Million Dollar Investor Presentation Success in 2023: Raising Capital

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Once you have your contact list of prospective investors and have warmed them up a bit it’s time to WOW them.

This is the time where you provide your prospective investors with an overdo of what you do and pre-qualify them without being too salesy.

How can you do this?

With a million-dollar investor presentation!

Benefits of a Million Dollar Investor Presentation

Sure, you could just waltz in and improvise your presentation. This works great very confident, experienced presenters, but it leaves way too much to chance! Planning out your presentation will:

  • Ensure that you remember all of the important information! Winging your presentation drastically increases the likelihood of forgetting something very important.
  • Visual appeal Potential investors are people too. Just talking at them is a good way to lose their attention and bore them. A well-done PowerPoint is more visually appealing and engaging, making it much easier to captivate and hold your audience.
  • Reinforce key points. When you have a planned out presentation, you can easily switch between different slides to address questions or reinforce key information.
  • Flexibility. Your presentation is planned, but it’s flexible. You can modify at any time in the way that best suits your audience, allowing you to deliver the most effective presentation possible.
  • Save time. You can outsource your Powerpoint design to a professional for a superb design that saves you time. We’re happy to help you with this using our proven Million Dollar Investor Presentation.

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What to Include In Your Winning Presentation

Million Dollar Investor presentations have a few key things in common. Here’s what you should include in your PowerPoint:

  • Agreement and Overview. Want to stand out in a good way? Be upfront and ask for consent to both ask and answer questions This upfront agreement differentiates you from the typical “salesperson” and removes a ton of pressure. The BIG Promise. Start your presentation with a big overview of your program and the benefits you can offer the other person.
  • Who you are. Strike a balance between bragging and being shy. Explain your experience and who you are in an honest and open way.
  • Common questions. Consider the questions your prospect is likely to ask and address those in your presentation. Examples include who you are, why they should invest with you, what kind of properties you invest in/why, how much the investment is, what ROI they can expect, how long until they see their money back, etc.
  • Your questions. You want to make sure it’s a good fit for both of you, which means you’ll need to ask some questions about their investment portfolio and desired involvement.
  • The risks. Explain worse-case scenarios and be upfront about risks.
  • Summary. Come back around to review the positives about the opportunity.
  • Decision. Refer back to the upfront contract and ask for the prospect’s thoughts. If they are interested, explain the next steps. If they say no, thank them for their time and make your exit.

Practice Time!

It’s best to get some practice before you do it with investor prospects. Use the “Ninja” strategy as follows:

  • Choose 3-5 friends.
  • Ask if they’d be willing to give you feedback about your new presentation.
  • Practice with each person who agrees.
  • Get their feedback and thank them for their time.
  • Wrap up the session by asking if they know anyone else who may be interested in this kind of deal.

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Powerful Investor Presentation Part 2 with Dave Dubeau