Student Rentals

Student Rentals

One of the many great things about renting to students is that it can have a high “return on effort” (ROE). But before landlords can take advantage of this possibility, they need to understand some of the ways in which student rentals are different from regular rental properties.

Student Housing

All these new students have to live somewhere, and especially if they’re grad students who are new to the area, they’re going to be looking for student housing off campus but still close by. If you’re a landlord who’s been leery of renting to students (or just haven’t given much thought to doing so), the prospect of having grad student renters may be a little easier to stomach. 

Student Rentals

With interest rates on the rise, fuel prices spiking and inflation higher than we’ve seen since the early 1990s, the threat of Canada entering a recession is looming on the horizon. While good news may seem hard to come by in many areas, there may be a bright spot for real estate investors who are looking to buy property: this is a fantastic market for student rentals. 

Student Rental Investing 101

Investing in student rental housing could offer you a one-of-a-kind investment opportunity, allowing you to tap into a market segment that only a few other investors in your area are aware of. In addition, purchasing student-oriented real estate, when done correctly, generates a consistent revenue stream with frequent opportunities to add value.

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