Doing My First Syndication Deal with Candice Crawford

Dave Debeau's journey began with simple curiosity. It's interesting to explore how his interest sparked in syndication, a method of group investment where individuals come together to back a venture. This concept was foreign and intriguing to Dave at first, but the potential and power it possessed quickly became apparent. 

Doing My First Syndication Deal With Candice Crawford

Dave Debeau’s journey began with simple curiosity. It’s interesting to explore how his interest sparked in syndication, a method of group investment where individuals come together to back a venture. This concept was initially foreign and intriguing to Dave, but its potential and power quickly became apparent. 

At first glance, syndication appeared intimidating, peppered with legal regulations, unfamiliar terminology, and requiring a solid network of potential investors. Despite these challenges, Dave was drawn to the underlying wealth-creating potential and the opportunity for ordinary individuals to partake in large-scale investments. 

Part of this journey was the quest for learning and understanding. Dave threw himself into the world of syndications, committed to learning its intricate details. It went hand in hand with Dave’s philosophy, “Knowledge is Power.” He read books, attended workshops, and turned to seasoned professionals to deepen his understanding. 

Driven by the determination that he could break barriers and help many others like him tap into investment syndications, Dave Debeau took action. His initial steps were small but necessary. Building a network, fostering trust among potential investors, and becoming well-versed in the legal implications became the stepping stones on his journey. 

As Dave accepted the challenges, faced his fears, and moved forward, he gained his first success. It was not monumental, but confirmed his belief in the syndication process and its power. We will delve deeper into this significant win in later sections, so stay tuned for an exciting journey in the world of syndications. 

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Understanding Syndication: Candice Crawford Explains the Basics 

Once the basics of syndication have been laid out, Candice delves into the critical roles in a syndication deal. These include the syndicator or sponsor and the investors. The syndicator is the person or entity that finds, structures, and manages the agreement, whereas the investors provide the necessary capital. 

Key Roles in a Syndication Deal 

  • Syndicator: The syndicator, also referred to as the deal sponsor, is responsible for identifying profitable investment deals. They manage the entire deal process, which includes acquiring the property, managing investor relationships, and overseeing the day-to-day operations.
  • Investors: The investors are individuals or entities that provide the required capital to finance the deal. They play a passive role and depend on the syndicator to make the investment profitable.

Candice emphasizes the importance of ensuring all parties involved in the deal are aligned and share a common goal. This ensures the best possible outcome for everyone involved. 

“Successful syndication deals are built on trust and mutual benefit. The key objective should be value creation for all stakeholders,” Candice explains. 

“The success of a syndication deal depends heavily on the efforts of the syndicator in managing the entire process and making strategic decisions that are in the best interest of all stakeholders.”

She further highlights the necessity of thorough due diligence by both the syndicator and the investors. Understanding the ins and outs of a deal can go a long way in preventing misunderstandings and ensuring all parties are on the same page.

The Benefits of Syndication: Insights from Candice Crawford 

The realm of syndication offers an array of benefits that have been beneficial to both Candice Crawford and the numerous investors she has worked with. Her insights into these advantages clarify why opting for syndication deals can be a strategic choice. 

Pooling Resources 

Candice Crawford believes one of the most enticing benefits of syndication is the ability to pool resources. It allows individual investors to come together and invest in larger, more lucrative deals previously out of reach. “Working as a team broadens the scale of accessible opportunities,” she explains. 


Candice also points out that syndication brings about the benefit of diversification. It allows investors to spread their investment across different properties, reducing the risk compared to investing all capital in a single venture. With syndication, as she puts it, “investors can place smaller amounts into multiple properties, fostering a balanced portfolio.” 

Returns on the Investment 

The promising returns that syndication deals can generate are another compelling advantage. Investment returns in syndication deals are generally higher than in conventional real estate ventures. Candice suggests that “the potential for larger returns on investment is what draws most investors to syndication.” 

These insights from Candice capture the essence of how syndication can benefit investors by providing better investment opportunities. She has harnessed these advantages in her career and encourages others to consider these benefits when contemplating syndication deals.

Finding the Right Deals: Candice Crawford’s Proven Strategies 

Let’s delve deeper into the strategies employed by Candice Crawford to find efficient and effective syndication deals. The understanding and vigilance required in this sector cannot be overstated. However, Candice gives us remarkable insight into how she has mastered this craft. 

High-yield Opportunity Identification 

For Candice Crawford, success in syndication starts with identifying high-yield opportunities. This requires a close look at several factors, including location, the property’s potential for value appreciation, and current market conditions. But how does she do it? 

  1. Location: Candice places enormous emphasis on the location of the property. An ideal location would have high demands with low vacancies.
  2. Value Appreciation: The ability of a property to appreciate depends on several factors, some of which are economic future predictions, area developments, etc.
  3. Market Conditions: Understanding current market conditions can help one navigate towards a good or a bad deal. Candice pays particular attention to these conditions.

Due Diligence 

Once a property has been identified, Candice believes in the paramount importance of due diligence. This involves a thorough examination of all aspects of the property. She insists on verifying all details, from the property’s financials to its physical condition. 

  1. Financials: Crawford insists on thoroughly vetting a property’s finances, ensuring they match the details provided.
  2. Physical Condition: A detailed examination of the physical state of the building is conducted to avoid unexpected expenses.

Negotiation Skills 

After due diligence, negotiation becomes critical. Crawford’s experience has enabled her to master negotiation tactics, ensuring the best deals for her syndication partners. 

In conclusion, Candice Crawford’s strategies focus on rigorous opportunity identification, meticulous due diligence, and effective negotiation. These efforts result in a sound syndication deal that benefits all parties involved.

Overcoming Challenges: Dave Debeau’s Lessons Learned 

One doesn’t escape challenges in the journey to mastery, and the syndication world is no different. Dave Debeau shares some lessons from overcoming these hurdles in the interview. Below are some key takeaways: 

  • Due Diligence: Dave emphasized the importance of extensive research and careful examination of every detail when considering any syndication deal. This cannot be stressed enough to avoid pitfalls.
  • Building the Right Team: Having the right people beside you during the deal optimizes the process and ensures better success probabilities. This could be in the form of expert advisors, experienced partners, or savvy investors.
  • Effective Communication: Clear and concise information sharing between all parties is crucial. Miscommunication can lead to misunderstandings or escalation of minor issues.

Yet, Dave Debeau maintains that every challenge encountered is a stepping stone toward growth. As he puts it, “Facing these challenges head-on not only increases knowledge but also builds character and resilience.” 

Lessons in Resilience 

The host also highlights the importance of resilience in the syndication journey. Debeau mentioned that being able to bounce back after setbacks is essential in the industry. Candice Crawford affirmed this by adding, “One needs to remember that every no or a deal that didn’t work out is another step closer to a yes.” 

Through his experience, Dave has found that having a positive perspective and the determination to push through tough times is invaluable. This resilience, he believes, is critical to long-term success in syndication. 

Lessons in Patience 

The journey to syndication success doesn’t happen overnight. Dave underlined that patience is indeed a virtue. He admitted, “Waiting, sometimes, is the hardest part. But the fruits of diligence and patience are advantageous.”

Candice Crawford agreed, saying that there is nothing as satisfactory as seeing a syndication deal come to fruition after diligent and patient work. Thus, potential syndicators need to remember these lessons in resilience and patience as they forge their way into the syndication world. 

Building Trust with Investors: Candice Crawford’s Secrets Revealed 

Trust building is integral to any business relationship, especially in syndication deals. From her personal experiences, Candice Crawford shared some secrets of building trust: 

  • Transparency: Sharing process insights and communicating plans and strategies to investors fosters trust.
  • Consistency: Consistent communication aids predictability and makes one reliable, enhancing trust.
  • Expertise: Demonstrating knowledge and experience in the field boosts investor confidence and aids trust development.
  • Reliability: Fulfilling promises and delivering on commitments are among the most prominent trust builders.

Candice Crawford emphasized, “Trust is earned through consistent actions over time.”

Effectively building investor trust enables a smoother syndication process, increased investor loyalty and increased rates of return on investments. Hence, these are the golden nuggets of advice that Candice encourages budding and seasoned syndicators to incorporate into their strategies.

Building Trust with Investors: Candice Crawford’s Secrets Revealed 

Trust building with investors is essential in syndication deals. As asserted by Candice Crawford, solid relationships with investors are not built overnight; they are established over time with clear communication, transparency, and consistently meeting expectations. 


Providing clear and consistent information to investors is a key to winning their trust. Crawford strongly recommended always being transparent about the opportunities and risks associated with the investment. She advised, “Never hide or minimize potential risks. Letting investors fully understand what they’re getting into demonstrates your honesty and builds trust.” 

Clear Communication 

Crawford reiterated the importance of regular communication with investors. Keeping them in the loop with project updates, changes in circumstances, or investment results keeps them notified and their trust intact. 

Meeting Expectations 

Lastly, Crawford underlined the vital role of meeting the established expectations. Consistently delivering on what was promised in the timeline cultivates a strong reputation and deepens the trust between you and your investors. Failure to do so, however, can negatively impact the relationship significantly. 

Crawford concluded, “Building a successful syndication business goes beyond negotiating and investing. It’s also about the people, the investors. Earning and maintaining their trust is the most profound element of this business.” This valuable insight serves as a reminder of the importance of the interpersonal aspects of doing a syndication deal, a lesson that resonates strongly with host Dave Debeau’s experiences.

Creating Win-Win Deals: Candice Crawford’s Philanthropic Approach 

In this episode, Dave Debeau spotlighted Candice Crawford’s philanthropic approach to creating win-win deals. Candice dives into how philanthropy and business go hand-in-hand, demonstrating her unique approach to syndication deals that benefit all the parties involved. 

A Philanthropic Mindset 

Candice asserts that a philanthropic mindset believes in the betterment of everyone involved in the deal. She strongly advocates creating a business model that serves this purpose. According to her, a philanthropic approach to syndication ensures that the economic advantages are shared equally amongst stakeholders, maintaining the longevity and sustainability of the investment. 

Mutual Benefit 

She explains that her primary focus in each transaction is to generate fair and meaningful returns for her investors. By prioritizing the overall profit margins of her investors rather than solely focusing on maximizing profits for her company, Candice fosters a stronger relationship with her investors, leading to continued investment and further growth. 

Reinvestment in Communities 

She also mentions her belief in reinvesting in the communities where her portfolio properties are located. Ms. Crawford maintains that her investments go beyond monetary gain and uplift communities’ living standards, ensuring all parties involved are satisfied. 

Beneficial Partnerships 

Debeau highlights, and Crawford agrees, that it is essential to establish partnerships with organizations that share the same values and commitments toward social contributions. Building strategic alliances helps to leverage different skill sets and capital sources to benefit these disadvantaged communities.

The Road to Success: Dave Debeau’s Syndication Breakthrough 

In his journey into syndication, Dave Debeau faced many tribulations and learned valuable lessons. Every challenge was an opportunity to grow and hone his understanding of syndication deals. Let’s delve into some of the pivotal moments on his road to success and how they reshaped his approach to syndication. 

Recognizing the Power of Syndication 

One of Dave Debeau’s breakthroughs was truly understanding syndication’s potential. He recognized that this investment model was not just a way to make money but an opportunity to make a significant difference in communities and individual lives. 

Learning to Leverage Expertise 

The path wasn’t smooth. Initially, Debeau tried doing everything on his own. He understood the necessity of leveraging others’ expertise only after facing obstacles. With this realization, he began looking for experienced syndicators like Candice Crawford, increasing his knowledge and improving his strategies. 

Creating the Syndication Blueprint 

The culmination of these experiences and wisdom led Debeau to develop his “Blueprint for Syndication Success.” This strategy involves a focused approach to establishing lucrative deals and maintaining investor relationships, a balance he considers crucial for successful syndication. 

Success Through Persistence 

Debeau’s success in syndication is a true testament to the power of persistence. Despite the challenges, he remained resolute in pursuing this investment avenue, learning from every deal and imperfection. In Debeau’s words, “Success is a result of consistency.” 

With determination, resilience, and willingness to learn, Dave Debeau excelled in the real estate syndication, proving that success is achievable with the right mindset and approach. 

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