Understanding Marketing Strategies: Strong Edutaining Marketing and Top of Mind Awareness in 2023: Raising Capital

Understanding Marketing Strategies

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You’ve put in the work. You’ve compiled a contact list, completed a warm-up campaign, and prepared a flawless presentation. After you’ve established the basics of your business, it’s time to start communicating with your contacts — constantly and consistently.

One of the biggest mistakes I see otherwise smart real estate entrepreneurs making is that they let their marketing strategies fizzle out quickly. In other words, they get off to a good start, but ultimately lack the follow through and consistency required to be truly effective. If you’re looking to raise capital in the long term, consistent and constant communication should be one of your top priorities.

Your main focus should be coming up with a strategy that ensures you are the first person that comes to mind when prospective clients think about real estate investing.

The best way to do this is to develop a strategy that combines education and entertainment in a way that makes people decide they absolutely have to work with you.

Edutaining Marketing Strategies

Edutaining marketing strategies are geared toward entertaining your target market using a story, video, or other method in order to teach them something about your brand.

While this sounds simple, it can take some effort to implement. You want to tell a great story, be inspirational, be humorous… but also promote your brand. Accomplishing all of this at once can be a little daunting.

However, the more engaging your content, the more your audience will respond to it. A prospective client is much more likely to enjoy an entertaining video than a long winded website page.

Creating entertaining and educational content benefits both you and the client — they enjoy your content while still receiving your intended message or advertisement.

Top of Mind Marketing Strategies

The goal of edutainment marketing strategies should be to create a brand that people instantly think of when they think of the service you provide.

Top-of-mind awareness is the first brand, product, or service that comes to mind in a specific niche. When we think of coffee, we think of Starbucks. When we think of email, we think of Gmail. These brands have ascertained they are the first thing we think of when we need them.

Building awareness that makes you rank top of mind will attract leads, earn you referrals, and help you retain loyal customers or investors once you have them.

If you’re not memorable, you’re losing business to your competition.

Committing to a Strategy

Even just committing to one regular marking strategy can change the way you do business. It shows your prospective investors or other clients that you are reliable, consistent, and innovative. Investors are drawn to people they can trust with their money!

We’ve talked about the importance of edutainment marketing to generate top of mind awareness for your business. But, understanding the definitions of these strategies is different than actually implementing them.

So, when you’re ready to start marketing, what do you do?

The key is to focus on the kind of content people find engaging. If you wouldn’t want to watch, listen to, or read about it, your prospective clients probably don’t want to either. By combining education with entertainment, you’re ensuring you are a positive presence in the minds of those you do business with.

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Edutaining Marketing Strategies to Try

Video Logs (VLOGs)

VLOGs are short videos that you create and send out to the people on your email list. Besides meeting face-to-face, this is the best way to make a real connection with the people you’re hoping to reach with your marketing.

A video allows people to put a face to a name and get to know you along the way. Studies have shown that 80% of communication is non-verbal. This means it’s just important for investors to see you as it is for them to hear what you have to say!

Monthly Ezines

Another great way to connect digitally is through an electronic newsletter known as an Ezine. Sending out an ezine as often as once a month keeps your contact list regularly engaged with what you’re up to.

This also offers you the opportunity to put together a mix of personal content, fun content, and business content. The Ezine keeps your readers engaged with your brand and also helps them to get to know you.

It’s wise to give your ezine a distinct look and feel, keeping it consistent every time you send it out. This further helps identify your brand and keep your service top of mind.

Hard Copy Newsletters / Mailings

Contrary to popular belief, physical mail still works. Digital can be impersonal, while a handwritten card or specialized mailing can feel much more personal and thoughtful.

Newsletters are a fantastic way for you to keep in touch with the prospective investors, and to continue to build up your relationship with them over time.

A newsletter may contain:

  • Stories about what you and your family members are up to
  • Movie, book, or TV show recommendations
  • Plenty of pictures
  • Cartoons or jokes
  • Investor success stories featuring other people who have invested with you
  • Real estate or business education

Always remember the 80/20 rule with newsletters: 80% fun and entertainment, 20% education and sales.

Defining Your Marketing Strategies

No matter what, your marketing strategies should be personal, educational, and entertaining. A balanced mix will keep your long time clients engaged and attract new ones. No matter what strategy you choose, make it yours.

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