From Covid to the Caymans with Eliav Kling

Meet Eliav Kling, a savvy real estate investor and tech specialist, who has turned the table on adversity, making a bold geographical move from Ontario, Canada to the Cayman Islands amidst the global COVID-19 pandemic. This transition was neither simple nor straightforward, but for Kling and his wife, finance professional and business partner, it was necessary and potentially even fortuitous.

From Covid To The Caymans With Eliav Kling

Meet Eliav Kling, a savvy real estate investor and tech specialist, who has turned the table on adversity, making a bold geographical move from Ontario, Canada to the Cayman Islands amidst the global COVID-19 pandemic. This transition was neither simple nor straightforward, but for Kling and his wife, finance professional and business partner, it was necessary and potentially even fortuitous. 

Initially, Kling and his wife started their venture into real estate back in 2004. With a background in tech technology and his wife’s expertise in finance, they painstakingly built a lucrative and fulfilling business. 

However, like many across the globe, the upheaval caused by the coronavirus pushed them into uncharted waters. The experience, while challenging, has proven transformative in ways they could never have envisaged. As Dave Debeau, host of the renowned real estate podcast, puts it, “Eliav’s journey is a testament to the power of resilience and innovation in these unprecedented times”. 

For those looking to connect with Eliav Kling after learning about his inspiring journey, he can be reached through his website, or directly via email at

Join us as we delve into Eliav’s remarkable journey, from his beginnings in real estate to his current life in the Cayman Islands, demonstrating the audacious spirit of an entrepreneur in the face of global lockdowns.

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Eliav Kling’s Journey from Travel Enthusiast to Entrepreneur

When we imagine the life of an entrepreneur, computer screens and cityscapes might be the first things that come to mind. But for Eliav Kling, the path to entrepreneurship unfolded with an unorthodox blend of exotic islands and real estate investing. His journey, as shared with Dave Debeau on his popular podcast, is a narrative that intertwines a passion for travel with the world of business. 

Eliav, whose background is rooted in the tech industry, took an unexpected turn towards real-estate investing after being inspired by the iconic book, “Rich Dad Poor Dad”. While vacationing with his wife, also a finance expert, they embarked on a path that would change their lives forever in 2004. 

Plan B morphed into plan A in a swift shift that would surprise even them. Their real-estate investments started as a sideline, a backup option – something to diversify their income. But as their interest was piqued and successes followed, they found themselves drawn deeper into the world of property investment.

Part of what propelled them on this journey was their much-loved getaways to the Cayman Islands. The beauty and culture of the Islands did more than lift their spirits; it changed their perspective on business and investment options. The couple saw a unique opportunity to invest in a place they were attached to, and with that, they began blending their love of travel with their blossoming interest in real estate

The islands sparked a vision, and in that vision, Eliav saw the potential for a lifestyle merged seamlessly with entrepreneurship. With his tech background and his wife’s financial acumen, they carved a niche for themselves in the real estate world, particularly leveraging opportunities in their beloved Cayman Islands. 

The transformation from tech enthusiasts to island-based entrepreneurs was a journey filled with learning curves, hurdles, and above all, growth. Eliav’s firm belief in the power of travel and the value of diversifying one’s investment portfolio were significant influencing factors in their journey. 

Today, Eliav Kling continues his extraordinary journey, with his real estate company positioned for even greater success. Even more, he has established a platform for interaction and engagement where others can reach out to him via his website or at Their journey is a testament to the fact that sometimes stepping out of your comfort zone leads to paths you never imagined possible.

How Eliav Kling Adapted his Business in the Midst of a Pandemic

Dealing with the onslaught of COVID-19 and its numerous challenges is no small feat – a fact that Dave Debeau’s guest Eliav Kling knows all too well. Being an experienced real estate investor, Eliav and his wife had to quickly pivot their strategy in response to the unprecedented and shifting landscape. 

In the interview, Kling detailed how the tech background he possessed played a major role in making this transition smoother. The lockdowns and restrictions on movement required the duo and their team to rely more heavily on digital tools and platforms in order to continue business operations. As global travel was brought to a near standstill, the couple knew they had to make strategic decisions to ensure their business would not merely survive but thrive during these trying times. 

Eliav’s wife’s financial background proved to be particularly valuable during this time. Drawing upon her expertise, they were able to reassess their investment and financial strategies, planning for even bigger and better outcomes ahead once the global climate began to recover. 

The transition from physical to virtual interactions also signaled a transformation in the way they fostered relationships. Eliav Kling and other stakeholders shifted their regular meetings to virtual mediums, ensuring the connections, albeit maintained digitally, remained strong and fruitful. 

Kling didn’t just adapt from a business perspective. On a personal front, he found himself reinventing his lifestyle and routines due to the impact of the pandemic. While the allure of Ontario, Canada, was replaced by the inescapable charm of the Cayman Islands, the shift in residential locations brought along an array of adaptations. Even their children had to switch to online learning, reflecting the widespread influence of the pandemic on every aspect of life. 

Adapting to the drastic changes brought on by COVID-19, the couple made the most of the various shifts – professional and personal – that came their way. Eliav Kling’s journey paints a vivid example of resilience and innovation amidst adversity, embodying the true spirit of entrepreneurship in such challenging times.

Exploring the Economic Impact of Travel Restrictions on Islands like the Caymans

In a thought-provoking conversation with Dave Debeau, Eliav Kling explores the economic impact of travel restrictions on islands like the Cayman Islands. A seasoned entrepreneur himself, Kling offers insight into the realities faced by small islands relying heavily on tourism. 

The Impact on Tourism 

The sudden imposition of travel restrictions due to COVID-19 led to a swift halt in visitor arrivals. An immediate decline in local business revenue, skyrocketing unemployment, and efforts to adapt to rely less on international visitors were some of the effects. In Kling’s words:

“Imagine suddenly an island, thrumming with tourists throughout, falls into an unnerving silence.”

Island Economies and Development 

It’s important to understand that islands like the Caymans walk a delicate balance between third world realities and developed country infrastructures. The sudden halt in tourism pushed this balance to its limit, exposing the considerable reliance on external revenue sources. “The economic disparities became quite pronounced,” as Kling put it. 

Adapting to a New Normal 

Eliav Kling and his fellow residents of the Cayman Islands have shown incredible resilience in face of the pandemic. While the travel restrictions stripped away a significant portion of the Islands’ income, locals partnered together to find new ways of sustaining the economy. For some, the lack of tourists allowed for more focus on local sustainability efforts, while others began to explore different lines of business. 

The Road to Recovery 

Thanks to the resilience and adaptability of the Cayman community, the local economy has been gradually making a recovery, although many challenges still remain. The reliance on tourism has made the Islands vulnerable in this crisis, but it has also shown the inherent strengths of the community. 


The travel restrictions have undoubtedly laid bare the vulnerabilities of islands like the Caymans. However, through these difficulties, the strength of local communities shines. As Kling and Debeau’s discussion shows, the ongoing pandemic has offered a unique opportunity to reassess and strengthen the resilience of these island economies.

Discover the Unique Culture and Cuisine of the Caymans with Eliav Kling

Eliav Kling, a tech maverick turned real estate investor, currently resides in one of the most enchanting places on earth – the Cayman Islands. It is a land of contrast, a melting pot where the third-world and developed country confluence is evident, presenting a captivatingly unique culture and equally intriguing cuisine. 

With Kling discovered, the culture of the Cayman Islands is rather distinctive. Residents greet each other daily with kindness and hospitality – one might say, it’s a lifestyle built on congeniality. The blend of local and foreign influences creates a rich cultural tapestry that has entwined itself into Kling’s daily existence. It’s also permeated into the community activities that Eliav engages in regularly, such as monthly social events where he interacts with the locals, imbibes in their stories, and grows his knowledge of their heritage. 

Delving into Cayman Cuisine with Eliav Kling 

Cayman cuisine, deeply reflective of its cultural diversity, packs a delightful punch of flavors. Taking a page out of Kling’s food diary, it’s easy to visualize the culinary journey that’s unfolded on this charming island. Seafood lovers, for instance, would find themselves in a paradise of sorts with abundant marine life finding its way to the local plates. 

“The seafood here is fresh, and the way they prepare it is jus wow! It’s truly unique!” says Eliav, describing his favorite local fare.

However, the culinary landscape isn’t just seafood-heavy. A variety of other local ingredients, fruits, and vegetables permeate the dishes. Recipes passed down through generations embellish the island’s culinary heritage, turning Cayman’s food scene into a haven for foodies like Kling. This gastronomical exploration has undeniably added another layer of fascination to Eliav’s Cayman’s journey. 

With every shared meal and anecdote, his ties with the Cayman Islands and its people grow stronger. As he continues to savor its culture and cuisine, he invites others to join him via interaction on his website or email Thus, with Eliav Kling serving as a cultural ambassador of sorts, the charm of the Cayman Islands becomes more accessible for all.

The Power of Travel: Eliav Kling’s Personal Journey of Transformation

Our encounter today is with Eliav Kling. Dave Debeau engages with this seasoned traveler and entrepreneur who’s traveled a varied path. Around the world, from Israel to Canada and beyond, one consistent theme shines through – Eliav’s love for exploration and the transformative capacity of travel. 

From Youthful Enthusiast to Global Explorer 

A glimpse into Eliav’s past illuminates a strong passion for travel that began in his youth. A tech enthusiast in his native Israel, he sensed a larger world out there, one full of opportunities, waiting to be grasped. So, he and his wife headed for the wider world, moving from Israel to Canada in 2003. 

Moving to a foreign land is never without challenges. Nonetheless, Eliav approached it just like an adventurous hike – a phenomenon he loves. Every obstacle, a rock to be climbed, every impediment, a trail to be traversed. And with every step forward- a triumph. 

Transformative Power of Travel 

  • Professional Growth: Eliav and his wife launched their real estate investing journey in 2004. They leveraged their backgrounds – his in tech and hers in finance – to navigate the challenging landscape of a new industry in a new country.
  • Cultural Expansion: His time in Canada broadened his perceptions and worldviews by exposing him to a variety of cultures, customs, and cuisines. It particularly directed his attention to the transformative potential inherent in cultural exchanges.
  • Personal Evolution: Perhaps the most profound impact of Eliav’s travels was on a personal level. Each journey brought forth unforeseen adversities – and successes – molding him into a determined entrepreneur driven by a passion for change and growth.

Throughout his transformative journey, Eliav’s mantra has remained consistent – adapt, grow, and embrace the unknown. Today, his insights and experiences continue to ignite a desire for exploration and learning in those he encounters. Let’s eagerly engage with him, just as Dave Debeau does on this inspirational and enlightening podcast.

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