The Best Real Estate Investment Networks in Canada in 2023

Whether you’ve been in the field of real estate property investment for decades or are just starting to think about pursuing your first deal, there has never been more information out there to help you inform your business and your decisions. The internet has made this process easier than ever, and the wealth of information that’s just a click away makes it easier than ever to find what you’re looking for and fuel your investment business.

However, this can be a double-edged sword in many ways. More information means more to read and more to ponder, which can have the adverse effect of you overthinking your instincts and not being sure who to trust. This is where trusted real estate investment networks in Canada can really serve a wonderful purpose.

These online communities are sites that have proven indispensable to countless real estate investors, but only those who know what they’re looking for and know how to process what they’re reading. Relying on reputable real estate investment networks is a critical part of cutting through all of the noise, so we’ve pulled together some facts about some of our favourites here to help our readers navigate this diverse world.

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What is a real estate investment network?

Real estate investment networks are online communities and websites geared towards empowering and informing both beginning and experienced real estate investors. They use a variety of expert writers from across the industry to create top content than can help investors make wise and informed decisions about their properties and their portfolios. Some of them have particular focuses – some work more with beginners in the field, while others are geared more towards those who have already assembled a portfolio and are looking how to take that next step in their real estate investing careers. Most, however, offer a diverse range of information that will typically prove useful to any real estate investment professional.

CREN: the Canadian Real Estate Network

We would be remiss if we did not include our organization in this breakdown of real estate investment networks in Canada. We are one of the most prominent sources of internet information in the Canadian real estate investing field, and we are proud of that status. Our content covers a variety of angles, and it isn’t just restricted to the acquisition part of rental properties.

We help you navigate the waters of acquisition by offering advice and hard data on historical trends and demographics that can differ drastically from province to province or even city to city, and while we do help our readers understand critical issues like mortgages and financing requirements, our contributions don’t stop there.

We also help real estate investors build community by encouraging things like real estate investment networking and other community gatherings that can help you find like-minded individuals. This is a great way to not only build your web of connections across the field but also to pick the brains of experienced people. This can help you avoid their mistakes and learn from their successes, which is invaluable information to gain via our site.

Additionally, we help real estate property investors with the host of issues that they must contend with once they’ve signed on the dotted line. Finding tenants is one area that we specialize in, and we frequently write about how to use your real estate investment network and other marketing resources to find quality renters that will respect your properties and pay on time. Additionally, we help you figure out how to work with these tenants should any issues arise. If you’re having an HVAC issue or the tenants are hoping to get a dog even though you have a no-pets policy, CREN can offer input on how to fairly and legally manage issues like these.

REIN Canada

Another trusted source that many real estate investment professionals will benefit from reading is REIN Canada. This is a large real estate investment networknetwork that hosts a variety of seasoned pros who offer feedback and advice to colleagues. The REIN (Real Estate Investment Network) community is noted for its dynamism and willingness to change its methods when presented with new information, which can be a key part of success in any industry. Staying on top of trends and acknowledging new ways of doing business is a great way to make sure that you’re always informed and on the cutting edge of real estate advice.

The Real Estate Investment Network was founded in 1992, making it one of the older contributors to this field given the relative recency of the internet and online communities. It was founded in Vancouver but has since expanded to other major Canadian cities including Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa and Kelowna.

This real estate investment network prides itself on integrating impartial research with hard-won experience, which, when combined, results in informed and thought-provoking analysis. The site also works with professionals from several real estate-adjacent fields including lawyers, accountants and mortgage brokers, so you can be sure that you’re finding a holistic range of opinions when it comes to making decisions about the field of real estate investment.

Some of REIN’s other key offerings are its lines of events and products. The real estate investment network offers programs like its Elite 52 Coaching, which is offered only to members of the real estate investment network. The program promises its participants a recalibrated look at their approach to the entire world of real estate, and as such, it can serve as a “boot camp” for those just starting or those eager to take their careers to the next level. REIN’s commitment to this degree of coaching and guidance makes it a valuable resource for investors, and the site offers both paid programs like this as well as free content across its site.

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Rock Star Inner Circle Group

Rock Star Inner Circle Group is one of the 500 fastest-growing companies in Canada, according to Profit, and the site has worked hard to achieve this level of success. The group is centred in the “Golden Horseshoe” area of Ontario (which includes the Greater Toronto area and extends to Niagara Falls), and its work there has been instrumental in finding real estate success for locals and people from outside the area alike.

This real estate investment network emphasizes the freedom and financial independence that real estate investing can offer, and works with its members to help them realize their dreams of success.

Rock Star Inner Circle Group also espouses a view to its members that there’s no better time than the present to get into real estate investing, but that this course of action should be fueled by solid research and a good understanding of the various markets and variables that drive real estate markets. Rock Star also offers training and analysis of these very factors, making it a “one-stop-shop” for advice and training on entering and succeeding in the world of real estate investing.

One of Rock Star’s key tenets is also helping its members understand their limits and beliefs on risk. They are very upfront about the fact that real estate investment carries with it some degree of risk, so it’s critical for investors to evaluate their expectations and appetites for risk. There are certainly ways to manage and mitigate these risks, but having a thorough understanding of the factors and one’s appetite for these risks is a big part of real estate success.

You don’t want to be stressed about your portfolio and your holdings all of the time, so understanding your comfort levels is something that Rock Star believes is a key point.

Also, Rock Star offers a host of training sessions and printed resources for real estate investors to consult. Some provide formulas and techniques for choosing investments, while others offer an emphasis on the right mentality and mindset to succeed in a field that can potentially offer you a lifetime stream of income. The potential for an independent stream of income fuels the motivations for many Canadian real estate investors and Rock Star is tuned into this. They offer several reading materials that can help investors achieve this goal.


Keyspire is another real estate investment network that promises its users and members the resources that they need to create a successful entry into the world of real estate investing. The site emphasizes helping several different transitions within real estate, namely by not offering advice solely to those looking to acquire investment properties that they intend to flip or rent out. They also offer a wealth of information for those making that big first leap – going from a renter of their living space to owning their own home.

They know that many of these people are lacking in experience, so they aim to provide them with the education and tools that they require to navigate what can at times be a stressful and overwhelming experience.

Also, Keyspire helps existing homeowners try and make that next leap into investing. If you already own a home, then you might be starting to look at dipping your toe into the world of Canadian real estate investing. Keypsire can help these homeowners take the first steps into pursuing an investment presence that will only require a part-time commitment on their part. This helps investors discover if this world is the right fit for them while providing them with the insight they need to maximize their chances of success.

Finally, if these investors have achieved a level of success that leads them to believe that they can thrive as a real estate investing business owner, Keyspire also offers the training and educational tools needed to make this help. Leaping into a full-time real estate investing business is a big deal, but Keyspire has written up a playbook that they believe can make this transition as smooth and risk-managed as possible.

Keyspire’s emphasis on customization is also something that sets this real estate investment network apart from some of their peers. They recognize and acknowledge that the profile of every Canadian real estate investor is different. They work closely with members to get a better idea of their income, their capital, their goals and their appetite for risk when they begin a program like their One on One Coaching regimens. This ensures that every member is comfortable with their experience and understands that the professionals at Keyspire do not produce a “one size fits all” playbook that does not take into account the many differences that can influence the decisions of Canadian real estate investors.


The REINVESTORS are a Canadian real estate investment network with an interesting mission – they focus on real estate investors who are geared towards social responsibility as well as acquiring and maintaining their financial independence. They help investors of all experience levels work to unlock their potential and figure out where their place in the Canadian real estate investing sector might be.

However, this is not the only point of emphasis for the REINVESTORS real estate investment community. They not only want to help investors learn the ropes of real estate investment, but also find like-minded investors who are willing to do this work in such a way that it benefits their communities. This can come in the way of concerted reinvestment into community initiatives or using their financial freedom as the fuel for volunteering and other expanded community involvement.

When you’re looking to expand your skills and knowledge of the Canadian real estate investment world, the amount of research that’s out there can be daunting. Some sites and real estate investment networks promise a blueprint for financial success and independence, so it’s important to cast a critical eye and make sure that the sources you use are knowledgeable and reputable. The real estate investment networks described above can help you springboard into this process, but don’t be shy about reading as much as you can and combining these insights with your instincts and knowledge to blaze your trail.

Now that we have explored the world of real estate investment networks, we want to invite you to join or real estate investment network by clicking the link below for a free strategy call to discuss how you can grow your wealth today through real estate.

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