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Sandy MacKay [00:00:00] Break Through Real Estate Investing Podcast Episode 10.

Rob Break [00:00:25] Hello and welcome to the Breakthrough Real Estate Investing podcast, we put this show together to inspire you and help you live the life that you want to live through the power of real estate investing. My name is Rob Break, and here with me again today is super co-host Sandy MacKay. What's new with you, Sandy?

Sandy MacKay [00:00:44] Yeah. Hey, Rob. And you know, of also is this one is definitely going to inspire you and motivate you to live the life you want to live through the power of real estate investing, because our guests coming up later is just fantastic. And he he really not just a park in this one. So that's going to be really exciting.

Rob Break [00:01:00] Yeah, inspire is definitely the word to use for this one, I think.

Sandy MacKay [00:01:04] Oh yeah. Big time. Yeah. For me, I've been doing the real estate agent thing for now. I've been at it for I guess to be a few weeks at this point, really enjoying it. Did my first deal just recently and it's been really busy. It's been really fun. It's been I've made a lot of there's been a lot of challenges, which is a little bit of a joke for what what Jeff's going to talk about later on. A lot of challenges, a lot of overcoming things. And it's been awesome because I'm really learning a lot.

Rob Break [00:01:38] Yeah, I want to congratulate you on doing a deal already that was super quick when you told me that I was very impressed to get the good stuff.

Sandy MacKay [00:01:48] It was like day five

Rob Break [00:01:51] that all, you

Sandy MacKay [00:01:52] know, something like that.

Rob Break [00:01:54] How is the move?

Sandy MacKay [00:01:56] On the move, it's not past tense, it's present tense and future tense still is still in the process, but it's going OK, love in Hamilton. There's a lot of a lot of character in the city and a lot of characters around the city, too. It's a fun place.

Rob Break [00:02:13] Yeah, I remember Hamilton was actually the first place I ever saw somebody talking on a blue tooth and I saw about three people. I've never this is the long time ago I was down there working and just people walking by mumbling to themselves. And I thought, what is going on in this city? Later on, I found out that's what it was, or at least I think that's what it was. Maybe I was just rationalizing their crazy behavior. I don't know. Yeah, you

Sandy MacKay [00:02:37] never know around here. You never know. But it's it's a very exciting place to be for real estate, tons of awesome investment opportunities. And and just it's a really emerged emerging city going forward. So I'm really excited to be here and around all that. So it's fun. Yeah, cool, yeah, what's going on with you? I was there some info on this real estate deal that you're doing because you talked about it last show and I think something happened with it, didn't it?

Rob Break [00:03:02] Yeah, something did happen with it. The I just decided to wholesale it because we actually managed to get in there and have a look at it, because that was one of the things that was holding us up before was the fact that the tenant wasn't letting anyone in and she didn't want anyone. And so we gave her the proper notice and went through all the channels and showed up there to have a look at it. And she just shook her head and kind of said, no, you guys aren't coming in. I've called the police. So we said, great, that's that's super. We'll wait for them to get here. And so when they got when they got there, we explained everything to them and they ended up giving us a police escort tour through the through the house. And yeah, they well, actually they gave us about one rooms worth of we have a police escort to her and then they all decided to leave because they were like, wow, one of them said he couldn't breathe. And yeah, it was it was pretty, pretty nasty inside. So basically it was a tear down. And I am not prepared for that kind of a project right now. So I just wholesale that off and that's closing. Well, I guess today, but not really today, whenever this podcast is coming out, which is on the 15th. So just really soon. But that that's what happened with that one. But I'm glad that I could do something with it. You know, I know that that cellar was really bad in a bad way. So it's super that we could actually get something done.

Sandy MacKay [00:04:34] Yeah. And the person who's actually going to take over is going to do something pretty good, probably with the right make some money and put something good on the property as opposed to what was there before.

Rob Break [00:04:45] Well, I mean, it should be condemned right now, that's for sure. There's no way someone should be living in there. I sent you the pictures. Oh, yeah, yeah.

Sandy MacKay [00:04:55] I it was hard to describe. It's hard to describe. All right. Well, I encourage everyone to go over to break through our podcast Dossie. As always, they can pick up our free gift there, the free report on the seven freedom activators that you can trigger in your property right now. And that's all about creating more freedom in your life as a as a real estate investor and tons of good tips and and stuff in there in that report. So I encourage everyone to go pick that up. Also wanted to just give a couple of shout outs to a couple new fresh reviews that we got on iTunes. Really appreciate it. I really appreciate the one from Mark Z. And he says he loves the podcast. It's fun and easy to listen to, says I love listening to this podcast when I drive. Best part is listening to different experts. So for a newbie like myself, I'm able to narrow down which strategy wouldn't would suit me best. And and he goes on to say he's thinking about gearing up to buy his first investment property, which is awesome. Congrats to Marc and really appreciate that review. I've got another one, too, from from a fellow going by the name broke it guy, which is pretty good. And he says it's great to listen to local real estate investors talk about our market and not some guru from the United States with strategies that don't apply to Canadians. ISIS keep up the good work and he's listening in to every episode. Really appreciate their view there from both of you. And you don't want to encourage everyone else to go do the same. Really helps us build the show and allows us to to really get the best guess possible on the show. So I really appreciate that.

Rob Break [00:06:37] Yeah, that's great. Yes, certainly not a guru, just soaking in all of the knowledge that that we're getting on every episode from all the guests here. Hey, Sandy, you ever been laying out by your pool and thought, you know, man, I really wish that I could listen to the break through real estate investing podcast while I'm swimming and laying out in the sun here. Yes. Well, I'm sure you have. Well, now you can, actually. You can't. But somebody is going to be able to because we have a we have a little contest that we're going to do here for a little prize. What is this here? It's a VHO wireless Bluetooth speaker and the 360 model we've got. It's really, really cool little wireless Bluetooth speaker to give away. What we are asking everyone to do if they want to enter themselves in this contest is just go over to iTunes and write a review for us. And of course, that's going to just have your iTunes name in there. So afterwards, you're just going to have to drop us an email at info, break through RTI podcasts. Yeah, yeah. Just maybe put in the subject line. I reviewed it and leave it to your iTunes name so we can reference back to it. And I think we're going to give it until August 15, then we'll give it till August 15th. We'll leave the contest open and then we will announce the winner on the September 1st Show. But it is a really cool little speaker. I put the link to the spec page on the show notes really wants to check it out.

Sandy MacKay [00:08:16] So does so does the speaker like just play our episodes and that's it.

Rob Break [00:08:20] That's it. That's all you get. We just loaded them. All right. And there it's a 24/7 breakthrough RCI podcast. Yeah.

Sandy MacKay [00:08:31] It is pretty cool, as exciting and entertaining as you know, I'm sure everyone thinks we are, that might get a little bit. No, I can't say that it wouldn't get boring.

Rob Break [00:08:41] No, I wouldn't get bored, you might get repetitive, though. Yeah, I. We can say that, I guess.

Sandy MacKay [00:08:46] Yeah, well I guess we can let them have their own music if they want.

Rob Break [00:08:50] Yeah. There is one one song that's our theme song for. Did you have a look at the speaker, Sandy?

Sandy MacKay [00:08:58] Yeah, looks friggin awesome. It's I can see a lot of different uses for it'd be great for for someone who doesn't have headphones right here. You can just listen to music by the pool. You won't listen to us. Great. At the beach. You know, a lot of different uses for us. So I think it's great.

Rob Break [00:09:15] Yeah. What I like about it is pretty cool because you can charge it and you know, you don't have to have it plugged into the wall. You can basically just take it everywhere, hook it up to your phone and away you go. Instant party.

Sandy MacKay [00:09:25] Yeah, exactly.

Rob Break [00:09:27] So, yeah, that's a cool little contest, so anyone who wants wants to get involved with that, just go write us a review on iTunes. Then, like I said, send us an email at Info Breakthrough r.i podcast gutsier in the subject line. Right. I reviewed it and leave us your iTunes name and you'll be entered into the drawer. And we're just going to take anyone who anyone who leaves us a review between now and August 15th. And we're going to announce the winner on the September 1st Show.

Sandy MacKay [00:09:56] Yeah. And you don't have to say much norvig and be one word. Hey, love the show or hey, awesome. But I think one requirement is there has to be a five star review. I don't know if we're going to be giving away prizes to one one or two star reviews.

Rob Break [00:10:10] Are we allowed to discriminate like that? We shouldn't have that problem. Yeah. OK, so moving on here. We today we have a really great guest and we thought that we would change things up a little bit, steer away from the real estate, investing solid focus just a little bit, and really just zero in on success in general. And the concept that Sandy and I have come up with is that for every 10th episode, we're going to bring you some info from the business world outside of real estate investing course. We're going to make sure that it stays relevant. But we wanted to be able to cover other topics such as health, motivation, mindset, which our guest, Jeff Woods, is here to talk with us about today.

Sandy MacKay [00:10:56] So, yeah, all of these areas are very important pieces for all around success in whatever field you're in. And we think definitely worth dedicating some time to. So if you have any other topics you'd like us to discuss in the show, certainly let us know. Send us an email. You heard the email before info, break through our podcast Dossie or just put a comment in on on the website or interview. We're happy to address anything that seems relevant. Our goal is to provide the best podcast that we possibly can by taking a no scarcity abundance mentality approach in what we share. And I think that that will help us learn more at the same time as you listen to this. And it's really inspirational interview coming up here with Jeff Woods. You're going to learn how to overcome fear and uncertainty and doubts in life. You're going to learn the three areas that wealthy people focus on the most in their lives. And also, Jeff is going to tell us how he managed to reach his, quote, unquote, lifelong goal in just his first six years as a real estate investor. Not only that, but he plans on doubling that by the end of 2014. He's going to share exactly how he's managed to do that. And that's all coming up in this interview with Jeff Woods. So here it is.

Rob Break [00:12:24] I'm very pleased to have Jeff Woods with us tonight, and there was really two reasons why we wanted to have you do the show. Jeff, how are you doing?

Jeff Woods [00:12:33] I'm doing awesome. Thanks for having me on, guys.

Rob Break [00:12:38] Sandy, there, I'm here. Yeah, go. Good stuff. Well, the first reason is that you are a very successful real estate investor with a lot of knowledge to share. You just wrote a book about your strategy of choice, the ultimate wealth strategy. And we're going to talk about that a little bit later tonight. But the other reason is that you are a very inspiring person with a great success, mindset, message to share. And that's a reason why we have you on tonight. So thanks for agreeing to come on the show.

Jeff Woods [00:13:10] Yeah. Thank you for for inviting me. I'm certainly excited to be here. And I will try to add a ton of value to your listeners as it pertains to not only real estate, but as you discussed mindset as well. So excited to be here, guys.

Rob Break [00:13:27] Hey, just tell us a little bit about yourself and your business.

Jeff Woods [00:13:31] OK, well, I will give you kind of the condensed version. So I grew up in a small town, Arthur, Ontario, and kind of raised in obscurity. Both my parents were uneducated general laborers swapping hours for dollars. And of course, they did the best they could. But with that, early on in my life, I have had to overcome a lot of adversity. And, you know, there's not too many things that can happen to an individual that have an impact on my life in one way or another. So that's really kind of shaped and molded who has become as I've went throughout the years. Now, if we transition from, you know, my childhood and my upbringing to where I am today, it's complete 360. It's like night and day. So if we fast forward into today, you know, I now have financial freedom and I have multiple companies. I have an investment company, a property management company, a renovation and contracting company. I have development plans in the Caribbean. And I have all these businesses and assets that are really funding my lifestyle. And most importantly, I was able to fire my boss in October of 2010 and buy back my freedom. And so now, you know, it's the little things in life where every morning I get to wake up to my passion and instead of my damn alarm clock, if you will. So, you know, life is completely different today for me than it was growing up. But one of the things I really wanted to stress with that is going back to the adversity. So my quest to achieve financial freedom in my life and to kind of take myself out of that rut that I was in, you know, the generational poverty and all of my friends and family that struggled for years and years and years is I really started to study successful people in and wealthy people and how they were doing it and what character traits they had. And a lot of people think it's more about your IQ, about how intelligent you are. But I found that a lot of people that have accomplished great things in their life, they have a really high IQ, which is stands for adversity quotient. And so if you're an individual that's able to overcome adversity because I mean, let's face it, life has challenges, right? Life isn't fair and times do get tough. So if you can overcome those adversities, you're setting yourself up to have a greater success or at least a greater chance of success and to dig down even deeper into that, not even overcoming those adversities. But I found this to be true with myself as well as that. What I was able to do is take that adversity and harness it and kind of use it as fuel to propel myself closer to the goals that I wanted to achieve. So that's that's kind of a brief overview of where I started from and where I am today and in my current businesses.

Rob Break [00:16:41] Well, Jeff, my alarm still goes off at five a.m. every morning, so hopefully someday I'll be here with you. That would be that would be awesome. Are you Will. When you're speaking about the adversity quotient, one of the things that was really hard for me was to leave the idea of who I was behind, the idea that I had to sort of stick into a mold of conformity with everybody else and do what you do every day. And and that was a really hard mindset to pull myself out of.

Jeff Woods [00:17:13] So it is it's a huge challenge. And we're bombarded every day, you know, whether it's the school systems, the media, the government views, it can be this kind of overwhelming feeling of trying to conform to everyone else. But that's why, you know, mindset is so important. You have to really stay focused on your goals and what you want and don't let that negativity suck you back in. Great misery loves company. So it's all about going against the grain and being disruptive.

Rob Break [00:17:48] You know, in the school system, especially like you were saying, I was starting to realize more now that I've got to decide where to send my kids to school. So that was something I never even thought of when I was growing up. You just went to school. Now I feel like there's a choice to be made. Right. The school system for me, I feel like I have an education, but I believe it failed me in life lessons, I guess. Well, we'll put it that way.

Jeff Woods [00:18:18] Well, there's a saying. There's a saying that says, you know, formal education will make you a living, but self education will make you a fortune.

Sandy MacKay [00:18:27] Exactly.

Jeff Woods [00:18:28] And I've certainly found that true in my life. Right. You know, the course curriculum that's kind of spoon fed to you throughout school? Well, none of that interested me. And nobody teaches you how to invest in real estate or start a business or create financial freedoms. All of these things that should be taught. And so it's all about, you know, for me, education is an evolution. It's something that never stops every day, every week, every month, every year. I'm constantly striving to improve myself, but not through traditional means, through through books and coaching and all of these other wonderful resources that we have. And that's been a tremendous value and a tremendous credit to what I've accomplished today is through through all of that.

Rob Break [00:19:12] Well, hopefully I have another one for us. We're going to change things up a little bit for this show because we usually ask this question towards the end. But I think it makes more sense to have it up front here today. And that is, is there a quote or a piece of for advice that's always stuck with you? And how has it helped you?

Jeff Woods [00:19:32] Yes, so I have three that I would like to go over with you today.

Rob Break [00:19:38] Awesome. So the record breaker, nice.

Jeff Woods [00:19:42] I like to break

Sandy MacKay [00:19:43] records and most people, too. I don't think I've heard it. Three. That's good.

Jeff Woods [00:19:48] OK, well, we're certainly setting the bar right here. So the first one that I'd like to speak about is those that believe they can and those that believe they cannot are both correct. Right. And so this really ties into what we're speaking about today is the mind set. It really comes down to what you think about and what you believe. And it's so simplistic that quote, but it's so true. If you don't believe that you can do it, it doesn't matter. I could teach you everything I know about real estate investing. But if you don't believe you can do it and have the desire to do it, you're simply not going to do it. You're either going to make up excuses in your mind as to why you can't do it, or if you do it a little bit, you'll end up self sabotaging and ruin it in the process. So that's why I believe wholeheartedly that mindset is the number one foundation to success and certainly not everything. You've got to take massive action as well, but it starts with your mindset. So the second quote that I use a lot and is very important is that because most people fail in life, not because they set their goals too high and miss, but tragically because they set them too low and hit. So, again, this goes back to society and being average and not believing in yourself. And again, very simple, setting the bar too low. Right. Nobody wants to fail. So we all set goals that we know are achievable. But if you look at the world's most successful people and people that are doing some amazing things with their lives, they are not setting simple goals. They're setting huge goals. And then it's a process to to implement to achieve those goals. And I'll give you an example as this pertains to my life. When I first started this journey and getting educated, you know, I went to an event and they taught you about creating a vision and writing down your goals and all of these things that at the time I didn't really buy into wholeheartedly, but I'd been doing things a certain way my entire life without getting any results. So I said, OK, let's give this a try. And I ended up setting a goal for myself of buying 100 rental units. Now, you've got to remember, I come from a broken family. My mother and father to this very day do not own a single piece of real estate where I was mentally to set that goal of one hundred units. That was a huge goal. I thought that was astronomical. I thought that if I could hit that in my lifetime, that would be awesome. Right. And then as I began to evolve and learn and put the pieces of the puzzle together, I hit that goal of one hundred units within a few short years. So that really proved to myself that going back to that, saying most people fail in life not because they set their goals too high and missed, but because they set them too low and hit what was six years ago I thought was this huge astronomical goal. I've now figured out that was a very small goal and that I'm capable of so much more and our potential to do so much more. It's it's mind blowing. It's way beyond what you think is typical for yourself. And so I really want to stress that is that, you know, people need to start setting bigger goals for themselves.

Rob Break [00:23:19] So awesome. Yeah, that's so that's number two.

Jeff Woods [00:23:24] That's number two. So then which brings me to the third quote that I really love, and this really kind of solidifies everything and brings it back together. If you could capsulize this and take two a day, you would achieve wealth. So this one is by Napoleon Hill and it says, Riches do not respond to wishes. They respond to definite plans backed by definite desires through constant persistence. So if we break that down a little bit, you know, throughout my journey and certainly with working with coaching students and whatnot and just analyzing society as a whole, most people don't have what they want because they do not know what they want. So you really have to sit down and create some crystal clear focus as to what it is you want in your life. And then from there, you need to develop. We're talking about mindset, but mindset is not enough on its own to take you to your goal. So that's why you need to develop a definite plan. What are. The action steps that you can implement every day of every week of every month of every year until you achieve your goal, and then that has to be backed by this burning, relentless desire which goes back to, you know, in my personal experience, it's all these adversities that I have gone through in my life that you will be when times get tough, I would reflect back on that. And there is no way in hell I was going back to a life of struggle and a life of poverty and playing the role of the victim. Right. So that would push me through. And that's what allowed me to achieve, not only achieve, but sort of surpass what I thought was a huge goal in relatively quick time. So those are the three that I wanted to share with you today

Sandy MacKay [00:25:17] while I love those. So I've got a question. When you hit your hundred units, what was your what was your next step after that?

Jeff Woods [00:25:27] So from there, I just doubled it and said, OK, if I can do one hundred in six years approximately, I said, I want to double that this year. And so what we've done is we're actually going to do that. So within one year, we're going to what took me six years, which I thought was like a lifetime goal. We're actually going to double the amount of units in one year. So 2014, by the end of this year, we will have over two hundred units in our portfolio. Amazing.

Sandy MacKay [00:26:00] Wow, I'm loving this already.

Rob Break [00:26:03] Well, yeah, one of the big things for me is really I don't take the time to sit down and write out my goals. There's sort of a vague thing in the back of my head. And I believe that I do think I need to clear it up and figure out exactly where I'm going. I think that would really, really help me out. So, yeah, that's some really good advice. Got to do some homework, take some time, write some stuff down and get some clarity, I think.

Jeff Woods [00:26:26] Absolutely. Yeah. Yeah. It's it's fundamentally important, right. If you don't know where you're going and what you want in life, how are you ever going to get there? You really need to carve out some time and sit down and focus on that.

Sandy MacKay [00:26:41] So, Jeff, what was holding you back from becoming an entrepreneur?

Jeff Woods [00:26:46] Well, the real quick answer, and this is true for everybody, it was me. It was my own limiting beliefs. It was what I like to call the fun factor. Right. So it was my fears, my uncertainties and my doubts. And it was my mind's making up all these excuses because your mind is designed to protect you. Right. And so you'll make up all these excuses as to why you're not good enough. You're not smart enough. You're not worthy enough. You're not old enough, young enough, whatever the case may be. And, you know, you'll you'll use those to allow yourself to remain stuck in your comfort zone. Right. Because everyone wants to play it safe. And, you know, in society, going back to the school systems, we're all taught that failure is bad. If you fail, you're stupid. Right. And failure is not bad. And that's that's a mindshift failure is is an opportunity to learn. So what did you learn from that challenge? I like to call it not a failure, but what did you learn from it? How can you do it better and improve yourself for the next time? But if you're not feeling you're basically wasting your life stuck in your comfort zone, which unfortunately is where about ninety seven percent of all people resigned because they're too afraid to take that step, they're too afraid to fail. So that's the big thing is, is your mind and the fear and then how you can overcome that. And certainly what helped me overcome that was education. Right? As soon as I started to focus on educating myself on the proper ways to do it and doing it right the first time and gaining a little bit of confidence and then doing it again the second time and gaining a little bit of confidence and then the third time and keeping it consistent. Right. Going back to consistency and gaining confidence and building confidence. You know, again, it's like night and day. When I bought my first property, I paid sixty nine thousand. It was a beat up bank power sale and I was scared out of my mind how, you know, I'm used to being broke my entire life. How am I going to pay sixty nine thousand dollars? I thought this was an astronomical amount of money and now there's there's no building to back. You know, whatever it is, bring it on. I'm ready.

Rob Break [00:29:08] It is pretty hard to fail at holding down a coach, right?

Jeff Woods [00:29:13] Yeah, absolutely. You know, your comfort zone is a place for you to go to rest. You don't want to live there if you're not pushing that brink. If you're not stepping out on the edge, as I like to call it, then you're really not living.

Rob Break [00:29:29] And I do like that. You call it a challenge, not a failure. That makes a lot of sense. It's really not a failure. If you learn and you can approach problems or challenges from a different angle, then it's not a failure.

Jeff Woods [00:29:42] That's right. Yeah.

Sandy MacKay [00:29:45] Jeff, so we've talked about this already a lot. Obviously, the mindset. How how does that translate into your business and how important is that pacifically to your business?

Jeff Woods [00:29:55] Yeah, well, again, it all starts with you, right? You have to get clear with your mind. You have to you know, when it's a constant evolution. This is something that I'm constantly working on, is improving my mindset. But how that translates to businesses that, you know, if you're someone that's stuck in your comfort zone or you let fear uncertainty or don't hold you back. Right. And you're not solid, you don't have that solid foundation. Well, how can you ever form a team of people around you that are going. Buy into your vision and support your dreams and goals. How are you ever going to get out there and raise that capital that you need to buy that amazing investment property if you don't truly believe in yourself? So that mindset, well, it's about you first and foremost. It affects your business tremendously, because if you don't have it, nobody is going to stand behind you. Nobody is going to invest in your deals. And then, of course, you're not going to be successful in business either.

Rob Break [00:30:57] What are three things that can help drive us forward to that next level?

Jeff Woods [00:31:03] OK, so what are the three things that can drive us forward as I've evolved and and started to study wealthy, successful people and kind of figured out what they're doing and modeled after them? One of the things I want to stress especially is men. You know, we're constantly trying to reinvent the wheel where you don't have to go through that. Success has already been proven. Wealth creation. It's it's a proven system. It's a process. And so for many years, I tried to go it alone and I've tried to reinvent the wheel. And you simply don't have to do that. You just have to model after with successful wealthy people do. Now, the three areas that they focus on the most is, number one, education. No. Two assets and number three relationships, if you focus on those three areas, you will achieve success. You will take you will achieve wealth and you will take your business to levels you never dreamed possible. Education is for for me, that's the number one most important thing, because when you when you get the education that helps build your confidence and build your mindset, you know what you're doing. You're better able to structure your business, build your team, so on and so forth. That also is going to allow because like attracts like. So now you're going to attract the right people, the relationships into your world or into your business that's going to help take you to the next level. And once you combine your education with your relationships, well, now that you use that as fuel to acquire your assets. So for me, for example, rather than me showing in my own personal cash to buy a real estate asset, what I do is I focus on my education, learning the strategies, and I focus on building the relationships with JV partners or private money lenders. And I combine the two to acquire the asset. So I use my knowledge and my relationships to buy my assets, and that frees up my money to fund my personal desired lifestyle. So those are the three things I would recommend you listeners focus on.

Sandy MacKay [00:33:27] And I remember I love.

Rob Break [00:33:28] Yeah, that's awesome. Yeah. I remember I was upset asking about eight times already in this interview, but I think it was you that said something along the lines of the shift in mindset from when you're talking about JV partners and that kind of things and finding funding for your deals. Just to shift your mindset away from like you're not begging or asking people for money, that you're offering them an opportunity that they wouldn't otherwise have. And that's one of the big challenges, too, for me, is to realize that it's an opportunity for somebody. It's not panhandling. Mm hmm.

Jeff Woods [00:34:06] Exactly. And again, goes right back to our topic of discussion is the mindset, right. Is just shifting how you view that. So when you go in with the mindset that you're you're helping this person, you're allowing them to be part of this amazing opportunity that they otherwise wouldn't have a chance to be involved in, that's a completely different mindset than going in with a mindset of, oh, I'm begging for money or I'm seeing needy, you know, appearing needy because I need those funds to do my deal. Yeah.

Sandy MacKay [00:34:39] And it's and there's a lot of people with a lot of money out there that have no clue how to invest in real estate. Right. So there's a lot of people that literally desperately need that assistance.

Jeff Woods [00:34:50] Absolutely. They need guys like us to help them out. So we. And that's part of the process, right? Well, my mission statement when I started this whole process was that my goal is to create wealth not only for myself, but also for those around me. And, you know, that's part of that process is when you're bringing on these partners and you're putting them into a deal that's awesome that you believe in and you're helping them build financial freedom to me. You know that. That's great. That's what it's all about.

Sandy MacKay [00:35:23] And it all is going to come back to you as well. You really don't even have to think about yourself in that sense. You can help more people to help. It's all going to come back to you eventually, whether it's immediately or down the road.

Jeff Woods [00:35:34] So absolutely. Yeah.

Rob Break [00:35:38] So everybody has one of these stories, did you want to tell us about a failure or I guess as you called it, a challenge that you've met in the past and tell us how you overcame it?

Jeff Woods [00:35:51] I've I've had several challenges through three of my investment career. But the one that is kind of a defining moment and stands out for me was the second property I bought. So it's a kind of back up. I bought my first property at the age of twenty three, beat up bank power, three bedrooms up, three bedrooms down, rented it out to all my college friends. The place was cash flowing phenomenally. I thought I was a genius. Is going to be a huge real estate investor, but little did I know. So I quickly rush out and buy my next property, which was a duplex in downtown Niagara Falls. And needless to say, I made just about every mistake you could possibly do on a deal. Bad property, bad area, bad tenants, bad foundation, no fire code, you name it. I had to deal with it. And so that property at the time was a nightmare. And I quickly sold that property and reverted back to my comfort zone, which is where I stayed for, you know, for far too many years. I wasted many valuable years that, you know, I hope to help other investors avoid doing by getting the proper education up front, not trying to figure it out and do it all on your own. But anyways, once I was able to rebuild my courage and go back and start doing it the right way by getting the education and surrounding myself with amazing people. Now, as I reflect back on that deal, which, you know, again, was a huge nightmare, it was it's now the property that I consider to be the best property I've ever acquired because it taught me so many valuable lessons that I was able to take those lessons and use them to help others not fall into the same trap or make the same mistakes. So well, it cost me thousands. I've been able to save people tens of thousands through that through that lesson.

Sandy MacKay [00:37:55] And so I'm sure you've had a lot of these, too. And maybe there was a lot of them built into the property, I'm sure. But what's a big aha moment you've had in life?

Jeff Woods [00:38:06] Again, I've had a few through the process, but I think the biggest one for me, you know, kind of going back to the whole mindset thing is when I was in my younger years and trying to figure this all out and again, coming from kind of obscurity and dealing with all kinds of issues early on in my life. And I was always, you know, it was always someone else's fault. It was my parents fault. It was the government's fault. It was the economy's fault. It was the school system's fault. You know, I had this huge chip on my shoulder. I wanted to blame everybody but me. Right. And so, you know, when you hear if you want to achieve success, you've got to surround yourself with great people. So I thought that's what I had to do. I moved away and moved as far as I can move without going into the states and new friends, new surroundings got away from what I thought was the problem. And my life still didn't change. And so then I thought I had to move again. That led me down to the Niagara region. And so here I am. Same problems, different different environment, different people. But the same problem wasn't achieving the results that I wanted. And so my big aha moment was when I reflected when I stopped and thought about it, I was the common denominator. Right. I was the common denominator in all of those locations. And so it wasn't until I sat down and said it's a tough pill for most people to swallow, but I had to take one hundred percent responsibility for everything that's happened to me in my life. Right. 100 percent responsibility. Once you do that, it's very liberating because if all the bad things in your life and all these adversities that you overcome, you assume responsibility for those and you let go of the hatred and you realize that all the amazing things you can achieve are also your responsibility. And you start to shift your focus on all these amazing things as opposed to the negative things. Life, life changes. Right? There's a there's a saying that a lot of people, they go out and they're trying to change the world. They're trying to change the government and the economy and all of these things. Well, if you want to change the world, change yourself and your world will change. And that was my huge aha moment. Once I got that. Once that clicked for me, the rest is history. I just went to work and I haven't stopped.

Rob Break [00:40:40] In a way, it's not just focused on the good things, it's just gratitude for your everyday life. You know, you can come home and you can say, oh, there's my kids again and there's my wife again. Or you can or you could say, wow, you know, I have a really I have a really great family. There's always two ways of looking at everything.

Jeff Woods [00:41:02] Absolutely. The other thing about that, too, is when when you start making up excuses, like, for example, you know, we all know what happened 2008, you know, doom and gloom and housing prices fall in the US and all these things. So it's an excuse that you're using is, well, I can't be an amazing investor or a business person because the economy sucks. Well, you're giving away your power because now your whole your whole success depends on the economy, which you can't control. But if you if you take back that power and say, listen, my success is dependent one hundred percent on me, it has nothing to do with the economy, the government, the country, the people around me. It's 100 percent me then that's liberating. You're taking back your power and now you're in control to create your own economy. And speaking to that, two thousand eight for me was my best year ever. The only one that beat that was two thousand nine, followed by 2010, 11, 12, 13 and now 14 were crushed. And all of those years combined. Yeah. So because I'm in control, wasn't my parents, wasn't my government. It wasn't the economy. It's me.

Rob Break [00:42:16] Yeah. That's what I was just going to say too is that Yeah. 2008 and I didn't hear a lot of people talking like this is all, you know, stay away from real estate. You don't want to be anywhere near that. Meanwhile, it's the greatest time to buy ever.

Jeff Woods [00:42:29] Yeah, absolutely. Everything's on sale, you know.

Sandy MacKay [00:42:33] Yeah. And everyone's complaining about everything and those type of times. Right. So it's hard. You really have to take control of it yourself. Way easier said than done. But it's a really, really critical lesson, I think, for sure.

Jeff Woods [00:42:44] Yeah. Well, one of the frustrating things is you never you know, no matter how badly you want to help somebody, you're never going to be able to change that person's mind. They have to want it for themselves. So when I'm talking of a real estate and I'd bump into somebody that has that type of mindset, I would just agree with them. Yeah, you're right. Real estate, sortable, don't buy any of it.

Sandy MacKay [00:43:05] It for me. Yeah.

Jeff Woods [00:43:06] And you can read something. You're just wasting your time and effort and energy trying to convince them otherwise.

Sandy MacKay [00:43:15] Jeff, you got several companies now, a lot of things going on. You got a new book going all out there we're going to talk about in a minute. And you only speak here and there as well. How are you balancing all of this?

Jeff Woods [00:43:29] Right. So what's really been beneficial for me, you know, throughout my businesses and my evolution and learning is there's a couple of things that I can attribute that to. The first thing is creating systems for yourself. So once you have things systemized, it becomes a whole lot easier. And the second part of that process is surrounding yourself with great people.

Jeff Woods [00:43:58] You know, I'm I'm grateful and I'm fortunate enough to have amazing people around me and to run all the various companies and everything that I do. I have very few people just kind of run through the list. So, you know, I've got my original partner, Dino Mazola, who was basically our CFO, and he handles all the financing and the accounting and the payroll. And then I've got my other partner, Kevin Frayser, who's our director of Project Development, and he basically handles all our renovations and maintenance of all of our deals that we're doing. And then, of course, we've got solar panels, the the management department and Dana Woods, who assist him as the property manager. And then I've got Sandra Blake, who's our our head of H.R., an office administrator in running our offices. And then I've got my secret weapon. Who's going to come on board as our director of sales here in the New Year? My trier, that is my executive team. So with those four people, I'm able to create multiple streams of revenue, multiple companies, and run it all through through their expertize and through creating systems. Like I said, I'm fortunate to have those people around me because the truth of the matter is they're much better in their areas of expertize than I'll ever be. You know, one of the things that I really like to stress in life, you hear a lot of things that are misleading. And, you know, if you watch the Dragonstone, which I watch periodically, they talk about self-made millionaires. And that is very misleading. And it's a huge. There's no such thing as a self-made millionaire. Nobody ever achieves greatness on their own. I certainly would not have a fraction of what I have today without those people that I just mentioned. And you need to surround yourself to build an empire. Now, there's people that have started from nothing, millionaires, which which I fall into that category. But I'm not self-made and nor is any other millionaire billionaire on this planet

Sandy MacKay [00:46:11] that I love. That's great. So that's that's amazing because so many people say that such a common term and. Yeah, it is. It's really misleading.

Jeff Woods [00:46:22] Yeah, absolutely. I tried, you know, in the beginning, I thought I could do it all on my own. And you can't, right? Nobody that's ever achieve greatness on their own, you know, great people around.

Sandy MacKay [00:46:34] And you have to. And to accomplish that, of course, it comes back to the beginning where you're talking about believing in yourself and your own abilities and just being a great leader and all that sort of stuff. Right.

Rob Break [00:46:47] It's really great that you have that you had such a big vision. It's something that I'm hoping that maybe I can learn from you. I definitely want to take that away from this interview because I'm probably thinking too small. I'm glad I could dig into your brain tonight.

Jeff Woods [00:47:05] I'm I'm happy to be here and I'm always happy to help. I'm hoping you get in a lot of value. And I hope your listeners get a lot of value from tonight, because what you guys are doing here with these interviews in this podcast, it's vitally important to giving back to people and to helping other people create financial freedom. So good for you guys.

Rob Break [00:47:25] Yeah, and there's no doubt that everyone that listens will get a lot of value out of this one.

Sandy MacKay [00:47:30] Oh, this will be one of the ones I recommend first for sure, because it's it's just so crucial. All the other stuff is just secondary really to to this like having the mindset.

Jeff Woods [00:47:41] Yeah, it's the it's the foundation. Focus on yourself first. Focus on your mindset. And that brings me to another another point that I'd like to illustrate to you in life. A lot of people say, you know, if you focus on yourself a little too much, you're selfish or you're greedy. But in the beginning, it's it's crucial that you focus on yourself. An analogy I like to use is when you're in an airplane, right. And the stewardess is giving the emergency procedures and she says in case of cabin pressure, an oxygen mask will fall from the compartment. And they advise you to put that oxygen mask on yourself first. And once you've done that, the mask securely over your face, then you can go on and help women and children or whoever's around you. Right. And that analogy holds true to life. You know, I see so many people. It's got amazing hearts and their intentions are good. And they want to help everybody, but they need to step back. You can't really help someone until you learn to help yourself. So you've got to take care of yourself first rate your financial freedom. Great, your time of freedom, create your abundant lifestyle. And then once you have that, then that allows you more time and more power and the greater ability to serve on an even bigger level. But a lot of people, again, you get brainwashed into thinking, well, if you do too much for yourself here, then yourself, this person. And that's not the case.

Rob Break [00:49:10] That makes a lot of sense.

Sandy MacKay [00:49:11] Oh, that's that's right on.

Rob Break [00:49:14] So you have written a book and it was just released. Do you want to tell us a little bit about that?

Jeff Woods [00:49:21] Yeah, absolutely, I'm very proud of this new book. It's my first one, and I coauthored the book with two other amazing investors who I'm sure you guys know. One is Andrew Brennan, who works at the very real area, and the other is Quinson de Souza, who who invests heavily in the Durham region. So the book is called The Ultimate Wealth Strategy Your Complete Guide to Buying, Fixing, Refinancing and Renting Real Estate. And what the book is, it's a it's an easy to read story that systematically walks you step by step throughout the entire process. And this is the strategy that has allowed me to acquire over two hundred units in a very few short years. So one of the things I like to stress is I've tried many of the other strategies and nothing will take you further faster than this strategy if you're looking to propel your investment career. This is it. This is the strategy you need to implement. That's what the book's about. And I highly recommend anybody that wants to get into real estate investing to acquire that book. It's a minimal investment. And if you apply the knowledge that's on those pages, it will pay you back over and over and over and over.

Sandy MacKay [00:50:42] And I love about that book. It's kind of a little bit of everything and a little bit of the fix and flip type of strategy mix with the buy and hold. And it's just something that you don't hear a lot of. Certainly you don't hear at the Guru workshop type of events. And it's just something that's. But it is quite simple in the end. Right. It's just something that you don't hear a lot of people talking about.

Jeff Woods [00:51:03] Yeah, yeah. It's it basically combines. It's it's like a hybrid of flipping property with buy and hold property. Those are two strategies that a lot of investors use, but they both have pros and cons to them. And so throughout our evolution and it was meeting Andrew and Quincy and I quickly realized that they did the same strategy with a few different twists. But basically, for me, what I wanted to figure out was how can I get through the buy and hold, build that long term wealth creation and build that long term wealth. But at the same point in time, I wanted to get big checks quickly that also funded my lifestyle. And when I flipped properties, every time I flip the property, well, I got the big check, but I wasn't building long term wealth. And conversely, when I did buy and hold those building long term wealth, but I wasn't getting the big check. Right. So this is a hybrid of those two strategies that allows you to get the big check up front now so you can buy more properties or fund your desired lifestyle while simultaneously building that long term wealth. It's really the best of both worlds.

Rob Break [00:52:14] It is a really cool little read. Like when I first started reading the book, it kind of it sort of threw me off because it is the story. And I thought that was a really interesting way of going about it. And it does dove very deeply into the mindset right off the bat to. Yeah, which is really important.

Jeff Woods [00:52:32] Right, one of the things we wanted to do is, you know, this is another thing, if you can't explain something simply enough, you don't understand it. And what we wanted to do is take what could appear to be a complex strategy. You know, a lot of investors, you got all these numbers and cap rates in Iowa and and all of these types of things. But we wanted to deliver it in a simple format that everyone could understand. And when you put it into a story that people can relate to, it's also more memorable. So we really thought a lot of writing the book and how we wanted it to come across and and deliver our message.

Sandy MacKay [00:53:14] This is something I love about it, if someone just sees it in the bookstore, they can actually call the one. I guess it's the 800 number. I love that that little. Oh, I just love how it's a free recorded message from the author's. Right. Which is something it's something that you don't see much on a cover of a book. But I think it's genius just from a marketing standpoint.

Jeff Woods [00:53:35] Yeah, well, it was something that we wanted to do, you know, because there's so many books out there. And how do you differentiate yourself from the next book on the shelf? So, you know, when you're standing in chapters are deciding which book it is that you want to buy. That might be the deciding factor where you can call and listen to one of the authors tell you about the book and why you need to invest in that book. So, yeah, it was kind of a creative marketing strategy that we're we're trying with that book.

Rob Break [00:54:05] How long is the message?

Jeff Woods [00:54:08] It's not very long. It's under two minutes.

Rob Break [00:54:10] So real quick, would you mind if we played it on the on the end of the podcast or.

Jeff Woods [00:54:16] Yeah. Yeah. Go ahead. US.

Rob Break [00:54:18] OK, well, Jeff, what's next for you.

Jeff Woods [00:54:22] OK, so vague thinking, visionary, right, got a mission and a plan. So I'm really excited about this, too. And this is kind of taking my business to the next level just to kind of back up what I've been doing here as I've been growing my my real estate businesses. All my businesses are very synergistic. They all need each other, but they all create multiple streams of income. And so wealth creation is about creating multiple streams of income. And so one of the things we're launching this year in the Niagara region is we've acquired a fourteen thousand square foot office building where we're going to be moving our real estate offices to the top floor of that building. And then we're going to be designing the remainder of the space within that building to accommodate Niagara's first and only executive office suites and virtual offices. That's going to cater to small businesses, medium sized businesses, startup businesses and entrepreneurs. This is yet another synergistic business that will not only work well with our current businesses, but like I said, it creates another revenue stream for us and it takes me one step closer to my goal, going back to my mission statement of, you know, not only creating wealth for myself, but also for those around me. So when I have a building full of startup businesses or entrepreneurs that I can coach and mentor, that just ties into really what I love to do. Right. So it's going to be awesome. I'm excited about that. And that is launching this year.

Rob Break [00:56:00] That is a really, really cool idea. Yeah, it is. Is there a website or anything that we can check that out?

Jeff Woods [00:56:07] Well, the domain name is going to be so it's executive office suites, so it'll be your suite biz dot com suite like CATV. However, I'm in the process of developing the website right now, so you won't be able to actually go to a website yet.

Sandy MacKay [00:56:25] All right. Well, it's down the road on some of the listening to this next year or two years from now, whatever. They can probably check it out, right?

Jeff Woods [00:56:32] Yeah, if they if they type that in in October, it'll be it'll be up and running. But we're just working on developing the website and company logos and floor plans and building permits and all that fun stuff to to launch the next business. So I'm excited about it.

Sandy MacKay [00:56:50] Yeah, it's really exciting stuff. Well where can so there's one one place your sweet biz like home. Where can they learn more about you today. Right now.

Jeff Woods [00:56:59] Yeah. So our main website is WAMM properties dot com. So w a.T.M properties dot com. That's, that's our main website. So everyone can go there to check us out and learn a little bit more about what we do. And of course, you know, with all the social media, you can follow me on Twitter at G Woods 18. And of course, we've got a Facebook page, which is Facebook dot com forward slash WAMM w m dot properties. So those would be the three main areas where people can connect with me.

Sandy MacKay [00:57:39] And what about everybody regorafenib picked out of the book?

Jeff Woods [00:57:44] You can get on Amazon right now. You can grab a copy of it there.

Rob Break [00:57:50] And I was just going to say, everybody, you don't have to remember all those are right down frantically or skip back or anything like that. We're going to have all that info in the show notes. You'll be able to just click on the little eye. You'll be able to see all of that info right there.

Sandy MacKay [00:58:05] Yeah, for sure.

Rob Break [00:58:07] Well, this has been really, really amazing. I love this.

Sandy MacKay [00:58:10] Yeah, I was going to say, Rob, are you going to recommend this episode to people?

Rob Break [00:58:15] I recommend all of our episodes to everybody,

Jeff Woods [00:58:18] but especially

Rob Break [00:58:20] especially this one. Yes.

Sandy MacKay [00:58:22] It mean I think this is like the foundational episode really is this is going to be one I recommend probably the most. Not to discount any of the other ones, but this one's really great. I really love it.

Jeff Woods [00:58:34] Yeah, you guys, you got a lot of amazing investors. And, you know, he's talked to a lot of amazing success, successful people in the real estate world and in business itself. So that's all part of surrounding yourself with great people. So good for you guys.

Rob Break [00:58:50] Yeah, it's been really cool that a lot of fun of all it took with us to just say, let's just go ahead and do it. Let's just give it a try and see what happens then. And it's been, you know, a lot of fun so far.

Sandy MacKay [00:59:03] All right. Well, we want to encourage everybody, just our own shadow, to go grab the book, at least if you do nothing else from this episode is pick up the ultimate wealth strategy on on Amazon. You can find it there pretty easily and check out just company, too. And Properties is. Com as you've heard in this episode, he's got tons and tons of value to just share with everybody. So we want to definitely encourage everyone to go check out Jeff on all those those websites and follow him on Twitter. Check them out on Facebook. You know, a lot of good stuff you can pick up from in. So go out there and do that.

Rob Break [00:59:34] All right. Awesome. Well, thanks again for being here tonight. We really appreciate you taking the time. And we'll definitely have to have you back on sometime soon.

Jeff Woods [00:59:42] Well, thanks a lot for having me, guys. Always love to help out where I can, and I would be honored to come back and do it again for you and a future date as well. So thanks for having me.

Sandy MacKay [00:59:55] All right, Jeff, thanks a lot.

Rob Break [00:59:56] This has been fantastic. Thanks a lot, Jeff. Thanks.

Jeff Woods [00:59:59] Take care. Thank you, guys. Bye bye. Hello. Hey, hello. Hey, we got everybody all here no. Yeah, awesome, good stuff. It is.

Rob Break [01:00:37] I'm the only one without a picture, so I'm really been neglecting my my public side here.

Jeff Woods [01:00:43] Well, your pictures on my screen.

Sandy MacKay [01:00:45] It's almost over.

Rob Break [01:00:46] Yeah, I guess I just don't get to see my own.

Sandy MacKay [01:00:49] Yeah. Yeah.

Jeff Woods [01:00:51] Good to see you.

Rob Break [01:00:53] Thanks.

Jeff Woods [01:00:56] Hi, I'm Jeff Woods and I am the coauthor of The Ultimate Wealth Strategy, if you have already bought the book. Thank you for your support. You've made a wise investment. If not, let me explain why you need to buy this book right now. Well, there's a bunch of good real estate books on the market and some are worth a read. We know that none of them will deliver the same valuable content as the ultimate wealth strategy you see between the three of us that wrote this book for you. We have read and tried just about every book and strategy you can think of. If you want a strategy that delivers long term wealth creation and cash to deliver your desired lifestyle, that you need to buy the ultimate wealth strategy. Right now, you see this book simply and clearly. Watch your step by step through each process of buying decanting refinancing and renting real estate. In essence, it combines the best elements of helping property with the best elements of buying and holding property. The ultimate wealth strategy delivers the best of both worlds. Yes, with this real estate investment strategy. You can have your cake and eat it too. You may also be happy to know that each of us has created multi-million dollar real estate portfolios using this strategy. We have figured out how to avoid costly mistakes and maximize returns quickly. Why waste years of your valuable time figuring all of this information out on your own when you can leverage our experience? We do not just teach this highly guarded strategy to others, we do it every day. Invest in yourself, invest in this book once you implement the strategy. Your life will be positively impacted for ever. And oh, yeah, once you've bought the book and read it, we don't just leave you there to do it all on your own. This book reveals how you can get more education and even work one on one with us. Enjoy the book. We look forward to meeting you in person one day said.

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