Real Estate Investor Meetups - Build A Strong Sense of Community in 2023

One of the most common questions asked by beginning real estate investors is: “How do I tap into the industry?” People want to know how to get a foothold in investment and hope that established investors can show them the way. How do you meet veteran investors and pick their brains? How do you learn the difference between a good and bad property investment? Where do you begin to look for a financial team that can support your endeavours? In short, fledgling investors want to know: where do I start?

Fortunately for those curious entrepreneurs, the answer to all of those questions is the same: attend a real estate investor meetup in your local area. Don’t have one? Start one!

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What is a real estate investor meetup?

Put (simply, a real estate investor meetup is an event that allows real estate investors or up-and-coming hopefuls to get together, hang out and talk about real estate investment. These in-person gatherings are crucial for novice investors looking to break into the industry for several reasons:

Get to know your area

Meeting with the people who invest in real estate in your area will provide you with insight into the particulars of operating in your neck of the woods.

Pool your investment

Perhaps you have some capital, but not quite enough to embark on your first investment. Meeting with fellow enthusiasts may allow you to invest your money with a partner and get going sooner.

Learn from the experts

If and when a real estate expert pops by your real estate investor meetup, an informal gathering like a real estate investor meetup is the perfect place to ask questions and gain wisdom.

Build your team

As you build up your real estate network, you’ll need to make sure you’ve got a trustworthy team of financial pros and real estate professionals. Talking to people who have already taken steps in that direction can make the process much smoother.

No matter where you are in the country, the odds are good that you’ve got some people in your area who share your passion for real estate. All you have to do is build a forum for connections.

You have to network to get work

No matter who you talk to in the real estate game, no matter where you are in Canada, they will all tell you the same thing: person-to-person networking is the most essential component in cultivating a successful real estate portfolio. Research is important. Scouting is fundamental. Networking, however, offers a leg up when it comes to both research and scouting, plus it provides an opportunity to create relationships that can inform (and simplify) future investments. Yes, networking is important.

You can do it!

There are plenty of reasons NOT to take the initiative to start your real estate investormeetup. Perhaps you think you’re too shy. Maybe you worry that you don’t have the reach on social media to get people involved. Some individuals believe that they have to be an expert on the subject to host an event. Others worry that they don’t have access to a venue.

All of those reasons are minor obstacles for a real estate investor who’s willing to be patient and put in the work. It will take some time and effort, but you can attract real estate professionals to your real estate investor meetup with a few simple tips.

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Your real estate investor meetup group will get a boost from word-of-mouth promotions over the long-term. Still, in the beginning, it will live and die by the amount of publicity you engage in yourself. Fortunately, if you’re patient, you can accomplish your advertising goals without a huge capital investment.

Create a custom Twitter and Facebook account for your real estate investor meetup group.

Post updates there regularly (at least five times a week). You can use local real estate news or updates about your event to keep things fresh.

Put an ad in the paper.

You can bet that some members of your community still get their news from print. If you can afford it, it’s a good idea to take out a small ad for your real estate investor meetup.

Talk about it.

Bring it up with anyone you talk to, and if you find someone is excited to encourage them to discuss it as well.

Make sure to begin your promotional efforts at least six weeks before your first meeting. This will give you time to build a following and create anticipation for your event. If you stay consistent with your advertising efforts, you should have little trouble attracting interested parties over several months.

Find somewhere fun (but not too fun)

The first few times that you meet with your group consider gathering at a neutral location rather than at your home. This is not only a safety precaution but also a measure you should take for both your comfort and the comfort of your new entrepreneur pals.

When you’re first starting in investing, it’s easy enough to meet at a local bar, for example. This allows your group to hang out and get to know one another in an informal environment. The best part is that while your group is still small, you can easily meet at a bar without having to pay a rental fee. That said, if you’re going the bar route, schedule your real estate investor meetup for a time when the place will be mostly empty, like a weekday evening. This will help your group stay on course without too much distraction.

Another option is to contact your local library. Public libraries offer community spaces at little or no cost. You can reserve a space for your real estate investor meetup, and the library can help to advertise your event to their patrons.

Stick with it!

You may not get a tremendous response right away. For example, if you live in a rural area, it might make your group’s growth slow-going. That’s where patience comes in. If you continue to advertise and make sure that your group is meeting somewhere neutral and enjoyable, you’ll be amazed at how quickly your real estate investor meetup will grow and grow.

Starting your real estate investment group seems intimidating but is so rewarding once you get started. All you have to do is get going and stay with it!

If you are not quite ready for a full real estate meetup, you should click the link below to book a one-on-one strategy call with our team at LendCity today.

Build Community By Creating A Real Estate Investing Meetup, With Scott Dillingham