Find Real Estate Success Without Relying on Luck in 2023

There are many things that budding investors find attractive about the budding real estate market. Unlike the relatively murky world of stocks, the real estate sector is accessible without an advanced degree or a litany of personal connections. Anyone with the self-control to do the homework, the will to follow their gut and the patience to see their plan through to the end can find real estate success in the world of modern investing.

And yet – it seems like the most successful real estate investors surely have a rabbit’s foot or a lucky loonie. In truth, there’s no special talisman that can bring you real estate investing luck. Instead, you need to work hard to put yourself in a position where opportunities seem like luck.

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Real Estate Success is about More Than Luck

Anyone who finds themselves with the capital to invest should open up to the possibilities of real estate. Once you’re established, a real estate investment provides regular payouts. You can also count on your real estate investment to appreciate over the long term, regardless of which way the overall economy flows. Investors hoping to expand their portfolios rapidly can use a real estate investment as capital in future opportunities. Real estate investments can even serve as an atypical retirement savings plan. The benefits of investing in real estate are endless.

Perhaps best of all, the internet allows first-time investors with limited capital to go in on a real estate investment with online partners. Online real estate investment enables users to invest money and then await the returns without the hassle of day-to-day property management. In other words, investing in real estate has never looked so easy.

That’s about the time the trap springs on investors who are unprepared for the intricacies of the real estate market. Just because the real estate industry is more reliable and more transparent than other investment opportunities doesn’t mean that real estate success is assured. You’ll still need just a little bit of luck to pull ahead. Of course, as every savvy entrepreneur knows, luck is just a matter of preparation and timing.

Be patient

When you first break into the world of real estate investment, you may find your investment capital burning a hole in your pocket. Don’t fall into the temptation to jump at the first investment opportunity you come across. Bide your time and wait to build an education before you make your move in order to find real estate success.

The best part of being patient is that it will allow you to store more capital for the moment when your opportunity does spring up.

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Know your market

Remember that knowledge is entirely free. Warren Buffett made his fortune researching documents that were made available to the general public. He had no advantage but his willingness to sit down and do a lot of reading.

Before you put your first dollar towards your real estate investment career, make sure that you know your market inside and out. Know the average rate of rent by neighbourhood. Know the areas of town that are on the rise, and the ones that are becoming less desirable. Know which areas are developing into hot spots and which are being sought by families. Find out everything you can about the area in which you’ll be investing.

Expand your sources

Thanks to the Internet, many budding investors will spend most, if not all, of their time on their computer reading blog posts and news articles. The internet can be a font of knowledge to be sure. Still, it’s also important to actively seek outside sources for information on real estate investment. Many communities have professional groups or networks that allow even fledgling real estate investors to tap into a pipeline of expert information that goes beyond a cursory Google search.

Build a team

If you’re serious about your foray into real estate, you’re going to need the help of a series of talented professionals. At a minimum, you’ll need a veteran real estate agent and a good mortgage broker to get you started. The best part about surrounding yourself with people who know the market is their ability to lend their expertise before you dive into a real estate opportunity. Though you should trust your judgment above all the others, it’s never a bad idea to accept tips and tricks from people with real estate experience.

Keep your eyes open

Once you have exhaustive knowledge of your market, you’ll be ready to spot an excellent real estate opportunity when it pops up. For example, someone monitoring real estate trends will recognize when a potentially lucrative rental property goes up for sale in a part of town that’s due for an economic boost.

Seize your moment

You’ve saved up enough money researched until your eyes were sore. Your moment has finally arrived. Now, it’s time to act. After such a prolonged period waiting for a real estate opportunity to arise, some investors may find themselves hesitating, even waiting for another, more lucrative opportunity to come along.  In these instances, it’s important to trust your preparation, trust your instincts and then strike while the iron is hot and real estate success should follow.

Do the math

Any investment is going to require a little bit of basic math. For example, if you’re purchasing a house to use as a rental property, it’s tempting to get hung up on the income you’ll get from a tenant. That’s an excellent number to incorporate into your final numbers.

Still, you should also add up the expected annual mortgage, the cost of upkeep and how much you’ll need on reserve for months when there is no tenant income. If your potential for income outweighs your costs by as much as 4 to 6 percent, you could be on to something. Otherwise, you might do well to wait for something a little more beneficial to ensure real estate success.

Are the best real estate investors lucky? No, they were prepared for real estate success. When you’ve done the hard work to get yourself into the best position, the “luck” will follow.

Finally, in order to help you find lasting real estate success, let us get you started with the financing you need to get the job done with a free strategy call at the link below.

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