Midwife Births Real Estate Dream with Barbara Inthavixay

Imagine you are Barbara Inthavixay, a seasoned midwife who decided to take a bold leap of faith and venture into the unknown world of real estate. Dave Debeau, a popular podcast host, has walked with Barbara through her transition from caring for mothers to caring for properties. 

Midwife Births Real Estate Dream With Barbara Inthavixay

Imagine you are Barbara Inthavixay, a seasoned midwife who decided to take a bold leap of faith and venture into the unknown world of real estate. Dave Debeau, a popular podcast host, has walked with Barbara through her transition from caring for mothers to caring for properties. 

While many looked at Barbara as if she had lost her bearings, Dave admired her courage and resilience. The journey started with Barbara realizing she wanted more fulfilling professional challenges. Having been a midwife for years, Barbara understood the importance of relationships. It was through these bonds that she learned about opportunities in real estate. Not one to be driven by fear, the adventurous Barbara took a leap of faith. 

At first, Barbara was like a young-looking Dave—just starting, knowing little about the business, and still green behind the ears. She recalls walking through various neighbourhoods, scouting for potential property investments. But she didn’t let the uncertainty of starting over daunt her. Instead, she focused on learning everything she could about her new industry. 

Barbara gradually built a daily routine incorporating her real estate dream. Balancing family duties and her burgeoning business was indeed challenging. But dinner was ready every day when her husband came home, symbolizing her commitment to nurturing her family and her new venture.

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From Midwifery to Real Estate

When you imagine a midwife’s skillset, the first things that come to mind may likely be tenderness, care, and boundless patience. However, one does not instantly link these qualities to a successful real estate investor. Yet, these seemingly distinct fields have more in common than you might think. Just ask Barbara Inthavixay. 

For two decades, Barbara donned the uniform of a registered midwife, dedicatedly providing the critical support expectant mothers require during one of life’s most profound experiences. As captivating and rewarding as this profession was, it was also exceedingly demanding. What she realized over those 20 years was that the qualities honed in midwifery are, in fact, potent tools in the realm of real estate. 

 While still working in the ward and navigating the chaos of raising young children, Barbara’s attention was drawn to real estate. The stability and low risk of the industry presented a fascinating contrast to the unpredictable and high-stakes nature of her day job. The concept of creating a steady income stream, independent of the rigorous schedules and demands of the health sector, held a significant appeal. So, she decided to pivot and build a different kind of business strong. 

In her journey from midwifery to real estate investment, Barbara transferred the tenets of care, transparency, and detailed attention from her former career. Looking back, she admits that what she initially perceived to be an inspired leap into an entirely different industry was more of a seamless transition, with years of lessons from her midwifery practice underpinning her new journey. 

Following her investigative nature, Barbara started attending real estate investing meetups, further sparking her interest in the field. She realized that, just like midwifery, real estate was essentially a people’s business, and her inherent aptitude for managing people had a place here, too. 

And so, Barbara’s real estate dreams blossomed from their infancy, nurtured by her desire for stability, a love for people, and the strength of her determination.

Building a Strong Foundation

With any endeavour, establishing a solid foundation is essential. For Barbara Inthavixay, the transition from midwifery to the real estate arena necessitated the development of solid relationships and an understanding of legal frameworks for the business to thrive. Just as her approach in midwifery centred around care and trust, these virtues strongly echoed as she entered this new industry. 

In building her real estate business, Barbara made a legal unit, strategizing to ensure compliance with the Ontario Building Code. Careful adherence to these regulatory standards insulated the business from possible legal complications and guaranteed quality properties for investors—this commitment to providing legally sound and high-quality properties positioned Barbara as a trustworthy figure in real estate. 

Understanding that the bedrock of a successful business in real estate is trust, Barbara worked tirelessly to cultivate a strong reputation. Through Dave Debeau’s capital-raising course, she enhanced her understanding of relationship building and capital management, vital skills in the real estate sector. Moreover, this learning journey offered her a wealth of knowledge, enabling her to tap into various business strategies and mindset adjustments for success. 

Barbara’s focus was planted firmly on obtaining quality properties at favourable prices and negotiating for equity built into the deal. This catered to the interest of every happy investor seeking sustainable growth and profitability. Also implicit in this strategy was creating value for her clients, further bolstering her industry reputation. 

Ultimately, Barbara successfully constructed a formidable foundation for her real estate business. An exciting blend of her midwifery skills – trust, care, relationship building – and her newfound knowledge in real estate, legal aspects, and capital management culminated in an impressive start to Barbara’s real estate journey.

Finding Success in Real Estate

Barbara Inthavixay, with a keen eye for opportunity and inherent determination, soon found success in real estate. Building upon her interests in stability and low risk, she was particular about selecting only well-priced quality properties. This approach allowed her to negotiate a reasonable equity immediately built into the price of her acquisitions. 

Since Southern Ontario is a thriving but expensive market, Barbara employed innovative strategies to maintain cash flow and hold properties. One such methodology included furnished short-term rental arrangements, generating regular income while holding onto her assets. She also applied a unique BRR – Buy, Rent, and Refinance technique. This approach allowed her to add immediate value to properties, creating a positive cash flow. 

Bringing a unique skill set to property sellers, Barbara established herself as an able investor, bridging gaps between need and provision. Her ability to negotiate terms and prices was a phenomenal asset, making her a favoured partner among property sellers. She swiftly integrated into the local real estate investing meetups, becoming an active member and contributing participant. 

The fruits of her hard work are evident in the investments she’s successfully handled, returning handsome profits. Her consistently happy investors are a testament to her capabilities and dedication. Barbara Inthavixay’s formative experiences in midwifery helped her bring a new dimension to facing real estate challenges. She attributes her unwavering patient-centric focus and ability to teach trust and faith in her clients to her previous career.

Lessons Learned Along the Way

In the journey from midwife to successful real estate entrepreneur, Barbara Inthavixay has gathered valuable insights, critical learning and many experiences. Here, she shares some crucial lessons gleaned along the way. 

Embrace Challenges 

One need not shy away from challenges; instead, it’s essential to embrace them. Barbara believes that every challenge she faced, from developing business strategies to capital raising, was an opportunity for growth. 

“Challenges, although difficult, are crucial stepping stones. They equip us with the mental tenacity we need to handle future obstacles.” – Barbara Inthavixay

Mindset is Key 

Barbara emphasizes the importance of mindset, a key lesson she assimilated from Dave Debeau’s capital raising course. She advocates for positivity, persistence, and a never-give-up attitude as critical factors in turning dreams into reality. 

Value of Relationships 

Human connections play a significant role in business development. Networking, building and maintaining relationships are as crucial as strategizing and planning. 

“Every interaction is an opportunity. You never know who might become your next partner, investor, or mentor. So, treat every connection with respect and sincerity.” – Barbara Inthavixay

Showcasing Work Matters 

Visibility and showcasing achievements can draw investors and potential business partners. Barbara explains that walking the neighbourhoods, posting projects, and making her work visible brought her a happy investor. 

Barbara’s lessons are a valuable guide for anyone venturing into a new field or starting their entrepreneurial journey. Among the pivotal lessons Barbara learned on her way to real estate success are learning to appreciate challenges, cultivating a positive mindset, understanding the significance of relationships, and knowing the value of showcasing one’s work.

Barbara’s Tips for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Barbara Inthavixay, a successful real estate investor, shares some invaluable advice based on her experiences for those dreaming of starting their entrepreneurial journey. 

Nurture the Learning Habit 

Firstly, Barbara emphasizes the importance of learning. In her transition from a career in midwifery to investing in real estate, continuous learning and adaptation have played a vital role. For those entering a new field, irrespective of their prior experience, there is always a new set of skills and knowledge that must be grasped. “Don’t shy away from learning something new,” encourages Barbara. She insists that you should not restrict yourself with the notion that your current skills limit you in any way. 

Invest in Professional Development 

Take advantage of professional development courses and opportunities. Barbara mentions the significance of Dave Debeau’s capital-raising program in her real estate journey. She learned different business strategies and the mindset required to make successful investments through the course. “Seeing your education as an investment rather than an expense aids business growth,” she notes. 

Balance Incubation with Action 

While learning and preparing is vital, so is taking action. Barbara advises having a balance between absorbing knowledge and implementing it. She got her start in real estate while juggling the responsibilities of being a midwife and caring for young children. “You don’t have to wait until you’re fully ready. Starting small, even while maintaining other responsibilities, is a practical approach,” she adds. 

 Harness the Power of Relationships 

Barbara points out that forming strong business relationships contributes significantly to entrepreneurial success. She highlights that her venture into real estate investing wasn’t a solitary pursuit. A network of fellow investors, advisors, and mentors supported it. Connecting with such people, learning from their experiences, and gaining their support became integral to her entrepreneurial journey. 

Stay Resilient and Patient 

Lastly, she highlights the importance of resilience and patience. “It’s important to stay determined and accept that there will be challenging times,” says Barbara. She assures that patience in seeing results is crucial as success rarely occurs overnight. Maintaining a positive mindset is critical to overcoming obstacles and reaching your goals.

Giving Back to the Community

The notion of giving back to the community is deeply stitched into the fabric of Barbara’s real estate success. As a former midwife, her sense of empathy and service-oriented mindset is strongly reflected in her professional endeavours. Interestingly, Barbara’s community involvement is multidimensional and fuels her business in resurgence. 

Barbara takes the responsibility of improving her community to heart. One initiative she has championed is transforming distressed properties into attractive, livable homes. This serves her investors by providing profitable real estate deals and significantly improves the community’s living standards by enhancing the neighbourhood’s aesthetics and property values. 

Another way Barbara gives back is by actively participating in community activities. Her efforts extend beyond just business; she seeks to foster a more profound connection in every neighbourhood where she works. A cornerstone aspect of this is her practice of walking the neighbourhoods. This involves physically exploring various localities, getting to know the residents and understanding their needs. 

Listening to people and their needs forms the crux of this community involvement. Barbara understands that she is not just in the business of buying and selling properties; she is in the business of improving lives. Whether she’s selling a home to a happy investor or helping a distressed homeowner find a solution, this holds. 

“When you are committed to serving your community, you’re not just building a business, you’re building relationships.”

To further involve her family, Barbara also has brought her children into the business, strengthening the bond between work, family, and community. This teaches them the importance of hard work, perseverance, and philanthropy. 

Ultimately, Barbara’s success in real estate gives her the platform to make a substantial and positive impact in her community. Her focus on transforming spaces and lives embodies her dedication to service, helping her stand out from the crowd and make a difference in the world.

Looking Ahead: Future Goals and Ambitions

Dave Debeau always enjoys exploring the future with his guests. As the chat with Barbara Inthavixay drew close, he asked about her future goals and ambitions. Rather than rest on her considerable achievements, Barbara remains steadfastly focused on what lies ahead. 

“So what are the plans for moving ahead, Barbara? Where do you see yourself 12 months from now?” asked Dave.

Her hands-on approach to real estate and unquenchable thirst for learning will significantly shape Barbara’s future. Primarily, she intends to expand her real estate portfolio, reporting that this includes a conscientious plan to build “four to six new BERS in the next 12 months”.

Barbara’s keen interest in further nurturing her business acumen complements her real estate ambition. She highlighted the importance of “learning different business strategies and mindset.” This dynamic woman views success as a lifelong educational journey rather than a defined destination. 

In closing, whether it’s expanding her portfolio, learning new business strategies, strengthening relationships or posting more successful projects, Barbara Inthavixay’s clear vision of her future ensures that her journey from midwife to successful real estate entrepreneur will continue to inspire many aspiring entrepreneurs who follow in her footsteps.

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