4 Hot Rental Markets For Strong Real Estate Investors

Hot Rental Markets

Over the past few years, it has been witnessed that the value of real estate in Canada has skyrocketed. In numerous sub-markets in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Ontario, particularly, has experienced a drastic change. Other parts of the province have also observed significant growth and valuation increases in real estate markets.

Several forthcoming markets from around the province remain inexpensive enough to represent tempting investment opportunities. It is easy to forget that some famous Toronto neighbourhoods, like Cliffside, were once considered down-market, the credit of which goes to the record-breaking costs as of today! Hence, making a strategic investment now could pay off handsomely in terms of the Return on Investment in the future. But only if you invest in the right property!

If this is your first time exploring the real estate market of Ontario, then it is only fair to know that there are multiple things to consider before investing. For example, consider how different markets could help you in achieving your investment goals. Although a more affordable market will have a lower entry barrier, it is supposed to provide you with high returns quickly.

Therefore, if you act smart now, you are likely to spot forthcoming real estate sub-markets and make long-term investments that pay off.

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Always look for these fundamentals in hot rental markets

It is never easier to identify the up-and-coming neighbourhoods. For example, a locality on the verge of redevelopment currently may seem underutilized and unappreciated. However, It needs an experienced eye to identify the next hot real estate opportunity, particularly in a saturated marketplace such as Ontario. 

Mentioned below are some telltale signs to look for when looking for the next hot rental markets, regardless of the province you are investing in. 

Vicinity to Transport

A few things have a significant influence on a neighbourhood’s future, such as public transit. Roadways, particularly rail lines, are considered as a bonus to local economic growth. 

In Ontario, real estate investors should keep a close eye on the neighbourhoods served by the Toronto Transit Commission’s (TTC) Line 5 Eglington light rail (currently under construction) and the proposed Line 6 Finch West project. Moreover, proximity to commuter rails, such as Go Transit and some VIA Rail lines, also attract  both rentals and commercial tenants.

Strong Local Economic Infrastructure

Analyzing the power of potentially hot rental markets economics is another excellent way to forecast potential prices. For example, if a city has a strong tech sector or is home to the headquarters of a large company, it is likely to possess a strong economic outlook. 

Another indicator of dominant cities is the manufacturing jobs, as manufacturing jobs are considered more technically oriented, and are highly paid. Hence, shortlisting the cities that you are considering investing in, in terms of their potential growth and development plans might be a good idea.

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Homegrown Politics

While looking for a potential investment sub-market, you should consider the hot rental markets where the local politicians are active, determined, and dedicated to making the site more business-friendly.

The province of Ontario is considered to possess a very business-friendly political environment. However, local politicians are often the ones making the decisions that affect you the most. Therefore, when considering investing, it is advised to inquire other investors about their relationship with the city councillors and other officials. It is assumedly an excellent place to invest in if they possess a healthy working relationship with the local leaders. 

Hot Rental Markets Ontario
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The Top Hot Rental Markets to Explore in 2021

When it comes to making investments in Ontario, there are several hot rental markets to choose from. Mentioned below are the four hot rental markets in Ontario that are presumed as the potential big winners of 2021.


Windsor, Ontario, is located directly on the US border, just across the river from Detroit. The city has a long history of being less than a savoury place to live and invest in. Fortunately, this image is quickly fading. The city is gaining importance as a desirable sub-market due to the rapidly increasing economic development in both Windsor and across the river in Detroit. Moreover, the city also attracts immigrants and Canadians to live in by providing a package of low real estate costs and proximity to Detroit. In addition, the ongoing construction of an international bridge worth $5.7 billion is proving to boost the city’s economy.


Like Windsor, London has a comparatively low cost of living compared to other cities in the province of Ontario. The city’s strong reputation, the plethora of facilities, and the well-developed economy, all combined, have made London one of the best hot rental markets both for first-time and experienced real estate investors. 

At present, the city is actively working to improve its transportation facilities by installing a bus rapid transit (BRT) system and bike lanes to make it easier to travel around the city without a car. In addition, a planned high-speed rail project is also being proposed to cut the travel time between London and Toronto to just over an hour.


Hamilton has been viewed as a down-on-its-luck former steel town for decades. However, this view is rapidly starting to change. Located, between Niagara Falls and Toronto, on the shores of Lake Ontario, Hamilton is shedding its rough reputation. The city attracts an increasing number of real estate investors through its affordable real estate and ongoing investments in economic growth and public transit. And the real estate values of the city are likely to multiply, thanks to the extended extension in the Go Transit commuter train route and its plan to include a Hamilton terminus shortly.


The city of Brantford, which spans the bank of the Grand River, lies just a few kilometres inland from Hamilton. The town’s economy is primarily based on the operation of some sweet industry leaders therein- including the confectioner’s Tic Tac and Ferrero. Wilfred Laurier University is also located in the area, regarded as a significant educational institution and an economic engine. 

Regardless of Brantford’s strong economy and proximity to Toronto, the prices of the city have remained reasonable throughout. However, it is predicted by many analysts that the real estate prices in Brantford will soon catch up to those of the surrounding areas.

If you are a first-time investor hoping to get into hot rental markets in Ontario, consider investing in any of these four cities. Making a thoughtful entry into one of the province’s up-and-coming towns might give you the essential boost you need for launching a successful investor career.

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