Getting the FIRST Deal Done with Jordan Wagner

Be ready to be inspired as we introduce Jordan Wagner, a power player in the real estate market. With a robust portfolio that speaks for itself, Wagner has built a remarkable career in real estate investing, beginning in Vancouver and expanding his footing throughout Canada and beyond. Having a rich portfolio is not simply about acquiring property; Wagner knows this better than most. He believes in the importance of proper management, understanding market trends, leveraging the MLS, and making well-informed investment decisions. 

Getting The First Deal Done With Jordan Wagner

Be ready to be inspired as we introduce Jordan Wagner, a power player in the real estate market. With a robust portfolio that speaks for itself, Wagner has built a remarkable career in real estate investing, beginning in Vancouver and expanding his footing throughout Canada and beyond. Having a rich portfolio is not simply about acquiring property; Wagner knows this better than most. He believes in the importance of proper management, understanding market trends, leveraging the MLS, and making well-informed investment decisions. 

What does it take to become a real estate tycoon like Wagner? The secret lies in strategic planning, investing in the right mentorship programs, and above all, determination. Even with the booming real estate market in Vancouver, Wagner had to forge his path, overcoming challenges to reap the sweet fruits of his labor.

Jordan Wagner is not just an investor; he’s also a revered mentor. He actively shares his wealth of knowledge and experiences with budding investors. He understands that everyone has to start from somewhere and works to demystify the real estate space for beginners. His mentorship program has seen many investors gain confidence and improve their investment strategies

One of the key attributes that make Wagner stand out is his relentless dedication to networking. He believes in rooting for everyone in his network as their success indirectly aids his own. Seeing other investors thrive, meeting new investors, and uncovering new opportunities are just part of why he values his professional network.

This November, be prepared to gain a great deal of insight from Jordan Wagner. Whether you’re an experienced investor, looking for new investment avenues, or a novice in the real estate arena, Wagner’s pearls of wisdom will surely hold value for you. Remember, it’s about optimizing every opportunity, and who better to guide us than Wagner, who started in Vancouver, conquered New Brunswick, and is now leaving his mark across numerous real estate markets!

Finding the Right Investment Opportunity

For any real estate investor, much like Jordan Wagner, finding the right investment opportunity is the first major step. It’s not just about jumping onto the first property that you find. According to Dave Debeau‘s conversation with Wagner, it requires keenness, research, and a proper understanding of the market. Otherwise, you could end up with a more burdensome project than an opportunity. But how does one spot the ideal investment opportunity? 


Start by conducting extensive research on potential investment opportunities. This involves understanding trends, studying market reports, staying updated with real estate news, and being aware of any economic factors that might affect property values


Location is a key factor to consider in real estate investment. Look for areas with growth potential, where property values are bound to rise. Wagner specifically emphasizes the value of proximity to amenities, good schools, and transportation links, which often boost property appeal. 

Harness the BRRRR Strategy 

According to Wagner, the BRRRR (Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat) strategy is a calculated method to execute in real estate. It provides investors with the framework to find lucrative deals where they can add significant value, increasing the chances of a higher return upon refinancing. 

Secured Properties 

Investments in real estate should always provide some level of security. Investors need assurance that even if things don’t go as planned, the property offers a potential exit strategy. This might mean that the property has intrinsic value that can be leveraged in the face of unforeseen circumstances. 

The real estate market can often feel like an elaborate maze, with its complex terminology and fluctuating conditions. Guest Jordan Wagner, on Dave Debeau’s popular podcast, shared some valuable insights about successfully navigating the real estate market. 

Understand the Market Dynamics 

Before diving into real estate investing, Wagner urges the importance of understanding market dynamics. This includes recognizing the cyclical nature of real estate, keeping abreast of interest rates, and considering overarching economic conditions. An informed investor is a successful investor. 

Off-Market Deals 

One key strategy Jordan Wagner recommends is exploring off-market deals. These are properties that are not publicly listed for sale but could be potential investment opportunities. In most cases, these unlisted properties have less competition from other buyers, which could lead to a more favorable purchase price

Flexible Approach 

Flexibility is another essential component when navigating the real estate market. Markets can shift unexpectedly, and having a flexible approach allows you to adapt your investment strategy accordingly. It is crucial, as Wagner points out, not to become too attached to a specific property or investment strategy.

Using Lending Options 

Wagner also stressed the smart use of lending options for investing. He openly shared that he contacted lenders to inquire about using his funds for real estate. Many different lending options exist, from traditional mortgages to private lenders and owner financing, all of which can provide the necessary capital for an investment. 

To summarize, it’s about doing your homework, seeking out off-market deals, remaining flexible, and creatively using lending options. By doing so, you will be set to navigate the real estate market effectively. Tune in to Dave’s next episode for more insights on mastering the real estate investment game.

The Importance of Networking

Networking plays a pivotal role in the world of real estate investment. This isn’t just about attending events or joining groups, it’s about forging meaningful relationships with professionals in the field and leveraging them for your benefit. Guest Jordan Wagner and host Dave Debeau break down why networking is indispensable in the real estate space. 

Making Use of Your Network 

Jordan started with no experience in real estate, but the power of his network made an enormous difference. There’s a story he loves to share about how he raised private capital in his initial days. He approached his network and explained his plan to them. He asked people who trusted him to lend him funds, promising to hold them in his account for 90 days. This strategic use of his existing network paved the way for his first investment. 

The Value of Referrals 

Networking isn’t just about raising funds or finding potential properties, it’s also about finding reliable people to work with. When it comes to vetting people, be they investors, contractors, or property managers, the nod of a friend in the real estate business makes a world of difference. This remains a critical strategy for Jordan Wagner and it’s one he recommends to every new investor he advises. 

Mentorship Programs 

Tapping into the expertise of seasoned investors can shape your investment journey and improve your chances of success. That’s why mentorship programs are so invaluable. They allow you to learn from the best, ask questions, and avoid common pitfalls. According to Jordan, participating in mentorship programs can be a game-changer for an investor wanting to make their mark in real estate. 

Joint Ventures 

Through networking, it’s also possible to establish joint ventures. Partnering up with a fellow investor allows you to pool resources, share risks, and leverage each other’s strengths. It’s a strategy Jordan frequently employs to diversify his portfolio, and is a wonderful example of how networking can lead directly to tangible gains. 

In summation, networking is more than just making acquaintances, it’s building relationships based on trust and mutual growth. It can provide new perspectives, open doors to opportunities, and create lasting partnerships in the realm of real estate investment. As Jordan explains, “Your network is indeed your net worth.”

Overcoming Challenges

Embarking on the journey into the world of real estate investment, you’ll undoubtedly encounter a fair share of hurdles and obstacles. Dave Debeau and Jordan Wagner experienced investors, know all too well the challenges that litter the path to success. Yet, they also have first-hand experience navigating these hurdles. Let’s explore some of the challenges they’ve overcome and solutions they found for mitigating risk, managing time, attracting investors, and developing diverse portfolios

Mitigating Risks 

Risk – a six-letter word that carries a significant weight in the uncertain world of real estate investment. Buoyed by their years of hands-on experience, Debeau and Wagner have developed a keen eye for recognizing and managing risks. One reliable method they emphasize is diversifying the portfolio; not investing all your capital into a single asset or market. This strategy provides a cushion against market fluctuations and unpredictable changes. 

Efficient Time Management 

Time management forms the bedrock of any successful investment career, according to Wagner. To avoid getting overwhelmed, it’s essential to set reasonable time frames and stick to them. Both Debeau and Wagner advocate for block scheduling – allocating specific periods for different tasks and strictly adhering to this schedule. 

Attracting and Retaining Investors 

No real estate investor succeeds without the backing of committed investors. Yet attracting and retaining these investors is a considerable challenge. Wagner and Debeau attest to the effectiveness of using a creative approach, offering prospective investors a comprehensive, multi-part scenario to highlight possible outcomes and wealth-building opportunities. They also emphasize the importance of clear and consistent communication in fostering trust and maintaining investor relationships. 

Building and Diversifying Investment Portfolios 

Wagner and Debeau agree that building a diverse and stable investment portfolio is a key element for safeguarding against risk. This includes investing in different types of properties, such as rental units, commercial properties, and fix-and-flip homes, among others. It also involves diversifying geographically and investing in different markets to spread the risk. 

Overcoming these challenges is part of the real estate investing journey. Some hurdles may seem insurmountable, yet renowned investors like Wagner and Debeau are proof that with patience, dedication, and strategic thinking, you can surmount any obstacle that stands in your way.

Tips for Success in Real Estate Investing

Success in real estate investing is not only about finding the right property or getting the best deal. It involves a combination of knowledge, strategy, dedication, and a good dose of patience. Let’s consider some key points for building a successful real estate investment journey. 

Acquire the Right Knowledge 

The real estate realm is broad, diverse, and rife with complexities. As an aspiring investor, every bit of information you can gather regarding real estate, from home values to market trends and tax laws, could prove crucial. It’s highly recommended to read books and articles, attend seminars and courses, and learn from experienced investors like Jordan Wagner. 

Map Out Your Strategy 

An investment strategy will guide you through your investment journey. Define your objectives clearly and lay out a plan to achieve them. You could consider strategies like BRRRR (Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat) which Jordan Wagner utilized effectively in his investments. 

Exercise Patience 

Real estate is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It often requires patience as investments sometimes take time to appreciate. Holding out for the right deal can make a significant difference in your return on investment

Develop a Solid Network 

The value of a strong network in real estate cannot be overstated. Expanding your contacts with real estate professionals, experienced investors, and lenders can lead to opportunities and help you navigate challenges effectively. Utilize referrals from your network to vet potential partners and deals, just as Jordan does. 

Make Use of Technology 

Investing in technology can significantly streamline your processes and improve your decision-making. Use tech tools for property research, market analysis, and property management. They can help you sift through real estate statistics, keep tabs on market trends, and enhance your property management efficiency.

Continuous Learning 

The real estate sector is dynamic, and so should your approach. Continually update your knowledge, strategies, and tools to adapt to changing market conditions. Remember, each investment presents an opportunity to learn and refine your strategy further.

Advice for New Investors

Embarking on your journey into real estate investing may seem daunting at first but pay close attention to the advice given by our guest, Jordan Wagner. His insightful tips and strategies will not only provide a sturdy foundation for your investment venture but also boost your chances of securing that crucial first deal. 

Begin With a Solid Foundation 

Many successful investors including Jordan Wagner will tell you that the success of your investment journey starts with a good knowledge base. Devote ample time to learn the fundamental principles of real estate and take time to understand the real estate market dynamics. This includes learning about the property’s value, market demands, rental income, and much more. 

Diversification Is Key 

Diversify your investment portfolio. As a new investor, the risk might seem scary but diversification helps mitigate these risks. When diversifying, ensure your investments are spread across various locations and property types. This provides a cushion effect should one investment not perform as expected. 

Educate Yourself on Raising Private Capital 

Raising private capital is a crucial aspect of real estate investing, especially if you aim to expand your portfolio. This task could be challenging initially, but with a deliberate effort to learn and understand the process, you gradually develop the skills needed to attract other investors to your deals. 

Become Comfortable With the BRRRR Strategy 

Many investors succeed in this turbulent environment by employing the BRRRR (Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat) strategy. Jordan Wagner credits a substantial part of his success to this approach. Get comfortable with this strategy, as it is an effective way to grow your investment over time. 

Incorporate Technology 

Don’t shy away from technology. Make use of relevant technological tools that simplify investing. This includes software that aids in market research, property management tools, and communication platforms for networking. 

Use Your Network 

Networking is a valuable tool for new investors. It offers opportunities for mentorships, joint ventures, and referrals. Keep in mind that creating meaningful ties could accelerate your journey to securing your first deal. 

In conclusion, remember that no successful investor achieved their status overnight. So, exercise patience, continuously learn, and keep adapting to overcome challenges that come your way. 

Taking Action and Making Deals Happen

It’s one thing to have knowledge, strategies, and a robust network; it’s quite another to take action and bring those elements together to make real estate deals happen. Let’s delve into how Dave Debeau and the guest for today, Jordan Wagner, discuss this crucial part of the process. 

Action: The Bridge Between Planning and Success 

Deveau and Wagner stress the importance of action in real estate investing. Without action, all strategies and plans merely exist in theory and do not generate substantial results. No deal is perfect, but taking action on a good enough deal is better than waiting for a perfect one, which may not exist. Time and experience will lead to better deals. Moving forward and implementing the learning is key to continuous improvement. 

Returns and Joint Ventures 

Not every deal needs to be a home run. Wagner advises being open to smaller, steadier returns which, when combined, can yield impressive results. Cohesively working within shared deals and embracing joint ventures can unchain greater profits in the long run. Think about the bigger deals that can be unlocked when you combine your resources and expertise with other investors. 

Utilizing Off-Market Deals 

Debeau and Wagner both agree on the significant potential present in off-market deals. By moving away from the market’s public eye, they have found deals that are often less competitive and thereby potentially more profitable. It involves nurturing relationships with sellers and understanding their needs. 

Bringing Investors Onboard 

In the real estate game, expanding your base of investors can scale up your endeavors. Wagner emphasizes that bringing investors on board isn’t just about sharing a potential deal; it’s about building trust. Exactly unpacking what they are looking for in an investment and catering to those needs can create lasting relationships. 

Planning for the Future 

The next year for Wagner involves a continuation of his already successful approach to real estate investing. Staying consistent in managing renovations, strategizing next moves, and calculating return potentials keep the gears of investing in motion. The key is to keep the momentum going, to keep seeking more deals, and use effective time management systems to balance all essentials. 

As Dave Debeau and Jordan Wagner demonstrate, taking action is a non-negotiable aspect of real estate investment success. Bolstered by a network of investors, strategies to locate off-market deals, and a pragmatic approach to profitability, investors can make substantial headway in their endeavors.

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