Investor Basics

Long Distance Real Estate

Investing in local real estate is a relatively comfortable way to get started in the real estate investment market. However, depending on where you live, the potential to build strong, cash-flowing portfolios may be limited by the property values and real estate near you – or maybe you have dreams of investing in cities like Toronto or Vancouver from the comfort of home. This is where long distance real estate investing comes into play.

Top 4 Recession Mistakes That Investors Should Avoid 

Recessions can easily cause serious harm to your investment portfolio if you are not prepared for them or if you allow yourself to make unnecessary mistakes while trying to ride through the storm. However, that is not a reason for you to become scared. In fact, it should fill you with a resolve to learn and grow so that if a recession does hit, you are well prepared to weather the market and come out on the other side even stronger than before. 

Investor Mindset

The greatest investors in the world did not get where they are by simply coasting through life and waiting for their assets to pay off. Instead, they found their place in the world by learning to identify key opportunities and jumping on them when they had the chance by building their investor mindsets.

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