Listen Up: Try These Canadian Real Estate Investing Podcasts

In recent years, podcasts have exploded in popularity. These days, it seems like everyone is trying to promote a new podcast about everything from current events to dating advice. Listening to podcasts can offer a lot of great benefits for investors. There are plenty of informative, helpful podcasts available that cover topics relevant to Canadian real estate investing.

There are many reasons why investors are turning to podcasts as a way to hear about real estate investing news, get advice on investing tactics and work on personal development. Here are some of the biggest benefits of listening to real estate investing podcasts:

Convenient listening

Real estate podcasts offer a convenient way to learn about real estate issues. Listeners can tune into a podcast anytime, whether they’re driving in the car, cooking dinner at home or working out at the gym.

Exposure to new points of view

Listening to real estate podcasts offers insight into new points of view. Many people simply aren’t exposed to varying perspectives when they get their information from the same large news sources. Podcasts have more freedom to talk about important issues and discuss different ideas that aren’t often showcased in major newspapers, websites and other news sources.

Free advice

Most real estate investors know how important it is to learn from the experience of successful investors, but expert advice isn’t always easily accessible. By listening to podcasts, investors can glean from the expertise of successful investors for free to help them develop new skills and learn more about real estate investing in general.

Best real estate investing podcasts

If you’re looking for a new podcast that will inspire you and provide you with key insight and advice on the Canadian real estate market, check out our lineup of the best Canadian real estate podcasts.

“Where Should I Invest? Real Estate Investing” hosted by Sarah Larbi

The podcast “Where Should I Invest?” attempts to answer one of the most common questions that investors have. This is an interview-based podcast featuring advice and insight from some of the most successful and prolific real estate investors in Canada. This podcast covers more than just real estate news to discuss the essential elements of successful real estate investing in a way that is approachable even for first-time investors. The podcast comes out bi-weekly and covers topics such as investing best practices, financing methods, financial analysis and what to look for in real estate properties.

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“Thrive Not Survive Podcast” hosted by Kelley Skar

Loss of motivation and poor time management can be serious hurdles for real estate investors, leading to all kinds of complications and problems. The “Thrive Not Survive Podcast” tackles many of the issues that plague real estate investors including procrastination, discouragement and lost motivation. This podcast focuses on individual investors and not just the dollars and cents of real estate investing. In addition to providing helpful strategies and methods to deal with the roadblocks that investors face, this podcast also covers some of the more concrete topics specific to real estate investing.

“Multiple Offers” hosted by Geoff McLennan, Jeremy Rae, and Matt Brabbins

The “Multiple Offers” podcast gives average investors, landlords and property owners key insight into the rapidly-changing real estate market in Metro Vancouver while providing comedic relief and entertainment to listeners. This podcast dives into a variety of topics including how to handle lowball offers and how to interpret shifts in the Vancouver real estate market. New episodes are released weekly, so listeners have plenty of content to keep upon.

“Burn Your Mortgage Podcast” hosted by Sean Cooper

For people who are looking for ways to shift their relationship with homeownership and money, the “Burn Your Mortgage Podcast” offers advice to help listeners plan their path to financial freedom. The “Burn Your Mortgage” podcast is based on Sean Cooper’s book of the same name and contains many of the biggest lessons from the book. With a focus on achieving a mortgage-free life, this podcast offers concrete advice and entertaining conversations with a variety of experts in real estate, finance and investing.

“Sync or Swim” hosted by Mitch Fanning

The “Sync or Swim” podcast focuses on the multifamily and rental housing industries. The podcast features interviews with a wide variety of guests who discuss topics ranging from multi-family housing construction and development to real estate marketing strategies. This podcast features in-depth discussions of new technologies that are transforming the real estate market-- perfect for the investor who wants to stay on the cutting edge of new technology.

“Vancouver Real Estate Podcast” hosted by Adam and Matt Scalena

The “Vancouver Real Estate Podcast” covers some of the biggest news and issues in the Vancouver real estate market with engaging conversations and one-of-a-kind interviews. What sets this podcast apart from similar podcasts is its unique approach to real estate issues. By interviewing a variety of guests including academics, finance experts, construction professionals and politicians, this podcast offers unique perspectives into the Vancouver real estate market.

“Commercial Real Estate Podcast” hosted by Aaron Cameron and Adam Powadiuk

For investors who are interested in establishing a solid commercial real estate portfolio, the “Commercial Real Estate Podcast” is a great audio resource. This podcast follows macro trends in commercial real estate in Canada and the hosts regularly interview some of the most prominent commercial property owners, developers and investors in Canada. Whether you already have a robust commercial real estate portfolio, or you are thinking about investing in commercial real estate for the first time, this is a great listen.

Start listening today

With so many great Canadian real estate investing podcasts to choose from, it’s hard to pick just one. Download a few different episodes and give them a listen the next time you’re in the car, at the gym or enjoying some quiet time at home. After trying out a few different podcasts, you’re sure to find something that speaks to you.

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