, if Chatham is going to maintain its current affordability, it will need to have new housing introduced to the market to meet the demand before it arrives, or else housing prices will begin to inflate from the supply issue. 

Ideally, one of the best ways to do that quickly and affordably is through large, multifamily properties such as apartment complexes. That way a single development can add a large number of new housing units into the city. 

Chatham-Kent Real Estate – The Future of the Classic Car Capitol of Canada 

Chatham appears to have a bright future ahead of it, and while nothing is ever certain, smart investors stepping in and supporting the community and working to fill the needs that arise as the area continues to grow certainly increases the odds that Chatham-Kent real estate lives up to its full potential in the near future. 

So, regardless of whether you are looking to invest in business real estate, retail and other commercial ventures, or are a developer looking to build upon the community to bring new value into the area, Chatham is certainly a strong contender for the next up and coming market. 

Of course, regardless of the potential for success the Chatham-Kent real estate market holds, you still need to ensure that you are getting the best available financing for each of your investment properties so that you can grow and adapt your portfolio to the market as it evolves. In order to make this process easier, at LendCity we have a dedicated commercial financing team ready to assist you in securing the best available financing options for each of your investments and developments in order to help you nurture your portfolio and adapt as necessary. 

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