Investing in Self Storage Facilities with Scott Meyers

Welcome to another episode of the investment podcast. In today's episode, we will take a fascinating journey into the world of investment in self-storage facilities with the illustrious industry expert Scott Meyers. As always, our host, Dave Debeau, will guide the conversation, ensuring we mine insightful information and actionable ideas that you, our valued listener, can apply in your investment journey. 

Investing In Self Storage Facilities With Scott Meyers

Welcome to another episode of the investment podcast. In today’s episode, we will take a fascinating journey into the world of investment in self-storage facilities with the illustrious industry expert Scott Meyers. As always, our host, Dave Debeau, will guide the conversation, ensuring we mine insightful information and actionable ideas that you, our valued listener, can apply in your investment journey. 

What Will You Learn Here 

  • The business model: Understand the business model behind self-storage facilities and why they are attractive investments.
  • The Expertise of Scott Meyers: Gain insight into the wealth of knowledge and experience Scott Meyers brings.
  • Location importance: Tips on choosing the right location for your self-storage investment.
  • Success Strategies: Discover operational strategies that produce success in this industry.
  • The Challenges: Learn to navigate the self-storage industry’s pitfalls, challenges and risks.

So, sit back, grab your notepad, and prepare for an enlightening conversation on investing in self-storage facilities. Let’s hand it to our host, Dave Debeau, and our esteemed guest for today, Scott Meyers. 

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Understanding the Self-Storage Industry 

Before diving into the mechanics of investing in self-storage facilities, it’s crucial to understand what these establishments are and why they’re essential. In simplest terms, self-storage facilities are spaces you can rent for storing personal or business items. These facilities offer a solution to people’s needs for extra storage space, whether temporary or permanent. 

The self-storage industry is growing, with increased demand driven by various factors. These include urbanization, growing numbers of small businesses, and the trend of downsizing among different age groups. Additionally, life-changing events such as relocation, renovation, or the passing of a loved one often require temporary storage solutions. 

Operators of self-storage facilities play dual roles as property managers and marketers. Their critical revenue comes from renting spaces, although additional income can be derived from ancillary services such as selling packing materials or providing moving services. 

The industry can be highly competitive, especially in urban areas. Therefore, a keen understanding of the market is necessary for those planning to venture into this field. Factors such as facility location, size, and the range of services offered directly impact the success of a self-storage facility. Understanding these dynamics helps in creating an effective business and investment strategy.

Benefits of Investing in Self-Storage Facilities 

Imagine the appeal of an investment that enables consistent cash flow, requires comparatively less maintenance, and offers robust protection against economic downturns. That’s precisely what investing in self-storage facilities can provide. With their unique resilience to economic fluctuations and increasing demand, these facilities have become a lucrative avenue for investors. 

Stable Cashflow 

Stability in cash flow is a significant benefit of investing in self-storage facilities. This is primarily due to the recurring rental income from tenants. Unlike residential or commercial real estate properties where vacancies can decrease income, self-storage facilities often maintain a steady occupancy rate. This constant occupancy translates into regular and dependable cash flow for investors. 

Low Maintenance 

Furthermore, self-storage facilities generally come with the perk of being low maintenance. Unlike other real estate ventures, these facilities need little regular upkeep. They don’t require costly repairs or renovations, and the tenants are responsible for the upkeep of their units. Therefore, investors can save considerably on maintenance costs, enhancing the profitability of the investment. 

Resistance to Economic Fluctuations 

Lastly, self-storage facilities carry a unique ability to resist economic downturns. When economies stumble, and people look for ways to downsize or stow away some of their belongings, the demand for self-storage units usually increases. Moreover, people accumulate more items during prosperous times, leading to a consistent demand for storage space. Therefore, the need for self-storage facilities remains constant irrespective of the economic scenarios, rendering such investments less risky and more resilient. 

On Dave’s show with Scott Meyers, they further delve into the intricacies of investing in self-storage facilities, unveiling insightful tips and strategies for aspiring investors. As a seasoned professional in this domain, Scott brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the discussion, making it a must-listen for anyone considering this investment avenue.

The Expertise of Scott Meyers 

Scott Meyers, the esteemed guest on Dave Debeau’s show, is a seasoned veteran in the self-storage investment industry. His expertise and in-depth knowledge set the groundwork for sound and proven strategies he has accumulated over years of hands-on experience. He has worked across a broad spectrum of climate and market conditions, from bull markets to downturns, giving his insights a level of practical applicability that is hard to match.

Scott’s journey in the self-storage business began over a decade ago. Since then, he has climbed the ranks to become one of the industry’s leading figures. Leveraging his acute business acumen with tireless work ethic, Scott has tackled numerous investment projects, each with unique challenges and opportunities. 

A meticulous approach marks the methodology Scott uses to assess potential investment opportunities. Always on the lookout for opportunities, Scott’s key traits include his willingness to delve into the intricacies of each project, leaving no stone unturned. He thoroughly evaluates factors ranging from location and potential return on investment to operational considerations. 

“Success in the self storage business is not about luck, it’s about making informed decisions. Information is power, and understanding how to wield that power is the key to thriving.” – Scott Meyers

Scott upholds the philosophy that informed decisions are the cornerstone of any successful investment. He uses a wealth of data and his vast experience to ensure that each investment is worth the time, money, and effort. 

Over the years, Scott Meyers has profoundly impacted his portfolio and the self-storage industry. Scott works diligently in investments and extends his expertise in training and enlightening budding investors. His insight and wisdom serve as a beacon for those seeking to navigate the sea of self-storage investing. 

To sum it up, Scott Meyers’ expertise results from years of field experience, a deep understanding of market nuances, and a relentless drive to succeed. Throughout his journey, he has emphasized the value of sound decision-making in achieving success. His detailed and analytical approach and industry knowledge make him a respected figure in the world of self-storage investments.


Choosing the Right Location 

In this episode, Dave Debeau shares an insightful discussion with Scott Meyers on the importance of choosing the right location to invest in self-storage facilities. The location can make or break the success of your investment, making it a topic that requires careful consideration and understanding. 

Scott stresses the importance of market research when selecting a location. Understanding an area’s demand, competitor activity, and population dynamics is crucial. This ensures that the potential for profitability is high and the risk of occupancy-related issues is low. 

Investors should consider economic and population trends in their location choices. Areas with positive job growth, increasing population and positive economic outlook tend to have higher demand for self-storage facilities. Scott also highlights the importance of acknowledging seasonal trends that might influence the storage facility’s usage. 

Another important criterion is the accessibility and visibility of the storage facility. Locations easily accessible and visible from major roads have a higher chance of attracting tenants. Scott says, “If they can’t see it, they won’t rent it.” 

Understanding local laws and zoning regulations is also necessary. Certain areas may have restrictive regulations that could limit the operations of a self-storage facility, hence the importance of knowing these regulations before making an investment decision. 

To summarize, a careful and comprehensive approach when choosing a location can significantly improve the likelihood of success in investing in self-storage facilities. These insights shared by experts in the field, such as Scott Meyers, can prove invaluable for both seasoned and novice investors.

Operational Strategies for Success 

During the podcast, Dave Debeau and Scott Meyers discuss the operational strategies that can lead to success when investing in self-storage facilities. As an industry veteran, Meyers provides some key insights. 

Scott Meyers: “An efficient operation is crucial. Implementing technology, training your staff well, and having a water-tight lease agreement are fundamental.”

Implementing Technology 

Meyers emphasizes the importance of using technology to streamline operations. This isn’t just about having a website or using software for reservation management. It’s about utilizing digital tools to improve every aspect of the operation, from customer service to security. 

Staff Training 

Meyers stresses the importance of training your staff. Your team needs to be knowledgeable about the facilities, capable of providing excellent customer service, and alert to potential issues. 

Developing a Solid Lease Agreement 

According to Meyers, the lease agreement is a vital document that defines the relationship between you and the tenant. It must be comprehensive and transparent, protecting you from liability while outlining the tenant’s responsibilities and rights. 

In conclusion, success in the self-storage industry doesn’t happen by chance. It results from meticulous planning, careful execution, and continuous learning and adaptation. As Meyers states at the end: 

Scott Meyers: “Keep evolving, keep learning, and most importantly, don’t be afraid to take that first step.”

When navigating challenges and risks in the self-storage industry, Dave Debeau and Scott Meyers understand they are part of the investment landscape. It’s not just about recognizing these obstacles but also preparing and having contingency plans to deal with them. 

Typical Challenges: 

  • The complexity of zoning laws and local regulations
  • The high initial capital required for land purchase and construction
  • The management difficulties associated with customer service and property maintenance
  • Unexpected disasters or damages to the facility

Understanding these challenges, Scott puts forth his expertise. He suggests thorough research about local regulations and seeking advice from real estate experts regarding the zoning laws. He advises proper budget planning and considering avenues like partners or investors for capital investments. When it comes to management, it is all about creating a reliable team and implementing efficient systems. Lastly, to protect against unexpected damages, adequate insurance coverage is crucial. 

Potential Risks:

  • Market volatility causing fluctuating occupancy rates
  • Increased competition in popular areas
  • Changes to tax laws affecting profit margins
  • Changes in consumer behaviour or demand

Scott remarks that to mitigate these risks, owners should focus on factors they can control, like improving their services, maintaining their facilities correctly, and providing excellent customer service. They should also closely monitor the market trends and regularly evaluate their business plan. 

In summary, the road to success in self-storage investment is not without its bumps and curves. Through careful planning, risk management, and applying the knowledge shared by experts like Scott Meyers, you can navigate these challenges and build a successful self-storage business.


As Dave Debeau and Scott Meyers have unravelled throughout the discussion, investing in self-storage facilities can be lucrative when approached with the proper knowledge and strategies. Scott has shared his years of expertise, providing insightful observations and considerations for potential investors

Key Takeaways from the Podcast 

  • Six Important Aspects discussed: Understanding the industry, recognizing benefits, Scott Meyers’ expertise, location selection, operational strategies, and challenges and risks were the core areas discussed that can guide an investor.
  • The Role of Research: Scott underscored that doing research and due diligence is fundamental in making astute investment decisions.
  • Scott’s Professional Journey: His years of experience and learnings can sparingly inspire and guide anyone considering entering this field.

Investing in self-storage facilities is not without its challenges and risks. Still, as Dave and Scott have thrashed out, these risks can be mitigated with the proper knowledge, strategies, and resilience. 

Investing in self-storage facilities can be a profitable real estate venture, as seen from Scott’s experience. However, knowledge is power, as Scott emphasized. It’s crucial It’sanyone considering entering this field dedicate time, energy, and resources to understanding the industry; this is a critical first step toward success. 

The conversation between Dave Debeau and Scott Meyers is an informative guide for those exploring this investment opportunity. The insight, suggestions, and experiences shared are invaluable resources for aspiring investors. Their insights can help frame a solid approach to investment in self-storage facilities. 

The chat between Dave Debeau and Scott Meyers highlighted the potential and challenges of investing in self-storage facilities, providing a comprehensive guide for anyone considering this rewarding venture.

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