#FreeFlowFriday: Powerful Investor Presentation Part 1 with Dave Dubeau

#FreeFlowFriday Powerful Investor Presentation Part 1 with Dave Dubeau
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Table of Contents - #FreeFlowFriday: Powerful Investor Presentation Part 1 with Dave Dubeau

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Hey, are you short on cash or credit to do more real estate deals than sign up for my upcoming five day capital crunch challenge happening this May? Seventeen through twenty first and you can register for free at Capital Crunch Challenge Dotcom. You're going to come away with this with a full roadmap on exactly how to raise six figures or more in six weeks or less and explode your real estate portfolio even under today's challenging circumstances. All right. So each going to be full of training and a full on training and there's going to be action assignments. There's going to be live Q and A.. There's going to be handouts. I'm going to be recording it, keeping it up for the week. So if you can't make any of the classes live, you can always check back and check out the recording. So again, go to Capital Crunch, Challenge Dotcom, get your spot today. Let your other real estate enthusiast friends know about this and we'll see you on May the 17th. Take care. Welcome to Free-Flow Friday, powered by the Property Profits Real Estate podcast. I am Dave Dibble and I'm very excited to give you an over the shoulder learning experience around raising capital, as well as other tips, tricks and strategies to help you on your real estate investing journey. So let's start. Let's discover together. Again, the focus for tonight is starting things right with your investor meetings and when it comes to this old money partner five step formula, what we're really, really focusing on here is step number two, all about the presentation and not even so much putting the presentation together or the actual PowerPoint, but everything that goes around your investor meetings. Right. So what we're going to be talking about kind of pre assumes a few things that most you definitely have done or some of you're just getting started with getting this going. But it starts with creating a list of your perspective, investors having at least their name in the email addresses. We're looking at one hundred and fifty to two hundred of them. And you've done your warm up campaign, right? You've reconnected with these folks on a personal level first. Right. With that warm up campaign. And you've got your presentation ready to go. Whether you use the template that was provided to you or we've created a presentation for you, whatever it is, you've got your presentation ready to go. And ideally, if I could wave the magic wand, you've done a couple of practice runs, at least already. I think most of you are definitely in that situation. So what I want to talk to you a little bit about here tonight is really what do we do when we're setting up the presentation? What do we do when we're going to be meeting with people either face to face when this whole thing comes down or if we're meeting with people face to face, we assume, what do we do to set up everything? So let's wave the magic wand. Let's pretend that you've been doing your marketing for a while. You've got your your investor website up, which most of you definitely do. You've got your video logs going out, your Eason's going out, your blog posts going out. You've got your presentation already put together. You've done a few practice runs. Maybe you've done a webinar. You've got things rolling. Right. So, again, the whole goal of the process is ideally to get people calling you or texting you or reaching out to you or booking an appointment with you people who are already pre educated, pre motivated, predisposed and hopefully prequalified to invest with you. So what I'm going to do for the purpose of tonight's training is to pretend that we're going to be setting up a meeting with a prospective investor, let's say, at Starbucks or for all of us Canadians here at Tinnies, whatever. We're going to go have a coffee meeting with somebody and show them what we're up to right now. This can apply to a zoom meeting as well. But I really want to go over to the coffee meeting idea as well. Just so when this whole covid thing goes away, we can jump in and have these face to face meetings with people because I think they're they're super effective. So let's say somebody reaches out to you. And they've been seeing your marketing for a while. They've seen some of your stuff already and we finally piqued their curiosity and they want to find out more information. So let's pretend somebody picks up the phone and calls you. Right now, the temptation is going to be to try to explain stuff over the phone, right. To try and explain stuff over the phone. I'm going to suggest we avoid that at all costs. You do not want to try to explain your real estate deal over the phone. The only purpose of this phone call is to set up a time for you to have a meeting with the person. Right. So, again, if we're pretending that we're going to be doing this at a coffee shop, that's the goal of the call. So please, please, please avoid trying to explain your deal over the phone. So does somebody want to. We'll play without a net here. Somebody wanted to role play with me and you'll be my prospective investor calling me up, wanting some information. Anybody up for a little bit of a role play here? Trevor is Susanna's. OK, so we'll go with Trevor as Azango up first. Go ahead. I'm yourself, Trevor. So let me paint the scene here. So, Trevor, I'm sorry. Remind me, are you married? Yes. Yes. What's your lovely wife's name? Lucy. Lucy. All right. Perfect. OK, so Trevor is on my investor list. Trevor has been get my stuff for quite some time. And it's got to the point where I have piqued his curiosity and he's finally said, enough's enough. I got to talk to Dave and find out more about what he's doing in real estate. OK, so, Trevor, let's just pretend you've got my cell phone number and you've given me a call. All right. So regularly. Hello, Dave here.


Speaker 2 [00:06:21] Hi, Dave. It's Trevor calling. How are you doing today?


Speaker 1 [00:06:23] I'm doing great. Trevor, how are you doing? I'm excellent. It's minus 20 here. That that sounds excellent. And how is Lucy doing? Yeah, Lucy is doing well going along. That's fantastic. So how can I help you today?


Speaker 2 [00:06:41] Well, I've been watching some of your videos and I've been intrigued with real estate off and on. So I just want to hear a bit more about that.


Speaker 1 [00:06:49] Fantastic. Trevor, so you've seen I imagine you've if you've seen my videos, you've been on the website, right? Correct. Yes. All right. So you're probably aware that I'm focusing on investing in multifamily properties in and around Ottowa. Right. So apartment buildings.


Speaker 2 [00:07:04] Yeah, I'd like to know more about that, because I know for sure.


Speaker 1 [00:07:07] For sure. So, Trevor, I'm happy to show you what everything is all about, but I just want to make sure we're on the same page. So so you have the gist of it. You've probably seen that these are kind of medium to long term type deals. We're looking at our investors having their money in there anywhere from five to seven years typically, and that the minimum investment is one hundred thousand dollars. Did you see all of that on the website? Yes. OK, perfect. All right. So, Trevor, I'm happy to show you how the whole thing works. And here's the thing. I've got a presentation that I've put together for this, and it's a very visual thing and I can't really do it justice over the phone. So, again, time out, you guys. Let's assume that Trevor, Lucy and I all live in the same top. Right. So we're going to we're going to get. So are you, Lucy, still living in town?


Speaker 2 [00:07:54] Yep. We're on the east end.


Speaker 1 [00:07:56] OK, well, why do we do this? Why don't I buy you guys coffee and I'll show you how it all works, because it's a it's a short presentation, but I need to show it to both of you. Does that make sense?


Speaker 2 [00:08:06] Yeah, and I'm curious, like I've seen Grant Dolan and others that are offering five, seven, 10 percent, what are you offering do?


Speaker 1 [00:08:13] Well, I'll show you the presentation, Dreaver. And it might even be better than that. And I don't want to I don't want to let the cat out of the bag before we get to. Because that's not good. OK, fair enough. All right. Very good. So are you guys Timmy's fans or are you Starbucks fans? Would you prefer Timmy's all the way cammies? All the way. All right. Well, let's meet at Timmy's at one, two, three Main Street. And what day works well for you and Lucy? Oh, someone Thursday or Friday. I kind of booked up till that.


Speaker 2 [00:08:43] OK, probably Thursday works better. Friday isn't as good for us.


Speaker 1 [00:08:48] All right. And so, OK, so you guys, you get the gist here. We're going to find the day and the time that works best for everybody. And if you noticed, I really want to meet with Trevor and Lucy. I don't want to just meet with Trevor. Very important here, you guys. Not just with Trevor. Why? Because, guys, I hate to break it to you, but we think we are the kings of our castles. But we're really just at our wives castles and they're in charge of everything. All right. So so here's the thing. And I learned I'm just I'm sharing my experience with you guys. If I just meet with Trevor and Trevor, he gets all hyped up and hot to trot about this investment deal. And Lucy's not there. And Trevor says, I'm in. I'll tell the wife. I'll tell the little lady that we're invested with you, Dave. No problem. And he runs home and tries to explain the whole thing to Lucy. No offense. You're going to screw it up right between the time we meet, the time he gets home, he's going to forget. Eighty seven percent of everything I told him. Plus, it's a whole presentation I've got put together. Plus, Trevor's probably not a real estate guy. Trevor is probably a regular civilian, a regular person, not a real estate expert. So he's going to rush home and he's going to blather about how great this deal is to Lucy. And what's Lucy going to do? Ladies, you know exactly what this is going to do. She's going to not again, not another harebrained idea my husband's brought. All right. That's probably what's going to happen. Then she's going to go, yeah. State keeps doing these deals. Dave, you're old buddy from university that. Dave Yeah, yeah, yeah. Dave the same guy you used to go get plastered with every weekend. And who ended up in the drunk tank if you took. Yeah, yeah. That Dave. He's better now. OK, so so we've got all of these things to overcome. And as soon as Lucy kind of gets a negative bee in her bonnet, it's going to be impossible to turn her around. Does that make sense, you guys? Now, I've got a fighting chance if I can have Lucy there, too, right. That's when we got an opportunity. So you always want to have all of the decision makers at your meetings. Give me a thumbs up, if that makes sense. I spend a little bit of time on this, you guys, because it's really, really important. All right, perfect. OK, so let's pretend wave the magic wand. We've set up the day in the time and say, OK, so we're going to be down, let's say whatever, Thursday, three o'clock at Timmy's on Main Street. Now, here's another little trick for you guys. The other little trick there is that we want to. Figure out what we're going to be giving them, what they're going to be ordering ahead of time, so Dreaver, I'm going to buy you and Lucy coffee. How do you guys take your coffee?


Speaker 2 [00:11:43] Lucy Black? And I'll actually have a mint tea.


Speaker 1 [00:11:46] I like mint tea. You're like the mint. All right, perfect. So I'll have that all set up and I will see you Thursday at three o'clock.


Speaker 2 [00:11:53] OK, that sounds good. I'll let you know if anything changes.


Speaker 1 [00:11:56] All right. I'll give you a quick little text the morning off just to double confirm everything. OK, perfect. Good. All right. Thanks, Trevor. OK, so you can meet yourself just a little bit, then I'll I'll have you jump in in a in a few minutes when you continue on. So you guys, you see what we did there. We set up the meeting. We're making sure that all of the decision makers are there. But I've also done a little bit to prequalified Trevor over the phone. Right. I want to make sure that I'm not wasting his time and he's not wasting my time. So he's already got the gist of things. He knows that I'm in what I'm investing in the market I'm investing in. He knows what the time frame is. He knows what the minimum investment is. So theoretically, if the deal makes sense for him, he should be able to invest. Right, you guys? I mean, it just it just makes sense. Otherwise you wouldn't be caught. OK, so I want to make sure everybody there I'm getting all I'm taking the order now. There's an important reason for that. OK, so let's say we're going to get together there. I'm going to get it. I'm going to get to Timmy's fifteen minutes early. I'm going to find a nice corner booth or something as quiet as possible for us to get together. And I'm going to go get the coffees in the minutes ahead of time. Right. Because here's here's the danger. If I show up last minute and Trevor is there and Lucy's there and I'm there and now we're all in line waiting to get our coffees, and then it's the the verbal arm wrestling thing to see who's going to buy the coffees. And it's all this mucking around. Plus, the longer we're waiting in line, the more time I have to take my big fat foot and stick it in my big fat mouth. Does that make sense? So I want to I want to keep it tight. I want to control it as much as humanly possible. OK, so I'm going to be there. I'm going to have my computer set up and have the presentation ready to go. I'm going to have the drinks ready to go and I'm going to be all ready to run. That's how I'm going to give me a thumbs up. You guys is making sense now. Quick little time out here, you guys. What I'm showing you here today, this is this is how I like to do it. This has worked really well for me. It's worked really well for for clients that have tried this as well. If you already have a lot of sales or presentation experience, take what works and what doesn't. You know, just pick nuggets from this. But if if you haven't done very much of this, and I highly recommend you try it this way a few times just to see how it feels for you. Fair enough. OK, all right. Now, the next thing that's everybody's there, we want to make sure that we get started on the right foot. OK, so let's pretend Trevor and Lucy have just walked in the door at the coffee shop. We see each other. I bring them over and Gerard and Rob, what I'm going to illustrate to you here is a kind of a very Canadian thing. All right. We got a lot of Canadians on the call here today, so they'll be able to relate to this. And and I want to see what you guys think. So the typical way most people would start this would be Trevor. Lucy, so great to see you guys. Thank you so much for coming out. I really, really appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedules. I know how busy you are, so I really, really appreciate your time. And I just want to thank you so much for meeting with me, OK? That's how most people would start it. And most Canadians would say that's pretty good. That's that's pretty nice. All right. But sometimes we're a little bit too nice as Canadians, sometimes we're a little bit too tight. I love that one. Canadian Canadian vandalism. Have a nice day. Thumbs up. All right. So the challenge with this, here's what the challenges Trevor and Lucy are coming to this meeting consciously or subconsciously thinking that they've got one up on me already. Right. Because they know they've got money and they know I'm looking for money. So consciously or subconsciously, they might be thinking, hey, we got the money, Dave needs the money. So we've got it up on Dave. Does that make sense? You guys OK? So what I want to do is I don't want to bring Trevor and and Lucy down. What I want to do is I want to raise my own status in their eyes, if all in their. So if I do what I just showed you or thank you guys so much, your time is so valuable, my time isn't then that the official term for that is it's too Kissi AC. OK, it's two kisses and we don't want to be overly kissy AC. We don't want to come across like we're sucking up. Right. We want to bring ourselves up to their level. We don't want to bring them down. We want to bring ourselves up. We want to, you know, show a little bit of confidence. I know this is so love him or hate him. You got to say this guy has got some serious confidence, right? If somebody does not have a problem with confidence, it's this gentleman. So we want to get a little bit of that confidence going. And do you want to call it level the playing field? So we want to bring ourselves up in there. So here's my suggestion of how to do this. You guys are a version of this. So, Trevor, go ahead and amuse yourself and we'll we'll continue on with the roll player. OK, so we got we're all set up here. I say. Trevor Lusi, great to see you guys. Thanks very much for coming out. I know you're busy, folks. I'm busy, too. In fact, I've put aside about forty minutes for a meeting here today. So if you don't mind, how about if we just sit down, I've got our coffee's ready and let's get down to business. That's all. Good. Yeah, fair enough. All right. Very good. So you see you guys see what we've done there. So I've I've given him kudos. I've shown in respect. I've shown him and his wife respect. You're busy people. I appreciate your time. I'm busy, too. I've put aside about forty minutes for a meeting here today. So if it's OK with you guys, how about if we just jump into it and I'll show you what I've got. You're following here, you guys just making sense. OK, very good. So some people do this different way. Some folks say I've got another appointment right after this, so I've only got 40 minutes. I prefer not to. I prefer just to say, hey, I've put aside about 40 minutes for our meeting here today. So if it's OK with you. Let's get down to it now. The reason we want to do this is because this isn't a social visit. This is not a social visit. Even if Trevor and Lucy are pretty good friends in this context, we're here to talk business. Right. So I suggest if we do it this way now, the good news is Trevor, Lucy, they know more or less how long they're going to be in this meeting for. It's not this thing. Oh, my God. Is is Dave going to blather on, like, usual and it's going to be a two hour marathon? No, they know that this is going to be fairly tight and that there's their parameters around this. Does that makes sense? You guys follow along with me. OK, very good. All right. Now, the next part of the whole process is what we call the overview and the up front agreement. Well, hey there. Thanks for tuning into the property profits podcast. If you like this episode. That's great. Please go ahead and subscribe on iTunes. Give us a good review of that. Be awesome. I appreciate that. And if you're looking to attract investors and raise capital for your deals, that may invite you to get a complimentary copy of my newest book right back there. There it is, the money partner formula. You can get a PDF version at investor attraction book, dot com again, investor attraction book, dot com ticker.

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