Thunder Bay Real Estate Investing Success in 2023 

Thunder Bay Real Estate 2023

In Northwestern Ontario sits a city known for its beautiful landscape, thriving culture and major strides in medical research and education – Thunder Bay. This gorgeous city sits on the edge of Lake Superior and just north of the Nor’Wester Mountains and the summit of Mount McKay.  

This city is the largest population centre in Northwestern Ontario and the second largest in Northern Ontario being dwarfed only by Greater Sudbury and much like its neighbour had built much of its early history and infrastructure in the manufacturing and mining industries. However, today the city is more notably recognized for its ‘knowledge economy.’ 

So, why should you consider this modest city of 113,000 when planning your real estate investments? Let’s dive into the market and explore the potential this city possesses. 

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The Thunder Bay Real Estate Market is Affordable

Savvy real estate investors are always on the hunt for a high-value investment that they can obtain for the best available price. Fortunately for them, the Thunder Bay real estate market has some of the most affordable and competitive prices you can find in the province by a long shot. 

In fact, even with the past few years resulting in massive surges in real estate markets across a variety of markets, the average house in Thunder Bay is still incredibly affordable. 

At the time of writing this article the average single-family detached home is estimated to sell at a price of approximately $315,000 – less than half of what you would expect to be paying in similarly sized cities in Central and Southwestern Ontario. This means that it is a lot easier to buy a property in Thunder Bay while maintaining enough leftover funds to update, renovate and customize your investment property before listing it one the market than it would be elsewhere in the province. 

Even renovations are regarded as a cheaper and more affordable process in Thunder Bay than in other parts of Ontario. While many parts of Ontario estimate an average price of $350-$500 per square foot in order to renovate a home, recent estimates in Thunder Bay estimate a cost of merely $250-$300 per square foot.

Naturally, these costs may vary on the type of work and the desired materials used on the project, but overall, this spells well for residential investors who want to make big changes on a tighter budget. However, you should never allow the lower average price in Thunder Bay allow you to forget to properly screen and research your contractors to make sure you are getting the best value for your investment

In terms of rental rates, Thunder Bay has some of the most affordable rents in the province. While this may not contribute to a high level of cash flow from rental properties, it does mean that the risk of sudden affordability issues arising with your tenants is typically expected to be lower than it would be in markets with higher rent yields. This creates a more stable-reliable investment for people who are willing to play the long game when growing their wealth. 

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A Unique Tourism Experience 

Thunder Bay is located in an excellent position for people who want to invest in a tourist market. Between the beautiful waters of Lake Superior and the slopes of Mount McKay and the Nor’Wester Mountains, the city is home to some of the most beautiful sights that people flock to visit year-round. 

Naturally, as a city positioned in the middle of a beautiful natural environment, the city is known for its excellent camping experiences, fishing, and sailing activities. In addition to those tourism experiences, many people stay in Thunder Bay when they plan to go for hikes, ski down the local mountains or try their hand at climbing sports on the nearby terrain. 

Another incredibly unique experience you can enjoy in Thunder Bay is their Amethyst Mining experiences. Since the city is home to large deposits of amethyst, visitors and residents are able to go into open mines to collect their own gems or buy polished ones that have been locally harvested. 

As a result of the strong tourism in the region, some investors may consider short-term rentals when making investments in the region in order to capitalize off of the industry. 

Education and Research – Building a Knowledge Economy 

Thunder Bay is regarded as a knowledge economy, that means the city’s economy is based largely off of its information-based jobs, notably in the medical research and education sector. Notably, the Northern Ontario School of Medicine has a campus at Lakehead University and the Thunder Bay Regional Health Research Institute where a great deal of research and medical education is conducted and practiced. 

Thunder Bay Real Estate – Superior by Nature 

Thunder Bay real estate is easily one of the most overlooked real estate markets with some of the most potential to become the next big name in the province for real estate investors. 

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Thunder Bay Real Estate Professionals

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