Edna Keep: Under Promise, Over Deliver, and Win

The guest on Dave Debeau's show is the brilliant and highly respected businesswoman Edna Keep. After much anticipation, Edna is ready to share her secret for success with you: underpromising and overdelivering. But what does this mean? 

Edna Keep Under Promise, Over Deliver, And Win

The guest on Dave Debeau‘s show is the brilliant and highly respected businesswoman Edna Keep. After much anticipation, Edna is ready to share her secret for success with you: underpromising and overdelivering. But what does this mean? 

At its core, underpromising and over-delivering involves setting realistic expectations for others and then exceeding them. It’s a subtle and practical way to impress and gain respect in any business setting. Edna considers this the cornerstone of her business model, which has led her to great success. 

Edna Keep does not just speak about underpromising and over-delivering. She embodies it. Whether meeting with clients or everyday interactions with her team, she makes it a point to exceed expectations. This approach does not stem from boasting about capabilities or potential results; instead, it is about doing more than what is initially promised. 

Edna has built a fortress of trust and respect around her business by underpromising and overdelivering. Clients are always pleasantly surprised, and her team members feel motivated and admired. 

Note to reader: Edna encourages you to try implementing this same approach. Remember, it’s about keeping promises realistic and then going the extra mile. The results may just surprise you.

This mindset helped Edna navigate through the world of business and overcome challenges that arose. In the next segment, Edna shares how you can do the same. Stay tuned.

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Edna Keep’s Journey to Success 

When Dave Debeau, the host, asked Edna Keep about her journey to success, she emphasized the importance of hard work, consistent learning, and an unwavering belief in oneself. As she narrated her experiences, listeners got a glimpse into the resilience and grit that drove her to the pinnacle of her career. 

Host Dave Debeau was keen to explore the foundation of Edna’s resilience. In response, she recounted how early life experiences shaped her determination and provided an unshakeable foundation for her career. She shared how she relied on her self-belief and determination to propel herself forward even in difficult times. 

Edna stressed the importance of continuous learning throughout her conversation with Dave. She emphasizes her commitment to learning new strategies, mastering innovative techniques, and, in turn, adapting them in her business endeavours. She maintained that a constant thirst for knowledge is vital for a successful entrepreneur. 

Edna believes that the cornerstone of all success lies in unwavering self-belief, as she shared with Dave Debeau. Maintaining a firm belief in yourself and your abilities is crucial regardless of the obstacles encountered. This belief and the right actions and decisions power the journey to success. 

In her exchange with Dave Debeau, Edna Keep gave insights into her success journey, offering valuable lessons for entrepreneurs. From the resilience built through tough times, the commitment to continuous learning, and unwavering self-belief, her journey is indeed a blueprint for success. As the saying goes, success leaves clues, and Edna’s journey is the whole of them.

Why Under Promising Builds Trust 

When Dave Debeau asked Edna Keep why she believed underpromising is vital for building trust, she shared some insightful thoughts. She says setting realistic expectations is the first step to honouring commitments. When you underpromise, she explained, you provide a buffer for unforeseen obstacles or delays. Therefore, even if challenges arise, you’re still likely to meet or exceed the initial expectation, fostering trust. 

Edna further explained the psychological aspect behind underpromising. When you underpromise and later overdeliver, it creates a sense of exceeded expectations in the mind of your client or partner. This leads to positive experience and increased satisfaction, further enhancing their perception of your reliability and performance. 

In her chat with Dave, Edna shared a few real-life scenarios where underpromising has helped her nurture and maintain trust. For instance, in her early days as a real estate investor, she would commit to a return of 10% to her investors. However, she would strive to deliver a higher return, often reaching 12% or 14%. As a result, her investors were always pleasantly surprised, and their belief in her capabilities grew significantly. 

According to Edna, underpromising requires clearly understanding one’s capabilities and constraints. It’s not about lowering your standards but setting and exceeding realistic goals. It’s about consistently delivering more than expected, cultivating a reputation of reliability and exceeding expectations. 

Remember, however, that the goal is not to deliberately diminish your capabilities but to leave room for overperformance. It’s about steadily alleviating doubts and fostering trust through impactful results, as Edna Keep demonstrated in her conversation with Dave Debeau.

How Over-Delivering Sets You Apart 

In the podcast, Edna Keep shared her insights on how over-delivering can help distinguish oneself. This might seem counter-intuitive as conventional advice often tells us not to over-work ourselves. However, as Edna points out, the focus is not about doing more but about doing it better. Let’s break down her thoughts on this captivating topic. 

Edna emphasized the importance of exceeding expectations. Whether in delivering a product, completing a service, or crafting a solution, aiming to go above and beyond what’s expected can significantly impress clients or partners. Not only does this demonstrate your efficiency and commitment, but it also grants your work a unique stand-out quality. 

The act of over-delivering, Edna explains, leaves an enduring impression on people. When you consistently deliver more than expected, you become memorable in the minds of others. They tend to remember the one who over-delivered, thus building a solid reputation and improving your relationships with them. 

In Edna’s opinion, adding extra value to your products or services is also an aspect of over-delivering. Perhaps it’s giving a slight discount, providing speedy deliverables, or offering superior quality. Extra value doesn’t necessarily mean you have to do more work. Still, it does mean making what you do deliver provide greater worth to the recipient, thereby creating a positive and beneficial experience. 

Overdelivering, as Edna suggests, can become your competitive advantage. In an increasingly commoditized world, it’s challenging to differentiate solely based on product offerings. Instead, over-delivering gives you an edge, a unique factor that sets you apart from the competition and allows you to build solid and lasting relationships with your clients or partners. 

In conclusion, as Dave Debeau and guest Edna Keep discussed, over-delivering isn’t about exhausting yourself but creating a unique, memorable, and valuable experience for others. By focusing on exceeding expectations, providing extra value and building solid relationships, over-delivering can become a powerful strategy for success. 

The Power of Exceeding Expectations 

When you exceed expectations, as Edna Keep does, it leaves a lasting positive impression. It propels you from simply being good to becoming exceptional in the eyes of those you serve. Achieving more than anticipated builds your reputation, making others more likely to recommend you or your services. 

The impact this can have 

  1. It fosters loyalty: Clients tend to stick with those who frequently exceed expectations.
  2. It differentiates you in a saturated market: Outdoing yourself can make you stand out among your competitors.
  3. It opens new possibilities: People are likelier to take chances on you if you have a proven track record of over-delivering.

This principle of Edna Keep applies to business and life in general. 

How can you apply ‘exceeding expectations’ to your journey? Here are some tips rooted in Edna’s successful approach: 

  • Understand what is expected: The first step to exceeding expectations is understanding what those expectations are. Once you have a clear idea, you can plan to fulfill them and then go beyond.
  • Communicate effectively: Clear communication with clients or stakeholders ensures everyone is on the same page. It helps prevent misunderstandings and cultivates trust.
  • Add value: Look for ways to add value the client may not expect. This could be anything from delivering work ahead of schedule to providing additional advice.

As Dave Debeau mentioned, emulating Edna Keep’s strategy of exceeding expectations can serve as a guiding principle to strive for personal and professional growth.

Overcoming Challenges with Edna Keep’s Strategies 

In their fascinating conversation on the podcast, Dave Debeau and Edna Keep touched on how using Edna’s strategies helps in overcoming challenges. Edna shared many valuable insights on the topic, providing practical strategies for conquering difficulties both in business and life. 

Develop a Positive Mindset 

Edna emphasizes the importance of maintaining a positive attitude no matter the circumstances. She mentions, “Staying positive doesn’t mean you’re always happy. It means that even on hard days, you know better ones are coming.” 

Adopt a Continuous Learning Attitude 

Additionally, Edna stressed the value of continuous learning. She said, “Nev, stop learning because life never stops teaching.” Underscoring the necessity of staying curious and constantly enhancing your knowledge and skills. 

Focus on Strengths instead of Weaknesses. 

Moreover, Edna Keep advises you to concentrate on your strengths, not your weaknesses. She noted, “Everyone is born with unique strengths. Focusing on these rather than your weaknesses allows you to bring the best of yourself to your business.” This is a strategy that she believes can help overcome numerous challenges. 

Collaborate and Network 

Lastly, Edna highlighted the importance of networking and collaboration. She stated, “The strength of the team is each member. The strength of each member is the team.” This is a testament to her belief in teamwork and collaborative efforts in overcoming obstacles. 

Indeed, these insights from Edna Keep provide a broader perspective on overcoming challenges. So individuals and businesses alike can learn from her experiences and strategies. Adopting these can indeed help them navigate difficulties and turn them into stepping stones for success.

The Golden Rule: Under Promise, Over Deliver 

Dave Debeau kicked off this section of the show with a question to Edna Keep: “Why do you believe in the motto ‘Under Promise, Over Deliver’?” Edna shared her unique insight into the concept, reflecting on her extensive experience in business and life as a success coach. 

Edna responded, “In business, our responsibility is to manage expectations. When we underpromise, we set a certain stage for our clients. And when we over-deliver, we exceed their expectations. This not only builds trust but also creates a rapport.” 

She added, “When you say you’re going to do something and then go above and beyond, people remember. They remember how you made them feel important and valued. They’re more likely to recommend your services to others.” 

Being a pragmatic woman, Edna didn’t stop at only imparting the philosophy but also shared helpful tips to help listeners implement this concept in their lives: 

  1. Transparency: Be honest with your clients about what can be realistically achieved. It’s better to set manageable expectations in the beginning than disappoint them later.
  2. Meticulous Planning: Having a well-laid plan can help you manage your time and resources to exceed those expectations you’ve set.
  3. Consistent Effort: It’s much more impactful to consistently over-deliver. This also builds up resilience and a strong work ethic.

In a wrap-up, Dave asked Edna for final thoughts on the subject. She left the audience with these words, “Remember, underpromising and over-delivering is more than just a cute slogan. It’s a way of life and an effective strategy for business success. Always strive for more.”

Edna Keep’s Advice for Success in Business 

In her conversation with Dave Debeau, Edna Keep shared practical strategies to succeed in the business world. Based on her profound experiences and insightful wisdom, Edna’s advice centers around cultivating the right mindset, relentless persistence, and continual learning. 

Edna said, “The right mindset could be equated to half the battle won.” She believes that a growth-oriented mindset is the key to success. This involves believing one can improve, grow, and overcome challenges through effort and strategies. Edna advises shedding negative thinking patterns and embracing positivity, enthusiasm, and determination. 

Edna emphasizes that persistence is a crucial determinant of success. She insists that setbacks and challenges should not deter one’s goals; instead, they should be used as stepping stones toward success. Persistence is more than hard work; it is the ability to remain unfazed by failures and continue striving toward the end goal. 

Continuing with her growth philosophy, Edna encourages her listeners never to stop learning. Acquire new knowledge, learn new skills, and keep oneself updated with current trends and developments. Edna mentions, “In this ever-evolving world, the ability to learn and adapt is critical.” 

Echoing her overall philosophy, Edna’s business advice revolves around adhering to the ‘Under Promise, Over Deliver’ strategy. Setting realistic expectations and endeavouring to exceed them establishes a strong foothold in the competitive business landscape and gains an edge.

Remember, success is not a destination but a journey filled with learning opportunities, trials, and triumphs. The challenge lies not in avoiding the obstacles, but learning how to navigate through them. Let’s keep growing, learning, and evolving, and remember to under promise and over-deliver!

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