How to Overcome Lack of Experience When Syndicating Your First Deal with Ellie Perlman

In this episode, Dave Debeau welcomes Ellie Perlman, a power player in real estate syndication. Ellie, a lawyer turned real estate syndicator, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience. With a background in law and business, Ellie brings a unique perspective to real estate syndication. 

How To Overcome Lack Of Experience When Syndicating Your First Deal With Ellie Perlman

In this episode, Dave Debeau welcomes Ellie Perlman, a power player in real estate syndication. Ellie, a lawyer turned real estate syndicator, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience. With a background in law and business, Ellie brings a unique perspective to real estate syndication. 

Ellie started her professional journey as a lawyer in Israel, practicing commercial law. Later, she moved to Boston to earn her MBA at MIT. During this time, Ellie became interested in real estate investing and chose to pivot her career in this direction. 

What differentiates Ellie from many others is her grit and determination. She began her real estate career without prior industry knowledge or experience. Despite the challenges, Ellie’s drive to learn and adapt helped her succeed in the competitive field of real estate syndication. 

Ellie is the Founder and CEO of Blue Lake Capital, a company that deals with multi-family properties throughout the United States. Her company focuses on acquiring and managing investment properties, providing her investors with consistent income and long-term capital appreciation. Ellie’s approach to real estate syndication has made Blue Lake Capital successful by focusing on cash flow-positive properties with the potential for significant appreciation.

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Understanding Real Estate Syndication 

Real estate syndication refers to pooling investment resources from multiple investors to purchase and manage properties that would be too expensive for individual investors to buy and maintain alone. While this concept might sound complicated, think of it simply as a group working together to achieve a common goal. 

Host Dave Debeau and guest Ellie Perlman delve into this topic to discuss the importance of experience, particularly when syndicating your first deal. The key message is that inexperience does not have to be a bottleneck if you know how to navigate it. 

Usually, real estate syndication involves two key parties: the syndicator (the sponsor) who manages the deal and the group of investors who provide the necessary financial backing. The syndicator is responsible for identifying potential investment opportunities, analyzing the profitability, gathering funds from the investors, managing the property, and eventually distributing the returns among the investors. It’s a role that requires expertise, business acumen, and substantial trust from the investors. 

In return for their investment, backers receive a share of the profits proportionate to their initial contribution. This approach can provide investors access to lucrative real estate deals they may not have had the opportunity to engage in as individual investors. 

Real estate syndication offers several attractive benefits for both syndicators and investors. Investing in properties and ventures that are typically beyond their reach is an opportunity for investors. They can diversify their investment portfolios and potentially realize higher returns. For syndicators, it allows them to manage more significant, more lucrative deals and build a reputation in the property market. 

Like any business venture, real estate syndication does come with risks. These could include potential property market devaluations, cash flow issues, or management challenges. As Dave Debeau and Ellie Perlman will discuss, understanding these risks and how to mitigate them is vital, and that’s where experience — or finding ways to compensate for a lack of it — comes into play.

The Importance of Overcoming Lack of Experience 

Let’s delve deeper into the journey of overcoming the lack of experience. The host, Dave Debeau, and guest, Ellie Perlman, share insights and wisdom on this intensely crucial topic. The Intimidation of The First Deal 

When addressing the lack of experience, both Dave and Ellie Perlman recognize the intimidation and fear that encompasses conducting your first deal. Ellie enlightens listeners about how it was not just about ‘getting her feet wet’ in syndicating a deal but rather about ‘jumping straight into the ocean.’ Learning from The Trenches 

It’s important to understand that a lack of experience should never deter growth. Perlman emphasizes this: “You learn the most from being in the trenches.” She further elaborates by explaining how she experienced a steep learning curve in her early days of syndicating. Maintaining Resilience Amidst Initial Failures 

Ellie continues to divulge her experiences and shares that most people, including her, do not hit the bullseye on their first deal. However, what sets successful people apart is their resilience and the mindset not to let initial failures define their journey. 

Remember, Rome was not built in a day, and your syndication deals are no different. Gathering experience takes time, but the lessons learned during this period matter. Armed with these experiences, you will be better prepared for future deals. Harnessing the Power of Networking 

Sharing her wisdom about overcoming a lack of experience, Ellie additionally talks about the incredible power of networking and finding experienced partners. These relationships can pave the way to learning and, eventually, build a successful syndication deal.

Ellie Perlman’s Journey in Real Estate Syndication 

Ellie Perlman, an accomplished real estate investor, shares how she overcame her lack of experience in syndicating her first deal. 

Perlman’s initial encounter with real estate syndication wasn’t effortless. Like any novice, she had her fair share of struggles; she felt overwhelmed by what she didn’t know, wasn’t sure where to start, and feared making a wrong move. 

Unfazed by the hurdles, Perlman focused on gaining as much knowledge as she could. She attended conferences, sought advice from experienced professionals in the field, and read extensively on the subject. This self-education helped Perlman to understand the complexities of real estate syndication and equipped her with the necessary tools to proceed. 

Perlman quickly realized the importance of relationships and networking in real estate syndication. She started attending more industry events and connecting with experienced investors and syndicators. These relationships opened doors to opportunities and taught her invaluable lessons about the business. 

After gaining a robust understanding of the industry and establishing a solid network, Perlman was ready to syndicate her first deal. It was an arduous process with challenges, but her preparation paid off. Through perseverance and intelligent decision-making, she successfully navigated the complexities of her first real estate syndication. 

“Everyone has their journey,” Perlman says of her experience. “As a beginner, you may feel anxious about the unknowns. But it’s important to take things step by step, continually learn and surround yourself with people who can guide you through the journey.” 

Regardless of your starting point or experience level, Perlman’s journey offers valuable lessons for breaking down barriers and achieving success in real estate syndication.

Identifying the Challenges of Syndicating Your First Deal 

During the conversation, host Dave Debeau and guest Ellie Perlman tabled a handful of obstacles that a budding real estate mogul might face when syndicating their first deal. 

  • Finding the ideal property is a crucial first step in any real estate investment. Identifying a property that suits the investors’ requirements and is profitable.
  • Capital sourcing: As a new player in the game, the biggest hurdle is often securing money. Investors may have reservations about backing someone with a lack of track record. Therefore, cultivating trust and demonstrating a well-developed business plan is essential.
  • Mentorship and guidance: Finding a mentor can be invaluable to the learning process. They can provide guidance, support, and professional insights to smooth the journey.

In the conversation, Ellie Perlman, who has navigated these challenges herself, shares promising strategies to ease the process for beginners. 

  1. Begin with smaller projects: By starting with more manageable projects, you’re learning the ropes of the business and building a track record that will appeal to potential investors later.
  2. Network effectively: Building quality relationships is crucial in the real estate world. Attend events, join organizations, and ensure you get your name out there.
  3. Learn from those who have come before: Find a successful mentor in the field you’re interested in. Ellie subtly emphasizes this point several times throughout the conversation, heralding its value in her journey.

Therefore, despite the challenges, with the proper preparation, guidance, and perseverance, a lack of experience can be overcome in syndicating your first deal.

Mitigating Risks in Real Estate Syndication 

In any form of investment, navigating the waves of risk is crucial. In real estate syndication, Dave Debeau hears from guest Ellie Perlman as she shares her insight on successfully mitigating these risks from her experience. 

Eddie Perlman emphasizes the power of creating a trust network when embarking on a real-estate syndication venture. She highlights the crucial role a reliable and experienced circle of professionals plays in contributing to this trust network. 

“The network should comprise of experienced real estate attorneys, brokers, property managers, and fellow investors with a proven track record. Tapping into their collective knowledge and expertise greatly reduces the probability of encountering obstacles that could turn into potential risks.” – Ellie Perlman

Ellie Perlman underscores the importance of meticulous and thorough due diligence in mitigating syndication risks. From scrupulous financial investigations to comprehensive property inspections, due diligence is foundational to limiting risk exposure. 

  • Market Research: Understanding the local market conditions is imperative. Research about local property rates, rental trends, and potential developments is beneficial.
  • Financial Analysis: A careful study of all financials associated with the property, including taxes, insurance rates, maintenance costs, and potential income, is strongly recommended.
  • Property Inspection: A thorough physical inspection can reveal hidden concerns or issues that may cause problems later.

Ellie Perlman brings Dave Debeau’s attention to the significance of maintaining regular and clear communication with all involved parties. Ensuring all members are on the same page can help mitigate potential misunderstandings and disputes that might lead to risks. 

These insights provided by Ellie Perlman make it clear that although syndicating your first deal might be intimidating, risk mitigation is well within reach with the right network, diligence and communication.

Structuring a Syndication Deal with Confidence 

When it comes to structuring a deal for the first syndication, it can feel overwhelming. Dave Debeau and guest Ellie Perlman emphasized that the key is to approach it confidently. One does not navigate these waters alone; they’re equipped with a vote of confidence from investors and a skilled team in place. 

But how does one rise to such a daunting occasion? 

As Ellie Perlman stated, “The devil is in the details.” Detailed research into the potential deal, the market in which the property is located, and the expected financial outcomes is crucial. Without proper research and due diligence, the probability of stumbling upon unforeseen issues increases exponentially. 

Perlman also emphasized the vital role of establishing a robust team. A balance of competencies rounds out the team, combining the expertise of real estate professionals, legal counsel, management companies, and syndicators. Assembling this team requires tact and a knack for recognizing individuals who will contribute to the success of the syndication. 

Finally, flexibility is invaluable. Plans change, markets fluctuate, and unexpected issues arise. As Dave highlighted, it’s important to remain adaptable during this process. Sticking rigorously to a plan can sometimes lead to missed opportunities or unresolved issues. 

In conclusion, structuring a syndication deal with confidence requires meticulous research, a strong team and adaptability. The journey may be daunting, but remember, as Dave and Ellie remind you, you’re not alone in this.

Conclusion: Unlocking Success in Real Estate Syndication 

In wrapping up the conversation, Dave Debeau thanks Ellie Perlman for her insights. To those listeners who wish to follow in Perlman’s footsteps, Dave summarises the key takeaways from the conversation. 

From Perlman’s journey, it’s clear that failures and challenges are excellent learning opportunities. As she emphasized, your initial lack of experience doesn’t define your potential for success in real estate syndication. Instead, view these challenges as stepping stones toward mastering your craft. 

According to Perlman, forming partnerships and having mentors can expedite your journey. The role of team members, partners, mentors, and advisors is crucial in overcoming the initial hurdles of your syndication journey. 

Perlman also spotlighted the importance of due diligence in real estate syndication. Thorough research and analysis can help you mitigate risks and make well-informed investment decisions. 

Lastly, Perlman’s story underlines that confidence in structuring a syndication deal largely springs from adequate preparation and practice. As you gain more knowledge and experience, you’ll become more confident in making your first deal. 

Dave Debeau concludes the episode by expressing a hope that Ellie Perlman’s journey and insights will provide motivation and guidance to all aspiring syndicators listening to the podcast. Remember, your learning attitude ultimately defines your success in real estate syndication, the company you keep, thorough due diligence, and preparation.

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