Real Estate as a Sport with Jediah Bertrand

Real estate is pivotal in today's economy, significantly contributing to economic growth and development. It has established itself as a substantial and critical sector that impacts every aspect of life - from providing shelter and office space to making lucrative investments. 

Real Estate As A Sport With Jediah Bertrand

Real estate is pivotal in today’s economy, significantly contributing to economic growth and development. It has established itself as a substantial and critical sector that impacts every aspect of life – from providing shelter and office space to making lucrative investments. 

The importance of real estate is primarily reflected in three broad areas: 

  1. Creation of Wealth: For many individuals, buying real estate properties, such as a home, is often the largest transaction they’ll ever make. As property values appreciate over time, homeowners can build significant wealth. It’s not a short-term scheme but a strategic move towards long-term financial stability.
  2. Economic Impact: The real estate industry generates billions in revenue yearly. Apart from direct factors like property sales and rentals, it also indirectly influences the economy through the construction industry, home furnishing sectors, legal fees, and local taxes. Real estate plays a massive part in local economies, driving employment and contributing to economic productivity.
  3. Opportunity for Investment: Real estate offers a robust investment platform that can suit various financial goals and risk tolerances. From investing in single-family houses to large commercial properties, investors can enjoy a steady flow of rental income, tax advantages, and potential value appreciation. It’s considered a safer investment than stocks, which can be volatile and uncertain.

 Jediah Bertrand, a seasoned real estate entrepreneur, aptly points out, “Real estate is not just about owning property. It’s about financial literacy and utilizing this asset class for long-term wealth creation and preservation.” 

Indeed, understanding and investing in real estate can reap substantial rewards if done correctly. That’s part of what fuels the entrepreneurial spirit in the industry. It’s difficult – challenging markets like Quebec, with language barriers and unfamiliar landlord-tenant laws, require creativity and perseverance. But the potential payoff is immense. In a future section, we’ll dive deeper into Jediah Bertrand’s journey in real estate and how his expertise can guide aspiring entrepreneurs.

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Exploring the World of Real Estate with Jediah Bertrand

As Dave Debeau unfolded the exciting world of real estate, he knew he would find no better guide than Jediah Bertrand. A young and dynamic personality, Jediah bursts onto the scene with an infectious enthusiasm for multifamily properties. Hailing from Gatineau, fostered by the Ottawa region’s splendour, Jediah exudes an air of ambition and hard work, quintessential to the real estate industry.

His journey is not just about investing in prosperous properties but also about raising capital and holding the mantle of a successful entrepreneur. However, as the bright-eyed startup, he admits, complications arise. Although these challenges are real concerning his age and experience, Jediah shows an insurmountable determination to learn from them. 

One of the salient aspects of Bertrand’s venture into real estate is his firm belief in podcasts’ power. According to him, being interviewed on podcasts significantly strengthens people’s credibility in the industry. Be it the listeners or the established connections; everyone gets to understand the person behind the real estate investor title. 

Jediah stresses the importance of not remaining the ‘best-kept secret.’ As a real estate investor, one’s friends, family or coworkers should be aware of one’s undertakings, for this leads to them understanding the field better and attributing more credibility to the investor. 

Despite some pushback owing to his age, Jediah has found noteworthy acceptance and positivity in his community, which appreciates his tenacity. Witnessing his passion, one can confidently call him a trailblazer and a shining beacon for others aiming to step into the exciting world of real estate.

Jediah Bertrand’s Journey in the Real Estate Industry

Jediah Bertrand’s journey in the real estate industry began with humble roots as a young, motivated individual with a vision to add value to communities through real estate. Born and raised in Ottawa, Jediah built a solid foundation for his real estate business in the Ottawa and Gatineau areas. 

His portfolio started with smaller properties, including a notable five-unit property outside of Ottawa. Working with partners from the Wealth Genius community, including Talia (Alfonso’s daughter), Jediah began amassing an impressive array of doors under his belt. 

As a young entrepreneur in the real estate sector, Jediah experienced firsthand the challenges and rewards of the industry. Sometimes, his age became a deciding factor for some people, questioning the credibility of a fresh-faced real estate investor. However, this all changed as he began appearing on podcasts and networking events, where he got the opportunity to demonstrate his knowledge and passion in the field of real estate investment

Despite his youth, his hustle and hunger to learn didn’t go unnoticed by his peers, with many expressing admiration for his energy and drive. The communities he actively participated in offered immense positivity and encouragement. 

Apart from being deterred by occasional hiccups, Jediah saw them as learning opportunities to refine his professional persona. From deciding when to disclose his age to when to bring up specific details in a conversation, every interaction brought more wisdom and maturity. 

Through his work, Jediah exhibited that age is not a barrier to achieving greatness in the real estate industry. Indeed, his story resonates across the real estate investment landscape, serving as a testament to what can be achieved with determination, mentorship, and a well-calculated strategy.

Exploring Different Types of Real Estate Properties

One can venture into a broad array of real estate properties, and these provide various investment opportunities. Let’s dissect some of the diverse types of properties that Jediah Bertrand and Dave Debeau discussed in their conversation. 

Residential Properties 

These properties are designed for individuals or families to live in. They could include single-family homes, condominiums, townhouses, duplexes, or sizeable multifamily estate buildings. Investing in residential properties may provide a steady flow of income through rental or a profit on resale, provided that the property’s value appreciates over time. 

Commercial Properties 

Commercial real estate refers to properties intended for businesses or commercial activities. Examples include office buildings, malls, restaurants, and retail stores. Commercial properties often yield higher returns than residential properties due to the potential for leasing multiple spaces to different businesses. 

Industrial Properties 

These are properties used for industrial functions such as manufacturing and production, storage and distribution, research and development, etc. These properties provide income through long-term leases as businesses involved in these activities prefer stability. 

Agricultural Properties 

Agricultural real estate includes farmland, vineyards, and orchards. The income derived from these properties can be quite different from other property types due to seasonal yield and straight land buying for development. 

Special Purpose Properties 

These properties are uniquely constructed for specific types of businesses. Examples include hotels, stadiums, schools, and hospitals. Investing in particular-purpose real estate often requires a high level of expertise due to their specific uses. 

Ultimately, the type of real estate property you invest in depends on your financial goals, risk tolerance, market knowledge, and investment strategy. Jediah Bertrand and Dave Debeau concluded their discussion by noting that understanding the nuances of each property type can be a distinctive advantage for every real estate investor.


Real Estate as a Long-Term Wealth-Building Strategy

Consider real estate as a long-term wealth-building strategy. This is a viewpoint Jediah Bertrand passionately advocates for. The beauty of real estate is that it offers multiple avenues for wealth accumulation, unlike most traditional investments. It doesn’t happen overnight, but the potential is immense and has proven time and again to be a solid method towards financial freedom. 

The appreciative nature of property: 

One way real estate builds wealth over the long term is through appreciation. That is, the value of real estate properties tends to increase over time. For instance, a property that Bertrand bought a few years ago might be worth more today. This appreciation represents an increase in wealth. The idea here is to hold onto properties long-term to see substantial appreciation in value. 

Rental income generation: 

Another way real estate can contribute to long-term wealth building is through rental income. Each month, property owners collect rent. They get to keep the rest after using a portion of this income to cover expenses like mortgage payments and property maintenance. This cash flow can be an excellent supplement to other income sources and has the potential to increase with strategically placed investments in high-rental areas. 

Equity building: 

Finally, each time you make a mortgage payment, you build equity in your property. Equity is the portion of your property that you own outright. As your equity increases, so does your wealth. Bertrand’s approach of looking for more extensive portfolios to invest in is a strong example of an equity-building strategy. High-value properties, over time, can lead to a substantial increase in wealth, especially when the mortgage is finally paid off. 

In conclusion, when properly managed and kept for an extended period, real estate can genuinely be the vehicle that accelerates your journey to financial prosperity. As Jediah Bertrand puts it, it’s all basic math and business principles. Whether you’re going after low-hanging fruit or eyeing more extensive portfolios like Bertrand, the key is to get started and stay committed for the long haul.

Building a Network in the Real Estate Industry

Building a network in the real estate industry is essential for any severe investment enthusiast like Jediah Bertrand. It’s about establishing connections with key players in the industry, including sellers, buyers, real estate agents, contractors, lawyers, and possibly high-net-worth individuals ready to invest in your ventures. 

Why is networking crucial in the real estate world?

Networking creates opportunities for partnership, collaborative projects, and learning. For Jediah Bertrand, networking has played a significant role in his successful pursuits of more extensive portfolios across Canada and, hopefully, soon in the United States. 

Understanding the value of networking, consider the following steps to build your network in the real estate industry effectively. 

Attend Local Real Estate Meetings and Conferences 

These gatherings present potential places to meet experienced players in the real estate world who can share valuable insights, advice, and better strategies. Such interactions can lead to crucial business connections, partnerships, or mentoring opportunities. 

Join and Participate in Real Estate Forums online. 

The internet provides numerous platforms to connect with real estate enthusiasts worldwide. Participate in discussions. Share your experiences and learn from others. It can be a goldmine of fresh perspectives and diverse strategies in various market settings. 

Build Relationships with High-net-worth Individuals 

Raising capital for major real estate projects can be challenging. Jediah Bertrand recommends networking with high-net-worth individuals. These could be potential investors ready to back your projects with the necessary finances. 

Collaborate with Real Estate Agents and Brokers 

Agents and brokers have indispensable industry knowledge and connections. Building a healthy relationship with them can lead to opportunities otherwise unnoticed. They could have a lead on a property for sale or potential buyers for your property. 

Nurture Relationships 

Don’t just collect contacts. Maintain and nurture your relationships with constant communication and providing value where possible. Good relationships could lead to partners and mentors necessary for navigating the tumultuous waters of the real estate industry. 

Building a network is a long-term investment, not a one-time event. Focusing on genuine relationships sets the foundation for prosperous collaborations, partnerships, and long-term success in the real estate industry.

Real Estate as a Team Sport: Collaborating for Success

Understanding real estate and succeeding in this field requires the right blend of individual skills and a dedicated team’s collective efforts. Dave Debeau’s discussion with real estate expert Jediah Bertrand shines a spotlight on how real estate can be seen as a business or an investment avenue and a team sport. 

One key aspect that Bertrand emphasized is the importance of active partners in the real estate game. It’s not about going solo but working with people who complement your skills. In Bertrand’s case, dealing with a triplex involved him and his active partner playing specific roles. While in direct contact with the tenants, his partner handled the financial aspects, such as ensuring the incoming rent was used appropriately for paying bills. The partnership showed how each team member could leverage their strengths and collaborate for the success of a real estate deal. 

Think of real estate collaboration like a well-coordinated basketball team. Each player knows their role, performs it to the best of their ability, and trusts that their teammates will do the same. When one player has the ball, the others are not standing idle; instead, they position themselves, create opportunities, and provide support. Similarly, in a real estate team, everyone from the property manager to the broker plays a crucial role in driving a deal to success. 

However, forming the team doesn’t end with assigning roles. Communication is key. Bertrand cites this effective communication, coupled with years of friendship, as the reason for a smooth and successful collaboration. 

Partnering up also allows one to broaden their area of real estate operation, as with Bertrand and his partner, who successfully manage properties across the country despite being based out of Montreal. This kind of teamwork showcases how real estate investment can mirror a team sport, where each portfolio is like a game, and the players involved team up to ensure they seal the deal. 

In summary, real estate investment may be an individual’s dream, but it takes teamwork to realize it. When you combine individual expertise with collective effort, you play for a win, emphasizing that real estate is a team sport.

Jediah Bertrand’s Top Tips for Real Estate Entrepreneurs

As a successful real estate investor, Jediah Bertrand has cultivated valuable tips and strategies which have served him well in his journey. Bertrand’s career speaks volumes about the power of patience, perseverance, and strategic thinking in real estate. When applied correctly, he believes these tips can open doors to significant opportunities for anyone interested in diving into real estate investing. 

1. Understand It’s a Numbers Game 

One of the critical strategies that Jediah Bertrand emphasizes is the importance of understanding that real estate investing is a numbers game. It involves a lot of calculations, from calculating Return On Investment (ROI) to understanding capital growth rate. Bertrand advises new real estate entrepreneurs always to take the time to run through the numbers before making an investment decision. 

2. Start Small but Dream Big 

In recounting his journey, Bertrand explains that he started with a small 5-unit property in Ottawa. He expressed that creating small lets one understand the industry dynamics before moving to more extensive portfolios. On dreaming big, he shared, “The vision is to 10X or just to have a quantum leap and go for larger portfolios. Currently, we have a 56-unit portfolio under contract in New Brunswick.” 

3. Build a Network 

Another tip that Bertrand consistently underscores is the importance of building a network in the real estate industry. He emphasizes that you should attend local real estate meetings and conferences. Additionally, partaking in real estate forums and nurturing relationships with other players in the industry can provide significant growth opportunities. 

4. Collaborate For Success 

Bertrand likens real estate to a team sport. By collaborating with real estate agents, brokers, and high-net-worth individuals, you position yourself for a higher chance of success. He says, “Collaboration allows you to optimize your strengths and leverage the expertise of others for a more fruitful outcome.” 

5. Leverage Podcasts for Professional Visibility 

Finally, according to Bertrand, podcast interviews are one of the most effective and underestimated ways to gain professional visibility in real estate. He states, “With real estate comes networking and with networking comes podcasting. Being interviewed on podcasts boosts your credibility and helps you connect with your existing networks.” 

These are just a few tips that Jediah Bertrand consistently shares with those interested in a successful career in real estate. His diligence, experience, and insights into the world of real estate make these strategies just the starting point for the many lessons he has to offer. 

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