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Real Estate Investing Facebook Groups
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Whether you are a social media pro or you are still getting used to using social media platforms, there’s no disputing that social media offers a lot of possibilities for savvy investors and entrepreneurs. Not only is social media a great way to connect to target markets, but it also provides a place where investors can develop relationships and network with other investors and industry professionals. If you’re interested in the benefits of joining real estate investing Facebook groups, keep reading. We’ve also included some of our favourite communities.

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Why join a real estate investing Facebook group?

If you aren’t an avid social media user, you might be wondering why you should join a real estate investing Facebook group in the first place. Here are some of the biggest benefits of joining real estate investing groups on Facebook:


As investors, it can be difficult to find like-minded people to connect with, but Facebook makes it easy to find a community. Investors should never underestimate the power of connecting with people who have similar interests, goals and aspirations. Not only can Facebook groups help investors feel a sense of community, but they can also provide helpful insight and inspiration to help investors achieve their goals.

Increase your reach

Another benefit of joining real estate investing Facebook groups is that it allows you to expand your reach and connect with a broader audience. If you are trying to spread the word about a vacancy or investment opportunity, these Facebook groups provide a great platform to reach your target audience.

Stay in the know

Keeping up with the latest real estate news is very important, but it can be difficult for investors. Connecting with real estate investing Facebook groups is a great way for investors to stay up to date on the world of real estate without combing through countless online sources and news stories.

Best Canadian real estate investing Facebook groups

Here is our list of the best Canadian real estate investing groups to join on Facebook:

Canadian Real Estate Network

Of course, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention our Facebook group: the Canadian Real Estate Network. Our goal is to educate investors and support them as they work to develop strong real estate portfolios in Canada. With a combination of helpful videos, links to some of our best articles and a platform where investors can find community with like-minded people, there are a lot of great reasons to join our Facebook group.

Canadian Real Estate Investors Association

The Canadian Real Estate Investors Association Facebook group is over 6,000 members strong and offers a great platform for investors to network. The group began as a grassroots organization in 2010 focused on landlord issues, but it has grown into a robust network of groups that have a global reach. This group focuses on educating and advocating for real estate investors about how to leverage their investments to get the most benefits possible from their portfolios.

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The 7-Figure Canadian Real Estate Investing Group

As the name suggests, the 7-Figure Canadian Real Estate Investing Group is designed to help investors reach their first $1 million in real estate holdings. The content in this group is targeted at investors who are struggling or who have experienced hurdles and roadblocks in their investment journey. The page is a great platform for real estate investors to share opportunities and network with like-minded professionals. Also, the group is moderated by experienced real estate experts who provide valuable advice and key insight into the real estate market in Canada.

Canadian Real Estate Wealth

The Canadian Real Estate Wealth Facebook group has thousands of followers and serves as a great source of community for many investors who want to learn more about how to navigate the Canadian real estate market. The page posts advice, blogs, videos and events that are all designed to help investors get the most out of their real estate ventures in Canada.

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC)

For residential real estate investors, it’s helpful to learn more about what’s going on with mortgages and housing in Canada. The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) Facebook group is a reputable housing authority with decades of experience conducting research, providing housing education and helping Canadians secure housing. Joining this Facebook group can help investors stay updated with news and issues relating to residential real estate and mortgages in Canada.

Canadian Real Estate Investing Opportunities

The Canadian Real Estate Investing Opportunities Facebook group is a space that’s designed to provide investors with access to real estate listings before they are put up on the general market. Investors use this page to advertise and view advertisements for properties before they’re listed on any real estate site. This provides investors who are looking for new opportunities with the chance to browse listings from other investors and post their own ads to get the word out about available property listings.

Toronto Real Estate Group

For investors who are specifically interested in pursuing opportunities in Toronto, the Toronto Real Estate Group is a great place to start. This group is geared towards investors of all experience levels who are looking for a place to browse Toronto real estate listings and connect with other investors in the area. The group is moderated to filter out spam posts so that investors can focus on finding new opportunities without dealing with the annoyance of irrelevant postings. With over 15,000 members, real estate investors who post in the group have a great reach.

Join a real estate investor’s Facebook group

Even if you aren’t an active Facebook user, you can likely benefit from joining a real estate investor’s Facebook group. Whether your primary goal is to build a community of like-minded investors or simply to bring your listings to a wide audience of people, there are opportunities on Facebook that can provide you with the benefits that you’re looking for. Start by becoming a member of the Canadian Real Estate Network’s page and start taking advantage of free advice, resources and networking opportunities made by investors and for investors.

Benefits of Social Media

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