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How to Write Rental Ads that Attract Good Tenants (and Discourage Bad Ones!)

How to Write Rental Ads that Attract Good Tenants (and Discourage Bad Ones!)
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As a rental property owner, one of the most important responsibilities you have is to find reliable tenants you can count on. Unfortunately, many property owners experience the frustration and headache of renters who don’t pay their rent on time, neglect the property and leave behind damages that require time-consuming and costly repairs.

Table of Contents - How to Write Rental Ads that Attract Good Tenants (and Discourage Bad Ones!)

While run-ins with bad tenants are sometimes unavoidable, there are several things you can do to ensure you’re attracting good tenants to your property. Investing a little extra time into your property ads can make a huge difference when it comes to the kinds of tenants you attract—and the ones you don’t!

Speak to your target audience

Not everyone is going to respond positively to a rental ad, so you need to think about WHO you are targeting in your ad. Consider the type of person or family who you are trying to attract to your rental and write your ad with them in mind.

  • If you are targeting your ad towards families, write about local parks and school districts.
  • If you want to attract students to your rental, talk about proximity to local campuses and recreational activities.
  • Targeting an elderly population? Talk about low upkeep, good accessibility and quiet neighbourhood.

Regardless of what kind of renters you are targeting, make sure you tailor your language accordingly and accentuate the benefits they’re interested in.

Paint a word picture of your property

When someone is considering a move to a new property, they want to be able to visualize themselves in their new home. You can help paint a picture for your prospective tenant by using colourful, illustrative language. Write about the experiences your tenant will have if they choose to move to your property.

  • Barbecues on the outdoor deck with friends and family.
  • Cooking lavish meals in the updated kitchen.
  • Walking to local attractions, amenities and entertainment.

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Remember, you aren’t just trying to sell your prospect on a housing unit: You’re trying to sell them on a lifestyle!

Accentuate the positives and create value

You need to do more than just rattle off specifics about your property or list the features of your unit. Start by painting a picture of your property and the kind of lifestyle that your tenants can enjoy if they move in.

Next, list the amenities and features of your property using descriptive language that creates value for a prospective tenant. Make sure to include a list of features and amenities as well as details like the rent for the property, relevant utilities, lease terms and contact information.

  • Convenient in-unit washer and dryer save you a boring trip to the laundromat.
  • Glass shower doors are easy to clean and boost the luxury appeal of the bathroom.
  • Small lawn means quick and simple upkeep all year long.

Emphasize the things about your property that make it especially unique and draw attention to the positive aspects of your vacant unit.

Capitalize on great photos

A picture is worth 1,000 words and, when it comes to attracting tenants, good photos are non-negotiable. Renters frequently flip through dozens of different listings before they decide which property rentals to pursue. It’s important to make your ad stand out with quality images.

Make sure to include plenty of photos of the interior and exterior of your property. Before taking your photos, take the time to clean and stage the property to make it more attractive to prospects. Take photos when the unit is free of clutter and thoroughly cleaned for the best response from potential tenants.

Make the headline count

If you’re posting your ad online, you need to do as much as you can to make your listing stand out from the crowd. Write a headline that will make prospects want to click and find out more about your property.

Instead of simply writing the specifics of the property, write a title that draws your target audience in. For example, instead of writing “Studio apartment near Downtown” try something along the lines of “Studio minutes from Downtown! Walking Distance From Entertainment, Dining and Retail.”The right headline distinguishes your listing from other ads and emphasizes the special benefits of your property.

Put it all together and hope for the best!

As a property owner, there is always an element of unpredictability that you have to contend with when you’re managing a rental. Finding the right tenant for your property can be a time and energy-consuming process, but it’s worth it to take an intentional, strategic approach.

With the right ad, you can attract tenants that are the perfect match for your property and who will stay in your rental in the long-term.

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How to Attract World-Class Tenants for Your Rental Properties

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