Introduction to Insurance Knowledge with Paul Lue Pann

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Podcast Transcription

00:00:00:04 – 00:00:06:02 Scott Dillingham: Welcome to the Wisdom Lifestyle Money Show. I’m your host, Scott Dillingham. Today I have Paul from Co-operators with us. So, welcome, Paul. 

00:00:06:04 – 00:00:06:19 Paul Lue Pann: Hi, how are you? 

00:00:06:22 – 00:00:07:23 Scott Dillingham: Awesome. How are you doing? 

00:00:07:23 – 00:00:09:01 Paul Lue Pann: I’m good. I’m good. 

00:00:09:06 – 00:00:22:17 Scott Dillingham: Good, good. So, I’m So, glad you could be here and part of the show. I’m curious, though, before we dive into how your services can benefit investors from the different tiers and products that you have, I’m curious about your life and how you got to be, Paul. 

00:00:23:16 – 00:01:25:18 Paul Lue Pann: Wow. So, that’s a that’s a long story. So, you know, obviously, I’m well, I don’t know it’s obvious, but I’m Chinese, Jamaican. I grew up in Toronto. I worked with sunlight for about 18 years, moved from city to city to city. So, as you climb the corporate ladder, they moved you to different cities and ended up here in beautiful Windsor, where the weather is absolutely outstanding. So, there’s absolutely no complaints. My neighbor is actually, should I mention his name, sure I don’t know, Dennis. He’s actually my boss. So, when I was working at Sun Life in my position as FCM, he’s sort of the same position in Co-operators. So, we’d always talk about trends and things that are coming down the pipeline, whether it be through MFDA or whether it be through CHLIA or whatever. They’re governing bodies are. So, we struck up a pretty good relationship. I told him I got a package and he’s like, great. He came to my kitchen table and interviewed me that day. I told I want to take a couple of years off spend with family like, you know, during all the time that you’re sort of climbing that corporate ladder, it’s you sacrifice family time. 

00:01:25:18 – 00:01:27:00 Scott Dillingham: It’s hard work, too. Yeah. 

00:01:27:00 – 00:02:10:22 Paul Lue Pann: So, I took about a year, year, and a half off and, you know, did house projects spending time on being Mr. Mom cooked meals. The best part was calling my wife and saying, “What do you want for dinner, honey?” And she loved it. She absolutely loved it. And the kids loved it. And then it just got to that time, I was like, okay, you know, Dennis, let’s go to the offer. And now I’m with Co-operators and I think the reason why I really like cooperators is such a multifaceted company. Like we can do everything from home, auto life, health, wealth, disability, commercial yet so, you know, working with you Scott and looking at your sort of outreach within the community, I think this can be a good a good working relationship where we can help your clients in every facet. 

00:02:11:07 – 00:02:18:03 Scott Dillingham: Well, and that’s why we’re here. And the other thing, too, full disclosure, I have my insurance through you guys, right? So. 

00:02:18:03 – 00:02:18:21 Paul Lue Pann: Are we allowed to say that? 

00:02:19:18 – 00:02:20:06 Scott Dillingham: Yeah. 

00:02:20:08 – 00:02:21:11 Paul Lue Pann: Then yes. 

00:02:21:11 – 00:02:22:10 Scott Dillingham: Are allowed to say this. 

00:02:23:12 – 00:02:24:23 Paul Lue Pann: Fantastic client, by the way. 

00:02:24:23 – 00:02:32:20 Scott Dillingham: I do. And I also, have the life insurance with you guys. I know you offer sort of a bundle package where you can get greater discounts the more you have kind of thing. 

00:02:32:20 – 00:02:33:12 Paul Lue Pann: Yeah, absolutely. 

00:02:33:20 – 00:02:58:07 Scott Dillingham: So, I was able to take advantage of that, which was really cool. So, yeah our show is predominantly listened to by investors or homeowners interested in mortgages or money, that type of thing. So, let’s touch on the different because you said you’re multifaceted, right? So, let’s touch on some of the topics and coverages and things that you guys can do, and then future episodes will really dive deep and really outline it for investors. 

00:02:58:07 – 00:02:58:15 Paul Lue Pann: Perfect. 

00:02:58:15 – 00:03:36:12 Scott Dillingham: And I will preface this by saying one of the cool things and how I was introduced to Co-operators was my last home and auto insurance company. They had a limit on how many properties I could own. So, what happened is I hit that limit and then they’re like, well, we can’t help you anymore. So, I actually had to get another company. And I wasn’t going to just switch for that new house I was buying because then you lose all the discounts, right? You get the discounts by bundling. So, then it was Co-operators. And so, you guys just kept me going and going and going. So, we’ll talk about that a little bit. But yeah, where would you like to start would you like to talk about the home and auto? The investments? Like where would you like to go. 

00:03:37:02 – 00:03:39:07 Paul Lue Pann: If it’s okay with you? I want to talk about my team. 

00:03:39:07 – 00:03:39:19 Scott Dillingham: Sure. 

00:03:39:21 – 00:05:18:14 Paul Lue Pann: You know, I think it’s important when you’re working with any kind of vendor that you have a strong team, strong, strong unity, strong culture. We’re very people oriented. You know, it’s not about the numbers. And I think one of the biggest things when you’re looking for an advisor or a team for whatever financial endeavors you’re looking for, it’s important that there’s continuity, there’s more family. It’s with us I don’t really care if you spend a lot, or you don’t spend a lot. It’s my joy of what I do is I get to put you in a better position than you were when you before you met me. You know, whether it be $10 a month, whether it be hundreds of thousand dollars a month, it doesn’t matter to me, like I enjoy working with people and my team has pretty well been handpicked since I’ve been here and everybody has to have that mentality. You know, my little caption at the end is I’m a phone call away and I mean that for all my clients. You can simply call me whether it be financial advice, mitigating taxes, intergenerational transfer of wealth, business continuity, whatever the case may be like. My job is to be there for, you know, my team. I have a commercial specialist, you know, I have a home and auto specialist. I just hired another person who does what I do in the financial planning. And then I hired another home and auto person. I got a lot of training in the next little while. But everybody’s here is for service like it really. At the end of the day, it’s nobody buys Co-operators. They buy the people they work with. You know, no one’s going to buy LendCity, they’re going to work with Scott and your team. And I think it’s very important that we have the right people in place. And I’m very confident in my team and I think we’re here to service the community, and whoever needs our services. 

00:05:18:17 – 00:05:27:17 Scott Dillingham: That’s awesome. No, I love it. That’s awesome. So, let’s talk for investors. Right? So, they’re buying home insurance, right? 

00:05:27:17 – 00:05:27:19 Paul Lue Pann: Yup. 

00:05:27:19 – 00:05:35:05 Scott Dillingham: I mean, real estate investors. So, let’s touch on home and auto and then we’ll touch on some of the investments in how you can protect your assets. 

00:05:35:08 – 00:05:35:19 Paul Lue Pann: Absolutely. 

00:05:35:19 – 00:05:36:14 Scott Dillingham: And that type of thing. 

00:05:36:14 – 00:05:37:00 Paul Lue Pann: Absolutely. 

00:05:37:00 – 00:05:44:14 Scott Dillingham: So, can you talk to us sort of what you do, obviously, autos, auto, but what do you do for homes? That’s kind of unique for a real estate investor? 

00:05:44:23 – 00:05:55:17 Paul Lue Pann: You know, for homes, again, it doesn’t matter how many homes you have with us, you can buy as many homes as you want. So, if you’re an investor with a large portfolio and you want to deal with one person, 

00:05:55:17 – 00:05:56:03 Scott Dillingham: Yeah. 

00:05:56:03 – 00:06:34:01 Paul Lue Pann: We’re the we’re the home for you. You know, like back in the day, like 10 or 20 years ago, it was always diversify your portfolio, everything, and every aspect, whether it be for insurance, whether the investments, this that and the other. But now people are really liking the fact that I can deal with one person. Now the cool thing about us again, your home, auto life, commercial health, wealth, everything, but now you just simply call our office and we’re going to know who you are. So, if you have several homes and now you’re looking to buy a plaza or now you’re looking to buy a commercial property or whatever the case may be, it’s all done in one house. We have all your information. So, at that point, the more that you’re adding to your portfolio, the easier it is for us, actually. Which is 

00:06:34:01 – 00:06:34:03 Scott Dillingham: Yeah. 

00:06:34:03 – 00:07:02:15 Paul Lue Pann: Kinda funny because all your information is here. Oh, we’re adding this through an existing client, and I think that’s important. And you will feel that sense of, hey, listen, it’s very simple to get a hold of what I need to get a hold of. And I’ve dealt with investors as well. And the one thing about investors is when you want information, you want it immediately. You want to know, you know, you don’t want to hear somebody say, okay, I’ll call you next week. That’s not the way we work. You know, we’re all based on service and our services, our reputation that helped us grow to where we are today. 

00:07:02:19 – 00:07:12:22 Scott Dillingham: The other thing too, that’s super cool and I’ll share it from my experience because I got this. So, you guys offer, I think the standard is 2 million liability per property, is that right? 

00:07:13:09 – 00:07:14:02 Paul Lue Pann: Pretty standard. Yeah. 

00:07:15:12 – 00:07:26:09 Scott Dillingham: And I know we’re not getting into the nitty gritty here, but just to give an investor an example. So, a lot of investors are fearful of being sued, right? What if a tenant trips and falls and there’s liability issues? 

00:07:26:09 – 00:07:27:04 Paul Lue Pann: Yeah. 

00:07:27:04 – 00:07:42:15 Scott Dillingham: So, you guys have that good liability. But what you also, have that I love that I got from my whole portfolio is a 5 million umbrella on top of what the property has. So, then technically speaking, I have 7 million. 

00:07:42:15 – 00:07:42:22 Paul Lue Pann: Correct. 

00:07:42:22 – 00:07:57:05 Scott Dillingham: Per property, not all collectively at the same time, of course. But you know, if there was a liability claim here or there, I’d have up to 7 million, which is super impressive because a lot of investors, they don’t even know about that umbrella product. So, I think that’s super. 

00:07:57:15 – 00:08:21:21 Paul Lue Pann: Yeah, I think it’s I mean, again, anybody with a portfolio with multiple properties or whatever the situation, the umbrella is just that added extra safety. I mean it takes one accident, it takes one thing for this to be activated in the sense of like, oh my God, I don’t have enough. Now you’re liquefying assets or doing whatever. If something should happen, we want to make sure all our clients are taking care of and taking care of to the best of our ability and best within industry standards, of course. 

00:08:21:22 – 00:08:23:16 Scott Dillingham: Yep. No, I love it. That’s awesome. 

00:08:23:16 – 00:08:24:06 Paul Lue Pann: Thanks. 

00:08:24:06 – 00:08:40:03 Scott Dillingham: Now, a lot of clients, investors, you know, buying these properties, the lenders want them to get it’s not mandatory, but we have to ask the client. So, it’s mandatory that we ask the client if they want like a life insurance to protect the mortgage. 

00:08:40:03 – 00:08:40:21 Paul Lue Pann: Yep. 

00:08:40:21 – 00:08:52:02 Scott Dillingham: Now, I know a lot of investors say, you know, I’ll speak to a professional about this. Can you talk about how your products might differ than the mortgage insurance they could get from us? 

00:08:52:11 – 00:08:56:18 Paul Lue Pann: Absolutely. I just want to make sure we have enough time because I get really excited about this kind of stuff. 

00:08:56:18 – 00:08:57:02 Scott Dillingham: Okay. 

00:08:57:02 – 00:09:26:09 Paul Lue Pann: Any time we have an opportunity to better position the client, we take that. You know, when you look at creditor protection, there’s a couple of issues of credit protection. And I think this is where you’re going as your mortgage value decreases, So, does your protection. Now, we believe if you’re going to pay for a certain amount of benefit, you should get it. So, that’s where life insurance comes in. So, to give you a quick example, okay, with time, I’m probably going to talk a lot. With a quick example. So, let’s say you’re paying $100 a month for just a small policy. 

00:09:26:09 – 00:09:26:19 Scott Dillingham: Yep. 

00:09:26:19 – 00:09:50:02 Paul Lue Pann: For a mortgage property now that properties worth, say, $400,000 now over time it’s going to drop to $200,000, you’re still paying $100 a month, but now your benefit is half. So, if something should happen at that point, the benefit that’s paid out to the mortgage company is $200,000. Problem is you’re paying for $400,000. So, instead of using creditor protection, you use a life insurance policy. 

00:09:50:06 – 00:09:50:11 Scott Dillingham: Okay. 

00:09:50:13 – 00:09:59:22 Paul Lue Pann: Because if I’m using a life insurance policy for $400,000 and I have $100 a month, you can have $0.10 on the mortgage. It doesn’t matter. You’re still going to get paid $400,000. 

00:09:59:22 – 00:10:00:11 Scott Dillingham: Okay. 

00:10:00:11 – 00:10:11:00 Paul Lue Pann: From that point. As a financial advisor, I can help you look at mitigating taxes and different solutions, whatever the case may be. But really, at the end of day, here’s a check. Scott. It’s yours. 

00:10:11:00 – 00:10:12:03 Scott Dillingham: Well thank you Paul. 

00:10:12:03 – 00:10:18:07 Paul Lue Pann: Well. I’m not writing that check. To make that clear. this is recorded. 

00:10:18:07 – 00:10:22:17 Scott Dillingham: I tried. I tried. Because I knew it was recorded, So, I was like, I gotta try this. 

00:10:22:17 – 00:10:37:16 Paul Lue Pann: Yeah, but I mean, really, again, here’s an added feature that a lot of people don’t know. I mean, when you’re investing in properties, you’re getting credit protection. You think I got an investment? I should protect it. But here’s a better way of doing it. Now, think about that. $400,000 that you can get, you can use that money for another property. 

00:10:38:05 – 00:10:43:13 Paul Lue Pann: So, let’s do business continuity. Let’s look at ways of filtering business to make sure that there is no interruption. 

00:10:43:21 – 00:10:56:12 Scott Dillingham: Yep. No, I agree. Which is an awesome product. So, I do think a lot of clients who state, So, this is the one thing that I find the state that, I’m going to talk to my advisor about this insurance and they never end up doing it. 

00:10:56:12 – 00:10:56:22 Paul Lue Pann: Yeah. 

00:10:56:22 – 00:11:11:08 Scott Dillingham: So, and then, you know, a life event happens and they wish they did. So, for anybody listening to this right now, please, like if your intention is to get yourself this protection for you and your family, I would just do it. Just do it now, don’t delay. 

00:11:11:08 – 00:11:12:03 Paul Lue Pann: Call me. 

00:11:12:03 – 00:11:16:13 Scott Dillingham: Yes. Give him a call and we’ll share his phone number, your phone number. 

00:11:16:13 – 00:11:16:18 Paul Lue Pann: Awesome. 

00:11:16:18 – 00:11:27:03 Scott Dillingham: At the end and everything. Okay. So, we touched on, you know, umbrellas for investors. We talked about the protection. I know you guys do a lot of commercial stuff as well. 

00:11:27:03 – 00:11:27:08 Paul Lue Pann: Yep. 

00:11:27:08 – 00:11:28:05 Scott Dillingham: Can we touch on that? 

00:11:28:12 – 00:11:31:02 Paul Lue Pann: Yeah, absolutely. We have a commercial team. 

00:11:31:02 – 00:11:31:19 Scott Dillingham: Okay. 

00:11:31:19 – 00:11:36:12 Paul Lue Pann: With Co-operators we have a specific appetite that we like, but it’s expanding and expanding. 

00:11:36:12 – 00:11:36:17 Scott Dillingham: Yeah. 

00:11:36:17 – 00:11:52:07 Paul Lue Pann: Typically, I can give you a quick one. We had a person who bought a building, a large building, an old Ford building, but had no real plans to do anything with it. In that sort of case, we have to look at vandalism, squatters, this, that and the other on and on. 

00:11:52:08 – 00:12:20:13 Paul Lue Pann: Those are things that I’d be concerned about. But then we got another one, like a tool and dye shop that’s like automatic, you know what I mean? So, to kind of give you an idea of a commercial, the thing with commercials, we’ll take on any commercial. But I’m also, going to be very truthful if I think it’s going to be more liability than we can take on as an office. Then I’m going to tell you, my appetite is pretty big for like, you know, just saying. But I think it’s important that I’m upfront and I give the information properly. 

00:12:20:13 – 00:12:20:20 Scott Dillingham: Yep. 

00:12:20:20 – 00:12:26:13 Paul Lue Pann: So, now, again, we have a commercial specialist as well as we have a commercial team dedicated to us. 

00:12:26:13 – 00:12:26:23 Scott Dillingham: Okay. 

00:12:26:23 – 00:12:35:00 Paul Lue Pann: I think it might be because of my boss, but I have certain privileges that can really help. And I think what helps the most is when it comes time to renewals. 

00:12:35:00 – 00:12:35:07 Scott Dillingham: Yeah. 

00:12:35:07 – 00:13:03:10 Paul Lue Pann: So, as an example, when you’re looking at any kind of commercial or any insurance, home or commercial and you look at the renewals, renewals depending on the property could be substantial or whatever the case may be. Now I’ve been given a little bit of a privilege where I can help augment some of that. So, the clients that I do work with, I will always try to put you in the best situation and financially when it comes to renewals it’s good because when you’re reaching out to get commercial insurance anybody can give it to you and they’ll say, Oh yeah, here’s a great deal is really, really cheap. 

00:13:03:10 – 00:13:03:16 Scott Dillingham: Yep. 

00:13:03:16 – 00:13:09:12 Paul Lue Pann: And the next year you get slapped. It’s like 40% more, right? And that won’t happen with us. 

00:13:09:12 – 00:13:09:21 Scott Dillingham: Okay. 

00:13:09:21 – 00:13:14:12 Paul Lue Pann: Because we do the proper due diligence as well as I have a little bit of wiggle room. 

00:13:14:12 – 00:13:15:02 Scott Dillingham: Yeah. 

00:13:15:02 – 00:13:20:11 Paul Lue Pann: Pretty good amount of wiggle room to make sure the renewals are going to be sustainable all the way through the use of the commercial insurance. 

00:13:20:13 – 00:13:28:20 Scott Dillingham: Yep. Now for commercial, I don’t know if you do this. I’m just asking because I know I’ve seen Co-operators, employees do this. Do you do the site visits. 

00:13:28:20 – 00:13:31:07 Paul Lue Pann: Me personally? No. 

00:13:31:07 – 00:13:31:17 Scott Dillingham: No? Okay. 

00:13:32:23 – 00:13:33:16 Paul Lue Pann: My team. Yes. 

00:13:33:22 – 00:13:34:04 Scott Dillingham: Okay. 

00:13:34:04 – 00:13:39:09 Paul Lue Pann: You know, So, there are certain there’s certain parameters that that happen again, depending on the commercial property

00:13:39:09 – 00:13:39:19 Scott Dillingham: Yeah. 

00:13:39:19 – 00:14:01:19 Paul Lue Pann: Where we can do it. So, sometimes a client can just go around and take a couple of pictures for us. That’d be great. We’ll tell you exactly what to take if you’re unavailable. It’s like, say you’re international, you’re in another country or whatever the case may be. Absolutely. We’ll do it if you’re just simply busy and you’re tied up in meetings. We do have enough manpower to send people out to do it as well as we have a company. So, there’s no issues. Our job is to make it simple for everybody. 

00:14:02:00 – 00:14:02:05 Scott Dillingham: Okay. 

00:14:02:14 – 00:14:10:16 Paul Lue Pann: It’s that simple. Like, if you’re just there and you’re like, hey, listen, I can do the pictures for you. Awesome. Thank you. Appreciate it. If you’re not, we got you. 

00:14:10:23 – 00:14:23:22 Scott Dillingham: Okay. And then just on commercial, before we go on the investment side of things, is there any property types you do not do? Or maybe you can give us some examples of what you do, some multifamily, office space, like bowling alleys, like you’ll do all that stuff? 

00:14:24:06 – 00:14:31:22 Paul Lue Pann: Yeah. One I just I just learned about the other day is we won’t do, like, swimming pools, like community centers that way. 

00:14:31:22 – 00:14:32:09 Scott Dillingham: Okay. 

00:14:32:09 – 00:14:40:02 Paul Lue Pann: We’re big for non for profit. So, we actually have a department for not for profit commercial properties

00:14:40:02 – 00:14:40:13 Scott Dillingham: Okay. 

00:14:40:13 – 00:14:47:13 Paul Lue Pann: Where I think it’s okay for me to say this, but I do believe we are the best when it comes to that. 

00:14:47:13 – 00:14:48:13 Scott Dillingham: Okay. 

00:14:48:13 – 00:15:00:21 Paul Lue Pann: So, and the reason why I’m sort of hesitant, I don’t know exactly I got to get confirmation, but I know we’ve never lost a deal against non profit and usually the client will come back saying wow, like that’s such a big difference from what we had from before. 

00:15:00:21 – 00:15:01:15 Scott Dillingham: Nice, yeah. 

00:15:01:15 – 00:15:13:01 Paul Lue Pann: So, which is great. So, it carries that confidence. When it comes to nonprofit, I have no problem, but typically we’ll look at everything like contractors. Contractors can really be done in minutes. 

00:15:13:01 – 00:15:13:10 Scott Dillingham: Okay. 

00:15:13:10 – 00:15:18:22 Paul Lue Pann: To kind of give you an idea, when you’re looking at commercial insurance and most properties are pretty simple. 

00:15:18:22 – 00:15:19:06 Scott Dillingham: Okay. 

00:15:19:06 – 00:15:39:20 Paul Lue Pann: And there’s also, one more thing I just want to add is that when you’re a client with us, you get some privileges as well. So, if someone is buying a brand new property, there’s a lot more due diligence, everything else that goes in it. And if it is a high sort of liability to us, then then there’s questions about it. But if you’re an existing client, we just say, okay, existing client has some properties, let’s just put it through. 

00:15:39:20 – 00:15:40:02 Scott Dillingham: Okay. 

00:15:40:02 – 00:15:49:01 Paul Lue Pann: And then we can put it through. So, there is there’s always some wiggle room on. Again, we may not be the 100% based on price, but I can guarantee you my service. 

00:15:49:09 – 00:15:51:11 Scott Dillingham: And I can vouch for that personally. I mean, that’s. 

00:15:51:11 – 00:15:51:15 Paul Lue Pann: Yes. 

00:15:51:15 – 00:16:16:23 Scott Dillingham: Where my insurance is. So, So, that helps. So, cool. So, let’s talk about investments. A lot of people, you know, I know this just from working at the bank, right? They look to the banks and different investment advisors for investments. Quite often you skip or don’t think of your home and auto insurance provider as investments, but can you touch on sort of the type of investments if a real estate investor is looking to maybe diversify their portfolio into other asset classes? 

00:16:17:04 – 00:16:42:11 Paul Lue Pann: You know, it’s funny, I think that’s one of the biggest thorns in my side is when you meet with the client, they say, oh, I have my investments at the bank. My first question is this, “what’s your advisor’s name?” Guarantee they won’t know it because every So, often the investment advisor changes. You know, if you’re looking for a home to plan on your investments, you know, if, if you have a specific time horizon or whatever you’re looking for, well, then we’re going to tailor and customize a solution for you. 

00:16:42:13 – 00:16:42:22 Scott Dillingham: Okay. 

00:16:42:22 – 00:17:06:08 Paul Lue Pann: So, typically things we look for like time horizon, risk tolerance, all those type of categories to make sure we get the right thing. But I’ll be with you because this is my cup of tea. This is where I work. I’m in the financial planning part of my office. I’ll be with you from education and I think education’s key. The biggest thing I do with my clients is make sure you have enough education. Don’t just give me money because you like me. I’ve had a lot of people do that. 

00:17:06:08 – 00:17:06:12 Scott Dillingham: Yeah. 

00:17:06:12 – 00:17:10:00 Paul Lue Pann: They’ll be like Paul I trust you here is $1 million. 

00:17:10:00 – 00:17:10:06 Scott Dillingham: Yeah. 

00:17:10:06 – 00:17:21:17 Paul Lue Pann: Like, awesome, great. But no, I want you to understand where you are, where you’re going, what we’re projecting to. And, you know, looking at different investment classes, whether it’s going to be managed portfolios or customized solutions, whatever the case may be. 

00:17:21:17 – 00:17:22:08 Paul Lue Pann: Okay. 

00:17:22:08 – 00:17:28:15 Paul Lue Pann: my main role, again, is working with investors is business continuity, intergenerational transfer of wealth. 

00:17:28:23 – 00:17:56:00 Paul Lue Pann: How do we get money from the part that we build out in a tax efficient way? Advisors out there are easy to take money. Everybody can take money. There’s no problem. No one’s going to say no to money. The question is how smart are you when you’re actually depleting the funds that you have in retirement? You know, are we pulling from our RRSPs are we pulling from TFSAs are we pulling from whatever the case may be. And my job is to make sure that we don’t pay the government a lot. I can say that. Right? 

00:17:56:00 – 00:17:56:07 Scott Dillingham: Sure. 

00:17:56:07 – 00:18:05:00 Paul Lue Pann: I want to I want to mitigate how much we pay the government. I know you guys, but I’m tired of paying the government. By the way, you have to. You know, you have to. 

00:18:05:00 – 00:18:05:15 Scott Dillingham: You do have to. 

00:18:05:15 – 00:18:15:03 Paul Lue Pann: But there are also, smarter ways like we can we can invest through your corp, we can do insurance through corp, we can do all kinds of things your corp where you can get corporate taxable tax benefits. 

00:18:15:10 – 00:18:37:12 Scott Dillingham: No, that’s awesome. Cool. No, I’m excited. I’m actually really excited to hear those segments and how we break it down and really talking to these different features and products for the investors that listen to this. I’m excited. We do have to wrap up, but thanks for coming, Paul. And for everybody who’s listening today, would you be able to share how they could reach out to you if they’re looking for some insurance or a quote or just anything at all, you know. 

00:18:37:21 – 00:19:02:05 Paul Lue Pann: Specific to you if you want. My cell number is (519) 980-0708. That’s how you get me directly. What I like to do is I like to talk to the clients, kind of give you a breath of who we are, what we do. And then I sort of delegate and allocate to the team where it’d be, where to be for commercial home and auto for financial planning. That’s me and Evalina is another person on our team and we work it out to make sure that you get the satisfaction you need. 

00:19:03:08 – 00:19:04:22 Scott Dillingham: Awesome, sounds good, thanks for coming Paul. 

00:19:05:22 – 00:19:07:14 Paul Lue Pann: Listen, it was a pleasure. Thank you for having me. 

00:19:07:14 – 00:19:09:05 Scott Dillingham: No problem. Take care guys. 

00:19:09:05 – 00:19:09:10 Paul Lue Pann: Take care. 

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