Present Your Deals in 3 Great Ways: Raising Capital

Once you’ve crafted and practiced your Million Dollar Presentation, it’s time to leverage it to its full advantage!

Of course, you can (and should) connect with some potential investors in person… but what about all of those great people who can’t meet in person?

Fortunately, there are many different ways to present your deals.

Present Your Deals on The Internet

Thanks to the internet, distance is no longer a barrier for meetings. The many online tools available make it easy to connect with potential investors who are in other cities or cannot meet in person.

We’ll dive into the different ways in a moment, but all of the online methods are a sort of “webinar” (web-based seminar).

Some of the platforms you can use for a webinar include:

  • GoToMeeting
  • Google hangouts
  • Skype
  • Zoom

Present Your Deals in a One-on-One Meeting

The one-on-one online meeting still provides an important personal connection you can get from an individual in-person meeting. It’s ideal for the prospect that you already knew and have been communicating with for a while. You can easily share your Powerhouse PowerPoint Presentation by hitting “share screen” and controlling the presentation from your computer. You’ll be able to see each other via webcam AND view the PowerPoint together.

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Present Your Deals in a Group Presentation

Group presentations are perfect for the people on your contact list who you haven’t yet met with or you met with before and weren’t ready to take action. Host a group webinar to speak to several prospects at once. Via the Zoom upgrade package, you can add multiple people to a call for any length of time. The five steps to an effective group presentation online include:

  • Invite them to the meeting starting 1 week out and using 3 invitation emails during that time.
  • Send reminders to those who registered for the meeting.
  • Host your online meeting. Share your screen and deliver your Million Dollar Investor Presentation. Show yourself for a more personal and authentic experience.
  • Follow up. Ask participants to fill out a quick survey to assess if they’re interested in talking with you personally about investing, or have them leave a comment in the chatbox asking for a call. From there, you can set up one-on-one meetings with the people who are interested and you can review key parts of your PowerPoint with them.
  • Repeat. Do these webinars as often as you want! You will get the best results from doing these at least once a month on a regular basis.

Sometimes, you’ll get people who sign up and then don’t show up. Don’t take it too personally, just invite them again in the future. Online presentations open up a whole new world of potential investors for you to meet virtually, but you shouldn’t rely on them entirely. It’s still highly effective to sit down with people in-person when possible.

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