#FreeFlowFriday: Having Your Investors “Ready in the Wings” with Dave Dubeau

Investors are integral to any business or venture. Not only do they provide necessary financial support, but they also offer their wealth of knowledge and experience. Successful investors like Dave Dubeau always encourage you to be ready in the wings and have been in the industry for several years. Thus, they carry specific expertise and understanding of the market that you might not possess as a beginner. These individuals can offer guidance and help you navigate unpredictable business waters with much less difficulty. 

Freeflowfriday Having Your Investors “Ready In The Wings” With Dave Dubeau

Investors are integral to any business or venture. Not only do they provide necessary financial support, but they also offer their wealth of knowledge and experience. Successful investors like Dave Dubeau always encourage you to be ready in the wings and have been in the industry for several years. Thus, they carry specific expertise and understanding of the market that you might not possess as a beginner. These individuals can offer guidance and help you navigate unpredictable business waters with much less difficulty. 

Moreover, having investors boosts your company’s value. Investors only put their money in ventures they believe will yield returns. If investors are backing your project, you indirectly communicate this potential success to others in your industry. This structure creates a healthy competitive environment that fuels consistent growth and innovation. 

Why you need investors 

  • Financial support: Investors provide the funds to start or expand your venture. This typically comes in exchange for a share in the company or future profits.
  • Knowledge and expertise: Investors often bring industry knowledge and experience, which can prove invaluable, especially if you are starting.
  • Boosts reputation: Having investors can significantly enhance your company’s reputation, indicating that others believe in its potential and chances of success.

In conclusion, investors are not just financial backers. They are experienced individuals who can offer sound advice, provide insightful perspectives, and bolster your venture’s reputation. Therefore, having investors ready in the wings is not an option but a condition for success in your entrepreneurial journey.

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Understanding the Concept of ‘Ready in the Wings’ 

When we talk about having investors’ ready in the wings,’ we mean to cultivate a group of prospective investors who are familiar with you and your investment strategy and are eager to invest in the right deal when it comes along. 

Imagine it like this – you are the director of a play, and your investors are your actors. If one actor suddenly falls ill (i.e., a deal falls through), you have other actors ready in the wings to step in and save the day. In essence, you have a support system that ensures your investment journey never misses a beat. 

The ‘ready in the wings’ approach eliminates the stress of securing funds at the 11th hour. It streamlines the process of raising capital, making it efficient and risk-free. 

This approach is not about persuading people to invest. Instead, it’s about building genuine connections with people with shared financial objectives and growing your pool of potential investors who can take advantage of the right opportunity when it arrives. 

So, how do you get investors ready in the wings? It begins by building relationships, creating networks, establishing a reputation as a reliable investor, and avoiding common investor relation pitfalls. And remember, being transparent and honest with your potential investors is critical to building a practical ‘ready in the wings’ approach.

Building Relationships with Potential Investors 

Establishing a successful ‘Ready in the Wings’ approach involves an integral part: developing valuable relationships with potential investors. Consider these relationships as transactions and partnerships that can propel your investment goals to greater heights. 

Initiate the Conversation: Dave Dubeau emphasizes the importance of initiating conversations with potential investors. These interactions aim to understand their goals, risk tolerance, and investment interests. Communicating effectively with potential investors builds a foundation of trust and aligns your investment strategies

Investors need accurate and comprehensive information to make informed decisions. Consider hosting webinars, seminars, or information sessions to educate prospective investors about your business model, the benefits, and potential risks of investing in your offers. 

Excellent communication should not stop after the initial conversation or informational sessions. Purposeful and regular follow-up is a critical element of nurturing these relationships. Regular updates on investment opportunities and market trends or simply checking in can significantly enhance your relationship with them. 

Dave Dubeau often underscores the principle of providing value to potential investors. This can be done by sharing valuable insights and information or even facilitating them in their investment pursuits. Building relationships is a two-way street, and reciprocation strengthens these bonds. 

In conclusion, understanding your potential investors, maintaining open communication channels, and continually providing value are crucial steps in solidifying relationships. And in the ‘Ready in the Wings’ approach, these relationships are the very wings that could elevate your investment goals.

The Benefits of Having Investors on Standby 

Imagine you have identified a fantastic investment opportunity but need funds to make it a reality. Having investors ready in the wings would be incredibly beneficial in such a circumstance. This concept means having potential investors on standby with whom you’ve already built relationships, understand their interests, and trust you enough to invest when the right opportunity comes. 

There are multiple reasons why having investors ready in the wings can provide a significant advantage: 

  1. Fast Funding: As the investors are already familiar with you and your investment strategies, securing funding for a new opportunity takes less time. Time is money in real estate investing, and quick financing can often secure the best deals.
  2. Trust and Confidence: For investors, investing is about the potential return on investment and trust and confidence in the person managing the investment. By cultivating a close relationship in advance, you instill a higher level of trust, making them more likely to invest when the opportunity arises.
  3. More Investment Opportunities: When you have a pool of potential investors, you can take advantage of more investment opportunities. This flexibility could contribute significantly to your investment portfolio and wealth growth.

Dave Dubeau emphasizes that this approach places significant importance on establishing strong relationships and open communication with potential investors. It’s about clarifying expectations, understanding their needs, and preparing them to jump on opportunities. This not only aids in speed and efficiency but also creates a robust network that you can tap into when an opportunity presents itself.

Tapping into Existing Networks 

Tapping into existing networks can be an effective way to find potential investors for your real estate dealings. In this episode of #FreeFlowFriday, Dave Debeau explains how you can do just that and have your investors’ ready in the wings.’ 

Dave emphasizes that you should not limit yourself to one source of investors. Instead, aim to connect with potential investors from different arenas like your social networks, local community, business connections, and more. Reach out to people you already know and expand from there. 

It’s not just about making contacts; it’s about sustaining relationships. It’s vital to engage consistently and positively with your network, offering valuable insights and staying on their radar. Dave suggests nicknaming this as the ‘drip strategy’—where you provide a slow, steady flow of information to keep potential investors engaged in the long run. 

While you should utilize existing connections, don’t underestimate the value of expanding your network. Attend networking events, join online communities related to real estate investing, and make it a point to meet new people. Remember, each new connection is a potential investor ‘ready in the wings.’ 

Technology plays a crucial role in establishing networks in today’s digital age. Platforms like LinkedIn can help find and connect with potential investors. You could also consider using customer relationship management (CRM) software to manage your investor relationships efficiently. 

Building upon these relationships requires patience and consistency. Show genuine interest in the people you meet. Keep the lines of communication open. And always remember to offer help before seeking it. Over time, this proactive approach can help transform your contacts into prospective investors, effectively having them ‘ready in the wings,’ as Dave puts it.

Cultivating a Reputation as a Reliable Investor 

To be successful in the concept of ‘Ready in the Wings,’ it is essential for you to build a reputation as a reliable investor. Dave Dubeau emphasizes this as a significant factor in his strategy. So, where do you start? 

A key aspect of cultivating a solid reputation is transparency. This means sharing your plans and objectives clearly and openly with potential investors. Honesty about your intentions and projects will instill trust and solidify relationships. 

Being proactive can also contribute to your reputation. Your potential investors will see that you value their peace of mind by addressing potential concerns before they become serious. This can set you apart from others who may not prioritize communication this way. 

Success stories can immensely help in boosting your credibility. Conversely, if you’ve experienced setbacks or challenges, being upfront about those experiences and what you learned from them can also enhance your reputation. True transparency, after all, includes both triumphs and trials. 

The more your potential investors understand the process, the more comfortable they’ll feel. Providing educational resources about the investment process, market trends, or anything else they might find helpful can go a long way in building confidence. 

  • Market trends articles
  • Regular project updates
  • Invitations to educational webinars or workshops

Remember, earning a reputation as a reliable investor is not just about ticking all the right boxes. It is about integrity, transparency, and genuine concern for your investors’ interests.

Avoiding Common Pitfalls in Investor Relations 

There are several roadblocks that you might encounter in establishing investor relations. It is crucial to spot these standard hitches early and pave a clear path to avoid them. Let’s delve into some of these common pitfalls with Dave Debeau


The most recurring barrier in investor relations is arguably miscommunication. It’s crucial to remember that clarity and transparency should be at the forefront of all your interactions. You need to ensure investors are always informed about the progress of their investments. Dave Debeau emphasizes the importance of regular communication to ensure investor confidence. 

Lack of Investor Engagement 

Another pitfall is the lack of investor engagement. This often happens when investors don’t feel acknowledged or valued in the investment process. To counter this, it’s advisable to keep investors in the loop through regular updates and actively seek their opinions and feedback. Remember, engaged investors are more likely to feel invested emotionally and, thus, more likely to stay on board. 

Failure to Meet Expectations 

Next, failure to meet expectations can be detrimental to investor relations. Investors come on board with expected returns on their investments. Falling short of these expectations without solid explanations can lead to mistrust. Be open about potential risks and realistic about returns. Consistency in meeting expectations will solidify your reputation as a reliable investor, as Dave Debeau often emphasizes. 

Offering Insufficient Protection to Investors 

Lastly, offering insufficient protection to investors is another common pitfall. Investors need the assurance that their investment is safe. Consequently, it would be best to address the legal and financial measures to protect the investors’ equity. Garnering this assurance solidifies investor relations, a tip central to Dave Debeau’s advice on investor relations. 

By identifying and understanding these common pitfalls, one can better navigate one’s path in establishing and maintaining strong investor relations. As Dave Debeau asserts, always remember preparation and clarity are your most potent tools in this venture.

Conclusion: Implementing the ‘Ready in the Wings’ Approach 

Having journeyed through the exciting terrain of having investors ‘Ready in the Wings,’ you have learnt about the intricacies of the concept, the importance of building relationships and the vast benefits it offers. Now, How can you implement this approach in your ventures? Dave Debeau provides valuable insights. 

Firstly, you must identify who your potential investors might be. Dave Debeau suggests looking at the people in your existing network as the perfect starting point. These could be friends, family members, acquaintances or even colleagues. The key is understanding the opportunities around you and not being shy about discussing your plans and ideas. 

Secondly, step out and start building relationships. Remember, people are more likely to invest in those they trust and have established connections with. Dave Debeau highlights the need for honest and consistent communication, fostering trust and mutual respect. 

Finally, cultivating a reputation as a reliable and professional investor can’t be overstated. Dave Debeau advocates for demonstrating transparency and integrity in all dealings, emphasizing that a good reputation will attract potential investors, ensuring they are ‘ready in the wings.’ 

Embedding these steps in your modus operandi will ensure a group of investors willing to finance your projects, even before they come to the drawing board. This is the power of having your investors “Ready in the Wings.” 

Let’s Review 

  1. Identify potential investors within your existing network.
  2. Work on building trust and relationships with these potential investors.
  3. Nurture a strong reputation as an honest and reliable investor.

In conclusion, the concept of having investors ‘Ready in the Wings’ is not as daunting as it might initially seem. By following Dave Debeau’s advice and using these strategies, you can have a team of investors awaiting your next venture.

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