Curb Appeal - Increase Your Property Value With These 7 Easy Improvements

Anyone who has watched a home and garden television show has heard the term ‘curb appeal’ more times than they can count. However, how much do these exterior improvements have an effect in the long run? 

Increasing your curb appeal is one of the most important things you can do if you are looking to sell a property while maximizing your property. After all, if your home looks like it has been through a hurricane, investors and buyers are going to hesitate to go anywhere near it. Fortunately, there are plenty of affordable yet effective improvements you can make to increase the visual appeal of your property (and increase its overall value at the same time).

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Landscaping and Curb Appeal

Your lawn is one of the first things anyone will look at when coming to look at your property, so you need to make sure it looks nice. You do not have to overhaul the entire design (especially since you are going to be leaving), but you do want to make sure you keep it tidy to build your curb appeal. Trim your lawn and lay down new seed to fix any dead patches, trim any trees or bushes and remove any weeds or dead greenery that is laying there making your home look old and uncared for. 

If it looks too barren, you can always plant new plants, lay down mulch or add some stonework to the landscaping in order to make it feel more alive. 

Updated Driveway 

In Canada, over 70 percent of adults are estimated to own a car or have access to a car on a regular basis, which means the majority of people are going to need somewhere to park. So, have a freshly paved driveway, or a freshly cleaned and filled driveway is going to go a long way to increase curb appeal and the overall value of the property. If your driveway is old, cracked and oil-stained, potential buyers may turn away because they do not want to deal with it themselves. This is even more noticeable with dirt or gravel driveways that wear down your tires over time. 

Fresh Siding/Restored Brickwork 

If the walls of your property are old, worn down, and dirty, it may be time for an upgrade. Regardless of whether your property has siding or exposed brickwork, no one wants to look at a property and see faded, unappealing walls. So, consider replacing or restoring any siding or brickwork that appears to have weathered. If possible, you can even hire someone to power wash your walls to help them look brand new to increase curb appeal. 

As well, by taking the time to replace your siding, you have the opportunity to check to see if any of your property’s weatherproofing is worn down underneath, allowing for you to repair that as well, further increasing the value of the property. 

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Repaired/Replaced Roofing 

Speaking of weatherproofing, nothing helps keep out bad weather better than a good roof. Roofing is arguably one of the most, if not the most important improvement you can make to increase the value of a property. If you have a leaky roof, that means the property is likely full of water damage and potential mold buildup. This compromises the structure of the property, and the potential health of an unsuspecting buyer. Most savvy buyers will know what signs to look for to avoid water-damaged homes by looking at the roof from outside and keeping an eye out for any visible damage on a walkthrough (and if they do not, their agents will know where to look). 

If you kept up on roof maintenance, you would likely need very little maintenance, but even if you need to redo the entire roof it is proven that new roofs do lead to a high return on investment and a major increase in curb appeal. 

Window Repair 

You may look at your windows and think they are fine, but there is always room for improvement. First, have your windows inspected for any sign of wear on the weatherproofing. If it has worn down, have it replaced. At the same time make sure all your window frames are in good repair and every window opens easily and closes tightly. For an extra kick, repaint the window frames to help them look good-as-new and brighten up your curb appeal. 

New Lighting 

While most of your showings will happen during the day, do not discount the value of bright yard lighting and new porch lights. Potential buyers will often drive through neighbourhoods they’d like to move into and by having a nice well-lit yard will help you catch their eye. 

As well, having a well-lit yard increases the feeling of safety your buyers will feel on the property at night, making it more appealing while simultaneously increasing your curb appeal. It also makes the property feel more welcoming and provides an opportunity to make the rest of your improvements stand out at night instead of letting them get glossed over in the dark. 

A New Door 

For a final pop that is sure to get the attention of potential buyers and boost your curb appeal, you should consider repainting your front door or replacing it with a new one. After all, as the primary entrance to the house, your front door has a lot of potential to draw people into the property to take a look. Whether you are simply adding a splash of colour or replacing the door with an entirely new style, this is a change that will help your property stand out. 

As well, while you are doing this you have the option to change the doorknob for one that is more attractive that compliments the rest of the property. You can also add new locks to increase the security of the home while you are updating the door. 

If you are in the market for a new property, make sure you are prepared for anything by getting a pre-approval in order to know exactly what you can afford while also locking down the lowest available interest rates. For more information, visit or call 519-960-0370 Alternatively, click the link below for a free strategy call today.

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