Persistence Pays Off with Nathan Atkin

Welcome to yet another engaging episode of Dave Debeau's renowned podcast. In this episode, Dave Debeau, a proven real estate investor and educator, engages in a thoughtful conversation with Nathan Atkin.

Persistence Pays Off With Nathan Atkin

Nathan Atkin, popularly known as Nate, is a versatile personality whose dedication to his two unique passions – architectural aluminum products and real estate investing – is worth admiring. Born into a world of real estate investing with his father owning a property management company, Nate initiated his long and enduring journey from a tender age. Since childhood, this engagement with the real estate world eventually led him to adopt it as one of his career paths. 

Though engaged part-time in real estate investing, Nate exudes excellent passion and dedication. His construction, restoration, and building sciences background fortifies him with the requisite skills and knowledge to excel in his ventures. Having another business in architectural aluminum products doesn’t deter him from spending significant time on his real estate investments. He finds a balance between his dual roles and thrives in both pursuits. 

Nate’s secret to successful projects lies in his unique approach towards lead generation. He doesn’t solely rely on his marketing. Instead, he leverages other people’s marketing by building solid relationships with wholesalers and realtors. His vast network of these professionals is a robust source of leads for his projects. 

Nate’s journey is a testament to his tireless pursuit of his passions. Despite the dual demands of his ventures, he remains wholeheartedly committed to both, demonstrating impressive multitasking and management skills every step of the way.

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The Importance of Persistence

Persistence is a vital ingredient in the recipe for success, and no one knows this better than Nathan Atkin. In real estate investing, persistence is not just about staying the course; it’s about continually refining your strategies and constantly striving for excellence. Nathan’s journey serves as a testament to this principle. While he faced myriad challenges, he never wavered but instead adopted an attitude of constant learning and improvement. His commitment to persistence made it possible for him to overcome obstacles and excel in his field. 

Early on, Nathan recognized the importance of sourcing capital as a significant hurdle in scaling the real estate investing business. This challenge could have seemed impossible to others. Yet, Nathan was persistent in his efforts to combat this issue head-on. He took it upon himself to negotiate tirelessly and continually strive for win-win scenarios, a feat that only reiterated the crucial role of persistence. 

A Focus on Strengths 

One aspect of Nathan’s journey to success is his focus on his strengths while delegating responsibilities in areas where he might not have been as proficient. This persistent approach increased the efficiency of his business operations and allowed him to grow and learn in circumstances that would have otherwise been overwhelming. 

His Secret Sauce 

“secret sauce” might conjure images of mysterious ingredients and complicated recipes. But for Nathan, it was all about simplicity – simple email strategies and presentations to share interest in his deals proved to be practical tools in his arsenal. His ‘secret sauce,’ perhaps, was his unwavering persistence in utilizing these straightforward tactics to find success.

In conclusion, with an unyielding commitment to his objectives and a relentless spirit of determination, Nathan’s journey underscores the importance of persistence in achieving one’s goals.

Finding Inspiration

Regarding finding inspiration, Nathan Atkin is not shy about the sources that ignite his drive. Nathan first discovered his love for investing in real estate through one particularly impactful source: the works of Robert Kiyosaki. Kiyosaki’s books stirred a thirst in Nathan for financial literacy, and he started viewing real estate not merely as properties but as potential investments. 

However, inspiration is not only drawn from books but also from the world around him. Nathan believes in the power of shared values and philosophy. Hence, he places immense value on finding partners that work well with his philosophy and share the same values. Though challenging, this aspect of his business is a substantial part of his inspiration. 

Sharing Interest in Deals 

Nathan is not just about turning ideas into action; he is an ardent advocate for sharing his interests and ideas with others. One way he does this is by doing presentations. Not only do these presentations allow him to share his ideas, but they also allow him to inspire others – a process that is inspiring in its own right. 

Lastly, Nathan’s challenges in his real estate investing business serve as significant sources of inspiration. Sourcing capital has been one of his most significant pain points when scaling his business. Yet, these challenges genuinely ignite Nathan’s innovative spirit and spur him to continually reach greater heights.

Lessons Learned Along the Way

As Nathan journeyed through his business endeavours, he learned valuable lessons that helped shape his strategy and approach. One crucial practice he emphasized was the importance of negotiation in business. Nathan believes in seeking win-win scenarios where both parties benefit equally from the transaction. The principle of mutual benefit goes beyond just striking a deal. It extends to fostering long-term relationships and developing a reputation of integrity and fairness. 

Another critical lesson from his journey lies in selecting business partners. Nathan posits that finding partners with shared values and philosophies can be challenging yet rewarding. There’s immense importance in aligning with individuals who understand your business and resonate with your core beliefs. It helps cultivate solid and beneficial partnerships that ultimately lead to business growth. 

However, one of the most impactful lessons Nathan gleaned from his experiences comes from Robert Kiyosaki’s books. He was significantly influenced by the concept of an ‘unfair advantage,’ as discussed by Kiyosaki. This concept urges individuals to capitalize on their unique skills or knowledge to gain a competitive advantage. Recognizing and leveraging such advantages can accelerate success and growth. 

Indeed, these invaluable lessons learned along the way have been instrumental in Nathan’s journey, guiding his decisions and actions toward tremendous success in his business ventures.

Keeping the Momentum Going

Consistency is vital in any pursuit of success. Such is the essence of the life philosophy of Nathan Atkin, an investor known for his sustained momentum in real estate. His relentless spirit and drive for progress are pivotal to his growth and achievements in the industry. His approach provides valuable lessons on how to keep a steady momentum on the journey to success. 

Staying Active in the Field 

Nathan is far from being complacent. He keeps himself active in real estate investing, constantly scouting and evaluating opportunities. However, he’s not hasty. He carefully ensures that each venture aligns with his overall vision and strategies. Investing money into the projects motivates one to stay involved and active, which Nathan understands well. 

Continuous Learning and Adaptation 

Success is not stagnant; it progresses. So does Nathan. He cultivates a learning mindset that enables him to adapt to changing market dynamics. He is open to learning new tactics and strategies, such as driving for dollars and flyer ads, to maintain a competitive edge. 

Sharing Knowledge and Experience 

Moreover, Nathan believes sharing his passion and knowledge with others is crucial. He willingly does presentations to share his interest in deals. This continual engagement helps keep his momentum alive and sparks interest among his audience, fostering a learning community. 

To conclude, maintaining momentum is crucial to maintaining progress and achieving goals. Nathan Atkin’s story embodies this principle, extending beyond real estate. He ensures his momentum never wanes with an active engagement in his investments, a continuous learning mindset, and a willing spirit to share his experiences and knowledge.

Taking Risks and Embracing Change

Risk-taking is a vital part of any real estate investment strategy. As a seasoned real estate investor, Nathan Atkin understands this concept inherently. He is not scared to venture into new territories and embrace change in real estate investing. 

Nathan’s openness to change and readiness to take risks is evident in his consideration of a new investment strategy. The objective? To double both the revenues and profits of his real estate investing business. To do this, Nathan is considering a change in focus towards markets in the United States, a move away from his prior investments. 

However, it’s not about abruptly diving in. Before charging full steam ahead, Nathan and his team are meticulously researching different markets and areas in the United States for potential investment opportunities. They understand the inherent risks in real estate investing and take the necessary precautions to mitigate them. 

In addition, instead of relying solely on lenders or financial institutions, Nathan is a firm believer in utilizing his own money, another testament to his willingness to take genuine, well-calculated risks. It’s risky, no doubt, but it gives him complete control over his investment. 

By embracing change and bravely venturing into territories that others might shy away from, Nathan Atkin exemplifies the courage and determination real estate investing often demands. His willingness to take risks and ability to adapt to change make his story compelling and instructive. Changing strategies when necessary displays essential aspects of his character—his flexibility, adaptability, and enormous courage.

The Role of Perseverance in Nathan’s Achievements

Regarding Nathan Atkin’s journey in real estate investing, perseverance has undoubtedly played an integral role. His story teaches us the undeniable importance of patience, resilience, and faith in oneself and one’s abilities. 

Starting from a young age, Nathan was immersed in real estate investing. His father owned a property management company, an environment where young Nathan learned the ropes. Yet, this reality did not make his path straightforward. Like many real estate investors, Nathan experienced his fair share of difficulties and pitfalls throughout his career. Despite the hurdles, his dedication to his craft and unwavering perseverance have always led him to success. 

Applying his background 

Nathan’s background in construction, restoration, and building sciences has been instrumental in his success as a real estate investor. His expertise in these areas afforded him a unique perspective and understanding of the property market, which he leveraged to his advantage. His knowledge allowed him to identify key opportunities, make insightful decisions, and take calculated risks. But his perseverance truly set him apart, pushing him to continue learning, taking risks, and staying committed when the odds were stacked against him. 

The Power of Network 

Another pivotal aspect of Nathan’s achievements is his remarkable use of networks. Building solid relationships is a cornerstone of Nathan’s strategy, where he capitalized on other people’s marketing and honed in on creating ties with wholesalers and realtors. This approach was not a magic formula that yielded overnight results. Instead, it required time, patience, and, most importantly, perseverance. Nathan understood the fruit of collaboration and persistent networking, leading to many opportunities that propelled his ventures forward. 

In conclusion, perseverance has been the backbone of Nathan Atkin’s impressive accomplishments in real estate investing. It was the fuel that kept him going in his journey despite his myriad challenges. It was the catalyst for his continuous learning, his network building, and his unrelenting passion. Because of this steadfastness, Nathan Atkin is an example to aspiring real estate investors of what can be achieved with tenacity and grit.

The Rewards of Never Giving Up

“Never give up” may sound like just an inspiring one-liner, but it’s a philosophy that can render incredible rewards. Nathan Atkin’s journey is a testament to this belief. Persistence in this context doesn’t merely refer to sheer stubbornness but implies an unshakeable determination, ample patience, and a robust belief in one’s abilities and the power of resilience. 

In the challenging world of real estate, victory might not be instant, but the rewards of persistence are immeasurable. Nathan Atkin didn’t become a success overnight. Realizing his vision required a consistent, focused, and relentless effort. Along the way, Nathan had his share of hurdles and setbacks. Yet, he and his wife chose to tackle them head-on and keep their eyes on the long-term prize. 

As a result, Atkin has managed to build an impressive real estate portfolio and establish a flourishing investment business. Using their own money, Nathan and his wife have constructed a financial fortress resulting from tenacity, drive, and the courage to stick to their plan, even when the going gets tough. 

Despite the inherent challenges, Atkin emphasizes how the satisfaction of achieving goals outweighs any fleeting disappointment. To many, his journey illustrates the rewards of never giving up, providing the ripple of motivation needed to inspire others in their pursuits. Indeed, the most gratifying rewards often transpire from the most challenging endeavours. As it was with Atkin, the rewards of never giving up are often life-changing, speaking volumes about the power of perseverance in our lives. 

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