Georgetown Real Estate Investing Success in 2023

Investing in the Toronto area offers a lot of benefits for investors, but attempting to purchase downtown real estate can be prohibitively expensive for many. The good news is that there are opportunities out there for investors who want to invest in the Toronto area without the exorbitant costs of buying real estate in the city. Investing in a community like the Georgetown real estate market, located in Halton Hills, Ontario just 60 kilometres west of Toronto, gives investors the best of both worlds when it comes to a central location and affordable opportunities.

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Georgetown real estate stats

With a population of 42,123 people, Georgetown is a thriving community on the banks of the Credit River. Georgetown has been around since the 1860s, but the population really began growing after World War II when developers began expanding industry and employment opportunities in the area. The arrival of the railroad also contributed to the expansion of Georgetown’s development. Today, Georgetown has four distinct sections, each with its own unique features and characteristics. Georgetown is home to a combination of historic buildings, modern developments, beautiful housing and countless community amenities and recreational opportunities.

Small town charm with big-city accessibility

Georgetown offers the perfect balance between a location that’s conveniently located within driving distance of Downtown Toronto and a charming community that offers an idyllic place for residents to live, shop and work. It is located close to several major highways and is on the GO Transit’s Kitchener line, but it has all the appeal of a small town. With many small businesses, boutique retail stores and community attractions and events, there are countless ways for residents to enjoy their town and numerous opportunities for investors to get involved through residential, commercial and industrial investment and development.

A few of the most notable events in Georgetown include the Georgetown Highland Games, a traditional celebration of Scottish games, the Georgetown Craft Beer Festival, an event showcasing craft breweries from across Ontario and the Saturday Farmers’ Market, a weekend event in Georgetown with dozens of vendors selling food, produce beauty products and more. Georgetown also features a variety of hiking trails and natural areas for people to explore. With so many different events, recreational activities and amenities, it’s no wonder that so many people call Georgetown home.

Georgetown has a diverse economy

Georgetown has a diverse economy made up of various industrial and commercial businesses. With dozens of retail stores, restaurants, shopping centers and company headquarters, the market is ideal for real estate investors who are looking for a place to get started with commercial or industrial investing or those who want to expand their portfolio. Despite all the challenges presented by the COVID-19 epidemic, Georgetown is still enjoying growth and development. This is largely due to the business-friendly approach that Halton Hills has adopted. City offices have worked tirelessly to provide support to local businesses and attract new residents to the area, even as the pandemic takes a toll on economies around the world.

Toronto CIMCO, a company that manufactures refrigeration equipment, has plans to open an 84,000 square foot facility that would bring an estimated 200 jobs to the area. Some other businesses and developers are also planning growth in Georgetown shortly. This growth would increase the population and, as a result, boost demand for residential property. With several local initiatives to continue driving growth, including an increasing tourism strategy and a comprehensive economic development plan, investing in Georgetown is a strategic choice that promises an excellent ROI for investors.

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Small business support

Georgetown is very friendly to small businesses, entrepreneurs and investors. The community offers a straightforward permitting process that ensures speedy approval with minimal delays. Also, Halton Hills offers several business services that are designed to support growth and give business owners the support that they need to thrive in Georgetown. One of the services offered is advertising support. There are a variety of different places to advertise businesses, including roadside marquees to arena rink boards, to help businesses drum up business and get the word out to potential customers about what they have to offer.

The Georgetown real estate market

Even with all the uncertainty brought by the coronavirus pandemic, the real estate market in Georgetown remains hopeful. The average sold home price in Georgetown is over $1,000,000, which is a massive price tag, but . The average home value in Georgetown is slightly higher than that of Halton Hills itself. The most popular homes sold in Georgetown are detached homes, followed by townhouses and condos. On average, home listings remain on the market for 15 days. With such an active market, investors must be decisive when choosing to invest in Georgetown. As Georgetown attracts new residents and the real estate market continues to grow, investors can expect a good return on investment in residential real estate in Georgetown.

There are lots of commercial real estate options for real estate developers, including charming historic buildings, retail storefronts and office buildings. There are also lots of land plots on the market for investors who are interested in developing a real estate project from the ground up. With comprehensive plans for zoning, development and land use in Halton Hills, investors in Georgetown can benefit from the support of local officials and experts to create new developments that are consistent with the City’s vision for continued growth. With such an extensive selection available on the commercial real estate market, there’s a property for virtually every investor in Georgetown.

Investing in Georgetown Real Estate

With so many great opportunities in Georgetown, investors of all kinds can benefit from strategic investments in the area. The real estate market promises a great return on investment and continued growth as more and more people to move to the area. With proactive initiatives and programs by Halton Hills, Georgetown is open for business and offers a great number of incentives for developers and entrepreneurs. Despite all the changes brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, Georgetown overcame them and has a lot of growth on the horizon now that it's passed.

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