Milton Real Estate Investing Success in 2023

Welcome to Milton real estate, a charming suburb located outside Mississauga and Toronto. This stunningly beautiful town is home to amenities that other towns can’t touch. A gorgeous nature reserve runs along one border. A booming economy pulls in new employees and businesses every day. And there’s more than enough residential and commercial investment options to keep veteran and rookie investors occupied for years to come.

Canada might be experiencing a boom in the world of real estate, but Milton real estate is something special. Residents will quickly tell how much they love the community. When the numbers sit side-by-side with the pictures, it’s hard not to agree. Here’s why.

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A tradition of growth in Milton Real Estate

Any seasoned real estate investor knows the most lucrative real estate deals are long-term investments. You have to keep a stake in the property to squeeze the most potential profit. So, when searching for a market that will yield maximum results, the key is to find somewhere with reliable growth that will support your plans for a long-term strategy. That’s Milton.

During the 2016 census, Milton laid claim to a little over 110,000 residents. That number may not appear impressive on the surface, but it represents staggering growth for the town. Of course, the secret of Milton is long since out. In the first decade of the new millennium, Milton stood out as the fastest-growing municipality in Canada. Between 2001 and 2011, the city averaged more than 60 percent growth every year.

By the 2016 census, Milton remained the fastest-growing town in Ontario and the sixth-fastest growing in Canada. It hardly surprises, then, to discover that experts believe the population of Milton will more than double to 228,000 by 2031.

That translates to sustained population growth over the next 10 years, a prediction backed by nearly two decades of consistent expansion. For real estate investors, Milton represents a long-term bet that’s difficult to find elsewhere in Canada. That booming population requires new homes and new businesses to ply their trade. That’s prime territory for real estate investors at every rung of the ladder.

Milton Real Estate has rapidly rising house prices

No matter where you look in Canada, the cost of a detached home continues to rise. In Milton, those house prices climb so quickly, they astonish even veteran investors. Throughout 2019, the average cost of a home in Milton rose 5 percent to $765,395. That translated to aggressive (but not spectacular) growth for Milton compared to the national average. In 2020, however, things got interesting.

By July of 2020 — even in spite of an ongoing pandemic — the average sales price of a house in Milton was $1,052,402. That represents a change of $300,000 in just six months.

This statistic shines a light on the undeniable popularity of the Milton area. It also points to a problem prevalent in the national Canadian housing market: a lack of available homes. Combine the dramatic increase in property value with the growth expected over the next several years, and you’ve got a reasonable bet for an increase on your initial down payment by virtue of the prolonged excitement over the region alone.

Milton Real Estate - The seller’s market

The Sales to New Listings Ratio (SNLR) is a metric compiled by dividing the number of home sales in a given housing market by the number of new listings. The resulting percentage is judged on a scale of 1 to 100.

When the SNLR clocks in between 40 percent and 60 percent, the market balances evenly between buyer and seller. If the SNLR sinks below 40 percent, experts consider the market tilting in favour of homebuyers. When the SNLR rises above 60 percent, sellers expect to reap the rewards. The closer the overall SLNR reaches to one extreme (i.e., zero or 100), the more benefit it demonstrates for one party or the other.

In Milton, the SNLR sits at around 87 percent, making it the third-strongest seller’s market in the Greater Toronto Area. For people looking to get into the landlord or flip-and-fix game, that’s ideal because it indicates that the value of your investment property is expected to rise in the future even after you’ve purchased it.

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Milton Real Estate is close to everywhere

Some investors find themselves curious about why Milton draws more people with each passing year compared to the other suburbs and towns in the Greater Toronto Area. The reason is simple. Milton is close to several appealing destinations.

Even as Milton’s internal economy grows, the city offers ready access to thriving job markets in neighbouring towns like Oakville, Mississauga and Toronto. What’s more, public transportation in Milton is second to none. The bus line and the commuter train make it a breeze to travel to and from work.

During the weekend, growing families and outdoor enthusiasts enjoy Milton’s close proximity to serious natural splendour.

Natural splendour

Short-term rental investors shouldn’t dismiss Milton as solely a family community. There is plenty of need for long-term residential real estate, but it’s worth noting that Milton sits on the edge of the Niagara Escarpment. This massive reserve of land might be famous for Niagara Falls, but there is more in the Escarpment than just a honeymoon destination.

Milton is close to the oldest forest ecosystem in North America. The UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve attracts thousands of visitors every year. These enthusiastic tourists remain eager to explore the vast stretch of untamed wilderness during the day while enjoying the comforts of civilization at night.

With the right marketing strategy, a short-term investor could clean up by using Milton’s appeal as a tourist destination.

Good beginner territory

 In a lot of ways, Milton represents a good place for fledgling investors with the capital to get involved. The growth rates support taking a chance without fear of significant downside. Economic growth is the name of the game in Milton, which creates chances for investors at every point in the market, commercial to residential.

If you’re going to start somewhere, it may as well be Milton.

Milton Real Estate Professionals

We have searched high and low for real estate investing professionals in Milton.  Below, you can find professionals we have researched and can confirm they specialize in working with Real Estate Investors.

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