Find the Deal and the Right Money Will Find You in 2023: Raising Capital

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Real-estate “gurus” have an infamous saying…

“Find the deal and the money will find you” Or will it?

According to that little old phrase, all you have to do as a real estate entrepreneur is find a great deal and musically get it under contract. Because it’s so easy to instantly find investor-partners ready to finance you, right? Don’t let yourself be fooled. The thinking behind “find the deal and the money will come” is utter nonsense.

One of the biggest reasons why this phrase isn’t true is because real estate entrepreneurs face a big challenge, lack of capital to purchase more properties. You’ve got to know how to raise money from investor partners if you want any chance at finding quality deals and really earning money. Don’t make the mistake of believing “find the deal and the money will come.” Be proactive and vigilant about attracting investors and partners.

If you don’t find investors in time, you could lose huge deals and burn bridges in the process. Letting a deal slip through your hands totally sucks, but it also damages your professional reputation. The bottom line is that lack of capital and money partners is what holds so many real estate entrepreneurs back from their full potential.

Being a lone ranger in the real estate world won’t get you very far. It’s a primary reason why less than 2% of the population owns more than two properties. If you try to be a real estate entrepreneur all on your own, chances are you will run out of credit or money to buy more properties.

Ultimately, the logic behind “find the deal and the money will come” is flawed. You do not have an unlimited source of funding for your deals if you are a lone-wolf real estate entrepreneur. Finding deals is one thing, but funding them is another part of the battle that you will need investors and partners to accomplish if you want any chance at more than a couple properties.  If you want money to come, you’ll need the time to find deals and investor partners that can help you seal those deals.

Don’t just find the deals and believe the money will magically come. It won’t. Attract investor partners that can help fund those deals and ultimately help you earn the money you’ve always wanted to.

Or, connect with trustworthy real estate professionals who can help you expand and leverage your existing investments into funds that will make your deals possible. That way you do not have to wait for the money to come to you.

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So how do you find capital?

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