Flips, Private Lending and YouTube with Mat Piche

Flips, Private Lending and YouTube with Mat Piche
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Table of Contents - Flips, Private Lending and YouTube with Mat Piche

Podcast Transcription

George El Masri [00:00:00] Thank you for joining me on another episode of the Well Off podcast today, I interviewed Matt Piche. We had a chance to sit down and chat for a while. That's a cool guy. He's a realtor out of sorry, not Keller Williams out of Kitchener, Waterloo, KW. And not only is he a realtor, but he's also a really big investor. He's just doing tons of flips. He said one to two a month. And on this episode, we talked about building systems around his flip's because he's got it down to a real science. Really cool to hear how he does it. We talked about selling parts of his portfolio this year to do private lending. So he's actually making a bunch of positive money from his his private loans. So that was an interesting thing to hear from to being so young and having that kind of capital available to him. And then also, finally, we talked about his YouTube channel and he has over 18000 subscribers. So we discussed how he was able to get there, what's the best length of video to have and that kind of thing, and also how he converts some of the inquiries that he gets on YouTube into either partnership opportunities or sales as a realtor. So lots of good stuff in here. I hope you'll enjoy. And if you guys are looking for more information, more real estate content, there's a lot of free stuff that I'm offering to. You just got to go to Well-off Dossie for its last report. You can download a whole bunch of free stuff. And I'm always happy to connect with you. If you're looking to work on some projects together, give me a call. Let's chat. I'm happy to to have a conversation. Welcome to the World podcast, where the goal is to motivate, inspire and share success principles. I'm here with Matt Peacock, who's a real estate agent and investor based out of Kitchener Waterloo. He became a self-made millionaire by twenty eight and a multimillionaire by 30, all from real estate investing. In addition, he's got over 18000 subscribers on YouTube, so he's doing really well. They're not welcome to the show. Awesome.

Mat Piche [00:01:51] Thanks for having me.

George El Masri [00:01:51] My pleasure. So I'd like to start off by asking you about your childhood. Tell me a little bit about where you grew up in a couple of things you remember.

Mat Piche [00:01:58] Yes, I moved to kitchen wildly when I was six. I was born up north near Sudbury area. So I don't remember anything about that really when I was six. So pretty much born and raised, their childhood was kind of like any other middle class family. Parents work decent jobs. We had enough money for the things that were important, but nothing excessive. So never one on family trips across country or, you know, stuff like that. So, yeah, kind of like a typical middle class growing up. But yeah, here we are now.

George El Masri [00:02:25] Awesome. So you told me you were French Canadian. Is your family like a Sudbury's French Canadian family or are they originally from Quebec?

Mat Piche [00:02:31] Yeah. So like northern Ontario. Sudbury area. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah.

George El Masri [00:02:34] I went to a French school, so I actually had a lot of friends that were originally from Sudbury. I don't know why they're such a huge French population there. Like, do you know why there are so many French French Canadians in Sudbury? Yeah.

Mat Piche [00:02:45] I think once you go above Sudbury, like above North Ontario, it's majority French from what I understand. So, yeah, that's where that's where we all hang out.

George El Masri [00:02:52] OK, I guess you don't remember too much because you're younger. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. Yeah. And what brought you guys to Kitchener Waterloo and made you move out there.

Mat Piche [00:02:59] Yeah. So family came down for work because there's very little work out there, as many people may know who are from that area. So they came down occasionally for work and that was the main reason why we moved down.

George El Masri [00:03:08] OK, cool. That's awesome. All right. So let's let's chat a little bit about your real estate investing. So that's big. You became a self-made millionaire by twenty eight. Yeah. So did you realize you were a millionaire at that time?

Mat Piche [00:03:19] I had no idea. Actually, I just kind of run around the numbers of all the equity that I own and on my properties, I just kind of went was curious one day how much real estate do I own? And if I were to sell at all, how much would I get? And it was like just over the million mark. I was like, no way. Like, I'm technically a millionaire. That's my boy. So I just kind of shows you that like a million dollars today, it's not really that much true. Yeah. Yeah, definitely. It was like awesome to know.

George El Masri [00:03:40] Yeah, that's cool. So how did you get when did you start investing and how did you start to grow your portfolio.

Mat Piche [00:03:46] Yes, I started, I was twenty two years old about my first one, just a little dinky town home, single family and I just kind of doubled down on the single family strategy. That's kind of what I specialized in. I just wanted easy and boring. And the reason why I got into single family in the first place was I was a carpenter before that. So I after high school, I did carpentry, did my apprenticeship, and we were always renovating those kind of small single family properties. So from then on, when I was, you know, 17, 18, 19, I just kind of like I knew how to renovate them. I understood them. So I just want to triple down in that niche. And that's kind of what I did for like six, seven years after that.

George El Masri [00:04:19] OK, so were you buying like, let's say, a property a year or something like that? Yeah.

Mat Piche [00:04:22] At that time I bought two properties in my first year when I was 22 years old and that was it. I didn't buy anything else for like three or four years because I had no money. I had no credit. I was just like a carpenter. So my wage wasn't really that good. And then I was also a newly, you know, a realtor at that point. I just started I think I was twenty four. Twenty five. So again, my income wasn't like insane. And also the biggest reason why I didn't buy anything was because I didn't want to partner with anybody. I didn't believe in partnerships. I want to do it all on my own. I had that lone wolf mentality, which was a big mistake, but we'll talk about that. So I didn't buy anything for like three or four years. Then when I flip the switch and understood that you need partners, that's when the whole game changed.

George El Masri [00:04:59] Cool. So you're you're twenty two years old, and you decided because you were a carpenter, you were constantly working on these single family homes, you thought I should buy one of these for myself, or was it because you had a family member or someone that was encouraging you to do it? What was the

Mat Piche [00:05:13] reason? Yeah, there was like nobody my family nobody talked about real estate. I don't know how. I just I got into it. I don't know if it was like the universe. I don't know, man, but it's something I implanted in my brain that I should do real estate and construction. I think that helped, obviously. But yeah, in terms of investing, nobody told me anything. I just for some reason loved it, got into it. And yeah, I just knew I want to buy single family property because I knew it was easy. I understood it. My parents and I, all our parents, we grew up, they were renting. So they were renters and they were always telling me, you know, don't be the owner, etc.. So that's where that little bit of knowledge came from, I guess. But I understood that, you know, having a single family rental was going to be easy. You know, my parents were fantastic tenants. So I thought if I could replicate this for myself, why can't I do it right?

George El Masri [00:05:54] Yeah, that's awesome. And then were you just renovating your own properties all along or at what point did that change? If it yeah.

Mat Piche [00:06:01] So the first two, I did all my own and then I think one or two, the third and fourth I did some of it. So I started partner at that point. So I did some of the flooring, some of the trim, whatever. And I think after the fourth programs like that, it meant a lot to me. Anything else and became the logic of everything.

George El Masri [00:06:16] Yeah, yeah, yeah. That's kind of the same thing that happened to me. First property I bought. I did everything myself and there was a lot of work there and it took me like four months to get everything done. And then after that, yeah, the second one, I kind of did a little bit of my of it myself. And from then on, just like now, I'm just going to hire people totally. I'll just sell real estate. Yes. In the meantime. Yeah. Make some money that way and then I'll hire people and pay. That makes more sense. Much smarter. Yeah. That's cool. OK, so what happened. You said that your mindset kind of shifted I think. Property number three. Yeah. Where you said, OK, I'm going to partner with people. How did that happen. You were still pretty young at that time. So what happened?

Mat Piche [00:06:57] Well, that's the thing. I was I was very young. I was just becoming to understand who I was right in the world and whatever. But the biggest thing was I kept going to seminars and seminars. All the big people on stage kept saying, you got a partner, you got a JV. The only way to grow is JV. When I was twenty to twenty three twenty four, I was like, no man, I'm not doing that. There's gotta be another way. I don't like talking to random people excited because they were pitching the old school, go to meeting, shake hands pitcher deal and that was not me. I'm super introverted, I'm getting out of my shell now in my older years, my older years. But anyway, at that time I was just a straight introvert. Right? So I thought that I'm not doing that. And then eventually the flips, the flip switch when I was like, OK, maybe they're right here. I was at twenty five years old, obsessed with real estate. I only bought those two property three years ago. I was like, OK, let me entertain this JV idea. And when I started using that, that's when the light bulb went off. And how it went off actually was I became a realtor at twenty four. Again, I want to separate myself because I was young. How can I stand out from all the realtors with the bus ads and the bench ads and whatever? I had no money so I thought, I'm sorry, YouTube channel. That's how I'm going to own the realtors. I'm going to be the only one on YouTube, whatever. Right. And then what happened was I was making YouTube videos just for my realtor business, but people were watching them and they like, man, you know what you're talking about. You have all these strategies for investing. Why don't I partner with you? Why don't I just invest with you directly? I was like, holy shit. Like, that's a whole I didn't realize I was going to happen when I had the first person kind of do that. And the next person the next person was like, I think I'm onto something. You know, social media is definitely the way to get partners for me for like an introvert like me. Yeah. So when I triple down, that's when the game change. That's when I was like, OK, they were right. The JV thing is definitely the only way to grow your business the fastest.

George El Masri [00:08:34] That's so cool. The thing about YouTube. So how did you let's talk about when you started. You said you were what, twenty three years old or twenty four when you started the YouTube channel?

Mat Piche [00:08:43] Yeah, I guess I was, yeah. About twenty four years old. Yeah.

George El Masri [00:08:45] OK, so who was watching you back then.

Mat Piche [00:08:46] Yeah. I don't even know. Very small following but very loyal followers. It does something with my channel even we're at eighteen thousand as you know compared to other people. That's not much at all. Yeah but the quality and the loyalty we have is really, really good. And even then, back then when I started I only had, I don't know, two hundred subscribers before I started getting partners. Right. So you don't need this like massive following to grow a real business if you want to play the YouTube business, OK, you need a lot of up. If you want to build a real business outside of YouTube, you don't really need that many followers, just loyal followers. Yeah, and that's what I found when I started off. Like I said, I only had one hundred subscribers, two hundred before I was closing deals in my local area. I was like, that's crazy.

George El Masri [00:09:23] Yeah, that's cool. OK, so what, what did that look like? Did you generate all of your business? Well, you said you generate a lot of partners, but did you also generate business like sales business for your real estate practice?

Mat Piche [00:09:36] So even to this day, you know, I think it's been ten years. I have a YouTube channel, something like that. Anyway, all these ten years, all my business as an investor. And there still comes from YouTube. All of it. Really? Yeah, all of it.

George El Masri [00:09:47] That's awesome. OK, so what do you what advice do you have? Because I'm sure when you started out and you had your two hundred subscribers or whatever, maybe there were times where you were questioning like should I, should I be doing this or should I focus on. Doing what everyone else is doing, doorknocking and all that. What made you stick to YouTube?

Mat Piche [00:10:04] Yeah, like I just knew it was the right way. I just had this, like, intuition, this gut feeling that I knew this was the future. Like, I knew this was the only way I was going to stand out. Like I said, I'm supercheap man. Even nowadays with, you know, we're doing pretty well. I'm so cheap. So I don't I don't spend money on marketing at all. I just can't do it. And so even then, I was actually cheap. I was broke. I had no money to do the fliers in the bus ads. And and Dornoch was not even a question for me, for an introvert. Right. There's no way. Yeah. So I just knew this had to work because the only way this had to work. So I just triple down and thankfully it worked overtime.

George El Masri [00:10:36] And did you do any research when you were starting out this channel or did you kind of just start posting stuff online and seeing what happens?

Mat Piche [00:10:42] Yeah, I did a little bit of research on marketing and I kind of saw the trends. You know, back in 2012 when I started, I kind of saw things moving to online. You know, Twitter was new at that time. Right. And so I knew the trend was going towards social media. So, yeah, I didn't do any, like, major research or something. I just had this gut feeling. It was more of a gut feeling. Yeah. And then obviously by twenty fourteen, twenty fifteen I was like, OK, I was on the right track. Yeah. Social media is obviously here forever.

George El Masri [00:11:05] Sure. Yeah. So what do you recommend for, for people that are starting like let's say they're in your shoes, they want to have a YouTube channel and start connecting with people because they're introverts or whatever. What what advice do you have, like what length of videos, what kind of content should they be sharing?

Mat Piche [00:11:20] Yeah, first off, I, I'm super excited for any introvert listening to this. We just made a video and it's not too long ago actually. But like the new world of business was made for introverts going forward, I always joke that, like extroverts had their time in the 70s, 80s, 90s, early 2000s, they had their day honestly. Now, like business was made for introverts. So triple down on social media, just do it. And YouTube specifically is the most important. But what kind of videos to talk about is just what you want to specialize in. So I'm a big believer in specializing. I always talk about it. People only want to work and do business with people who know what they're doing and experts. So you need to set yourself apart, be an expert, just teach, teach, teach, just give out free knowledge on your specific specialty. Nailed down that specialty and you will get tons of business.

George El Masri [00:12:02] Trust me. Yeah, that's cool. OK, so let's say someone's watching your YouTube channel and then all of a sudden they reach out to you. They're they're interested. How do you turn that inquiry into business, either into your partnership or into a sale?

Mat Piche [00:12:15] Yeah. So I just like for people to raise their hand, essentially a virtual hand. So they'll say, hey, like I watch your videos, maybe they'll email me messaging on Instagram or whichever way they'll just reach out and say, hey, I saw your videos, I want to partner with you. Let me know how you know what the next step is, basically is what they'll say. So I'll have a phone call. Generally, I'll just say, hey, like, what's your budget? This is how my partnership works and I explain how it works and then just put them on the email list and like, that's it. It's very, very simple.

George El Masri [00:12:41] Yeah. So, OK, so they reach out to you. You set up a call, you start asking a few questions about, like how much they're willing to spend. Are they approved for the mortgage or whatever else. Yeah. And then from there, is there like a certain system you have or do you just put them on a drip campaign? Like how do you take that to the next level to convert it?

Mat Piche [00:12:57] Yeah. So even for me, like for my realtor clients and the partners, it's kind of the same thing. So everybody goes on a private list and every property that's sent to them is handpicked. So we don't do like the normal realtor like automated list. We don't do that at all. Even in my business now, every property's handpicked. We make sure the numbers work, we check the zoning, et cetera. It's all every property we send to a client or partner is theoretically a great deal. Yeah. So they're just they're only getting great deals. OK, so. Yeah. So that's how that works. And in order to be a partner or a client like I, to know you're serious, like going back to the first phone call, are you pre-approved, etc.. But when I send you a property, I always tell them, like the deals I send you are verified. They're real deal so you can act on them quick. If you don't, you're going to be off the list. That's just kind of

George El Masri [00:13:37] how it works. OK, cool. All right. So just to kind of recap, you have somebody raises their hand, you add them to the list, you find out what they're looking for, and then you you're constantly looking for deals. So you find a deal and you say, OK, I think this one would be good for a person, A, B, C, let me send it to them and see who responds if they don't respond or they're like, you know, sorry, this not you kind of take them off the list and try to focus on the people who are taking action.

Mat Piche [00:14:00] It's actually we're only working with actually take a hundred percent.

George El Masri [00:14:02] Yeah, that's awesome. Sounds like a pretty, pretty good system. Are there is there anything we're missing in that or is that pretty much just a summary of it?

Mat Piche [00:14:09] It's a very basic easy system. Overdesigned. Yeah.

George El Masri [00:14:13] All right. What are your goals as an investor? Like, how do you set up a certain number of doors you want to reach or certain cash flow number or something like that?

Mat Piche [00:14:21] Yeah. So at the start of this year, we were at about thirty five properties. I sold off I think around like twelve, like ten or twelve probably. We sold out this year because we've had them for three, four or five years, tons of equity. And then so I sold the best ones off are the longest ones I've had. Sorry. And then I took all those funds, all the profits and I got into private lending this year. So the game plan for me now is just straight private lending like I love it. So we're focusing like a little less on buy more rentals and we switch the focus full on now to flipping. So we built a whole business around that, all the marketing campaign to get great deals. And we're focusing pretty much solely now on or mainly on flipping again, I take those funds. All the profits and throw right to private lending, so I sell a flip, let's say send me 50 K, I let you take that 50 K, I throw it right into private lending. Literally, the day it closes, people follow me on Instagram. They'll see that I get the check the same day I throw it back out because that's my strategy now. That's what I believe in, because I just want real, truly passive income. You know, we were kind of lied to about the past couple of rentals. Oh, I love rentals. And you need rentals in order to get truly wealthy. But at a certain point, for me, I like to private land and get the true passive income, though. Tenants, no toilets, no problems, no bullshit.

George El Masri [00:15:30] Yeah, exactly. That's what I to do. You just have like a broker that you work with in terms of loaning out your your funds or do you have multiple brokers or.

Mat Piche [00:15:38] Yes, I have a broker that we work with now. She gives us a lot of people to give her money. And then I also just people that I know, people that I trust invested. I trust Flipper's that I know personally related to them directly. So yeah. Kind of anyway. Yeah.

George El Masri [00:15:50] So is that the plan moving forward just to have more of that private lending going on?

Mat Piche [00:15:55] Yeah, for me, definitely. So the plan is to keep growing our fucking business. The flip is this is number one, we want to grow that at this point. We're doing one or two deals a month in Kitchen Waialae. We want to put that to two or three a month and then just keep growing that business. But again, all the profits just go right back into private lending.

George El Masri [00:16:10] That's great. Talking about when you say one or two deals, you're saying like on the real estate sale side,

Mat Piche [00:16:15] no real estate flipping. Oh, Flip. You guys are sitting on top of that. Yeah.

George El Masri [00:16:19] So you guys are flipping one or two a month. Exactly. Yes, that's cool. So how are you finding your deals? Are you doing you set a little bit of marketing campaigns. Are these like marketing campaigns or Kako.

Mat Piche [00:16:28] Too much in detail, guys. Oh yeah. It's it's what everybody's doing. Yeah, it's the fliers, it's the ads or whatever. And then we're just finding motivated sellers or just sellers who just don't want to sell with a realtor. Like every deal we get, you know, we have a real target. Be careful here. Know, but every day we get not everybody is, you know, desperate or motivated. Sometimes people just don't want to sell with a realtor. So we're just literally buying the house that realtor value minus commissions sometimes.

George El Masri [00:16:51] Yeah.

Mat Piche [00:16:52] So we're just that's the majority of our sellers are just those people. They just don't want to work with the realtor for whatever reason.

George El Masri [00:16:57] So there's a lot of people like that, which is fine. Yeah. Are you guys focusing on like anything specific with your Philipps, are you doing value add type of things or are you just doing cosmetic upgrades. What are you guys focusing on.

Mat Piche [00:17:09] So for the Flip's it's mostly all cosmetic. That's what I love and specialize in, is just paint, flooring, trim kitchens, bathrooms out like that's it. That's that's the game plan. So we have a great system. Every house pretty much looks the same so the contractors know what they're doing. My project manager knows what she's doing. It's just super easy and boring, which is what we like.

George El Masri [00:17:26] Yeah, I know. And I say that to my my contractor too, because every single day it's like you, everything looks the exact same. So like. Are you bored of this kitchen. Yeah. Good.

Mat Piche [00:17:34] Yeah. If they're bored that's good.

George El Masri [00:17:36] Yeah exactly. So with your, with your contractors are you, do you have them on like a sort of salary type of thing or are you paying them for a project. How are you doing that. Yeah.

Mat Piche [00:17:47] So we have two crews right now that are their own crews, so I guess subcontractors, but they pretty much work for me mostly. So most of our most of their business is us. And I like doing that because it keeps them busy all year long and we get to hold on to them kind of thing, right? Yeah. So that's what I really believe in, is find a good crew because it's very hard and when you do keep them busy all year for you. So I entertain the idea of starting my own business. Maybe we'll start fruitful renovations and have our own employees. We're getting closer to that point of thinking about it, but I'd really rather not. Again, I just like easy, boring. I don't want to deal with insurance and employee benefits like all this kind of stuff. It's just easier to pay a subcontractor more and just have them do their own stuff.

George El Masri [00:18:27] That's right. Yeah. Yeah, that's that's great. I just find I'm kind of getting to that point where I'm keeping contractors busy for for a while. But one of the things I kind of struggle with is sometimes I need their help with something, but they're not available. And I find that they're not necessarily making me a priority because they have other jobs or whatever. How do you get over that? Like what's been some of the things you've done to make sure they make you a priority?

Mat Piche [00:18:51] Yeah, well, so the number one thing is, is, like I said, to keep them busy and show them that you're going to be busy. And then the second thing is let them know on day one, like you guys are pretty much going to be my employees. Are you cool with that? If you're not the next year, I'm going to find someone else because I need someone who's reliable, who's trustworthy and is going to be there when I buy the next house.

George El Masri [00:19:09] Yeah. So you're setting that expectation right from the start. Yeah. OK, cool. Yeah. So it sounds like what you're doing is you're focusing on Flip's one, private lending two because you want the passive income. Yeah. And are you still going to hold on to a couple of rentals and if so why, why not just sell them all and just do just the private lending.

Mat Piche [00:19:28] Yeah, for sure. Hold on to them. I still hugely believe in buying hold rentals. So the ones that we recently bought with in the past one, two or three years, they're not at the maturity date yet of five years, which is what I like to do. Hold on to five years then. So you just make the most money then give or take. So yeah, we're going to keep one of those and we're going to keep buying some, obviously. So I'm not going to say I'll never buy rentals. We're just slowing down a little bit and I'd rather do flips. Yeah, but rentals is really where the real wealth is that that's what I always say, is I've built up the wealth side of my business that the multimillionaire networth, which is cool. Now we're moving out to the. Part of my business, which is the active income, the private lending income, and then the flip the cash. So when you have both of them, it's fantastic. Well, a lot of people do is they just say, I want to flip right out the gate. You know, I'm 22 years old. I saw HDTV looks sick. I just want to flip. And I'm like, you know, like, you got to do the rentals first to get truly wealthy, then do the flips after. Trust me, that's that's the best way to do it, because you can get rich with cash doing flips. But when you're when you're thirty three and old. I'm kidding. When you start out twenty two and you're like OK, I got this great cash business but I got like nothing on the wealth side. It's a mistake. You got to start with the wealth first.

George El Masri [00:20:34] It's the smart way. Yeah. And it sounds like your you've got your hands in a couple different things. Like we talked about the Flip's private lending and the real estate side. Yeah. Has that been ever a challenge for you to to juggle all of those things at once, or has it been pretty easy?

Mat Piche [00:20:48] Is it pretty? Well, a couple of years ago, it was a little challenging. Just the more busier I got with the private investing side, my real true business was like, oh, man, I can't handle all of this myself. But recently hired Tyler here for social media. So he's taking care that I used to do all the videos, editing their showings, flipping like he was insane. Yeah. So I hired key people. We hired a project manager a year ago to manage all the jobs. So I don't see them anymore. Right. So meanwhile, we filmed that before walk through when I close on it and then I come at the very end to film the after it was all done in nice and I take all the credit. OK, so I don't see the property in between. I project managers doing that right. So it's super easy now because we have the systems and employees in place.

George El Masri [00:21:26] But yeah. OK, so you're project managers, you're talking about for your flip's. Yeah. So you, do you find your deals or is like do you have somebody finding deals for you. Yeah, good

Mat Piche [00:21:34] question. So we have an acquisition manager as well. So we do all the marketing and then when the calls come in, I have an acquisition manager, he takes the phone calls, goes to the house, closes the deal. So again, I'm not part of that at all. So he's closed all the deals. He just says we bought a property today. Cool. Like, that's how that's that's how it works.

George El Masri [00:21:49] Awesome. And then from that point, your acquisitions manager passes it over to your project manager. Yeah. And your project manager saying, OK, I'm going to hire these contractors. They're going to come in, put this stuff in the same materials in every home. Exactly. And that's it. You just collect the profit.

Mat Piche [00:22:05] That's pretty. It sounds easy. It's almost easy. It's yeah, it's pretty much the process.

George El Masri [00:22:11] Well, obviously, it took a lot of time to build that system to to get it to work. How did you figure out how to build that system? Like, did you take a course or something or how did that happen?

Mat Piche [00:22:20] Just talking to other investors, other flippers who are kind of doing it. How do you take any courses for this? It's just trying to figure it out as I went, you know what I mean? Which was worked out very good, thankfully. Yeah. There are a ton of great courses out there and I don't know of groups out there to do this, but you learn faster. But yeah, yeah, we figured it out, worked out really well. And that's not just about tripling down and making it more efficient. Cool.

George El Masri [00:22:42] What are what's been some of your biggest mistakes that you, you wish you could take back or change?

Mat Piche [00:22:47] Yeah, the biggest one, like I said, the beginning is not realizing the power of social media and tripling down at the very beginning. Obviously now in 2020, a lot of young people get into real estate that they're watching my videos or other videos and they get it. They know social media. But going back and I wish I would have went on that way harder.

George El Masri [00:23:03] Yeah. Is there so just on that topic, is there anything that you would recommend doing in your videos to attract people like a call to action of some sort? Because if you're just putting out videos and there's no call to action, you probably won't generate any results from it.

Mat Piche [00:23:17] Yes, the calls the call to action at the very end are good. What I like to do is a very subtle approach to my marketing. So you very rarely see my videos like you should partner with me because I know what I'm doing and you don't whatever like that. So but I'm doing indirect selling or just subtle. So what I mean by that is when we shoot videos of the before at the very beginning of, hey, I just bought this property with a partner, let's go in and check it out. That little subtle drop was enough. Yeah, that's enough. You don't have to be like, hey, I'm looking for partners. Yeah. So I do a lot of that. And, you know, we're walking through the house, walking to the house. I say, yeah, my partner is going to make, I don't know, maybe twenty thirty. That's another drop. And at the very end I'll say, hey, if you want to partner with me in this area, you know, I'm looking to buy more deals. I'm always for partners. Hit me up like that's it. Just very, very subtle. Indirect because people nowadays just don't want to be sold to you at all. Like very, very smart. Now as humans when it comes to being sold to we've lived through the 90s and the eighties or whatever. But the the guy with the blazer on all that, like we don't want to deal with that. Right. So it's really all about indirect selling nowadays. So there is strategies to it, like it is like a finesse kind of thing, but it's is pretty easy once you

George El Masri [00:24:22] figure it out. Yeah. And all of that again is just from like, you know, making mistakes and figuring it out along the way. Like you didn't take any sort of courses or anything like that to to learn how to market to people on YouTube.

Mat Piche [00:24:34] Yeah, I was just constant reading and learning. I did hire a marketing coach when I first became a realtor when I was twenty four, because again, that's the only money I had was the pay this dude. Right. Yeah. So he taught me about like email lists and how to talk in the videos and making an e-book or free report etc. the basic marketing stuff. So I did hire a marketing coach which was a game changer. And then after that I was just learning on my own, just reading, copying like I follow Gary V.. And when I'm. Watching those videos, I'm analyzing them like, what is he doing, how is he talking, like just being a nerd like that? So I kind of figure most of it out myself. But there was a basic foundation training from a marketing coach. Cool.

George El Masri [00:25:09] That's awesome. OK, well, before we jump into the next section, is there anything you want to add, anything in general, any messages or anything you want to share with people?

Mat Piche [00:25:18] Now, Matthew Rollin's get going.

George El Masri [00:25:20] OK, OK, so the next section is the random five. So I'm going to ask you five random questions and you just tell me the first thing that comes to mind. If you knew you were going to die in a year, what would you change your life? And again, I don't create these questions or just totally sounds

Mat Piche [00:25:34] like an evil question. Yeah, if I only had one year left to live, I would definitely not be in kitchen while in Canada. I'd be Chile and Costa Rica on the beach. I'm like, yeah, let's get out of here. Yeah. Which is my ultimate goal, like five years. But if I only had one year, I'm doing it now.

George El Masri [00:25:47] Yeah, you got it. That sounds pretty cool. What's one responsibility you really wish you didn't have. Hmm.

Mat Piche [00:25:54] I don't know man. I like everything so far. He's good. One responsibility of

George El Masri [00:25:59] taking out the

Mat Piche [00:26:00] trash. Yeah. Take out the trash. Just. Yeah. Stuff like that in your time on the marketing. Yeah. Good stuff. Me.

George El Masri [00:26:07] OK, what's the best type of

Mat Piche [00:26:09] cheese type of cheese. Well I'm a vegan so I don't eat cheese dignities is there.

George El Masri [00:26:15] Yeah. Yeah. I just had some vegan cream cheese knife. They're all good. Yeah. Has anyone ever saved your life.

Mat Piche [00:26:21] Um, I don't think so. There's actually one time when I was early in my carpentry days, we were on the second floor framing like the roof. And I get a little queasy when we're out there for some reason. I don't know. I was just like kind of blanking out. I was leaning over. And then my one of my friends grabbed my jacket and, like, pulled me back. Oh, that was a close call. I'll be honest. I was that

George El Masri [00:26:40] was so you almost fainted when you were

Mat Piche [00:26:42] like, I'm not that like, wheezy like with two stories, but like eighty stories. Yeah, yeah. I don't think so man. But through stories like I do all the time. But for some reason at that moment I don't know, I was just like yeah yeah that was oh man.

George El Masri [00:26:53] That was a close call but he caught it. OK, cool. And the last question is what success principal do you live by.

Mat Piche [00:27:01] Work harder than everybody and specialize in those two. You'll win every time.

George El Masri [00:27:06] Yeah. It sounds like you live by that too. Because you're not. You're not. Doesn't sound like you're doing a rent to own or studio rentals or like there is a million different real estate. It sounds like you're doing flips, private lending and selling real estate as a real.

Mat Piche [00:27:20] Yeah, it's very, very boring. Very basic. I keep it easy. I don't invest everywhere in anywhere. Yeah. I keep it all within like a thirty minute radius of Kitchen Baalu. There's a ton of great deals out there and I say no to almost all of them. Right. I just want my life easy and so far it's pretty easy. Yeah.

George El Masri [00:27:35] It's working. Yeah. It sounds good. Yeah. Well I think people can learn a lot from you, what services you provide and how do people reach you. What's the best way. Yeah.

Mat Piche [00:27:43] Best ways you choose. So if you type in a fruitful investor or on Google you'll find me. And then on Instagram at my PGA again that's probably the best place to follow me for my my day to day life is on Instagram, but YouTube as well. You'll find me there and then just contact me through those if you want anything to buy real estate as a client in kitchen where and use me as a realtor. Like I said, I'm the only investment focused realtor in that area that I know, but I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who is. One hundred percent of my sales are only investment properties. That's all we do. And then if you want to partner with me on the next level up, let me know. We'll we'll help you out with that.

George El Masri [00:28:16] Do cool. And before we finish things off, where did the full investor come from? Where did that that name come from?

Mat Piche [00:28:22] Yes, I'm super obsessed with, like health and diet. So, again, you know, our plant based I'm all about the fruit and I love fruit. So everybody kind of knows that about me and how the fruitful data came about. I don't talk about this too often, but I was at an event and I was eating like an apple or banana or something. And then somebody came up to me. It was like that. Every time I see you, you're always eating fruit. I was just like I was like, oh, I, I right. When I got home the next day, I was I was making a juice and just came in like a download is in my brain. I was like, you should be called a fruitful investor. I myself was like, dude, that's brilliant. And I just tripled down.

George El Masri [00:28:54] Oh yeah. That's awesome. It sounds like it works really well with everything you're building. So cool. Thanks a lot for joining and I hope to see you again soon. I appreciate hearing your story.

Mat Piche [00:29:04] That's awesome, man. Thanks for having me.

George El Masri [00:29:06] Thanks once again for listening to another episode of the Well Off podcast. Just want to remind you that if you do appreciate the content, all I ask is that you comment maybe like it if you can't on the platform that you're listening to it on and finally share it with friends and family. I'd love to get the message out there and it would mean a lot if you can share it. And finally, I just wanted to offer you as a valued listener, a free copy to the roadmap to real estate investing, which is a document that I've put together which helps you identify what strategy would best suit your needs at this current time. You go over certain things that are included in this document step by step, and it'll hopefully provide you with some clarity. So have a look. You can go to w w w well off Dossie forward slash guide. Download your free copy.

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