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Dave Dubeau [00:00:08] Everyone is David Dubeau here with the Property Profits Real Estate podcast today we’re doing a special real estate investment club spotlight interview, and today it’s my pleasure to be interviewing Bryan Joyce from Seacoast Real Estate Investor Group, based in Seacoast New Hampshire. How are you doing today, Bryan? I’m doing well. Thank you. How are you? I am fantastic. So, Bryan, this is all a spotlight about your real estate investment club. So let’s start with this. Why don’t you tell us a little bit about Seacoast Real Estate Investor Group what you guys are all about, how long you’ve been around, why you started the club, all that kind of good stuff.

Bryan Joyce [00:00:47] Absolutely. Yeah. So we started the group about three to four years ago with the intention of finding local investors that just wanted to get together and learn about investing. You know, maybe find those that actually want to get into the game and really don’t know how they can take advantage of those that are already in it and leverage their knowledge base. So I started it with a realtor from Keller Williams that we created the idea behind it and then invited a mortgage lender, another realtor and a property manager. So the five of us run the group. We call the meetings once a month. The second Monday of every month and we have different speakers. You know, we’ve had title attorneys, tenant attorneys who deal with landlord tenant law lenders, commercial lenders. I’m a hard money lender myself, so I’ve spoken to the group, so I get a variety of speakers. And you know, the goal is just to educate people and then give them a way to network and help each other out.

Dave Dubeau [00:01:48] Yeah, that’s really, really smart now. I know it’s a lot of work to set up a club and get rolling and keep it going, especially in the middle of a pandemic.

Bryan Joyce [00:01:59] Yeah, yeah, that’s for sure.

Dave Dubeau [00:02:01] Doesn’t make things any easier, that’s for sure. So., I understand why you started the club, but why do you think it is so important and so beneficial for people who are either actively investing in real estate or want to get into the real estate investment game to be part of a club like yours?

Bryan Joyce [00:02:23] Yeah, I’m one of our founders who has a great time. You know, build your team when you’re getting into real estate, it’s all about your team, right? Having a realtor, an insurance agent, one or two lenders, if you’re going to do rentals, a property manager. And so we just feel it’s a valuable resource for people. You know, you can read books and you can look online, but you really learn from others, right? You learn from their mistakes and talking to others and bouncing ideas off each other. And we think that’s an invaluable tool for those investors out there to sort of network and help each other out.

Dave Dubeau [00:02:59] Yeah, I guess it can be kind of be a lonely road if you’re trying to do it all by himself, do the Ramble route,

Bryan Joyce [00:03:06] which

Dave Dubeau [00:03:07] you know, I don’t know about you. But Bryan, I see a lot of people who kind of feel like they’ve got to be the Lone Ranger. They’ve got to go out there and do it all, be the rugged individualist. But you’re right, it is a really a team sport, and when you plug into a club like yours, that just gives you instant access to some very, very sharp individuals.

Bryan Joyce [00:03:29] Absolutely. Yeah, I completely agree because they have people of different skill levels, and some people in our group have worked together on projects now, you know, the sort of combo deal together. So an extra source of opportunities that can come from these groups.

Dave Dubeau [00:03:44] Yeah, for sure. That’s wonderful. So you kind of touched on it already, the kind of things that you that you feature in your club. Now, do you do you just folks focus on local experts exclusively, or do you bring outside experts from out of your area, from time to time as well?

Bryan Joyce [00:04:03] I mean, it’s sort of a mix, right? So when we’re dealing with lenders, you know, that could be applied anywhere. We had some people that do bigger apartment complex type of projects all around the country, which have them speak for a gentleman whose syndicate’s apartment buildings all around the country. And then we’ve had the, you know, the local set attorney talking about landlord tenant law right in New Hampshire specific to New Hampshire. So we try to do a mix of the two. So it’s not, you know, especially during COVID are the early days of COVID. We had to do this on Zoom, so anybody could really follow us. They didn’t have to be local. And so we wanted to make sure we mixed it up with, you know, sort of regional, national and local speakers.

Dave Dubeau [00:04:52] So Bryan, you’ve been doing this for a while now. You’ve been running the club for a while now. What would you say is your favorite member success story?

Bryan Joyce [00:05:03] Favorite member. I mean, we’ve had a few actually, like I mentioned the members that have teamed up together. We’ve had one member that was looking at a multifamily, so he’s working with the realtor vendor that put the group together went to me for the loan. I did the hard money loan, a short term loan. He is the property manager. And then he wound up going to the traditional lender and the group for a long term loan. So the vendors, you know, worked out for us. But it was it was. It proved the point of why we have the group together and give people that team. I thought that was the most successful part, but in general, we’ve had dozens of successful stories for these people right now.

Dave Dubeau [00:05:45] And Bryan, you helped to start the club. What is I mean; Real Estate Investment Club has all sorts of different roles? What’s your main role in the club right now?

Bryan Joyce [00:05:57] So my role is, you know, I work with the other members, the other vendors that put it together. My role is to really find speakers, you know, we coordinate together and finding who’s the next speaker or who are speakers for the next several months. I handle the marketing. We have it out on Meetup.com, so I take care of that. So it’s just sort of a broad based oversight of it.

Dave Dubeau [00:06:21] Yeah. Very good. So at the time that we’re recording this interview, Bryan, we’re kind of I don’t know where you’re at in your neck of the woods, but we’re kind of this fourth wave of this dynamic thing. So Jeffrey seems to be going away. How has that affected your club positively and negatively? How has it affected things?

Bryan Joyce [00:06:44] Great question. I think, you know, obviously the negative was that we had to switch last winter to sort of on zero right. And at first, we had quite a few followers. We have about three hundred and twenty five members total. At any given time, the in-person meetings prior to COVID, we might have had 25 or 30 people attend in person. We found as we every month with Zoom, I think people just got zoomed out right as they term it. You know, I think people just wanted to get back in person. So once we were able to do that, everybody was excited. They were back out. And now we have this sort of return of it, right? And so our in-person numbers are declining. And I think what we’ll have to do is do a combination of in-person and figure out how we can video it so that it’s on Zoom or some other method. So we have best of both worlds for people because I don’t think everyone’s comfortable getting back to in-person.

Dave Dubeau [00:07:45] Yeah. Well, one suggestion you might have for you there that I’ve seen work really well for some other clubs, even before the pandemic is they have a hybrid. So you’ve got whoever wants to come live and in-person comes and then you are just live. Stream it via Facebook. So you set up a simple little Facebook group doesn’t cost anything and then you can just you can connect Zoom with Facebook and you, you do both at the same time.

Bryan Joyce [00:08:20] Yeah, thank you. Yeah. Would be perfect because yeah, we have to figure it out. We all have to figure out

Dave Dubeau [00:08:27] that that’s this thing with this pandemic. It’s life. As a real estate entrepreneur at the best time, we have to be nimble and flexible, and now we have to be extra,

Bryan Joyce [00:08:37] extra light up. Absolutely.

Dave Dubeau [00:08:41] Well, this has been a lot of fun, Bryan. So if people want to find out more about the club and perhaps either attend in person or zoom in, if you’re making that available as well, how can they find out more?

Bryan Joyce [00:08:54] Absolutely. They can find us on meet up. Like I said, meetup.com, if you look up the Seacoast Real Estate Investor Network or you can find us on Facebook. Same name either one will come up for you

Dave Dubeau [00:09:06] with first real estate investor network. Correct. Correct. Perfect. All right. Well, Bryan, thank you so much. I really appreciate your time here today and

Bryan Joyce [00:09:15] say

Dave Dubeau [00:09:16] congratulations on getting the club up and running and keeping it chugging, even in these challenging times.

Bryan Joyce [00:09:22] All right, thanks a lot.

Dave Dubeau [00:09:23] All right. Take care and we’ll see you on the next episode. Thanks for tuning into this special Spotlight episode. Now here a real estate investor and you’re looking to find private money partners and raise capital for your deals. Then check out Money Partner Formula dot com. You get a free copy of my book. You can find out how to raise six figures or more in six weeks or less. Again, that’s money partner formula dot com.

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