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Dave Dubeau [00:00:09] Welcome to Free Flow Friday, powered by the property Profits Real Estate podcast, I’m Dave Dubeau and I’m very excited to give you an over the shoulder learning experience around raising capital, as well as other tips, tricks and strategies to help you on your real estate investing journey. So let’s start. Let’s discover together over the last of this year 2021, I’ve actually put quite a bit of emphasis in getting myself booked on other people’s podcasts. Up until this year, it kind of been a little bit hit. Miss wasn’t really very much of a priority. But this year we really focused on it for a couple of months, and we’re well over 50 podcasts that I have been booked on as a guest. All over Canada, all over the states, as far away as the U.K., yeah, another guy was based out of. Spain, so I’ve been interviewed internationally on a bunch of different podcasts. This was last month, so this was a busy couple of weeks. One two three four five six podcasts that we. Seven eight nine 10, 11, 11 podcasts that I was interviewed on in those two weeks in July alone. So this is definitely doable, you guys. And we basically turned it into an into a bit of a system. So the big benefits of you getting interviewed on a podcast? No one. People who listen to podcasts are highly engaged. I mean, think about it, this is not a passive. It is a passive thing for them, but it’s not like it’s not like they’re scrolling through Facebook and something kind of pops up. You know what I mean? Who here actually listens to some podcasts? Give me a heads up on a regular basis. Right? So chances are you actually have to go to iTunes. You have to find a podcast. Perhaps you subscribe to that podcast and then when something comes up, you click on it and you listen to that podcast, you consumer. So it makes sense, you guys. So it’s not like you actually have to work a little bit. Go listen to that thing. And then people who listen to podcasts are highly engaged. They’re there to hear specifically what you’re talking about. Does this make sense? You guys, they’re there for that, right? So it’s a very engaged audience. It’s a way to make real personal connections. I mean, think about it if you get interviewed on a podcast or just look at your own experience. If you’ve listened to somebody being interviewed on a podcast, especially if the interviews 30 40 50 minutes long, do you feel like you kind of know the person at the end of that versus 30 second blurb on whatever? Does that make sense, you guys? You’ve got a much longer time to hear the person to kind of get to know that definitely much more of a personal connection. It’s great production value for content. I mean, you can really dig in deep into something in 30 to 50 or minutes or an hour, you can really kind of dig deep. It’s not a superficial kind of a thing. And one of the things I love about this is it’s done for you content that you can repurpose and send to your list. So this is me here, you guys, when you get interviewed on somebody else’s podcast, that’s great content for them and their podcasts follow. However, they would love for you to promote their podcast to your followers as well. So makes sense. So if you send out your podcast to your followers, you’re creating content for them. Plus, it’s the double whammy that they’re seeing you as the expert because you’re being interviewed by somebody else. If all the areas give me a thumbs up, Allenby and Imelda, if you want, you can use the little icon thumbs up there, so we know that you’re alive and kicking you. And then here’s another really cool thing, you guys. It create who here besides me has ever been a little bit more than they should have on Netflix or Amazon or whatever, you know what? I’ve talked about it. You get it. You get going there. Well, this can help you create a little bit of that binge, a factor that, well, they call it dwell time. This is the first time I’ve heard of this term, but it makes so much sense. People spend time a lot more time connecting with you if you’ve got podcasts for them to listen to so many times. So right now, for example, I’m really into strategic coach, right? I don’t know if you guys have heard history, did you coach? But Dan Sullivan runs that outfit. They’ve got a podcast. Well, I’ve been kind of bingeing on Dan Sullivan and all things strategic coach for a couple of months now, and virtually every day I’m listening to a different one of their podcasts. Well, guess what? I yeah, I have drunk the Kool-Aid, the Dan Sullivan Kool-Aid. I had consumed a massive amount of this person’s knowledge via their podcast, so it’s allowed me to spend a heck of a lot of time with Dan, even though Dan doesn’t have the faintest clue to some extent, yes. Same thing for you when people are able to consume your content via podcasts. Now here’s another big thing. Good to see you. Here’s another big thing. This is what I would call securities compliant, outside marketing, securities compliant outside market, because when you’re being interviewed on somebody’s podcast, you’re not going to be pitching a deal, you’re not going to be your call to action is not going to be hate. Contact me and invest 100 grand in my idea. That ain’t going to be out, right? So you’re going to be creating valuable educational material there. That’s a great way to reach out to people and create that authority without it coming across like you’re soliciting for funds. Raise your hand, if that makes sense to you. Right? I’ve interviewed a ton of capital raisers on my show, and none of them are overtly soliciting funds, right? And say, If you’d like to find out more, visit my website. That’s it, right? People go to the website to poke around. Usually they get a freebie of some sort or another, get put into the ecosystem and then they start the process. You guys follow me here. So it’s a great way to do that kind of stuff. And. Trust, no like and trust, this is what I love this idea of trust back being seen on or being heard on a whole bunch of different podcasts is kind of the equivalent of have you ever seen those websites whereas seen on them, they got CNN and BNN and ABC and CBS and all those kind of stuff, right? Well, this is our own version of that. You can use this as a trust badge, my goodness. Kevin’s been interviewed on all these different podcasts. He must be an in-demand kind of guy writer just naturally leads to that assumption. We got bragging rights era. But I don’t really mean that you’re going to go brag to your friends, but indirectly, you know, if you post this stuff on social media, it’s like, Wow, Alan has been featured on this podcast. That’s pretty cool. I’ve never been interviewed on anybody’s podcast. That’s what people are going to think when they see that. That makes sense, you guys. So it’s not like you’re going to beat your chest and brag about it, but indirectly, it’s going to really help you boost that credibility. All right. So here are some tips on how to get booked on people’s podcast, right? Here’s the big one You guys are going to write anything down. You’re going to pay attention to anything. Here’s the big thing you need a hook. You need a hook. You need something that grabs attention, doesn’t have to be any earth shattering, does have to be anything completely unique. But you need to think about what my hook is. What is interesting about what I’m doing with real estate investing just makes sense, you guys. So how do you find your hook? Well, here’s what if I were working with you one on one and we were trying to figure this out, it’d be like, Hey, what would you consider to be your uniqueness when it comes to real estate investing? What is it that you are better at than most other people within what you do? Right? So if you’re doing whatever, you’re doing a normal kind of a real estate deal like a br, that’s cool. But there’s a gazillion people doing BRS or just talking about burgers in general might not cut right, depending on the kind of podcast you want to. You want to get on. But if you’re particularly good at one specific part of doing a burger, then you might want to laser focus on that. Just makes sense, you guys, or whatever it is that you’re good at. So does anybody just off the top of your head have something that you think might be an interesting book that you could talk about when it comes to realizing this? Kevin, I know you’ve been doing all sorts of stuff banned in parliament, but what do you think might be a hook that we could work on? Let’s try and flesh it out a little bit. You want to share. How to use a pre-sales condo pre-sales for student rentals. That’s cool. That’s different. Right? Nice. How to use condo pre-sales for student rentals? OK, if I was a which I am, if I was a real estate podcaster, which would be of interest. Yeah. OK, so you got to think about what a hook could be doesn’t need to be anything earth shattering. So Kevin, I like that one that’s unique. That’s different. Now here’s the other thing. It depends a little bit on what kind of podcasts you want to get booked on. So, for example, if you want to get booked on real estate focused podcasts, then you probably do need something hooky like that, Kevin, because that would catch the attention of real estate podcasters because it’s a little bit different than what we’ve heard before, right? Or what other people have a process book now. Good news is, if you’re going after non real estate focused podcast, you go going after podcast, let’s say, in your local area, which is another possibility that don’t necessarily have to do with real estate, then you can have a much more generic topic that would still be kind of new and different for non-real estate people. Does that make sense, you guys? So, for example, it could be hey, the multiple profit centers of a real estate deal, how the money’s really made in real estate. That could be a good topic, because that makes sense. Yes. Now for us, you know, we talk about the different Profits centers. That’s old hat for us, but for somebody who’s not a real estate investor, it’s new and it’s simple and is easy to consume. Give me a little adds up to that made sense. So coming up with some kind of a hook, depending on what you want to focus on, the next thing is creating a compelling one sheet and a one sheet is one page synopsis. Of you and what you’re going to be talking about. And I’ll show you an example here in a second. OK. Having a clear call to action, what do you want people to do at the end of your podcast, right? So for example, when I’m getting interviewed on other people’s podcast, here’s how classy minus this is me after being interviewed on 50+ Podcast, I keep it pretty simple. Yes, I say, Hey, if you’d like to find out more about this, grab a free copy of my book investor attraction book dot com. Boom. Done, OK? And why am I trying to do that? Because again, I’m focusing very much on real estate focused podcasts. Theoretically, the people that are listening to these things are other real estate weirdos like us, right? And some of them might be interested in raising capital. They might want to get a free copy PDF copy of my book, right? So that gives us a way to do that. And then guess what? To get the copy, they have to give me their name and their email address. And that’s how one of the ways that we’ve helped grow our mailing list to something around 15000 people at this point. So it makes sense, you guys. So again, it’s a matter of we need to have a clear call to action, probably directing them to get a freebie. So that way they get into your ecosystem, they get onto your list. This is a way that you can grow your list. All right, then here’s the important thing you guys, if you’re going to be using podcasting to raise capital, you’re not going to go right. To the money immediately, right, somebody opt into your Web site. You want to make sure that you got an effective follow up sequence of emails in place to start that relationship and to encourage them to book a call with you. Right. And exploit exploration call wouldn’t necessarily be a try to get them to invest right away but will. Let’s get to know each other, and this is a way to create that relationship might be a pre-qualification process. I know a lot of syndicators that do this. They have people opt in for their freebie and then they immediately get encouraged to join the club. Right. And it’s no charge to join their club. They join the club, but they have to fill out an application form when they join the club. And that way the syndicators sees, is this person self-qualifying themselves as an accredited investor, as a sophisticated investor or just as a as a normal person, and then they kind to get segmented depending on that. Does that make sense and they self-identify as an accredited investor or sophisticated investor? Then the follow up sequence says, Hey, let’s get to know each other. Click here. Let’s book a call, a discovery call or whatever you want to call it. So it’s making sense, you guys. But you need to have all of that set up in the background. You have to have a very, very clear vision of exactly what you want to accomplish. OK, so here’s an example of my one sheet. Now this is for me Getting on people’s podcast, talking about raising capital. Obviously, that’s my shtick, right? So I give them a little bit of a brief little bio at the very top. Easy to easy to read. I’ve got a photo of my preferred photo on there, and then I give them two different interview options. And my goal is to make this as easy as humanly possible for the other person. Why make them think up the questions? And here’s the thing, guys, after all of these experiences being interviewed on other people’s podcasts. Nine times out of 10, they’ll use these exact questions for me, right? Because I give it to them. So you’re not going to use these questions because you’re going to do your own thing but make it easy for them. You don’t have to have two different interview options you can if you want, like, keep it super simple for them and just brainstorm what are the kind of questions that people should be asking. What are the questions that I would like to answer? And then put those in there and chances are that’s exactly what they’re going to give me a heads up it. This makes sense if all along here, right? So very simple one sheet and this is what you’re going to send out to podcasters when they show interest. OK? And then again, having some sort of a lead magnet, some sort of a reason for people to opt in to get something. So my case, I have got a variety of them, but this is the one that I focus on these days. Some of our clients have different lead magnets. You guys are probably aware we have the gun with you book options. But this is one that Ben Bergen’s gods on his side. He’s got eight. If you want a free copy of my book, give me your name and your email address. And this is how he builds up his list doing something like this. You don’t have to do a whole book. You can do a special report. You can do PDF. Download of something doesn’t have to be that crazy. So it makes sense, you guys, but you got to give people a reason to opt in for your thing. OK. So how do you get booked on podcasts, continuing care? So first thing is researching the appropriate podcasts that you’d like to be featured on. And let me tell you this, you guys. I have no idea how many podcasts there are out there. Last time I heard it was over 600000 different podcasts out there, and I think it’s probably closer to a million by now. There are literally gazillions of podcasts. Now some are better than others, some are bigger than others, more established and others, et cetera, et cetera. But there are tons of them now. Do you always want to be interviewed on real estate focused podcasts? Maybe so. That’s easy, but maybe, no, maybe you want to be. You’d like to be featured on local area podcasts because you want to focus on getting more local people into your sphere. That’s perfectly fine, and it’s a matter of searching, researching which podcasts are in your local area. And then you’re going to have to kind of do a unique little massage to figure out how to reach out to them and create that curiosity. So they’ll interview you about real estate, OK? And it’s all about having a compelling outreach to podcast hosts and then follow them, follow them. So here’s a quick tip you guys something that we do that’s worked really, really well. We’ll research the podcast, then I’ll have my assistant go to the podcast, listen to it and leave a five star review. OK. Five star review and take a screenshot of that review and then emails, a podcast saying, Hey, I loved your episode on whatever. In fact, I love to see a five star review. Here it is. Screenshot. And oh, by the way, my boss Dave Dubeau talks about some pretty cool stuff about raising capital. Is that something you might be interested in right now? Reciprocity kicks in here, you guys. And I tell you the reason we came up with this. I’d love to say I was so brilliant and I bet I did. Somebody use this on me. I said, Wow, which is effective, right? Because it feels good. As a podcaster, you want to get reviews. You want to get five star reviews. These people are unsolicited, giving you a five star review. And oh, by the way, here’s some cool this guy talks about. Would you like to interview him or her? The answer’s usually yes. Does that make sense, you guys? That’s a killer tip and technique. They’re right there for you. OK. But don’t just rely on that. What we’ve got is we’ve got a series of, I think we’re up to four or five emails that go up because usually the first time you kick it out there, you don’t hear anything. So then we got another one to go out three days after that. Then if we don’t hear back from after that, another one goes out three days. Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding. I think it’s four or five times, and then we haven’t heard from them after number five. OK, is what it is. But I tell you what, a lot of it comes from the follow up, not the initial notes. About 50 percent comes from the initial one, and the other 50 percent comes somewhere between number two and number five, right? Like anything persistent, follow. OK. And here’s another tip you can wow your podcast host with follow up after the interview. OK, so if you didn’t personally go in and give them a five star review ahead of time, now’s the time to do it and then say that. Hey, Ben, thanks so much for having me on your podcast. I really appreciate it was great. I love what you’re doing. I left you another. I left you a five star review on a nice comment there. Thank you so much for having me on your show. Let me know what is going to be coming out, and I’ll let everybody I know all about it. OK? Again, podcast host really appreciate that as well. And then keep doing it. That’s how it goes. OK, so how often you want to get booked on podcast? It all depends. You guys, you are really it really depends on what you want to do if you are just looking to boost your credibility within your current list, which is always a good idea, right? You don’t need a ton, right? Literally, if you add, I’ll start with one, but if you got up to three or four podcasts that you’ve been interviewed on, that’s good, right? You can. Then you can have that up on your website if you get one interviewed every month or two or whatever. Great. That’s another little piece of content that you can send out to your list. That’s something else you can feature on social media. It just it helps build up that credibility. And then when people go visit your site, you can have a little part there and says, Hey, check, check out where I’ve been. All the different podcasts I’ve been interviewed on, right? And then you can have links to those different podcast so you don’t need a ton for that. That’s what you want to do. If you are really focused on growing your list and you want to increase the number of prospective investors on your list that I would suggest you want to take this more seriously and you make a concerted effort to get booked at least one or two times a month, consistently month in, month out, right? You can you do more than that if you want to? I mean, jeez, I’m 50 plus for us, but you know, one or two times a month is great for growing lists that we’re OK. And here’s the thing, you guys, even a few interviews can make a really big difference, so for example, let’s say you get interviewed on a smaller podcast that only gets 200 listeners per episode. That would be a pretty small podcast. You guys talk to our listeners per episode. That’s still a really big deal. I mean, think about it. That’s 200 people hearing all about what you do. That’s a pretty good crowd, right? And if you got 20 of them to say, Yeah, you know what? I’m interested. Nothing that Kevin’s got. And they go in in the opt in. And one of those eventually turns into an investor, what is that worth? It’s huge, right? If you guys remember the lifetime worth of an investor? It’s absolutely huge. Roy’s got the number of memories, right? That’s what it’s all about. Here’s a visual. That’s 200 people, folks. So if you were speeding, know unless you’re a customer, public speaking, if you had to give a speech in front of those 200 people, you’d probably be a little bit nervous about it. That’s a good sized crowd. Well, that’s a small number of listeners for a fairly small podcast, right? And their act, they’ve chosen to listen to your interview. It’s not like anybody’s forcing them to. It’s not like they have to be there. They have chosen to listen to you and your interview. And I’m thinking, if you do a reasonable job, you should be able to get five, 10, 15, 20 of them to opt in for your freebie if they’re interested in this making sense. Guys, guys, gals, Elena’s listeners, babies. All right, perfect. So what do we do with your interview once you’ve got it done? Let everybody know. Like, I don’t do this very much anymore, you guys, because again, I got booked on so many of these things so quickly. It would be too much if every day I would say, Hey, I got booked on this podcast, I got booked on this podcast, you know, it would just be too much. But if you’re getting booked every once in a while, then yeah, for sure. Each time. You know, let people know. Hey, really excited. Ben Rehberg has invited me to be on his podcast, I’m going to be getting interviewed next Thursday at 1:00 am or 1:00 p.m. So you let people know about it that way. Then here’s a neat trick I’ve seen people do when they are getting interviewed on the podcast because they’ll take a screenshot because most of these podcast interviews are done on Zoom. They’ll take a screenshot of themselves and the podcast, folks. I just screenshot back, grab that, and then they’ll post that on their social media. So let’s say it’s Thursday at one p.m. Well, I just finished my interview. Ben just finished interviewing me. So later on that afternoon, I might just post that on social media. Hey, I had a great interview with Ben Friedberg because it was found. It was a lot of fun. I’ll let you know when it comes up. So ding, ding. All right. And then probably four, six, eight weeks later, when it actually gets released, it’s all been produced. It’s been sent out. Now is the time. Hey, the podcast I did a few weeks ago with Ben has now been released. Here’s the link. Go check it out. So make sense, you, guys. That way you get three bang for your buck. Ding, ding. When you booked the podcast right after you do the podcast and when the podcast gets released, OK, and once it’s been released, what are you doing it again? Put this up on social media, get a link, put it up on your website and mention it in your marketing. This would be a great thing. You could send out a standalone email about it. You could say you can include this as part of your newsletter. So you got a link to your podcast interview there. You got a little screenshot of the image, whatever it is, but you want to let people know that you’ve been interviewed. Don’t. Don’t be shy about this. Hey, folks. All right. Yeah. Over the over the years, I’ve interviewed a lot of our successful students and people that we’ve worked with, people who have attended our bands or we’ve worked with directly. It’s a big part of what we do on the podcast. Well, hey there. Thanks for tuning into the property Profits podcast if you like this episode. That’s great. Please go ahead and subscribe on iTunes. Give us a good review. That’d be awesome. I appreciate that. And if you’re looking to attract investors and raise capital for your deals, then we invite you to get a complimentary copy of my newest book right back there. There it is the money partner formula. You got a PDF version, an investor attraction book dot com again. Investor attraction, book dot com. Take care.

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