Profiting from Small Apartments with Lance Edwards

Welcome to another episode of Dave Debeau's informative podcast. Lance Edwards holds an enviable distinction in small apartment investments. In less than three years, Lance has graduated from modest beginnings to become a full-time investor in small apartments. His unique and innovative approach has paved the way for his tremendous success, and today, he stands tall as a beacon of inspiration for countless others who aspire to make a mark in small apartment investments. 

Profiting From Small Apartments With Lance Edwards

Welcome to another episode of Dave Debeau’s informative podcast. Lance Edwards holds an enviable distinction in small apartment investments. In less than three years, Lance has graduated from modest beginnings to become a full-time investor in small apartments. His unique and innovative approach has paved the way for his tremendous success, and today, he stands tall as a beacon of inspiration for countless others who aspire to make a mark in small apartment investments. 

Lance’s journey into apartment investments began in 2002. Previously residing in Houston, Texas, Lance made his first foray into real estate investing with a small, four-unit apartment complex. Despite having a full-time job to contend with and no prior experience, Lance managed to close his debut deal (small apartment complex) with zero money upfront. Moreover, this first investment deal netted him a windfall of $3,000 per month. 

Following his initial success, Lance Edwards never looked back. He branched out into flipping small apartments, a venture that proved fruitful. These progressive strides into the real estate terrain eventually culminated in his full-time pursuit, a testament to his passion and success in this unique real estate investing niche. Nowadays, Lance is fully immersed in making big profits from small apartments and helping interested individuals get a piece of this lucrative investment pie. 

Besides being a successful real estate investor, Lance Edwards is also a best-selling author. His book, “How to Make Big Money in Small Apartments,” has been positively acclaimed by critics and readers alike. This book dispenses valuable insights on investment tactics, strategies, and tips from Lance’s extensive experience, assisting readers in successfully navigating the world of small apartment investments.

Stay tuned, as the upcoming parts of this podcast will delve into detailed discussions about the advantages of investing in, finding EVA, evaluating, managing, and financing your small apartment investments. Lance Edwards’ proven strategies, expert advice, and future predictions are sure to arm you with the knowledge needed to succeed in the small apartment real estate investing venture.

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The Advantages of Investing in Small Apartments: Lance Edwards Explains 

Lance Edwards responded with profound enthusiasm when asked about the benefits of investing in small apartments. According to this experienced investor, small apartments offer new and seasoned real estate capitalists multiple advantages. 

Accessible Entry Point 

The first advantage that Lance Edwards highlighted is the accessibility for newcomers. Unlike other forms of real estate investment that often require a large amount of capital, small apartments offer a lower barrier to entry. This makes them an ideal starting point for those new to the industry. 

High Cash Flow 

Another benefit that Edwards emphasized is small apartments’ high cash flow potential. With more units in a property, there’s a greater chance of stable revenue, even if some units are vacant. This is a substantial advantage over solo residential properties relying on full occupancy for steady income. 

Lower Competition 

Edwards also pointed out that small apartments tend to attract less competition. Many investors are drawn to single-family homes or large commercial properties, leaving the small apartment niche often overlooked. This reduced competition can result in better deals for savvy investors. 


Lastly, Edwards mentioned the advantage of scalability. Small apartments, he said, are an excellent way to build a diverse portfolio. Because they’re typically more affordable than larger complexes, investors can acquire numerous properties within the same budget, enhancing their portfolio’s reach and diversity. 

In conclusion, the potential for high returns, with a lower investment threshold, less competition, and scalability, makes small apartments a compelling choice for any real estate investor. As Lance Edwards says, “Why put all your eggs in one basket when you can spread them across many smaller ones?”

Finding and Evaluating Small Apartment Deals: Lance Edwards’ Proven Strategies 

In the conversation with Dave Debeau, Lance Edwards has highlighted his practical methods of finding and evaluating small apartment deals, a pivotal element to profitable investing. Guiding potential investors on what to watch for, Edwards has broken down his methodological approach into easy-to-understand steps. 

Identifying Potential Properties 

Firstly, Edwards emphasized the importance of an effective survey to identify potential deals. “You need to have a keen eye, not just for properties up for sale but for those that could be up for sale shortly,” he explained. He suggested staying on top of local property news and keeping an open mind for all opportunities that come your way. 

Assessing Property Value 

Once potential properties have been identified, Edwards’ second step outlined the evaluation of apartment value. He pointed out that an apartment’s value doesn’t hinge solely on its current state. “The true value lies in its potential value after necessary improvements have been implemented,” Edwards noted. By determining the potential, one can better assess the profitability of the investment. 

Calculating Potential Returns 

Edwards’ third step involves crunching the numbers to calculate potential returns. He advised exploring the return on investment, or ROI, and the return on equity, or ROE. Edwards stressed, “Understanding your financial expectations before investing is crucial.” 

Managing Risks 

Lastly, Edwards elaborated on managing risks, which he considers fundamental to any investment strategy. “You have to prepare for unforeseen issues such as potential vacancies, possible market fluctuations, and unexpected maintenance costs,” he cautioned. 

Edwards’ straightforward approach to identifying and evaluating small apartment deals offers invaluable guidance to new and experienced real estate investors looking to generate substantial profits.

Financing Your Small Apartment Investments: Insights from Lance Edwards 

Financing is a crucial aspect of real estate investment. As Lance Edwards points out, understanding different financing options and choosing the right one can make or break the success of your small apartment investment. 

Lance Edwards explains numerous ways to finance your small apartment investments. These include traditional bank loans, owner financing, hard money lending, and private equity. They understand how each mode works and their pros and cons before deciding. 

A common way to finance small apartments is through traditional bank loans. Banks lend money, often 70-80% of the property’s cost, leaving the investor to manage a down payment. While providing lower interest rates, banks often have strict criteria for qualification, including credit scores, employment, and income proof. 

In some instances, property owners might agree to finance the deal- a method known as owner financing. Edwards explains that it eliminates the need for bank approval, and terms can often be more flexible. However, a good rapport with the property owner is crucial for this approach. 

Hard money lending is another option where investors borrow from private individuals or firms. These loans are typically short-term, with higher interest rates. Edwards advises caution with this method due to the risk of high costs. 

Last, Lance Edwards mentions private equity as an avenue for those seeking more significant financing. In this model, private investors contribute money in return for equity in the property. While this method can raise substantial capital, it involves sharing potential profits with investors. 

In conclusion, Edwards urges investors to explore all financing options, perform due diligence, and select the best choice. Proper financing can pave the way to a successful small apartment investment venture.

Managing Small Apartments: Lance Edwards’ Tips for Success 

Lance Edwards offers some invaluable tips for operational success, starting with managing small apartments. Does it sound a bit daunting? Rest assured, it’s far from impossible, especially with the proper guidance and knowledge. 

Maintaining Continuous Communication 

One of the main tips Lance Edwards emphasized is keeping an open and continuous line of communication with tenants. Whether through regular correspondence or periodic check-ins, constant communication fosters tenant satisfaction and reduces turnover rates. It can be as simple as updating them with changes or improvements or checking if everything is running smoothly. It might sound basic, but Lance Edwards assures us it’s a critical practice often overlooked. 

Proactive Maintenance 

Proactive maintenance is another crucial strategy Lance Edwards recommends. This involves regular maintenance checks and repairs before complications become more severe or costly. Ignoring minor issues can lead to significant problems that can be disruptive and expensive. Lance Edwards summarizes this approach with a simple but powerful maxim: “Prevention is better than cure.” 

Understanding and Complying with Real Estate Laws 

Lance Edwards can’t stress enough the importance of understanding and complying with real estate laws. Knowing the laws about tenant rights and how eviction processes work can save you from penalties and potential legal problems in the future. It’s not just about following the law but understanding why these laws exist and how they can protect you and your investment. 

So, when you manage small apartments, don’t forget these essential tips from Lance Edwards. They might be your ticket to investment success.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Investing in Small Apartments: Lance Edwards’ Advice 

Investing in small apartments can be rewarding, but it comes with unique challenges like all investments. Lance Edwards, an expert in this field, provides some insightful advice on what pitfalls to avoid. 

Overestimating Rental Income 

One standard error potential investors often make is overestimating the potential rental income of the apartment. It’s essential to conduct solid research on the local rental market and not rely simply on ‘best-case scenarios’ when calculating. 

Underestimating Expenses 

Conversely, underestimating maintenance costs, managing fees, and taxes can lead to an unexpected profit reduction. Lance Edwards emphasized the importance of including all possible expenses when evaluating a potential investment. 

Ignoring the Location Factor 

Another mistake many new investors in small apartments make is ignoring the importance of location. An apartment might be affordable and appear profitable at first glance. Still, if it’s in an undesirable location, this can result in struggles to find tenants and subsequent low occupancy rates

Not Thoroughly Inspecting the Apartment 

Before making any investment decision, Lance Edwards advises to have a thorough inspection done on the apartment. Hidden issues like plumbing problems, electrical faults, and pest infestations can turn a potentially profitable investment into a financial nightmare. 

Inadequate Management 

Lastly, inadequate property management can lead to decreased profits and unnecessary stress. Lance Edwards suggests hiring a professional manager, or if you choose to self-manage, ensure you’re adequately prepared to handle rentals, tenant relations, and maintenance tasks. 

Avoiding these common mistakes can increase your chances of successful investments in small apartments.

The Future of Small Apartment Investing: Lance Edwards’ Predictions and Insights 

In the constantly evolving world of real estate investing, Lance Edwards shares his valuable insights and predictions about small apartment investing. 

Acknowledging the shifting trends, Lance Edwards identifies that the demand for small apartment living continually increases. As urbanization fuels the need for housing in bustling cities, small apartments emerge as the perfect solution. 

As a visionary in his field, Lance Edwards forecasts substantial growth in the small apartment investing sector. With changing lifestyle preferences, people opt for smaller, more affordable housing options in well-connected urban areas

“There will be an increased demand for small apartments as more people seek affordable, convenient, and connected living environments,” says Edwards.

According to Lance Edwards, the growth prediction indicates a considerable potential for return on investment (ROI) in small apartment investments. A surefire strategy would be to target small properties in bustling areas where demand outstrips supply. 

Edwards emphasizes the need to keep a pulse on market trends and property values. He strongly recommends utilizing resources like real estate experts, professional networks, and data analysis tools to make smarter investment decisions. 

To conclude, the prospering future of small apartment investing is apparent. With Lance Edwards’ insightful predictions and expert advice, navigating this investment avenue becomes profitable. Stay tuned to the trends, make resourceful connections, and scrutinize your potential investments for a fruitful real estate journey.

Conclusion: Key Takeaways from Lance Edwards’ Expertise in Profiting from Small Apartments 

As a wrap-up to this enlightening episode, Lance Edwards shares several vital insights. These valuable nuggets of wisdom shed light on why small apartments are a viable and profitable real estate investment option

First and foremost, Lance Edwards emphasizes the affordability and accessibility of small apartments. He advocates for starting small, particularly for fledgling investors who are just beginning. The lower acquisition cost can reduce the financial risks involved, and the process is not as intimidating as approaching more significant commercial properties. 

Edwards also provides insight into capitalizing on market trends. He underscores the demand for affordable housing and the potential yield that small apartments can offer in this sector. Investors can find opportunities in this niche market as people seek reasonably-priced living options. 

Moreover, managing small apartments wisely is crucial to your investment journey. According to Edwards, adopting time-tested property management practices can maximize the potential return on investment. 

Finally, Lance Edwards provides invaluable tips on avoiding common mistakes. Recognizing and mitigating potential risks is central to small apartment investing. His advice includes conducting thorough due diligence and avoiding over-leveraging, among others. 

In conclusion, the insights shared by Lance Edwards provide a comprehensive blueprint for anyone interested in profiting from small apartment investments. Each tip is not just a piece of advice; it’s a stepping stone towards making real estate investing a profitable venture. 

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