Stratford Real Estate Investing Success in 2023

Located in southwestern Ontario, Stratford is a beautiful city that offers excellent views of the Avon River. The city currently boasts a population of 31,465 citizens and offers affordable real estate options. If you are looking to invest in a city that offers the best worlds, then you are sure to love Stratford as the city is home to many scenic outdoor attractions as well as plenty of great shops and restaurants. Additionally, Stratford is only a short drive from the largest city in Ontario: Toronto.

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Welcome to Stratford Real Estate

Named after the Parish of Stratford in England, Stratford, Ontario was founded in 1832. The city offers plenty of amenities to its citizens, including public transportation and excellent education options, including the University of Stratford Waterloo School. Currently, the median annual income of households in Stratford is $64,772.

Stratford’s downtown area is a hub of business and culture, where you will find a multitude of excellent restaurants and eclectic shops. Many fun events are also held in Stratford’s downtown area throughout the year.

Stratford has a strong economy with a diversity of jobs

Plenty of people come to Stratford for their strong economy and job outlook. They have a huge diversity of prevalent industries, including manufacturing, digital technology, agriculture, financial and commercial. While manufacturing is one of the larger industries in Stratford, much of the city’s success comes from its tourism industry. Many people travel to Stratford for its existing local festivals, diverse restaurants, beautiful natural attractions and more.

There are several large companies in Stratford that employ many of its citizens, including the Royal Bank of Canada.

The Stratford Real Estate Market

As with most cities in Canada, Stratford has seen an increase in housing prices over the last decade or so. According to the 2016 census, housing prices in Stratford were at an average of $316,340 with single-detached house structures making up most of the market. Rent in Stratford has also gone up over the last few years, though it is still lower than many other cities in Canada. On average, the rental price for a one-bedroom apartment in Stratford appears to be somewhere between $900 per month and $1,300 per month. There are also plenty of commercial buildings that can be bought or rented in Stratford.

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Perfect for outdoor lovers

Outdoor lovers in the area often visit Stratford’s many natural attractions, which include city parks, hiking trails, waterways and much more! One of the most popular outdoor attractions in the area is the majestic Avon River, which offers excellent opportunities for fishing, boating, swimming and more. There are also beautiful parks located along the Avon River.

Another great spot for nature-lovers in Stratford is the T.J. Dolan Natural Area, which features a paved trail that is perfect for walks and bike rides. If you are looking for a great place to bring your family on a nice day, then you must visit Upper Queen’s Park. Upper Queen’s Park is home to a fully equipped playground, large pavilion and many picnic areas. Many locals enjoy hosting parties and family gatherings at Upper Queen’s Park.

Other popular outdoor attractions in Stratford include Anne Hathaway Park, Confederation Park, Shakespearean Gardens and many more.

Festivals that bring in people from all over 

Stratford is well known for its lively festivals and other events that are hosted throughout the year. One of their most popular festivals is called the Stratford Festival, which is held from April to October of each year and features amazing productions of the plays by William Shakespeare. The Stratford Festival has been held since 1953 and is lauded as one of Canada’s first art festivals. In addition to theatre performances, the Stratford Festival also hosts live music, a lecture series and much more.

Another popular local event is the annual Stratford Summer Music Festival, which features talented local, national and international musicians. Musicians across all different genres are featured at the Stratford Summer Music Festival, which usually lasts for several weeks during the Summer months.

For some fun in the winter months, it is a good idea to attend the Lights on Stratford Winter Festival, which showcases amazing light displays that are exhibited throughout the city. Other great local festivals that can’t be missed include the Stratford Fall Fair and the Kiwanis Festival of the Performing Arts.

A hub for the arts and culture

As you might be able to tell based on Stratford’s many art festivals, it is a great city to enjoy local art. The city is home to many public galleries, studios and other artistic hotspots. Gallery Stratford is one such artistic hotspot that brings in art-lovers from all over Canada. Hosting rotating exhibits that feature regional art, Gallery Stratford features gallery spaces as well as an open studio.

If you are looking for a huge diversity of local art, then be sure to take a walk along the Stratford Public Art Walk, which features some of the city’s many amazing galleries, including Agora Gallery, St. Mary’s Station Gallery, Mountain Galleries East and Off the Wall. The Stratford Public Art Walk also features a variety of breathtaking statues.

People of all ages always have a great time at the Stratford Perth Museum, which houses over 20,000 artifacts from throughout Stratford’s history. Rotating exhibits are featured in the museum along with the Brooks Steam Car and a Print Shop. Exhibits dating back almost 200 years are housed within the Stratford Perth Museum.

Stratford is an ideal place for vacation and short-term rentals, thanks to the numerous arts, culture and outdoor opportunities.

Investing in Stratford Real Estate

As you can see, there are many reasons one might want to invest in Stratford, Ontario. It is a city constantly on the rise thanks to its thriving art community, popular annual festivals, lively downtown area and much more. Most importantly, the city is full of economic potential thanks to its huge diversity of jobs and numerous real estate options.

Stratford Real Estate Professionals

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